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Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 U.S.A. The spiraling "UFO" that dazzled the New England seaboard
this summer was rapidly identified as an experimental Japanese
DENNIS W. STACY satellite by both skeptics and ufologists. Articles from both sides of
Editor the fence are presented to show how the sources and techniques of
WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. each led to a quick solution of what otherwise might have been a
Internationa) Director and source of some controversy. We thank Walter Webb and Stan
Associate Editor Gordon, too, who also responded promptly with articles on the
THOMAS P. DEULEY same series of sightings. Unfortunately, only so much space can be
Art Director devoted to the subject-
MILDRED BESELE Inside, we look at a number of other recent American UFO
Contributing Editor
reports which were not so readily solved, including updates on
ANNDRUFFEL Petaluma and Cash-Landrum. Next issue we'll have two more
Contributing Editor
articles that review Brazilian UFOs authored by New York-based
journalist Antonio Huneeus and veteran researcher Irene Granchi.
PAUL CERNY Meanwhile, apologies to our readers for the lateness of this issue,
Promotion/Publicity due to circumstances beyond our control. Some contributors will
MARGE CHRISTENSEN also be disappointed to learn their articles have been delayed until
Public Relations next month. To offset some of the imbalance we have included the
REV. BARRY DOWNING Night Sky for both October and November.
Religion arid UFOs
In this issue
Staff Writer EAST COAST "UFO" IDENTIFIED by Walt Andrus 3
Staff Artists A SENSE OF AWE by Willard D. Nelson 8
Landing Trace Cases NEWS 'N' VIEWS i 10
CASH-LANDRUM CASE CLOSED? by John Schuessler 12
Medical Cases IN OTHER'S WORDS by Lucius Parish 14
UFO Crash/Retrieval NIGHT SKY(October) by Walter Webb 17
NIGHT SKY (November) by Walter Webb 18
Astronomy COVER Courtesy NASA
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• i

. . . . B y Walt Andrus ,

Walt Andrus, MUFON's interna- mirrors providing .the illumination and

tional director, lives in Seguin, the corkscrew cloud . noted by most
Texas. "; .'.,., '• . • •witnesses. Obviously the light reflected
from the satellite mirrors was
Robert Gribble at the National eliminated when it ' passed into the
UFO Reporting Center (1-206-722- shadow of the E a r t h on its
3000) in Seattle, Washington received northeastward trajectory.
100 telephone calls during the evening
of August 12,1986 from throughout the ! LASER TRACK
eastern U.S.A., reporting an unusual
lighted object moving from southwest The screw-shaped cloud observed
to northeast. An F.A.A. .Air Traffic was the "dumping" .of unused liquid
Controller in Syracuse, New York: , hydrogen , fuel from the launching
stated to the press that he thought it rocket booster.-Mr. Gardner and the
was an unidentified flying object. people at the Laser Network
Observed through binoculars, other Operations were tracking the satellite
• witnesses in Portland, Maine . and' from Greenbelt, Maryland with lasers
Syracuse, New York told Bob Gribble as part of a . global cooperative
that the object was a white light heading experiment.
northeast as if propelled by a rocket in a Even 'though the object must now
"cork screw" fashion. The press wire be classified. as an IFO after the
services; distributed the report investigation, 100 long .distance
throughout the nation, creating telephone calls from the Mississippi
considerable excitement. River to the east coast is' strong
When Bob summarized his assurance that Bob Cribble's National
reports, he found that the object was Walter H. Andrus, Jr. UFO.Reporting Center is an effective
observed from 9:50 pm to 10:10 pm tool in obtaining UFO sighting reports
EDSTi Witnesses in the southern Since Joyce B. Milliner has regularly nationwide. (Even one of the astronauts
states reported the direction as supplied MUFON with news releases flying a T-38 near Houston, Texas
southeast, whereas those in the prior to planned rocketborne scientific observed the object per John
northern states observed it in the east experiments, she was very cooperative Schuessler.) 100 pre-paid telephone
and northeast sky. Due to the location .during this telephone conversation in calls is gratifying evidence that the
of the Goddard Space Flight Center's resolving what had been observed. general public still has an interest
Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia's Mr. Virgil Gardner at the Laser in space and UFQs. Walt Andrus gave
eastern shore where rocketborne Network Operations, NASA Goddard Miss Milliner the address of the Center
scientific experiments are conducted, Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, for UFO Studies and asked. that
this became the first target in the Maryland identified the object to Miss CUFO$ also be placed on the news
investigation. Bob Gribble immediately Milliner, since he was involved in laser release mailing list from Wallops .Island.
contacted this facility and found that experiments in conjunction with the We appreciate the many
due to inclement weather they had not object. Mr. Gardner said it was a newspaper clippings and personal
launched the rockets that were Japanese Experimental Geodetic sighting reports submitted to MUFQN
scheduled that,evening. Satellite launched from Japan on on this sighting. Dana M. Schmidt,
Walt Andrus called Joyce B. August 12th (Japanese date and time) State Section Director in New York,
Milliner in the Office of Public Affairs, that was placed in a 932-mile high orbit interviewed several witnesses in the
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and scheduled to pass over the east Rochester area. Richard D- Seifried,
Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, coast of the U.S.A. at approximately 10 State Director for Ohio in Dayton
VA 23337, who confirmed that there pm EDST. The,. 6-foot diameter, globe- received numerous inquiries.
were no rocket launches on the evening shaped satellite is covered with 318 Eugene Witkowski, an amateur
of August 12th from that location. The individual mirrors on its surface and astronomer for 25 years in Buffalo, New
two launches scheduled for August 12 was rotating at 40 r.p.m. Due to its
were also "scrubbed" for'August 13th. height, the sun was reflecting from the (continued next page)
. -Press & Sun - Bulletin
EAST COAST, Continued
Binghamton, New York . -
York, provided a very detailed
About the photo distinct cloud in the sky about 30
eyewitness report in his letter. While Amateur photographer Lor- degrees above the eastern horizon with
raine Whitaker of Lanesboro, in
observing Mars in the "handle" of the Susquehanna County, Pa., took the naked eye and 7 x 50 binoculars. It
teapot Sagittarius, Eugene's attention this photo Tuesday night while drifted horizontally toward the
was caught by a first magnitude object out taking pictures of the moon. northeast.
just to the north and west of Mars Whitaker, taking some night Ernest H. Wells, former State
(about 2 degrees NW). It was shots from the deck of her Via- Section Director in Huntsville,
duct Street house, said she was
approximately 16 degrees above the waiting for the moon to clear Alabama and his son Ronald reported
south horizon and 3 degrees to the east some trees when she saw a the following; the illuminated cloud was
of due south. It had the appearance of a bright, white spiral cloud along about 1/4 or l/5th the diameter of the
small comet with a short tail pointing with what seemed to be a star moon and was located about 20
directly west. Through his 7 x 50 pulling the cloud. She said it was degrees east of the planet Mars when
moving so fast she was surprised
binoculars he saw a point source of light she was able to get it on film. "I first observed. It became larger and
with a jet of vapor emanating from it was in the right place at the more diffused as it drifted north. There
into a spiral shape. He thought the point right time," she said. was a smoky veil around the light
source of light was rotating counter- Whitaker photographed the becoming rod-like as it drifted out of
clockwise at a slow rate of speed. object using a 35mm camera view to the northeast.
with an 80 to 200 zoom lens. Her
The angular size grew to 3/4 camera was mounted on a tripod, Walt Andrus was interviewed by
degree within the first 30 seconds. The and she made the several-second Tom Bauerle at radio station WGR in
"gas" was a very bright yellowish color exposure on 400 ASA Kodacolor Buffalo, New York who said his station
when viewed through binoculars as it film. Whitaker said photography was swamped with calls about the
is a hobby for her, and that she
was being expelled from the star-like had just completed a summer illuminated cloud just after 10 pm.
object and its intensity fell off with course in color photography at In addition to the Geodetic
distance becoming a blue-grey color. Broome Community College. Satellite launched by the Japanese H-l
After making two telephone calls to rocket it also carried a satellite for use
alert other observers and two minutes elongation. After 4 minutes of viewing by amateur radio stations. The key to
into the observation, he noted that the the light source faded out in the the rocket is its new 10.5 ton thrust LE5
object had stopped spewing the gas. northeast sky, heading north northeast engine in its second stage. The engine
When the object was due east, the toward the constellations Cassiopeia burns super cold liquid hydrogen with
cloud was now elongated and was and Perseus. liquid oxygen — the most potent rocket
perpendicular to the eastern horizon. Mr. Witkowski alerted F.W. Price, combination in, use, and the same
The star-like object was still preceding B.Sc., Ph.D., a member and past propellants used by America's space
the cloud by approximately 1/8 degree president of the Buffalo Astronomical shuttle main engines.
and centered with the vertical Association, who observed a faint but
By James E. Oberg

