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He has a very good scope of education. In spite of his ceaseless efforts success remains away from him. He does not get what he expects so long as the realm of education is concerned. Though he tries lot but his mind remains freckle. He keeps changing subjects from one to another. He cannot concentrate on study though he wishes to read for as long time. He gets angry very immediately just by listening the name of study. It seems that study seems absolutely indifferent and irrelevant to him. Study for him sort of borings business for him or her. It is matter of absurdity for him or her. There is always the position of stars which works behind it. As vidhya (study) has got fifth position, ninth position is stand for the rink of the person, and tenth position is stand for the position of inspiration for the study. Eleventh stands for the research. So how is your study that determined by the position of the stars or your horoscope? How will you get your bachelor or master degree? Or how will you carry out your graduation or from where? Here in India or overseas?
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Whatever the problems you face in your business is often because of the positions of your stars. Getting less profit from what you might have expected or thought, dont get success in new business or else the business you want to start is not work as per your expectations. If you have been facing some sort of difficulty or troubles in the business or the motel ,restaurant, gas station in foreign land, supposed you started some business by the help of partnership, you dont find any trust worthy being, you have sense of doubt on your partner, you feel that you have been caught in wrong persons hand, or you find less profit in the partnership, or else you want to sell your home and you dont find any buyer for that home, you dont find any inquiry for that h ouse for a longer period of time, you are the owner of the company and often you found problem with the company and often found that workers are not doing their works properly. Most of the time workers remain disloyal to you. They are proven as a dishonest that you trust the most; so many times you found that everything is mess up with you. Suppose you are having the company produce the iron but on and off there is occurrence of mishap. Thus, after getting all details about the company and the horoscope of the owner of the companies need to be matched with each other. How does any misshapen takes place or how does it happen? Which are the prime factors are responsible for it? The report for such company like chemical, clothes, iron, plastics, food, software, mineral water plant, oil meal etc. we will give you a perfect precise report about it which is accurately depends on astrology, recitation of

the most authentic ancient slokas of respective god and the positions of yours stars in your zodiac. If you have invested your money in such a business or else you have engaged yourself in such sort of occupation then you may order us for report: Rs.1000/-

Jobs opportunity in one s own county or foreign country:

In your horoscope job opportunity can be seen in the sixth place. We can see job opportunity in foreign land by the blending of sixth, ninth, and twelfth positions. When and where your job has been decided that going to be programmed by position of stars. Persons details, promotion, or whether there is profit or loss. Whether there is a profit or loss in the case of migration in government, semi-government, or private sector. Thus, how will we get success? For this detail we will give you report about your horoscope respective to your job opportunity in foreign or in ones own country. You may order us for report: Rs.1000/-

Marriage or when does desirable marriage?

Seven position is of marriage in horoscope, when in the eight part is the central point where horoscope matched; twentieth position may determine your contemporary situation of yours. The rotate planets may determine you future that whether when do you marry and where will you marry? When marriage does takes place or when does desirable marriage takes place. How would be the life after marriage? So many times it happens that husband and wife are not able to enjoy the blessing of marriage life. There is always presence of clash or conflict between them which never let them feeling of love in them. Family members seemed restless due to the marriage. It has been observed that when husband is happy, family might in tension and vice verse. Actually the ideal marriage is determined by the positions of your stars and that your respective state of your planets. It happens that husband have problem with wife and wife too have with husband. Due to this, they are forced to face drastic consequences in the form of adversity of life. So for the completions of happy marriage life and how to spend happy marriage life we will give you authentic information. You may order us for report: Rs.1000/-

