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Internal Assessment SL and HL

Text in italics is for HL only. All other text is for both SL and HL.

Title Page
Does your title include the IV, DV and method used in study? Does the title page include your name, candidate number, name and level of subject (psychology) and date of submission? Have you stated what you are studying? Is the general psychological subject area (cognitive social etc) stated? Have you mentioned the aim/hypothesis? Have you described the essentials of the method? Have you given some details about the participants and where the research was conducted? Have you stated your results? Have you written your conclusion?

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Have you referred to some general subject area? Have you referred to some relevant theory? Have you described (and analyzed) at least three relevant studies but

not more than five?

Is the literature/studies logically linked to the aim/hypothesis? Have you justified your hypothesis? Have you stated a clear experimental hypothesis? One-tailed or two-tailed? Have you stated a clear null hypothesis? Have you correctly cited your sources?

Have you stated the research design? Have you explained why the design decision was made? Have you stated and explained the experimental and control conditions? Have you stated the independent variable? Have you stated the dependent variable? Have you mentioned ethical considerations? Comments:

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Have you described the participants and the population from which they where drawn? Have you stated how the participants were selected and allocated to the conditions? Have you identified and described your target population? (age, sex, level
of education...)

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Have you justified your sampling technique?

Have you included all apparatus and materials that you used? Have you included specimens of apparatus/materials in the appendices? Have you included standardized instructions in the appendices? Have you included debriefing instructions in the appendices? Have you included a blank copy of the consent form in the appendices? Have you included a signed copy of the principal consent form in the appendices? Have you included how participants benefited? Have you included other important material in the appendices?

Is the procedure relevant, clearly described and easily replicable? In reading this section, will your readers be able to repeat your experiment? Comments:

Have you given a summary table of raw data in the appendix? Have you provided descriptive statistics for your data? Have you labeled axes on graphs, columns on tables and given clear titles? Are the results clearly stated and accurate?

Have you reported why any statistical tests was used? Have you shown the calculations for any inferential statistical test in the appendix? Does your statement of conclusion contain details of the level of significance, the critical and observed values and degrees of freedom? Have the hypotheses been accepted or rejected according to the results of the statistical tests?

Do you refer back to the introduction theoretical framework and research studies?
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Have you stated what your results mean in relation to your hypothesis? Have you explained why you got such results? Have you compared your results with those of other studies in the introduction? Have you explained how your results relate to the study you replicated? Have you tried to explain any unexpected results? What were the strengths and limitations about your design and methods etc? Are any of the criticisms presented without any good explanation? How would you improve this study if you were to do it again? Have you included ideas for modifications and/or improvements for follow-up studies?

What are the implications of your findings?

Finally, have you given a brief conclusion summarizing the results of the experiment?

Have you referenced every material that you used from other scientists? (the name and date should be written in brackets in the text) Have you listed every work referenced in the report?

Are these clearly labeled and well set out? Do these have Roman figures? Have you included informed consent forms and debriefing notes? Have you included every relevant material used? (standardized instructions,
pictures, tests, etc)

Have you included all references mentioned? Have you followed the correct form for presenting references? Do you have all of the proper section headings, page numbers, table of contents? Is your report within the word limit of 1,000 1,500 words/1,500 2000 words? (excluding the title page, abstract, references and appendices) Have you used the spelling and grammar check?

Suggestions, critique etc.

D:\Psych IB\IB Test Prep Review\Assessments\Internal Assessment SL and HL.doc