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National Visa Family re-union October 2013 This is the right visa if you have family legally living

g in Germany and wish to live with them on a permanent basis. Visa processing will ta e up to 3 months but might ta e even longer in single cases. The !mbassy can only issue the visa once the application has been approved by the competent alien"s authority in Germany.

Required Documents:
two fully completed application forms re#uired declarations according to $ %& 'iff. ( and $ %% )ufenthG in duplicate valid national passport and two copies of the data page two biometric *+, passport photographs *not older than ( months, recogni-ed marriage certificate in original *.audi marriage certificates are to be pre/certified by the 0oreign Office of the 1ingdom of .audi/)rabia and can be legali-ed afterwards by the German !mbassy2 for other documents please do chec with the German mission in the country of issuance regarding recognition in Germany,. for children3 recogni-ed birth certificate*s, if applicable3 divorce decrees with German translation copy of passport of spouse holding either a German or !4 passport or a residence permit for Germany re#uired proof of basic nowledge of the German language *for spouses only, by a recogni-ed language certificate *if no obvious fluency, unless you have a recogni-ed university degree or are applying for the so called 56lue 7ard !48. 9#ama copy *for non/.audis only, if :oining a non/German spouse3 proof of sufficient means *spouse"s wor contract and proof of monthly income as well as lease contract,. /3/

)t the day of collection of your passport with visa please do submit the following3 0light tic et or confirmed tic et reservation *one/way to Germany, Valid .audi e;it visa *for non/.audis only, <ealth insurance coverage *min. 30000 !uros= valid for all .chengen >ember .tates,

The visa section observes the right to as for further documents within the processing of your application.

?lease also consider this additional general information

@ocuments are to be submitted in general in German language. Original in )rabic or other languages are to be submitted with German translation. ?assport validity has to e;tend the duration of the visa you are applying for by at least 3 months ?assport has to contain at least two blan pages. ?assport must have been issued within the previous 10 years. 9f it has been issued before that= your passport cannot be accepted. That even even applies in cases where the validity has been e;tended by the authorities of your home country. <olders of non/recogni-ed travel documents= e.g. holders of !gyptian or Aebanese travel documents for ?alestinians= have to apply for an e;emption of passport obligation within the visa process. Visa applications are to be signed in person by applicants from 1( years and above. Bonetheless= applications of minors are to be signed by legal custodians. )ll documents are to be submitted in original with 2 copies. Visa fee is amounting to (0 !uros= payable in .audi Cials only at the day of submission according to the !mbassy rate. Visa fees are non/refundable.