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PART I- THE TEACHER AS A PERSON IN SOCIETY Your philosophy of education is reflected in your dealings with students, colleagues, parents

and ad inistrators! ESSENTIALISM "hy to Teach# Teachers teach for learners to ac$uire %asic &nowledge, s&ills and 'alues! "hat to Teach# The funda ental r(s) reading, *riting, *rith etic, and right conduct! +ow to Teach# ,ocus on astery of acade ic content) rely hea'ily on prescri%ed te-t%oo&, drill e ori.ation and discilpine! PROGRESSIVISM ethod, lecture,

"hy to Teach# Teachers teach to de'elop learners into enlightened and intelligent citi.ens of a de ocratic society so they ay li'e life fully NO"! "hat to teach# Need %ased and rele'ant curriculu +ow to Teach# E-periential trips, pu..les, etc! PERENNIALISM "hy to Teach# To de'elop the student(s rational and oral powers! s&ills to cope with change, natural and social sciences! ethod0 +ands) on) inds) on teaching) field

ethods/ Pro%le ) sol'ing) scientific

"hat to Teach# Not a specialist curriculu , %ut rather a general one, on 'iew that all hu an %eings possess the sa e essential nature! +ow to Teach# The teachers do not allow student(s interests and e-periences to su%stantially dictate what they teach! EXISTENTIALISM "hy to Teach# To help students define their own essence %y e-posing the Education of the whole person, not 1ust the ind! to 'arious paths they ta&e in life!

"hat to Teach# "ide 'ariety of options for students to choose to unleash their own creati'ity and self) e-pression! +ow to Teach# Self) paced, self) directed strategies!

BEHAVIORISM "hy to Teach# To odify and shape student(s %eha'ior %y pro'iding for a fa'ora%le en'iron ent!

"hat to Teach# 2eha'iorist teacher teach students to respond fa'ora%ly to 'arious sti uli in the en'iron ent! +ow to Teach# 2eha'iorist teachers ought to arrange en'iron ental conditions so that students can responses to sti uli, to reinforce positi'e responses and wea&en or eli inate negati'e ones! PHILOSOPHY OF E34CATION The hu an person, the learner in particular! "hat is true and good and therefore +ow learner ust %e taught! a&e the

ust %e taught in order to co e closer to the truth!

SOCIETY AND YOU The teacher as a odel!

E'en on your worst day on the 1o%, you are still so e children(s hope! A teacher affects eternity0 he can ne'er tell where his influence stops! FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIP5ES O, 6ORA5ITY ,oundational 6oral Principle) uni'ersal nor action are %ased! upon which all other principles on the rightness or wrongness of an

"e are inclined to do what we recogni.e as good and a'oid what which we recogni.e as e'il! 6orality) the $uality of hu an acts %y which we call the The natural law is written in the hearts of VALUES FORMATION AN3 YO4 right or wrong, good or e'il!

en! It says do good and a'oid e'il!

I3EA5IS6) there are unchanging and uni'ersal 'alues! There are transcendent 'alues that are accepted as 'alues e'erywhere! These are the 'alues of lo'e, care, and concern! RE5ATI7IS6) there are no uni'ersal and unchanging 'alues in the past present! 7alues are %oth caught and taught! 7alues ha'e cogniti'e, affecti'e and %eha'ioral di ensions! ay not necessarily the right 'alues for the

Cogniti'e) a rational understanding of the 'alues, the reasons why you ha'e to 'alue such and how you act on these 'alues! Affecti'e) a 8feeling for9 the 'alues and acceptance of the 'alues! 2eha'ioral) your life shows the 'alues! TEACHING AS YOUR 7OCATION, 6ISSION, AN3 PRO,ESSION As a 7ocation) a calling fro :od!

As a 6ission) an assigned tas&! As a Profession) our way of rendering ser'ice to hu anity! PART II- THE TEACHER IN T+E C5ASSROO6 AN3 CO664NITY C5ASSROO6 6ANA:E6ENT Scheduling Record &eeping Physical en'iron ent 3iscipline Esta%lishing routine "ithitness) awareness of e'erything happening in a classroo ! O'erlapping) super'ising se'eral acti'ities at once! LINKAGES AND NET"OR;IN: "IT+ OR:ANI<ATIONS International, national and local lin&ages! Networ&ing with professional organi.ations, with foundations, with go'ern ent offices and with PART III- ON BECOMIN G A :5O2A5 TEAC+ER :5O2A5 TEAC+ER Educational Syste s 2asic education is co pulsory! Nu %er of years in e'ery le'el 'ary! Pre) school has %eco e popular in preparing children for the for al school syste ! ,or e'ery e-it le'el, a student is certified through a diplo a or certificate of co pletion! 6ulticultural Education) pro'iding e$ual educational opportunity to ale and fe ale students, e-ceptional learners, edia!

those co ing fro

di'erse cultural, social class, racial and ethnic groups!

Teacher e-change progra s! Educational technology! Inno'ati'e teaching! PART IV- THE PRO,ESSIONA5I<ATION O, TEAC+IN: Policies under the 3ecree Professionali.ing Teaching =P3 No! >??@, s!>ABBC The teacher education can %e of the highest $uality! Professional teacher certificate %e issued to %oard e-a passers! HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE O, T+E P+I5IPPINE E34CATIONA5 SYSTE6 Pre) spanish era Spanish era Re'olutionary go'ern ent A erican regi e Dapanese era Policies of the State on Education =>AEB ConstitutionC Article F, sec!>) the State shall protect and pro ote to the rights of all citi.ens to $uality education to any le'els, and shall ta&e appropriate steps to a&e such education accessi%le to all! Section G=>C Section G=FC Section H=GC PART V- BECOMING A PRO,ESSIONA5 TEAC+ER Profession) type of 1o% that re$uires special training and gi'es status and prestige to the indi'idual! Professional) one who has co petent s&ills, o%ser'es high standards of the 1o% and a%ides %y the code of ethics! THE PROFESSIONAL TEAC+ER 5icensed professional who possesses dignity and reputation with high oral 'alues as well as technical and professional co petence! +eI she adheres to, o%ser'es and practices a set of ethical and oral principles, standards and 'alues!