James Oberg is a well-known

Houston-based space scientist and
aeronautics writer.

At about 10 PM EOT on Tuesday,

August 12, 1986 (0200 UT Aug 13),
nearly the entire eastern half of-the
United States was treated to a
spectacular celestial a p p a r i t i o n .
Millions of people were outside looking
for Perseid meteors, and many of them
had their astronomical instruments and
cameras at the ready. So when a bright
.cloud-like UFO (for it was a genuine
Unidentified-Flying Object, at least for a
day) appeared in the eastern sky,
moving from right to left, it had probably
the largest audience of any UFO ever
witnessed in North America. Sightings
occurred from Georgia (Florida''was
socked in with clouds) to Louisiana to,
Houston, Texas, to Tulsa and
Oklahoma City, to Illinois, Kentucky,
Michigan, Ontario and Quebec, and all
points in between: South Carolina,
Virginia, Massachusetts — the whole James Oberg
eastern seaboard. •Richard Prwtt/Dallas Morning News
Descriptions of the object, and its Madea saw "a pinpoint of light, like a launchings, particularly the Japanese
motion varied, but .a general picture satellite, traveling with the cloud". launch (which I had also learned of that
soon emerged; It was called a pinpoint, As it turned out, amateur radio morning). At first there was difficulty in
a moving spiral, a glowing cloud, and a listeners — "hams" — were also ascertaining the exact launch time
big ball o f - f i r e . In Houston, Don receiving radio signals from space at (International Date Line, and'confusion
Stockbauer described an orangish • that very moment. And that was the at the Japanese representative's office
nebulosity surrounded by an irregularly key which led • many independent over EST vs EDT), but an hour later,
shaped white/ cloud elongated observers ; to solve the apparition armed with a good liftoff time and with
vertically, with a dim' starlike nucleus. quickly and accurately. Others (such as known orbital inclination and period, I
Brenda Newton of Rochester, New myself) did it the hard* way, with was able to produce a hand-calculated
York, recalled: "It started to get bigger application : of basic principles of map which showed the objct heading
and it had a tail. By the time we got out spaceflight and orbital.motion. up the east coast at about 10PM EDT.
of the truck, it had begun to spiral. It My involvement began at noon Its altitude was about 1500 km (almost a
lasted for a few minutes, then became Aug. 13 when, at a luncheon "brown thousand miles), well high enough for it
like a dim star and floated toward the bag" meeting of astronomy enthusiasts, still to have been sunlit even though the
west." The vice president of the a report of a bright light in the eastern ground below had been dark for more
Syracusan Astronomical Society (New sky, seen f r o m Houston, was than an hour.
York) said it resembled a "reflection of discussed. Returning from lunch, I
the m'oon off a cloud, but it was very received a phone call from David L. VEHICLES
iridescent, very vivid." Wayne Madea, Chandler, a writer for the Boston Globe Part of my advantage was a long
an amateur astronomer' in northern with whom I had discussed other familiarity with similar apparitions
Maine, saw a bright star-like object emit spaceflight stories months before. He caused by space launches elsewhere in
a luminous, rapidly expanding donut- filled me in on the sightings, and I
shaped cloud; through a- telescope suggested he check about space (continued next page)
UFO, Continued . . Within a week, ;,the "UFO" was? , well cause something like this. It would
stuffed, boxed, arid buried.(it should vaporize and leave a glowing cloud
.the world, most notably over South also have been seen from Central behind it."
America (Soviet launchings from America, the Caribbean, and the north Astronomy . professor Martha
Plesetsk) and Australia (American coast of South America-. — those Haynes of. Cornell didn't trust the
launchings from Cape Canaveral). So reports may dribble in over the next few observers: "When people who watch
my initial hypothesis about a propellant .months). But it was a marvelous the stars once, maybe twice a year go
venting sprang quickly to mind. Such a experience for the witnesses arid for the out and look hard for a while, they're
phenomenon was unheard of over .analysts, and several interesting points bound to see\things they, think are
North America, but the new Japanese can be raised,• about - "UFO reports" strange.... When you're in .that mind set
rocket test was also the first of its kind. based pri this fortuitous experiment.. anything like : the light of a plane,on the
• • The names of the vehicles involved Several interesting events involved horizon looks'strange.".
.were a little confusing. The booster was coincidences. .Caught . iip in the John, Bosworth of NASA's
called the "H-l" and: it was the first excitement, Air Traffic Controller Tim Goddard Space Center scored a near
