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Mining Trucks 400 short ton (363 metric ton) class

MT 6300AC

Shown with options

AC Drive has a broader dynamic retarding envelope that maintains full
retarding effort to zero speed

The beam axle provides true tire tracking, a smooth ride and extended tire
Deep-section main rails in critical frame areas reduce stress and increase
frame fatigue life
The new ROPS/FOPS cab design maximizes safety and visibility, while
offering more room and comfort
Exceptional ground clearance for tough applications
The low center of gravity enhances safety and stability
Excellent accessibility to all components for easy service and maintenance

Mining • Construction
MT 6300AC Electric Mining Truck
Preliminary Specifications

ENGINES Weight Distribution

Manufacturer MTU/DDC Cummins Axle EVW GVW
Model 20V4000 QSK78 Front 228,800 lb 44% 435,600 lb 33%
Rated Power 3,750 hp 3,500 hp 103 764 kg 197 551 kg
2 796 kW 2 610 kW Rear 291,200 lb 56% 884,400 lb 67%
132 063 kg 401 088 kg
Dump Body Total 520,000 lb 1,320,000 lb
Dump body capacity is matched to the application. 235 828 kg 598 640 kg

Electric Drive System Retarding

Brushless alternator with Uses a forced air grid system.
separate blower and AC The high capacity retarding
wheel motor with a torque enables a complete
variety of gear ratios truck stop without the use of
from 32:1 to 42:1. mechanical brakes.
Max. speed Retard power = 6,000 hp.
40 mph (64 km/h).

Cab Main Dimensions

Note: x’ = Feet • x” = inch
New cab has room for two full-size reclining seats plus
additional storage capacity.
44’ 1”
With the integral 13.44 m

25’ 4”
this cab is 7.72 m

operator 24’
7.32 m
and offers
safety, comfort, 5’ 5” 1.65 m
21’ 10”
6.65 m
and excellent visability.
Ground clearance loaded
front axle 36 inch (914 mm)
middle 42 inch (1 066 mm)
Standard 59/80R63 on 44.00x63 rim rear 37 inch (940 mm)
56/80R63 Truck width 31 feet 4 inch ( 9 540 mm)

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