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2013 Annual Report



The USO lifts the spirits of Americas troops and their families. The mission of the USO is to enhance the quality of life of the U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their families and to create a cooperative relationship between U.S. military communities and involved or supporting civilian communities. The USO of Illinois is a civilian, 501(c)(3) registered non-prot, not a government agency, and is supported solely by the generosity of the American people.

Table of Contents
USO of Illinois and Our Service Population
4....... 5....... 6....... 7....... 8....... 9....... Board of Directors and USO of Illinois Staff Letter from Chairman of the Board Letter from the President and CEO Say Hello USO of Illinois Service Population USO of Illinois at a Glance in 2013

USO of Illinois Programs and Services

10 . . . . . . 14 . . . . . . 16 . . . . . . 18 . . . . . . Continuum of Care Facilities Military Family Programs Community Outreach Programs

USO Special Events, Staff, Volunteers & Donors

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USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Bruce H. Besanko Jay Blunk Chuck Bokar Andre D. Bonakdar Victoria R. Boomgarden Richard A. Bruder Valerie A. Bruggeman Matthew Burnham Stephen M. Calk Patrick S. Casey Roe B. Conn Sarita S. Connelly Sandya Dandamudi Ross Docksey Jan Emmert MG George R. Fay, USA (Ret) John C. Fortson David S. Friedlander Scott T. Fuzer Patrick Gallagher George H. Gilmore, Jr. Albert I. Goodman Kenneth A. Harris, Jr. Peter Hassen Bruce Hopple Holly Hughes Prasan Kale Lisa M. Lanz Adam M. LeFebvre Brett Lucas Lynn B. Magnesen John J. May Jonathan F. McCabe Donald R. McGarrah Frank R. Niederman Joseph T. Owczarek Robert E. Paddor Barret E. Rea John J. Riley Robert N. Sacks Pat Sanders Todd B. Schroeder Gregory Schroer Joseph N. Silich Michael Smith Joan Bulkeley Stade Chris J. Tapas Franco Tedeschi Franklin A. Urbahns Richard Vie
Life Directors Michael A. Boe Mary Galvin Sondra Healy Denis J. Healy COL (IL) J. N. Pritzker, ARNG (Ret) Thomas J. Romanello MG John E. Scully, AUS (Ret) Kenneth A. Steel William G. Simpson Frank Whittaker Veteran Military Ad Hoc Committee LTC Jack Amberg, II, USA (Ret) Lt Col Glenn Collins, USAFR Col John Scott Hoff, USAFR (Ret) Military Advisors CAPT Bill Bulis, USN LTC Mike Monti, USMC COL Jeffrey Goodes, USMC CAPT Jason Neubauer, USCG LTC Joe Scrocca, USA LTC Scott Dutkus, USAF

USO of Illinois Staff

President and CEO Alison Ruble Vice President of Development Jessica Dolan Development Manager Caitlin Foster Program Director Wiley Norden 4 USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report Associate Director of Programs Jill Gayton Director of Special Events and Projects Teresa Bates Director of Center Operations Volunteer Services and USO Great Lakes Chris Miller Director of Administrative Affairs Delores Jean Cazy Director, USO Midway Center, USO IT and USO Ticket Program Manager Bob Stone USO OHare Center Director Lindsy Wadas USO Rock Island Center Director Jackie Inman

letter from chairman of the board

2013 was an amazing year for the USO of Illinois and we want to thank everyone who made the organization such a success! Operating six service centers in the state of Illinois, the USO of Illinois programs and services touch the lives of over 300,000 active duty, guard and reserve military and their families. We are grateful to the more than 600 volunteers who provide over 40,000 hours of service. We extend a personal invite to each of you to get involved! There is a role for anyone who cares about the militaryfrom volunteering at an airport center to participating in welcome home ceremonieswe encourage you to support one of the nest institutions in our country, the U.S. Armed Forces. There is much work to do. While conict recedes from the national headlines, our troops continue to go into harms way. After a decade of conict, our military, and their families, are rebuilding and resetting for future missions. Many service members have suffered wounds, visible and invisible, and families are reintegrating and rejoining their communities. They need our support. As you read our annual report, you will learn our story and how, with every initiative, the USO of Illinois is Always By Their Side.

John Fortson Chairman of the Board USO of Illinois

USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

letter from the president&and Ceo

In May of 2013, I had the privilege of travelling to Germany with pro football players and visiting troops stationed on Wiesbaden Army Base and those recovering from combat injuries at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. I saw their spirits lift instantly when they met their football heroes. But they were the real heroes: warriors in the ICU at Landstuhl recovering with dignity and strength; troops and their families stationed far from home, balancing military duty with life overseas. They were grateful for a handshake, an autograph, the opportunity to relive a favorite touchdown and, if only for a moment, to feel closer to home. I met a soldier who cradled his infant son in one arm and an autographed football in the other. Thank you for coming all the way over here to see us, he beamed, it means so much. That was the instant I knew he felt connected to home. Later in the year I embarked on a two-day trip aboard the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a.k.a. IKE, a U.S. Naval aircraft carrier. I met a crew of thousands from every state in our nationsmall towns and big cities alike. Most had graduated from boot camp right here in Illinois. I remember the enthusiastic greeting I received from a young sailor our rst day underway. She spotted the logo on my shirt and said, politely: Excuse me, maam. I just want to say thanks. I spent a lot of time at USO Great Lakes after graduating from boot camp. Say hi to everyone for me when you get back! Even after crossing an ocean, she carried an indelible memory of her Home Away From Home at the USO of Illinois. We have the honor of touching the lives our military and their families with programs and services that truly make a difference. After all, they deserve our greatest appreciation and support. I hope you, like myself, nd inspiration in these stories and in serving those who so bravely serve our nation.