Health Welfare
For the health welfare our twelfth signs and nine planets are mainly responsible. Any times and any where they caused trouble to our body. Due to that reason sixth house, eighth house and twelfth house are observed to come to the final conclusion. Especially Ashthk varg, shadhbal, vishontari Dasha, Antar Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Shukshma Dasha, are being observed by keep in mind those houses. There are various types of diseases. In nominal diseases, nominal medicines cure it but sometimes due to dominant of kaliyuga, we caught in epidemic sort of diseases for that there is no medicine that can be cured us. We become direction less. Man unfortunately spends his whole life in incurable disease, but it is worse than the death just because it kills man every moments of life. There is always effect of signs and planets on every single disease. According to Jainism medical astrology we can get rid from such kind of diseases. Sometimes dream comes. When we see white or black object in the dream it is sign of that our health is getting better. There is a grace of Dhanvantari god. He gives much information about Astrology and Aryuved. Generally if there is a dominance of sun in our house then it would not be considered as auspicious. There are common diagnosis can be observed like headache, stomached, diseases regarding heart, bones problem, joints problems, and permanent minor weakness in body.

Moon is related with the mind. Coughing, tuberculosis, swollen on the layer of lungs, diseases related to the menses period of women, problem regarding womb of women, Hypertension and excitement can be observed.

Temporary body gets sickness, fever, tiredness, to get serious bodily injury or some major operations, blood vomiting, to get burned away by some explosive stuff, attacked by weapon, and get wounded while fight with other, blood presser getting high all there can be observed.

Mercury is calm planet. It causes gas to the person. It is known as a gas dominant. There is swollen in small and thick veins. There is effect on nervous system. If a person is polluted with sins then he might be infected polio. Stammering, perspiration, experience of impotency, insomnia etc are observed.

This planet has relation with pleasantness. There is swollen on lever, fistula, diabetes, diseases related to sex organ, jaundice, skeptical nature, are the sign of Jupiter.

Venus is prominent in the matter of cough. Sex desire, development of sex organ, diabetes, sexual diseases, and impotency can be observed in the sign of Venus.

Saturn is very slow and very cruel planet. It is having dominance of Rajoguna and dominant of gas. It is responsible for the stubborn diseases. Madness, paralysis, cancer, sexual diseases or there are cases seen that bitten by the sting of poisonous animal or insects.

It is known as irremediable. No medicines can work against it. The diseases, religious ceremony, black magic, medicine, or any sort of treatment never bring fruitful results to the effect given by the Rahu. The effect of Rahu is very harsh. Comparatively the effect of Rahu is more painful than to the Saturn.

Diseases of intestine, viral infection, blood presser high, lack in speaking skill, height of the body, or shortness body. It also indicates the pain related to the mars planet. After check up mentally disability, as well as doctor can see the predominance of the disease. Suddenly getting cured physically it has its own reasons which is based on the position of your sing. I am giving one example by using one planet. When sun is in the comets of Venus at that time our portion of body from where we discharge our urine started burned, there is sense of etching around sexual organ etc, when sun is in the realm of comets of ketu at that time diseases of heart, chest paining, law blood presser etc happen. When sun is in the realm of Jupiters comets there is grave effect on nerves system, headache, migraine, etc. Thus, According to our sign we get report of our health welfare. Order for the report: You may order for report: Basic Report Rs.1000/INTERMEDIATE REPORT Rs. 3000/Report for 25 years Rs. 11000/-

There is a report of a question which may disturb you.

The information for this questions will give you detail about which gem you are supposed to have:

Dhan-kuber Laxmi yoga: There are so many co-incidents occur in our horoscope. We are not aware about it. So according to sign how much auspicious time is given in our horoscope which are very important. When will they give us the fruit of it to us? Or whether are we going to benefit by some particular business? Or if there is any hurdle on the way of it, we will guide you. We will give you perfect solution for that. Order for the report: Rs.2500/-

Suddenly monetary benefit, hidden money, lost property

By the study of your sign it can be said that when and how you will get money. When will you get this profit of money? How you will overcome on the forth coming hurdles? You may get complete report for this detail. We will give you answer to you through Ramal shastra and Horary Order for the report: Rs.2500/-