launch. It's second/stage was powered" Jones in .Syracuse reported three miss when he attributed the reports to
by the new "LES" engine, using super- different-colored lights ^randomly glints off the EGP satellite's mirrors,
,cold": liquid ; hydrogen as fuel.: Two . moving and hovering for 45 minutes reflecting moonlight: "I suspect that's
payloads" were 'deployed: an amateur ' '(but it turned but he. was watching B- . what they saw", he told a reporter. The
radio, satellite variously. called JAS.-1 • ••'- 52sJandrat nearby'Rome AFB1,-'several National Weather Service and the
(Japanese Amateur Satellite #1),,JO-12 hours after, the real UFO); his account Seattle-based National UFO Reporting
(Japan OSCAR 12), or "Fuji" (by the .was carried in , the nationwide news Center agreed "it was some sort of
•builders); the geodetic mirror satellite,' media, but the solution rarely was. ' .natural phenomenon." • • ,.
EGP - ' ( " E x p e r i m e n t a l .Geodetic In- Clark County, • Kentucky, . • A number of people, however, got
Payload"), or "Ajisai" . ("Hydrangia residents were panicked by an it right,.and right from the start. Tom
Flower"). The booster, was -launched explosion while the light show was Boltori .'of the David D u n l a p
from Tanegashima Island off Kyushu, at .going on — but the sheriff later got an Observatory north of Toronto told
5:45 AM JST August 13 (2045UT Aug. anonymous phone call, confessing to newsmen it was 'Caused by release of
12), after a 14 minute hold.' Precise setting off illegal'• fireworks. Recalled something from.,..a satellite: "The
tracking data from.NORAD allowed a County .Deputy. Larry Lawson/ "The satellite. was actually seen in the
perfect match of sightings to space people said their.,.homes shook >and. telescope here and we had a report
vehicle. '.. ." •• • windows vibrated aJnf there had been .- from an amateur astronomer (who) saw
I then reported my results to the an explosion or earthquake... They said it and saw the release of material from it
Smithsonian Scientific Event Network the whole sky lit up. All these people, •— but we're not sure which satellite it.
in Washington, DC, to NORAD Public weren't imagining or seeing things. was and we're not sure what the
Affairs in Colorado Springs, to the Some of them were very terrified over it material .was that was released." A
Committee for the Scientific right after it happened." These illustrate number of amateur radio people also
. Investigation of Claims of the the power of coincidence, in which two told their local.papers exactly the true
Paranormal (which got me on a Buffalo, concurrent independent events can story: for example, Richard C. Eaton of
New York radio show which had aired easily (and erroneously) be integrated Fayetteville, NY, a retired GE engineer,
LIVE accounts of the UFO on Tuesday into a single unsolvable mystery. Also, was quoted in the Syracuse Herald
evening), to NASA Public Information the emotional'state of witnesses (such Journal as suspecting the cloud was
at the, Kennedy Space. Center in as fear) is no . measure of the part of the Japanese launch.
Florida, and to the MUFON research authenticity of their original perception. The spiral form also was intriguing.
group in Texas. This in turn resulted in "SOLUTIONS" In .Syracuse, amateur astronomer
my receiving about twenty additional One other amusing aspect was the Denise Sabatini reported: "It started
telephone calls from news media wide variety of half-baked explanations out as.a pinpoint of light. It was as if it
throughout the east. . offered for the "UFO".-Some were releasing some type of reflective
Chandler's story appeared in the speculation associated it.. with the gas, into the air, and as the gas was
Boston Gfobe (page 6) .on Thursday, meteor shower, a barium cloud, or a released into air, it was as if it was
August 14. It moved over some national satellite burn-up, while other guesses spiraling around the pinpoint of light."
news wire; too, since it also appeared in associated it .with an explosion of. the The spiral was "like pouring milk into
the same day's Houston Chronicle, Japanese satellite. Professor Richard coffee.'.' .
some Tacoma, Washington, paper, and Stoner of Bowling Green State Astronomer Karl Kamper at the
presumably elsewhere. On Friday, I did University in Ohio was quoted as David Dunlap, Observatory in
an interview with an Associated Press saying: "It is. caused.by little bits and Richmond Hill, Ontario, described the
reporter from Louisville, Ky, and that pieces of dust from the comet. They're object as starlike surrounded by a small
story moved nationally over the • very small, if there were a larger piece, .spiral cloud (he told newsmen the spiral
weekend. an icy piece of. material, something
LESSONS about the size of a snowflake, it might (continued on page 16) ,
By Virginia 77//y