Alison Ruble President & CEO USO of Illinois 6 USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Say Hello...

Captain Dustin Cammack

Captain Dustin Cammack, 37, is an 18-year veteran with the Illinois Army National Guard. When he enlisted into the eld artillery in 1996, he never imagined where his career path in the military would eventually take him. Honestly, I joined the National Guard for college. I had no intentions of making the military a career, said Cammack, a native of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. My plan was to do six years then move on to other things. Those other things led him to Iraq in 2005 and Afghanistan in 2010. I currently work full-time as the State Public Affairs Ofcer in Chicago, so I see all the great things the USO does for Illinois Army and Air National Guard service members and their families. Im constantly amazed at the hard work, dedication and commitment USO volunteers display on a daily basis. We are truly blessed to have the support of a wonderful, caring organization like the USO of Illinois.

Dorsey Family
Sergeant Jennifer Dorsey joined the Illinois National Guard in 2002 and by 2012 she had left her husband and four small children at home to serve in Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. She took a full-time job with the Guard as she felt drawn to the tragedy of 9/11 and had a strong desire to serve her country and to protect her family and their freedom. The possibility of being taken away from them for a long period of time was terrifying to me as I had only ever worked part-time while they were young so I could be with them as much as possible, Jennifer remembers. I was fully aware that answering the call would surely mean that day would come; but my family was so supportive of me. It was never easy. The whole family serves and makes sacrices in their own ways, and I am so proud of them and proud to be a military family. Jennifer recalls her time in Kuwait as the hardest time for me personally in my entire career. My only savior during that time was the USO tent that we had at our Camp. It was my new home for a year. They made us comfortable and, most of all, connected us with our loved ones back home. It became my sanctuary that made me feel like I wasnt so far away from everything I loved. I dont want to imagine what my deployment would have been like without the USO. They made everything bearable. USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report 7

To learn more about the USO programs utilized by Captain Cammack and the Dorsey family, visit pages 10 13.

USO of illinois Service Population

More than 40,000

Illinois service members have been deployed since 9/11

In 2013, the USO of Illinois served approximately

service members and their families.

USO of Illinois At a Glance in 2013

365 Days a Year 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week
More than

Staff Members

Dedicated Volunteers

military and their family members live in Illinois Roughly


of programs and services In-kind donations valued at more than $5,000,000 Approximately $2,200,000 in revenue

active, reserve component, retired military, and family members live within a 150-mile radius of the Rock Island Arsenal. Naval Station Great Lakes, the nations only Naval boot camp, trains and employs more than

sailors and civilians a year Annual Visitors to the USO centers at Chicago OHare, Midway and Navy Pier number approximately

Nearly $1,000,000 worth of volunteer hours


Continuum of Care

Beginning the transformation from civilian to soldier, marine, sailor, airmen or coastguardsmen, basic training readies every man and woman for service to our nation.


The USO of Illinois is committed to serving those who serve. We are with our troops every step of the way, present and providing assistance from the day their service begins. From boot camp to deployment, giving respite at hundreds of airports worldwide, celebrating their homecoming and easing their reintegration back into a civilian community, the USO provides a continuous and comprehensive spectrum of services at home and abroad.

I had always known about the USO, but it wasnt until I deployed when I saw the full force of the USO in action. They are everywhere I have spent many hours in USO centers all across the globe.


The men and women of our Armed Forces answer the call to serve around the globe. While deployed, the USO of Illinois not only supports them but also their families on the home front through a variety of programs.


Continuum of Care


Moments of great joy and relief, homecomings are the hallmark of a service members return home. The USO of Illinois joins with friends and families to welcome their loved ones home and thank them for their service.

After her deployment, the USO of Illinois sent Jennifer and her family to USO Camp R&R, one of the USO Military Family Programs that reconnects military family members and aids the reintegration of service members who have recently come home from deployment. When I returned I couldnt get enough family time to make up for what I had lost. I think that was hardest on the kids. I had to pick up my crazy routine right where I left it, and I really had no time just to relax with them. Jennifer remembers her familys enthusiasm when they learned they were going to Camp R&R. They were all so excited because they knew that they would get my full attention without any distractions from work or the household duties. Having that quality time with my family was so memorable and truly priceless; it allowed us to reconnect and refocus our lives on each other.


Life in a combat zone is very different from life on the home front. The USO of Illinois recognizes the challenges our military face as they transition back into their civilian communities after multiple deployments, often carrying with them visible and invisible wounds of war. As they and their families adjust, the USO of Illinois is there, providing programs that directly address their needs and support paths to resiliency.


USO Support for Families of the Fallen
USO OHare and USO Midway staff and volunteers offer assistance and consolation to grieving families during their travels to and from Dover Air Force Base to witness the dignied transfer of their fallen heros. The USO of Illinois acts as the onsite liaison between military branches and these families, providing comfort and travel assistance during this difcult time. Each USO of Illinois Center offers active duty, guard and reserve military, military dependents and retired military members all the comforts of home in a friendly, welcoming environment. Our centers are a Home Away From Home where military nd not only rest, relaxation and refreshment, but also a sense of community and support for their daily lives. Our troops and their families make sacrices in service to our nation. They face challenges like frequent relocation, regular travel on military orders and additional stresses due to their separation from loved ones. Their sacrices deserve our gratitude, and a full roster of free amenities offered at every USO of Illinois facility helps deliver our thanks, including: Wi-Fi access, lounge facilities, computers, telephones and video messaging, snacks, TV, DVD and video gaming systems, reading libraries, communication and travel assistance, maps and directions to area attractions, information on special military discounts and social service information resources.

