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Match the words (1 - 8) with their meanings (a – h):

1. deadly a. very serious

2. respiratory b. able to be passed from one person to another
3. outbreak c. able or likely to kill people
4. severe d. a report containing the latest information
5. tribute e. relating to the process of breathing air in and out
6. communicable f. the careful observation of something
7. surveillance g. the sudden start of a disease
8. update h. a speech or article in praise of another person

1. What does SARS stand for?

a. Severe acute respiratory syndrome

b. Strong acute respiratory syndrome
c. Severe active respiratory syndrome

2. Where did SARS originate?

a. South-East Asia
b. Hong Kong
c. Beijing

3. What is SARS?

a. A bacterial infection
b. A chronic illness
c. A virus

4. What part of the body does SARS affect?

a. The heart
b. The lungs
c. The brain

Now look in the text and check your answers

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Taken from the News section in www.onestopenglish.com
strengthening infection control chemical protection suits on
Doctor who procedures." the streets.

identified The WHO issued a statement

praising Urbani, 46, an expert
Beijing has agreed to publish
daily updates on the spread
SARS in communicable diseases.
"Because of his early
of the disease, but critics in
Hong Kong say the Chinese
becomes its detection of SARS, global
surveillance was heightened
move has come two months
too late to save lives. Vital
victim and many new cases have
been identified and isolated
information on the virus,
including the speed with
The doctor who identified the before they infected hospital which it spread in hospitals
deadly flu-like virus that has staff," the statement read. But treating patients, was not
claimed the lives of hundreds despite the fact that the virus initially released by China.
of people worldwide and has been identified, it
infected thousands of others continues to spread rapidly Dozens of medical staff were
fell victim to the disease and across East Asia. The infected by the virus when it
died recently. Dr Carlo disease has so far infected reached Hong Kong, which
Urbani, who worked for the thousands of people in 15 was infected initially by Liu
World Health Organisation in countries, and has killed Jianlun, a Guangdong doctor
Vietnam, identified the hundreds. China, Hong Hong, who arrived in February.
outbreak of the severe acute Singapore and Vietnam are
respiratory syndrome (SARS) among the hardest hit. In the The Guardian Weekly
in an American businessman first weeks of the spread
admitted to hospital in Hanoi. more than 530 cases were
treated in Hong Kong. At least
But the virus, which is fast- 60 of these came from a
moving and creates severe single building in Kowloon
breathing difficulties, also Bay, raising questions about
infected the Italian father of the way the virus spreads.
three. A tribute was paid to
him by his colleague Pascale Hong Kong has closed
Brudon, who said: "Carlo was schools for a million students
the one who very quickly saw for 10 days, but some doctors
that this was something say this should be extended
strange. When people to a month. Normal daily life
became very concerned in has changed beyond
the hospital, he was there recognition for residents as
every day, collecting samples, they avoid restaurants,
talking to the staff and theatres and taking taxis, and
wear face masks and even

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Match the beginnings and endings of the sentences:

1. Dr Carlo Urbani died from …

2. Dr Carlo Urbani …
3. The fact that Dr Urbani detected SARS quickly …
4. The fact that 60 people in a single building in Hong Kong have been infected …
5. Although the virus has been identified …
6. Life in Hong Kong has changed radically …
7. The Chinese government has been criticised …
8. The Chinese government failed …

a. …helped to save the lives of many hospital workers.

b. …it has continued to spread rapidly.
c. …was the first to see that there was something strange.
d. …to provide information about the spread of the virus.
e. …the disease that he was the first to identify.
f. …has led to questions about how the disease spreads.
g. …as people avoid meeting in public places.
h. …for its delay in reporting the outbreak of the disease.

Fill the gaps using verbs from the text.

1. At the time of writing, SARS had ____________ hundreds of lives worldwide.

2. Thousands of people had ____________ victim to the virus.
3. The virus ____________ severe breathing difficulties.
4. Dr Urbani’s colleagues ____________ tribute to him.
5. Infection control procedures have been ____________ .
6. Global surveillance has been ____________ .
7. The spread of the virus has ____________ a number of questions.
8. The Chinese government has agreed to ____________ daily updates.

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Fill the gaps using prepositions. Look in the text to check your answers.

1. The doctor fell victim ____________ the disease.

2. The businessman was admitted ____________ hospital in Hanoi.
3. He was an expert ____________ communicable diseases.
4. The disease is spreading rapidly ____________ East Asia.
5. Questions have been raised ____________ the way the disease spreads.
6. Life has changed ____________ recognition.
7. Vital information ____________ the virus was not released.
8. Dozens of medical staff have been infected ____________ the virus.

How can a virus like SARS be prevented from spreading around the world?

Will SARS have an effect on the world economy and particularly on the airline business?

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1 Key Vocabulary 4 Collocations

1. c 1. claimed
2. e 2. fallen
3. g 3. creates
4. a 4. paid
5. h 5. strengthened
6. b 6. heightened
7. f 7. raised
8. d 8. publish

2 What do you know? 5 Prepositions

1. to
1. a 2. to
2. a 3. in
3. c 4. across
4. b 5. about
6. beyond
3 Comprehension Check 7. on (about)
8. by
1. e
2. c
3. a
4. f
5. b
6. g
7. h
8. d

4 f
5 b
6 g
7 h
8 d

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Taken from the News section in www.onestopenglish.com