Virginia Tilly is a Michigan mused, they probably would not have

MUFON field investigator. seen: anything unusual" There were,
At approximately 10:30 p.m. on however, several people on the shore
Friday, August 1', 1986, John Long.arid •who saw it as the witnesses heard,a lot
Richard Jandura f were fishing from a of animated discussions going on. Long
small boat in the middle of Banksoris was also concerned about a young boy
Lake in Van Bureri -County Michigan... about"'10 years old who kept shouting,
Suddenly Long noticed what appeared "What is it?" So far I have had rio luck in
to be the landing light of a large aircraft locating him. •
approaching from, the south/southeast
at an incredibly low altitude. As this was Kalamazoo Gazette UFO REPORTED
in the direction of the Kalamazoo ' After the sighting Long went to the
County Airport, Long felt 1 that it might was very calm. At this point they airport but found the radar tower had
be preparing to attempt a landing there. realized that there had never been any closed at ll p.m. (The supervisor of the,,
He was concerned, however, that there sound coming from this huge craft. As Kalamazoo -, County Airport radar
were no runways there, to accomodate they watched it passing over the nearby tower told me that there was nothing
so large a craft/Could this unknown trees and water, the red ; lights unusual sighted that night. He also said
object with what seemed to be a landing continued to blink and the men noticed that anything that big and.sd bright as to
light be looking for a sparsely populated what Long described as a "magic carpet cause eye damage would certainly have
'area to attempt an emergency landing? effect". This was what appeared to be been observed at the tower: He added
' The object was perhaps 200-300 waves or a wavy effect between the that after .14 years with the FAA and
feet high and about as long as a football blinking lights. before that the US Air Force there was
field. In' describing the object as we No scents or temperature changes only one true unknown that he • was
talked in 'Kalamazoo/Long looked at were .ever observed by the witnesses. aware of.) ; '
Wings Stadium and said that it was at However, Long speculated that the : •'• Long also filed .a report with the
least that large. A steady white light was wavy effect might be heat rays. State'Police in Paw' Paw. In addition he
emitted from what appeared to be the Likewise, no color nor markings were contacted ,the FAA in Grand Rapids
front, while 3 red lights blinked steadily ever seen although they did feel that it and Bob Gribble of the National UFO
on its outer edges. was definitely a solid object. Long was R e p o r t i n g C e n t e r 'in ' S e a t t l e ,
When it was almost' directly in sure that it was not a weather balloon, a Washington. Furthermore he called
front of them and' over 'the water, the helicopter, nor any airplane or jet. both the Kalamazoo Gazette and the
white light suddenly made a brilliant Within 15 minutes it had passed Detroit News. To this date' neither
flash and went out.'.Long's blood out of view in the northwest:' Long newspaper has published anything
pressure shot up when this occurred. reflected that it was going in the general about this sighting, although' Mike
(In the past he had been hospitalized for direction of South Haven on' Lake Magner, reporter for the Kalamazoo
high blood pressure so was familiar'with Michigan where the Palisades^ Nuclear Gazette, plans to.write an article after
what was happening to ' him.) He Power Plant is located. He also interviewing Walt Andrus
became very upset emotionally during speculated on the possibility that it was On thie night of this event Long and
this part of the experience,- and after the "taking pictures or energizing" during Jandura stayed .together arid made
flash both men were scared and shaky the flash. Long feels very strongly that notes and drawings, of what they had
for some time. During our discussion he this craft does not belong to the United seen. The rriorning after Long had
also pointed out that neither man had States — and if it did it should not have bloodshot and watery eyes. He felt at
been consuming alcohol, using drugs, been flying where it was. He also had a first that he had a cold in his eyes. After
nor taking.any medication. feeling that it was looking for two days they cleared up on their own.
something. During the sighting he also Since the 'sighting • Long has felt
HEATWAVES? recalled having said, "If they are from some stress and is still excited about
The sky was clear that night arid another intelligence, they are more the unique encounter he had. All of his
other conventional aircraft were intelligent and have a cure for cancer." family and friends have had a positive
spotted during the sighting. The During this sighting at least 3 other reaction to him; in fact, he has received
surrounding countryside was very still boats were on the lake. But if they were
with no noticeable wind so the water looking in the wrong direction Long (continued on page 11-)'
By Willard D. Nelson