USO OHare, Terminal 2

Located in Terminal 2 on the Mezzanine Level, the USO of Illinois OHare Center is the only Illinois Center open 24 hours a day, serving nearly 100,000 military members and their families a year.

USO OHare, Terminal 3

Located at the Rotunda in Terminal 3, our second USO OHare Center welcomed its 100,000th visitor in March 2013 after being open for only two years.


USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

USO Midway
Located in Concourse C, the USO of Illinois Center at Midway is compact in size, but big on service as thousands of military members and their families annually nd respite in its comfortable surroundings.

USO No-Dough Dinners

This year-round program, offered at USO Great Lakes, provides free meals the evening before payday to military personnel and their families. Thanks to our community and corporate partners, 7,500 meals were served at the 21 No-Dough Dinners offered in 2013.

USO Great Lakes

Located on our nations only Naval Boot Camp, the USO Great Lakes is a Home Away From Home for service members temporarily living on and stationed around Naval Station Great Lakes. More than 60,000 visited USO Great Lakes in 2013.

USO Navy Pier

Located in Chicagos Historic Navy Pier, the USO of Illinois Navy Pier Center operated as the militarys concierge to the city. More than 10,000 visited USO Navy Pier in 2013. In 2014, USO Navy Pier will move to an information booth right inside the front entrance of the Pier.

USO Rock Island

Located in Rock Island, Illinois, USO Rock Island opened on September 15, 2011. In January 2013, the Center unveiled a new space with nearly 2,000 square feet to better serve the 50,000 active duty military, military dependents, and wounded warriors in the Quad-Cities area.

USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report



Like the Dorsey family and Captain Cammack, military personnel and their families face unique and tremendous challenges: frequent transfers, long deployments causing separation from friends and family, being a stranger in a new place, rigorous training, combat, as well as the visible and invisible wounds of serving are only some of these. USO Military Family Programs are designed to lift the spirits of military families and provide a sense of community support as they reconnect while enjoying recreational opportunities with their loved ones.


year, USO Life Skills Programming supports service members with the information, training and resource support they need to successfully transition into the civilian sector.

USO EMPLOYMENT MENTORSHIP Now in its sophomore year, the USO Employment Mentoring Program offers curriculum that supplements the U.S. Armys Community-Based Warrior Transition Unit (CBWTU) program and includes support dening career goals, strategies for resume writing and successful interviewing skills. USO MONEY MATTERS
The USO Money Matters program provides nancial literacy skills, including training for and information about nancial planning and aptitude, mortgages and credit scores, and strategies and support for deciphering GI Bill benets.

Military children learn to cope with very adult-level issues, including stresses of separation and anxiety over the potential loss of a deployed parent or caregiver, challenges of family reintegration with loved ones whove returned home from combat, recordhigh divorce rates and unemployment. USO Discovery Kids offers free, recreational and cultural programs and events that are fun, educational and designed to help alleviate stress, enhance exposure to learning and cultural activities and create bonds within military family communities.



USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Awesome. Just awesome. Thank you USO and Chicago Blackhawks for a day my family will never forget.
D. Dahms, military family member Blackhawks Service Salute, Tickets for Troops Program

USO TEEN/TWEEN PROGRAM Besides the normal challenges of adolescence that every American teen and tween navigates, military teens face the unique challenges of a military lifestyle, including frequent moves; reconnecting and making new friends in new places; and separation from parents, caregivers and family members who are training or deployed. A new extension of our USO Discovery Kids programming, USO of Illinois Teen/Tween Programs provide recreational and educational opportunities tailored to blossoming minds and imaginations, lifting the spirits of this vulnerable adolescent population. USO TICKETS FOR TROOPS
This seminal USO of Illinois program offers free tickets to cultural, theatrical and sports events for military personnel and their families, allowing them to reconnect after service members return home or to simply enjoy a night out with loved ones.

USO CAMP R&R Thanks to the generous support of a Board Member, the USO of Illinois offers military personnel recently returned from deployment, and their families, a weeklong stay at a special summer camp so they may rest, relax and reconnect. Now in its 8th season, USO Camp R&R has served more than 450 service members and their families. UNITED THROUGH READING
United Through Reading provides the children of deployed military the opportunity of quality time with their parents. USO provides cameras and DVDs to deployed military who are videotaped reading a childrens book aloud to their family back on the home front.

While the holidays are a time for families and fun, they are often ones of stress for everyone, particularly for those who serve. USO Thanksgiving Day and December holiday support includes meal and gift assistance for families in need as well as 24-hour USO Center support at USO Midway and USO OHare as military make their way home on holiday leave.


MIlitary youth enjoying pumpkin carving with the Chicago Bears mascot, Staley, at new Teen/Tween Tuesdays with the Bears program.

Military personnel and their families face unpredictable need. On a case-by-case basis, the USO Emergency Relief Fund provides year-round nancial assistance in times of hardship to military and their families. USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report 17


Marines send a Thank You photo back to the USO of Illinois after receiving care packages while deployed.


Operation Enduring Thanks assists with homecomings and deployments taking place throughout the state of Illinois. Whether returning from or deploying to combat, the USO is there to ensure every service member and their family feels appreciated and cared for.

known for these expressions of appreciation. Continuing this legacy, the USO of Illinois offers individuals and companies the opportunity to partner with the USO and assemble customized Sweet Home Chicago care packages to deployed military. In 2013, more than 1,422 members of the military received these gifts of gratitude.


USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Our family had the most amazing time at Camp R&R last week. Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow closer together and experience such awesomeness at Appleton Lodge! Well never forget our time there.
C. Porter, military wife USO Camp R&R

As military units gather in preparation for deployment, USO of Illinois supports these operations by providing informative briefs on USO programs and services available to them and their families during their upcoming deployment.


Yellow Ribbon Briengs are scheduled military events assisting with reintegration for returning military personnel. USO Staff contribute to these events by informing military about USO of Illinois programs and resources available to them and their families.

USO U-505 NAVAL HISTORY PROGRAM In cooperation with the Museum

of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) and Pritzker Military Museum and Library, the USO U-505 Naval History Program places Navy Chief Petty Ofcer (CPO) selectees as volunteer museum docents at the museums famed U-505 Submarine exhibit as part of their CPO advancement training.


Thanks to the USO of Illinois and partners, Illinois service members stationed overseas are able to send owers to their loved ones for Valentines Day free of charge. In 2013, 61 military couples received owers. The Spirit of the USO is the USO of Illinois own unique music program, comprised of Chicago-based, professional musicians and entertainers.


The men and women who have served our nation and made the ultimate sacrice deserve our eternal gratitude and highest honor. Their families, who served with them from the home front, and lost their loved ones in combat, are our Gold Star Families. The USO of Illinois supports these families at several annual events throughout the year, including Mothers Day and at the Chicago Memorial Day Parade.



The USO of Illinois supports summer Family Day picnics and gatherings for military units in Illinois by providing nancial assistance, USO entertainment, and/or programs and service briengs.

USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report


special events

In the tradition of great Chicago street-fests, USO of Illinois Clark After Dark block party is an opportunity for civilians to show their support for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. More than 14,000 people have attended this annual event in Chicagos Historic River North District since 2010.

USO of Illinois newest event gives golfers a one-of-a-kind military experience on the course! The event features a full day of golf, military challenges, antique military vehicles on display, recreation and entertainment, including the chance to sponsor a premier golf experience for active duty military members.


USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Funds raised at USO of Illinois events are devoted to the support of USO of Illinois programs, serving approximately 300,000 military and military families annually.

1 night
A cherished tradition, widely acclaimed as Chicagos Premier Patriotic Gala, the USO of Illinois Annual Gala features a star-studded evening of entertainment and dazzling military pageantry in honor and support of the men, women and families of the U.S. Armed Services.

732 guests
over $965,000 raised

Chicago Blackhawks Joe Moreno The Boeing Company

With two staff members volunteering as Board Members and a long history of supporting our troops and their families, the Chicago Blackhawks are a dedicated partner of the USO of Illinois. While the Blackhawks may be most known for partnering with the USO and Boeing to honor active duty service members and veterans on the ice before each game, they do so much more behind the scenes. In 2013 alone, the Blackhawks sponsored the annual Heartland Classic Golf Outing and the Star-Spangled Salute Gala; they funded Youth Programming for military kids, teens and tweens; and they donated hundreds of preseason and regular season tickets for service members and their families. Coasting off of their 2013 Stanley Cup victory, the Blackhawks in partnership with Boeing auctioned off jerseys with proceeds benetting the USO; held several Stanley Cup Events, inviting service members to participate; and even incorporated USO volunteers and staff into their Victory Parade. The Blackhawks always nd innovative ways to help the USO of Illinois meet the needs of local military and military families, proving time and again that winning the Stanley Cup isnt their only priority.

In 2013, the USO of Illinois was fortunate to meet Joe Moreno. While producing the new Freedom Run 5K in East Moline, Joe chose the USO of Illinois as the charity for the race. Proceeds from the race were donated to the USO of Illinois in support of the Emergency Relief Program, providing nancial assistance to military families in need who live in both the Illinois and Iowa side of the Quad Cities community. Joe is a strong supporter of the military and an active member of the Quad Cities community, having served as Mayor of East Moline for 4 years and 12 years as Alderman. With several children and family members who are active duty military, Joe was inspired to start the Freedom Run 5K after hearing a story about a military family from one of his kids. He recounted the story of a military wife whose water heater broke while her husband was deployed. Unable to pay for the new heater, local service members pooled their resources to fund a new heater. Motivated by this story, Joe began working to prevent similar obstacles for military families by partnering with the USO. When asked what makes the Quad Cities a special place, Joe says proudly, Were divided by a river, but were united in support for the Rock Island Arsenal and our military community.

For more than a decade, Boeing has supported the USO of Illinois by donating not just needed nancial support but also the time and creative energy of their staff. From Gala sponsorships to care package drives, Boeing and its employees are dedicated to the mission of the USO and supporting the military. In particular, Boeing developed the Home and Away program in partnership with DFCBX, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, providing the USO of Illinois a moving auditory and aesthetic platform to engage and inform the community about its mission. A truly unique campaign, Home and Away allows ordinary citizens along with active and retired military and their families to thank our troops for their service and sacrice. Photos of people saluting our troops can be viewed and uploaded on the USO of Illinois Facebook page at www.facebook.com/usoollinois. All ofcial Home and Away videos can be viewed on the USO of Illinois website and at www.boeing.com/tribute.


USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Support and &Resource Distribution

In 2013, the USO of Illinois operated with

$ 7,227,781
in total Support and Revenue

8% Foundations & Corporations 1% Clubs & Organizations 3% Individuals 18%



In-Kind Contributions

1% New Development Initiatives

USO of Illinois Programs in 2013


Center Programs

12% Administration 4% Military Family and Community

Outreach Programs
To view the most recent USO of Illinois 990, please go to www.usoollinois.org/nancials

USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report


How to Get involved

The USO of Illinois operates in part with $2,000,000 in revenue a year. From a $50 care package to the $100,000 annual operating costs of a center, every dollar counts. The USO of Illinois also accepts in-kind donations. For more information on how to give, visit www.usoollinois.org or call the Development Department at (312) 822-4808.

Become an Everyday Hero

Since 1941, USO of Illinois volunteers have been the heart and soul of lifting the spirits of Americas troops and their families throughout the state of Illinois. Volunteers serve in multiple capacities and are an essential part of keeping all six USO of Illinois Centers open for business. The USO of Illinois relies on more than 650 active volunteers who annually donate enough hours to equal more than $1,000,000 of service. Our volunteers are trained thoroughly, and work closely with staff to ensure high standards of service provision. The USO of Illinois is proud to be this link that brings together military and civilian communities.


USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Our Donors
Presidents Circle
Chicago Blackhawks CNA Foundation Edith Marie Appleton Foundation Grand Canyon University PepsiCo Robert and Mayari Pritzker Family Foundation Tawani Foundation Mulherin, Rehfeldt & Varchetto, PC Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Pat Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Diana Spurgeon Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Jacqueline Tillman Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. Urbahns Verizon Wireless Westmoreland Country Club Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Lynn Mense National Society of Colonial Dames of America-Illinois Chapter Navy Pier, Inc. OfceMax Mr. Joseph Owczarek Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Patty Pace Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Paddor Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce RBC Capital Markets LLC Rehrig Pacic Company Rex Electric Technologies Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Jan Sacks Mr. Todd Schroeder Mr. Greg Schroer Supervalu Foundation Mr. Chris Tapas Tata Consultancy Services The Sidley Austin Foundation The Siragusa Foundation Union League Club of Chicago Vedder Price Mr. Robert Whitelaw Wirtz Beverage Group Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Andrea Joki Kirkland & Ellis Foundation Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. Ms. Vicki Matticks Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. Parkway Elevators Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Debby Ponko Prospect Airport Services Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm and Linda Proudfoot Mr. and Mrs. John and Susan Riley Rossi Contractors, Inc. Schindler Elevator Corporation Mr. Michael S. Smith Superior Mechanical Systems The Brandsma Family Foundation Titan Electric, Inc. Chicago Fire Foundation Chicago Navy Memorial Foundation Mr. Bruce Cluskey Mr. and Mrs. Key and Katherine Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Mary Collins Common Ground Continental Toyota Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Marcia Cook Mr. Joe Damico Mr. Edwin S. Del Hierro Donohue, Brown, Mathewson & Smyth, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Paula Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Robin Eck Edeltraud Enterprises, Inc. / The Country House Mr. Ray Eichenlaub EMCOR Services Team Mechanical Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Kiki Engleking Epic Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Tessa Erdei BG Charles Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Louise Flickinger Forum Group, Inc. GFWC Antioch Womans Club Mr. Tawk Girgis Mr. Charles Glew Goby Mr. Patrick Goy Ms. Dawn Grifn Grossinger Autogroup Mr. and Mrs. Wesley and Susan Hayden Ms. Lindsey Hicks Mr. Pat Hillegass Hinsdale Lodge 934 AF & AM John Scott Hoff Mr. Bruce Hopple IAWP Annual Conference Illinois Elks Association Charitable Trust Janus Capital Group Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Deborah Jones Ms. Beverly Joutras Mr. Edward F. Kelly Ms. Dian L. Kinahan Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Alison Kirby Korean War Veterans Association, Quad Cities Chapter #168 Mr. and Mrs. John and Aliany Lynch Ms. Cindy MacFarland Maron Electric Company Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Materick Mr. Stephen Mayne McGrath Acura of Morton Grove McGrath Honda of Elgin Mondelez International Midwest Energy Ms. Elizabeth Mungo Mr. Frank Niederman OHare Honda Orland Park Nissan Packey Webb Ford Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Ginger Peak Mr. Russell Phillip Phillips Chevrolet Ray Chevrolet Raymond Chevrolet Mr. and Mrs. Barrett and Mollie Rea Religious Offerings Fund, Naval Training Center Mr. Anthony F. Rossi Rotary Club of Highland Park Rotary Club of OHare Rytec Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Al and Jarisse Sanborn Mr. and Mrs. John and Judy Scully Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Leslie Sholten Shure, Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Paula Smith Mr. William Sneed Mr. and Mrs. Bill Snowden Mr. and Mrs. Kerry and Fran Spaven Standard Parking Stearns Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Dan Steinberg Jessica Styles Subaru of America

Commander in Chief Society

Bank of America Charitable Foundation BMO Harris Bank Carroll McNulty & Kull LLC Mr. and Mrs. John and Deirdre Fortson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Marilyn Hayden Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation Mr. Joseph N. Silich Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Joan Stade The Boeing Company