Willard Nelson is a former state feet below." Without investigating the possibilities of
section director for Orange . After the sighting, he goes through different shapes reflecting, it would
County, California. . the classic 'escalation of .hypotheses.' seem that at some point ^ from dead
. After a private pilot and his wife "My first thought was 'airplane' but it ahead to the 'nine-o'clock' or even
witnessed a mid-air flyby of .a brightly J was moving too fast. Then I thought 'eight-o'clock' position — the angle of
shining 'object during, the afternoon of :'helicopter'' and the same objection . the, sun would change,, and the
May 11, 1986, his strongest impression came.to mind. As it went by abeam and perceived light would vary. This did not
was: "Helta sense of awe." He had just to our left, a little below us, I could not happen." •
made every effort to identify the fast- make out what it was. My reactions:
moving object which was closing on 'Definitely riot an airplane, no wings, SIMILARITY
them from straight, ahead, in the flight not a chopper,.no rotor....it is about
path of their Cessna 172: It missed them twice the size of a 'bubble' helicopter.... This; sighting is especially
but came close enough so they.could more .compact than an airplane would interesting because of strong similarity
see that its shape was similar to a half- be. Too rhuch glare, to see with another pilot's sighting, reported in
sphere ;.with a flat or slightly rounded •details....impression is. that.it was a the MUFON Journal eight years ago:
bottom. ' . ; . • " • . . modified half-sphere, with the flat side "Veteran Pilot Sights Daylight Disc," by
About the. witnesses: Robert H. down." Richard Hall, MUFON Journal #122,
Henderson is minister of the Valley of .Nann, the only other occupant of January 1978. That, too, was a daylight
the Sun Religious Science Center, in the Cessna,. describes the UFO . in sighting by the pilot of a Cessna, Floyd
Phoenix. He and his wife, Nann, have similar terms, adding: "The front Hallstrom, of : an approaching dome-
been friends of my wife and myself .for seemed rounder as it approached...as it shaped UFO.
several years. Knowing of my interest in" passed by, the front looked a little more The Cessna and the UFO were in
UFOs; he sent me 'a written, objective pointed and the roundness was in the the Los Angeles International Airport
report after this suprise encounter. I back, more like a teardrop. The bottom Terminal Control Area, going in
phoned to get additional information was convex rather than perfectly flat: opposite directions at nearly the same
and permission to use his name in a The bright silvery light came from the altitude. The UFO came even.closer,
report to MUFON. top of the object. It didn't look like the moving steadily at a slower relative
The Hendersons were 25 miles upper part had any seams." speed. It passed to the left and below
south of Sedona, Arizona, traveling "All this, happened faster than the the witness' plane. His description was
north at 8500 feet in their Cessna-172. It description," Bob said, "because it was detailed, including report of a bright-
was 4;00 PM. They were almost to moving.at a high rate of speed and we spot sun reflection off the dome as the
Verde Valley. Bob Henderson first saw were traveling at 115 mph in the UFO passed by.
a light (or reflection), estimated to be opposite direction. Closure from first It is .interesting that Bob
about 20 miles away, moving west. "I'm sighting 20 miles away was less than Henderson wrestled with the question
quite sure of the distance," he said, one minute." This calculates to a of whether it was a self-generated light
"because I had just measured it on the minimum closure speed of 1200 mph. bright enough, to be visible in broad
Sectional Chart." "Ordinarily it would not be daylight, or whether it was a reflection
possible to see an airplane-sized object of sunlight. During my follow-up phone
BRIGHT FLARE • 20 miles distant. In this case the bright call he speculated that a reflection from
light, whether self-generated or a a highly polished hemisphere might not
The weather was clear and reflection of the sun, made visibility change with sun angle. "But it sure
visibility unlimited. "I first thought it was possible. seemed abnormally bright," he said,
sunlight reflecting from an auto, but it "Subjectively, it simply did not/ee/ and added: "I do not claim what it is, just
moved too fast. 1 lost sight of it like an airplane. It was flying in an what we saw."
temporarily, then saw a very bright absolutely straight line from first
object heading almost straight toward sighting to the time it passed from view.
us. I prepared to take, evasive action,
but it was immediately, evident that it
The simplest explanation of the bright
light is that it did reflect the sun. But it is
would pass to our. left and below. I hard to expjain how the light could 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
estimate it passed less than a mile to our remain so constantly and uniformly
left and probably less than a thousand SEGUIN, TX 78155
bright if it was a reflection of the sun.
By Herbert S. Taylor