Five Star Society

Altria Group AT&T Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Victoria Boomgarden Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Patricia Bruder Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Sheilah Burnham Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Judith Lauth Casey Continental Electric Cozen OConnor Dr. Laura L. Bokar and Mr. Charles E. Bokar Ms. Sandya Dandamudi Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Denise Dill Mr. Richard H. Driehaus Dude Electrical Testing Dykema Gossett PLLC Evanston Subaru in Skokie Fanfueled, LLC FGMK, LLC Fifth Third Bank Mr. Patrick Gallagher Gate Gourmet Mr. and Mrs. James and Margaret Gerstle Granite Innovation, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Harris, Jr. Hartmann Electric Company Mr. and Mrs. Denis and Sondra Healy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Sharon Hense Mr. William Hlavacek Hub Enterprises, Inc. Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation Inc. Lockheed Martin Corporation

Patriots Club
11010 Southwest Highway LLC Able Engineering Services Accurate Felt & Gasket Mfg. Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Nino and Rosanna Alagna Dr. and Mrs. David Allen Anderson Cars Anthony Buick GMC Mr. David C. Arch Bailey Brokerage Company Mr. Jim Barney Benjamin J. Rosenthal Foundation Mr. Florin Berca Ms. Kelley A. Bergstrom Biggers Chevrolet Bill Stasek Chevrolet Blistex Mr. John P. Brown Bub City Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Annette Burlet Cedars of Lebanon Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Campbell Charitable Foundation Dr. Luis Cespedes CH Robinson International Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Chez Chicago Air Cargo Managers Assn

Liberty Leader
AAR CORP American Legion Auxiliary 232 Square Unit Bears Care Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Donna Calk Chicago Beverage Systems, LLC Daubert Chemical Company Boss Bar Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Chris Docksey Dr. Scholl Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jan Emmert MG and Mrs. George R. Fay, USA (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. George and Maureen Gilmore Golub & Co. Google Lavin Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Jessica LeFebvre Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Lynn Magnesen Ms. Mary Ann Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. John J. May

Hope Circle Society

American Legion, McKinlock Post 264 Association of the United States Army, Rock Island Chapter 5102 Baker & McKenzie LLP Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bill Nygren Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Kathy Bredemann Mr. Tim Byrnes Chicago Bears Clune Construction Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Katherine Forelle Freedom Run 5K Geneva Investment Management Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Faith Haefner Hard Surface Finishers, Inc. ISMIE, Mutual Insurance Company Jennings Chevrolet and Volkswagen

USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report


Our Donors
Sue H. Dufern Memorial Servicemens Fund Mr. Pat Sullivan TAI Charitable Foundation The Helen J. and Allen I. Hunting Foundation The Local Chicago Mr. and Mrs. John and Jackie Thompson Mr. Tom Dewbray Mr. Christopher D. Traut Tukaiz, LLC United Airlines Foundation Uptown Motors UVS Golf Swing Club Chicago Area Unit Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Dena Vasilatos Mr. and Mrs. Renaat and Susanna Ver Eecke Mr. and Mrs. Lance and Heather Walker Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Weaver Weaver Boos Consultants Dr. Mark Weiman and Ms. Rita Zak William Blair & Company, LLC AMVETS Post #17 Colin Kelly AMVETS Post 66 Pull Tab Fund Mr. and Mrs. Armando and Sherry Anaya Commissioner Rosemarie Andalino and Mr. Mark Fary Mr. and Mrs. Mac and Peggy Anderson Argo Summit Post No. 735 Ms. Vickie Argueta Arlington Heights Ford Arlington Toyota Arnie Bauer Cadillac Buick GMC Ms. Sandra Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Guy Arvia Ash Pallet Management, Inc. Mr. Mark Babiak Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Kim Backe Mr. P. Bradley Baird Ms. Krystal Barrett Mr. Warren L. Batts Ms. Katherine Beauchamp Mr. Mark Beci Representative Patti Bellock LT and Mrs. Stanley J. Benes Mr. James E. Berkeneld Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Pat Besser Bettendorf American Legion Riders Chapter 154 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Gwen Bilek Mr. John Bittner BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Mr. Roger Blake Mr. James B. Blue Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Christiana Blume Mr. Jay Blunk Mr. and Mrs. William Blunk Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Alison Bodor Mr. Ronald Wayne Bonesz Lt.Cdr. Jori and Mrs. Leah Brajer Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Theresa Bramwell Mr. Robert Browning Mr. Gregory Browning CAPT Bill and Mrs. Courtney Bulis Mr. and Mrs. J Anders and Leslie Bulluck Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Donna Burke Ms. Rebecca R. Burton Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Janet Buswell Mr. and Mrs. Donald Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jennifer Cafferty Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cahill Carleton W. Washburne School Mr. Thomas Carmazzi Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Karen Carroll Castle Buick Mr. Tom Caveney Mr. Joseph Cavolick Charles and Frances Kempler Foundation Mr. Paul Chiavini Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chioros Ms. Gail M. Christoffer Baruch Mr. J. Nick Ciabbatoni Mr. Donald Ciancio Cicero-Berwyn Emblem Club No. 169 CAPT John Colas Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Bethany Collins Mr. and Mrs. Russ and Cathy Compa Mr. John B. Conroy Cook Engineering Group CMSgt Richard Coseglia Courtesy Buick GMC Mr. James A. Crawford Ms. Monica Creighton Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Carole Crowley Mr. Christ Dangles Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Marsha David Ms. Carla Dehmlow Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Delaney Mr. Richard DeMayo Ms. Dee Hall Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Susan Dickman Ms. Jennifer Marie Dienes Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Dillard Mr. Mark Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Robin Doerge Mr. Jim Dominik Dr. Oliver and Mrs. Diane Drabkin Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dvorak Mr. Kevin Dyball Eagle River Management Mr. Richard B. Egen Mr. Robert W Ells Mr. Andrew J. Engel and Jenna Feldman Ms. Julie L. Eppolito Mr. Christopher Ericson Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Sarah Erwin Evanston Catholic Womans Club Evergreen Park American Legion Ms. Virginia Everitt Ms. Frances M. Eyman Mr. Brad Factor Feld Entertainment Mr. Ricardo Fernandez FGS Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Meg Finchum Mr. Angus Finlay First United Methodist Church FISH Technologies, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jake and Emily Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Ann Fitzgerald Forest Park American Legion 414 Mr. Chris Fotopoulos Fox Valley Ford FRA Chicago Branch & Unit 12 Mr. and Mrs. Zed and Cheryl Francis Frank Shirey Cadillac Freeborn and Peters LLP Ms. Janelle Frick Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Cheryl Frommelt Ms. Gayle Galloway Ms. Martha Garcia Mr. Jaime Garcia Ocon Mr. David J. Garden GEICO Ms. Rose Genovese German American Police Association Mr. Joseph Giarratana Mr. George Gill Dr. and Mrs. Sukhjit Gill Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Sandy Giovannie Marin Niko Gjaja Mr. and Mrs. Allan and Sheila Glass Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Marceline Glavach Mr. and Mrs. Landy and Manya Glavach Glenola Club of Loyola Center Mr. Dale Glowacki Mr. Gary Glowinski Mr. and Mrs. Royce and Kristen Golembeck Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Karen Goodenough Mr. Jeffrey S. Gray SgtMaj and Mrs. Ray and Gia Gries Mr. and Mrs. Erick and Deborah Grifth Berggren Mr. Garrett Grinnell Mr. Mark Grishaber Guild of the Blessed Virgin Ms. Christine Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Julie Haehn Ms. Katherine Haennicke Haggerty Buick GMC Hall of Fame Pizza & Wings Dr. and Mrs. Hallarman Mr. John Susumu Harada Mr. Edmond Harrigan Mr. Robert Hashimoto Ms. Mary Hauser Ms. Mary Hayes Heil & Heil Insurance Agency, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Carolyn Helms Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Vicky Henderson Hennessys River View Ford Ms. Stacey Henning Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Sarah Hepner Mr. Harvey Herman Mr. Walter Hess Ms. Marianne Heyden Ms. Melissa Hiller Mr. Paul Hinterlong Ms. Kristen Hlavacek Mr. Rick C. Hope CAPT Phil Hoza Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Kristen Hull Mr. and Mrs. John and Martha Idler IL Air National Guard 183FW Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation Immaculate Conception Church Council of Catholic Women Interpublic Group/Draftfcb IPC Systems, Inc. Jack & Jill of America Inc. South Suburban Chicago Mr. Gregory Jackson Ms. India Jacobson Mr. Ben Johnson P.C. Johnson Mr. David Kalainov Kantar Retail Americas Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Meredith Kappel Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Sally Kaulas Mr. Ethan Kaulas Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Sue Keith Col. and Mrs. Kevin and Katie Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Debbie Kelly Mr. Dwight Kett Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Deborah Ketter Mr. and Mrs. Kneafsey Know Your Home Inc. Ms. Diane Knowles Mr. David Korus Ms. Sara Kovich CPT Michael Kowalski Ms. Janet M Kowalski Ms. Gloria J. Kreuser Mr. Scott Krill Mr. Cameron Kroegeb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Dorothy Kubala Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Natalie Laackman Mr. and Mrs. John and Paula LaBarbera Ladies Auxillary VFW Post #4241 Mr. Michael LaFontaine Lago Vista Veterans Club Laurel BMW of Westmont Libertyville Lincoln

Red, White and Blue Club

ABM Across the Nation Promo Model & Stafng Albany Bank & Trust Company Mr. William Albracht Ms. Lisa Albrighton Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Sue Allen Mr. Gerald A. Ambrose American Legion Auxiliary Unit 320, Skokie American Legion Auxiliary Unit 42, Evanston American Legion Auxiliary Cook County American Legion Auxiliary Unit 690 American Legion Auxiliary Unit 791 American Legion Auxiliary, Huerter Wilmette Unit American Legion Auxiliary, Merle Guild 208 American Legion Post 183 Portage Park AMLI Residential