Herbert Taylor lives in New logical answer to satisfy his own estimated the true size of each round
York and is a long time Journal puzzlement and curiousity. object to be between 20-25 feet in
subscriber. diameter. The witness listened very
In mid-August 1977, Fred A. CIGAR SHAPES carefully for sounds of a motor, or even
Torrey Jr. was witness to a strange a h u m . He heard a b s o l u t e l y
spectacle in the sky over Ozone Park, a Now to the incident itself. It was NOTHING. The objects did not
section of Queens County, one of the about 8:30 PM, somewhere between revolve, and each had a rim around it.
five boroughs of New York City. What the 16th-20th of August: The ;sky was As they slowly moved to the south, they
he saw puzzled and disturbed him, but clear with no clouds, and a few stars suddenly disappeared. After some 45
like most people he did not know who were visible. It was a very warm minutes, the spectacle was now over.
to contact in regard to the matter. evening, and Fred went to the rear
Serious research groups like MUFON yard, hoping to cool off (he had no air NEAR AIRPORT
and CUFOS were not known to the conditioning). Something caught his
witness. He did write a letter to the eye to the north. It was 3 lighted objects The locale of the incident was
Editor of the Daily News (N.Y.C.), but appearing to have a cigar shape. Each residential, located some three miles
never received a reply. object emitted a pale ray of light from from Kennedy Airport. This raises a
In April 1978, he read an article on the bottom. It was a broad beam, and nagging question; did anyone else other
UFOs that appeared in an issue of the he knew from his 27 years of aerospace than Fred Torrey witness this amazing
National Enquirer. Not knowing who to background that these were not landing sight? Considering the residential
turn to, Fred Torrey wrote a letter to lights. The objects seemed almost nature of the area, the lengthy three-
the Enquirer in early May describing his motionless, and the witness, by now quarter hour duration of the event, and
observation, asking them for assistance most curious, decided to study them the nature of what was seen, the answer
in trying to find a logical answer for what and make mental notes. would seem to be yes. Yet, if witnesses
he saw. His letter was then sent to Ted Fortunately, the three objects to this spectacle exist other than Fred
Bloecher of N.Y.C. for further inquiry. were moving slowly in his direction, Torrey, they remain unknown both to
Ted, who, at that time was one of the from north to south. They were moving him and to this investigator. Perhaps a
leading lights in serious UFO research, very slowly, perhaps no more than l/2 house-to-house canvassing of the
sent me a copy of Torrey's letter and mile per hour (floating would accurately whole neighborhood would have been
requested that I look into the matter. describe their "speed"). The three needed to definitively answer this
I contacted the witness by objects formed a triangle, with one question. Since this was,not done, this
telephone, in which he confirmed the leading in front. Fred looked carefully to aspect of the incident remains
basic points of his letter to the Enquirer. see if they were attached to some kind unresolved.
I then sent him a UFO sighting of familiar object such as a balloon or There can be no question that
questionnaire, which he filled out and helicopter, or even attached to one Fred Torrey saw what he said he saw.
sent back to me. Included were detailed another, but none could be seen. His initial letter to the National
sketches of the objects as seen1 from 2 As they came closer to the witness Enquirer, for instance, was in essence a
angles of observation. The account was he could now see that their true shape plea for assistance to help find .an
now complete. was circular. Their altitude appeared answer for the sight he witnessed. But
Before getting to the substance of low, no more than 200-300 feet. Each were the 3 round objects actual UFOs,
the sighting itself, the solid nature of the object had an apparent size much or something far less mysterious?
witness himself should be pointed out. larger than a full moon, with the tight Clearly nothing of an astronomical
Fred Torrey was 56 years old, and had group occupying a total area of some 4- nature is involved, nor were they
good vision with eyeglasses, good 5 full moon diameters across. When conventional aircraft or helicopters.
hearing, and was in fair health. He was they reached a position exactly The' lengthy duration of the sighting,
retired after 27 years of employment in overhead Fred almost fell backward plus • the very slow movement of the
the aerospace field. This long particular looking straight up at the underpart of objects, does suggest that some type of
job employment enabled him to be the objects. balloon explanation might offer a
familiar with many types of aircraft and They were about the same possible explanation for this event.
space vehicles. The witness sought no brightnesses the moon, with splotches Based on the reported facts, however,
publicity or notoriety; in fact, he feared of brighter spots mixed in, and emitted such an explanation would be a very
to tell anyone but his wife. He did want a a weak ray of light into his yard. He forced fit.


APRO FOUNDER Network, now has over 700 members

and users,- and most of them are
Jim Lorenzen, International MUFON members. I would like to take
Director of Aerial Phenomena the time to.say, to all the'MUFON users
Research Organization (APRO) died "Thank You for your support and input
August 28, 1986 in Tucson, Arizona at for CUFON. Also if you have signed on
the age of 64. Funeral services were CUFON before, then please remember
held September 2,1986 at the Unitarian that there is a message waiting for you
Universalist Church. with your password and information on
He and his wife Coral founded how to use the system. Also CUFON is
APRO in January 1952 while living in not a bulletin board but is a "Database"
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. They have for just UFO information i.e. Freedom
coauthored five books on UFOs: Flying of .Information Act Documents (FQIA),
Saucer Occupants (1968); UFOs Over UFO Reports, new and old etc."
the Americas (1969); UFOs - The CUFON Computer Settings:
Whole Story (1969); Encounters:with a) 7 Data Bits - Even Parity - 1 Stop Bit
UFO Occupants (1976); and Abducted! L.J. Lorenzen b) 300 Baud bps
(1977). c) CUFON Systems Capacity - 120
Mr. Lorenzen has served as the The flashes appear between the Megabytes
International Director of APRO since Pleiades and Algol. They last less than a d) Systems Number - (206) 722-5738
1964. Walt Andrus first met Jim in July second, may be as bright as Venus (-2 e) Systems Voice Line - (206) 721-5035;
1969 when he and his wife visited the magnitude), and were first noticed in also this voice line is: UFO
Lorenzens in their Tucson: home. August, 1983. One flash has been Information Service. • : -•
During'the intervening years, Jim and photographed and a spectrum of this . -Dale Goudie
Walt renewed their friendship at several image matches that of the sun. The Seattle
UFO Conferences and personal flashing does not show any noticeable
meetings. As one of the pioneers in the periodicity. PETALUMA UPDATE
field of Ufology, Mr. Lorenzen will be Astronomers do not know what
best remembered for the fine UFO the flashes are, but they may attempt to The object covered a distance of
books that he coauthored with his wife examine their distance from them by 24 miles from the first to the last
Coral. In addition to his widow, Mr. triangulation. I contacted a local ,witness. (4:10 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.) The ,
Lorenzen leaves a son, Larry in astronomy professor to ask if this time involved is about 20 minutes,
Phoenix and a married daughter in information had been reported therefore the average speed was 72
Tucson. previously. He believed that it had, but m.p.h. All witnesses thought the object
A floral arrangement was sent to he couldn't remember where. Since this was moving slowly. Sue Harte and
the church for the funeral and a phenomenon can be observed by the Wanda Madson saw the object while
sympathy card mailed to Mrs. unaided eye, it provides a good together, however Sue reported 4 lights
Lorenzen and family from everyone in opportunity for the observation and that were white, whereas Wanda saw. 2
the Mutual UFO Network. recording of astronomical information. white lights and a. small red light. All
In the same issue of Science News other witnesses saw 4 lights.
PERSEUS LIGHT it is reported that Riccardo Giacconi, The San ; Francisco Chronicle
the director of NASA's Space speculated that the object was an
Of interest to UFOlogists and to Telescope Science Institute, is offering ultralight aircraft. I.checked with the
both amateur and professional some time on the Hubble Space director of Petaluma's Liberty Field,
astronomers is an unexplained light Telescope to a few a m a t e u r near where the sightings occurred and
that sometimes flashes from the area of astronomers. was told that no one was. flying at that
the constellation Perseus. It was -Irena Scott time. I was also informed that ultralights
reported in the Aug. 1, 1986, carry only a white strobe light, and that
Astrophysical Journal Letters. An NETWORK none fly at night because it is too
article about it also appeared in the dangerous, since they do not have
August 23, 1986, Science News. CUFON, the Computer UFO landing lights. Sunrise on May 22,1986
Artist's rendition of UFO based on
Petaluma eye witness accounts

rolled up, thus they could make no

accurate determination about sound.
No witness could distinguish the shape
of the object.
This leaves the Petaluma UFO
Case with very few solid details in order
to definitely classify the sighting as an
was 5:54 a.m. POST. Considering that most people are IFO or UFO at press time.
aware of normal aircraft. lighting, it is -Tom Page
CONCLUSION interesting that upward of 12 people
called in to say that they had seen
In attempting to sum up the something unusual. Most people are
Petaluma UFO Case, I feel that it is capable of distinguishing between BANKSONS, Continued
important to present both an argument normal and abnormal lights, for an
in favor of ah IFO and one favoring a aircraft. In one case, a witness stopped no negative reactions and some people
UFO. Witnesses generally spoke of her car, turned off the engine and radio, even say that they are envious of his
lights that were unusual for-an aircraft, stepped outside and heard no sound. experience.
but "not that unusual." The lights I also called airports. in the San Richard Jandura's eyes were much
observed by the witnesses .were Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, more seriously affected. Before he
generally described as white. Some Calif, area and could not • find any sought medical assistance for them, he
witnesses described them as having a helicopters that were going through this and Long met with Field Investigator
green hue. Obviously missing.was the locale at this time. I even checked with Dee Allan on August 6, so that she
white anit-collison strobe light which the George Lucas Special Effects could see his eyes. The whites of his
aircraft are required to carry. The Organization and they advised they eyes were completely pink and burning.
witnesses on three occasions described were doing nothing on that morning. They were very mattered and puffy.
the object moving in such a direction Lack of sound, lights unusual enough The left eye was in the worst condition
that the green light would be showing in for witnesses to telephone in and no with swelling and discoloration beneath
their direction. The one instance in known helicopters transient through that eye. His doctor has diagnosed the
which a witness saw a red light was by the area would indicate a UFO. condition as pink eye and is .treating it
Wanda Madsqn, whereas Sue Harte with antibiotics. Because of this and
did not. The fact that the object IFO personal problems, Jandura has been
appeared to hover a number of times off work for some time. As a result of
would tend to indicate the possibility of None of the witnesses could these emotional and family problems
a helicopter. accurately determine the distance and we have not been able to interview him.
height of the object. All but one witness
UFO was in a moving car with their windows
By John Schuessler

" John Schuessler of Houstpri is

MUFOIM's deputy director and
chief investigator of the ,Cash-
Landrum Case.
On'December 29,. 1980, Betty
Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby
Landrum encountered an unusual
flying object and a large number of twin-
rotor helicopters along a deserted road
northeast of Houston, Texas. As the
result of that encounter their lives were '
changed forever. They sustained life
t h r e a t e n i n g injuries and have
undergone long periods of suffering.
They were'advised by the military-
legal authorities at Bergstrom Air Force
Base in Austin, Texas to;file a claim
against the United. States government
for the injuries they sustained. They did
file the claim, which was later rejected. CH-47 Helicopter
The appeal was also rejected. They
were then told to sue the United States 21, 1986, Judge RossSterhngdismissed said "1 have never seen nor heard of any
Government in Federal Court. Again, the case on the basis of expert such craft. . . being associated with the
they followed.instructions and filed a testimony submitted by Mr Conforti. military service" While he did not
civil action in the United States District The experts addressed the issue of address all twin rotor helicopters, he
Court, Southern District of Texas, whether or not the United Stales did declare that the CH-47 was not in
Houston, Texas. owned and opeiated a device as the inventory of the United States Air
Their contention was that they.had described by Cash and Landrum and Force.
been wronged, physically injured, while sidestepped the issue of military
driving on a public thoroughfare.-The .helicopters'. The claims of the experts 'COPTERS OMITTED
United States Government'was at fault are summarized below. Vice Admiral Robert F. Schoultz,
because their injuries were sustained , Robert W. Sommer, Chief of the United States Navy. Deputy Chief of
while they were in close proximity of the NASA Aircraft ..Management Office, Naval Operations, said "no aircraft
millifary helicopters and the large avowed that "no object as described by matching the description given (by
glowing object, later called a UFO for the plaintiffs was, at any time, owned or Cash and Landrum) was owned or
lack of a better term. :. :
. . operated, or was in the inventory or operated by the United States Navy."
.under the control of NASA."Headded He did not address the twin-rotor
DATE SET that NASA did have one twin-rotor helicopter issue.
The United States District Court helicopter, but it was in a hangar in Richard L. Ballard, Acting Chief,
Docket Call was set for September 3, California on the date of the incident. Aviation Systems Division, Office of the
1985. Frank Conforti, Assistant United Colonel William E Krebs, Chief, Deputy Chief of Staff for Research,
States Attorney, requested dismissal or Tactical Aeronautical Systems Development, and Acquisition, United
a summary judgement-in favor of the Division, Office of the Deputy Chief of States Army, said "I have compared the
United States. The attorney for Cash Staff for Systems, Air Force Systems description of the object with my
'and Landrum-replied'that the United Command, United States Air Force, knowledge of the inventory of all Army
States was not entitled to a dismissal or has been involved in development, craft capable of flight. No such craft was
a summary judgement. Judge Ross testing and evaluation of all United owned, operated, or in the inventory of
Sterling did not make a decision on Mr. States Air Force craft capable of flight the United States Army..." Further, he
Conforti's request. Therefore, the case He said ,"no such craft was owned, said " I have never seen nor heard of any
did not go to trial. operated, or is in the inventory of the
Nearly one year later, on August United States Air Force . " Further, he (continued on page 17)
By Marge Christensen