USO of Illinois 2013 Annual Report

Our Donors
Mr. and Mrs. James and Jeanene Meisser Mr. John LaNear Ms. Sheila Laudwerker Mr. Jeff Lavery Mr. John Lawlor Mrs. Judith Scholl Lee Mr. Dean Leffelman Leopardo Construction Dr. Harvey J. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Jeanie Lichty Mr. and Mrs. Donald Light CAPT Pete and Mrs. Sue Lintner Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Judy Lipke Mr. Pat Liska Mr. and Mrs. Alan London LTC Kevin and Mrs. Claire Lovell Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Kristy Lucas Mr. Robert C. Luckman Mr. and Mrs. Lionel and Patricia Lusardi Luther Village Spiritual Enrichment Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Barb Lynn Mr. Patrick Lyons Mr. Raymond Madden Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Sarah Magnesen Mr. and Mrs. James Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maloney Mammas Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Manos Marine Corps League Burbank Detachment 072 Mario and Abbie Cirignani Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Tammy Marks Mr. Warren Marwedel Mr. Timothy L. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. John and Susan McCloy Ms. Jessica McConaughy Mr. C. McCoy McCue Chevrolet McGrath Audi McGrath Lexus Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Mary Pat McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Autumn McLaughlin Mr. Alexander McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Denise Meehan Ms. Kristin Merk Dr. Kenneth G. Merkel Merry Richards Jewelers Mr. Michael Patiuk Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Diana Michon Ms. Sandy Miller Ms. Kimberly A. Minks Mr. Peter Mitchell Mr. Thomas Mokrzycki Mrs. Rhonda Moore Mr. Bruce Moore Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Patti Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Mr. and Mrs. Porter and Megan Moser Ms. Sheila Murphy Mr. and Mrs. James Mynhier Mrs. Sheila Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Barb Nelson CAPT Jason and Emi Neubauer Mr. and Mrs. James and Susan Newcomb Mr. Mike Noeh North Pier Dental Associates North Shore Nannies of Illinois Northwest Dupage Auxiliary Mr. James R. Oken Mr. John Olvany Dr. Steven Ondra Orbark Productions Christian and Jessica Osborne Ms. Loretta Ozga Mr. Evan Paddor Mr. Vince Pagone Mr. Thomas K. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Mariann Parasida Mr. Jerry Pate Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Carol Pauli Pearl Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ms. Mary Petruzzelli Mr. James Petzel Ms. Laura Phillips Mr. Stephen Pinaire Mr. Donald Pittman Pizanos Pizza and Pasta Mr. Allen Pomerance Mr. Jerry Pope Mr. John C. Pope Mayor George Pradel Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Laura Price Mr. and Mrs. Paul Proftt Mr. Ron Pyle Mr. Fazli Qadir Senator Christine and Mr. Nunzio Radogno Mr. John Rasnic RealView LLC Mrs. Margaret Reitz Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Kaye Repke Mr. Benjamin Resch Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Leah Rippe Mr. Thomas Roberts Mr. and Mrs. John and Cynthia Robinson Ms. Megan R. Rooney Ms. Janice Rose Ms. Billie J Rose Ms. Elizabeth Rosenberg Rotary Club of Chicago Heights Rotary Club of Skokie Valley Ms. Dina Rotolo CAPT Hank and Mrs. Selena Roux Mr. Patrick Ruberry Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Julie Ruck Ms. Rebecca Ruff Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Alyson Ryan COL Coswin Saito Ms. Beth Salinger Mrs. Sally M. Salzer Mr. Mark Samaras Dr. Madison Sample Mr. David San Filippo Sauganash Womans Club Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Herb and Meg Sauser Mr. Alfred Savino Mr. Nick Schaff Schaumburg Toyota Mr. Peter and Beth Schenck Mr. John P. Schmidt Mr. Richard Schnurr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Marily Schonthal Brig. Gen. James Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Claudie Schumer Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Scott Mr. and Mrs. David and Laura Segal Mr. Larry Shaffer Ms. Michelle Sherbun Sidley Austin LLP Signall Hill Chapter, NSDAR Mr. Tim Simonds Ms. Michelle Single Mrs. Mindy Sircus Mr. Patrick Slattery Slovak Athletic Association LTC John Smigla Mr. Mark P. Smith Mr. Eric and Meredith Smith Mr. James M. Snyder Mr. Guy Snyder South Willamette Valley Honor Flight Southridge Nursing & Rehab Center Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Rose Marie Spiro Ms. Cybelle Srour St. Benedicts Womens Club First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Branch 485 St. Bonaventures CCW St. Catherine LaBoure Womens Club St. Charles Toyota St. Isaac Jogues Womens Club St. Josephs Ladies of the Rosary St. Louise De Marillac CWC St. Marcellines Womens Club St. Richard Council of Catholic Women St. Susanna Womens Club St. Theresa Council of Catholic Women Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Ginger Stambaugh LT Jerry and Mrs. Lynn Stanek Stanley Barabasz Post #72 PLAV Steve Hoskins Chevrolet CWO Mark Stevens Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James and Linda Stinson Ms. Kathy Stratton Mr. Gregory Sujack Mr. Michael Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James and Jennifer Sullivan CDR Robert Sullivan Mr. John Swaine Cpt. Michael and Cpt. Colleen Swanger Mr. Alan J. Swimmer Ms. Elena Bay Tadelman Mr. James I. Tarman Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Melanie Tatum TeamBonding The Four Seasons Hotel The Ladies Philoptochos Society The Meyers Fund The RJN Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Brenda Thomas Ms. Dolores Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Anne Toulouse Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy Mr. August Tuit UAW Local 551 Mr. Richard E. Uihlein Mrs. Joy L. Utts Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Angie Veber VFW Aux 1307 Watch City VFW Forest Park Memorial Post 7181 VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 2801 VFW Ladies Auxillary 6863 Vietnam Veterans of America Gateway Chapter 776 Mr. Robert Vorwald Mr. Kent Walczak Mr. John Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Carrie Walter Dr. George F. Warga Mr. Steven A. Warshauer Mr. Edward S. Weil, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Ellen Weisbard Mr. Glenn Welling Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Sheila Welsch West Monroe Partners Ms. Vicki L. Weyhrich Ms. Katherine B. White Mr. Frank M. Whittaker Col. William Whittenberger Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Tori Jo Wible Wickstrom Auto Group Wieblers Harley-Davidson, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Williams Mr. E.A. Williams Mr. Jason Wilson Mr. Trevor Wood Mr. and Mrs. Ashley and Bethany Woods Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Wright Mr. Theodore Wrobleski Ms. Joanne Yonan Mr. Ken Yoshitani



USO Illinois Headquarters

333 S. Wabash Ave. 16th Floor Chicago, IL 60604 Phone: (312) 822-6699