Marge and David Christensen (3) Writing a media policy, to cover a wider geographic area of the
have moved. Their new mailing currently submitted to the MUFON United States.
address is 4732 N. Windridge Loop, Board of Directors for approval, and (4) The Award for Outstanding
Tucson, Arizona 85749. subsequently, to be submitted for Work • in the UFO Field will be
By n o w , P.1..P.E. ( p u b l i c publication in the Journal. continued, but the nomination process
information & public education) is . (4) Initiating the Award for has been revised, and will be explained
undoubtedly a familiar acronym to Outstanding Work in the UFO Field in-an upcoming issue of the MUFON
MUFON UFO Journal readers, but each calendar year. UFO Journal.
since many of our members may be (5) Responding to negative It would appear the the P.I.P.E.
wondering who the P.I.P.E. Committee publicity in -the printed or electronic Committee is currently the only long-
members are and what they've media whenever la situation needing term working committee MUFON has
accomplished, we offer the following such a response occurs. on a national scale. What can be
report: (6) Lecturing widely on the UFO learned from the experiences of the
MUFON Public Relations subject. committee? First of all, it is possible for
Director, Marge Christensen serves as (7) Furnishing' materials and UFOIogists of varying backgrounds,
chairperson for the committee, which is information to others offering public ; stretching from coast-to-coast to work
made up of the following members: information on the UFO subject. together, and to produce significant
Walter Webb, Barry Greenwood, Jim (8) P u b l i s h i n g a m o n t h l y projects regularly. P.I.P.E. members
Melesciuc, :-and- Ray Fowler, of Newsletter for State Directors to keep communicate on a regular basis via
Massachusetts; as well as John them informed, and publishing a telephone, correspondence, or the
Schuessler, Walt Andrus, and Dennis monthly P.I.P.E. Line for committee P.LP.E. Line Newsletter. This has
.Stacy, of Texas; Dan Wright, Michigan, members. fostered a sense of belonging and has
Paul Cerny, California, Mildred Biesele, (9). C o m p i l i n g t h e . n a t i o n a l served to strengthen our commitment
Utah, Fred Whiting, Virginia, .and Bob telephone network, TELUFONET. as individuals to the cause of informing
Bletchman, Connecticut. The As we look ahead to 1987,. the the public about the reality of the UFO
committee has been in existence for P.I.P.E. Committee is already making phenomenon and the need to afford it
three years, however, there have been preparations for. new endeavors. These scientific respectability as a legitimate
some changes in membership during include the following: . area of study. A genuine continual
that time. (1) The Committee will work with exchange of ideas and information
Over the past two years,, the the-Fund for UFO Research (host of the takes place on this committee, and its
committee has engaged in many MUFON 1987 UFO Symposium) to members share equally in the work of
projects aimed at providing public ensure record high attendance at the the committee.
information on the UFO subject. Some 1987 MUFON UFO Symposium Perhaps the same could be true of
of these include: • scheduled to be held on June 26-28, in committees on other topics if they were
(1) Compiling and producing two Washington, D.C. P.I.P.E. members to be formed to serve as working
sets of slides with narratives for use in will be drafting letters to make available committees on specific topics. For
the presentation of lectures on the to MUFON members, conveying the example, suppose there was a
UFO subject importance of the UFO subject and committee to study reported abduction
(2) Initiating National UFO emphasizing the need to attend the cases and their implications for
Information Week as an annual event, symposium. These will be used as humanity? This committee could meet
and compiling a package of materials models for personal letters for annually at symposia, as does the
for use during this week. The package, everyone to send to their U.S. P.I.P.E. Committee, and its members
which has been distributed to all State Congressmen nationwide. could be persons who investigate
Directors, includes, a poster, public (2) A national campaign to abduction cases. The committee could
service announcements for .radio encourage both university and public be chaired by someone such as Budd
stations, a press release, a suggested libraries to add subscriptions to the Hopkins. An exchange of information
b i b l i o g r a p h y , and a M U F O N MUFON UFO Journal to their and ideas derived from actual
information page. (These items are to collections will be launched. . investigations and research into this
be copied by State Directors for (3) Plans will again be made for the particular aspect of the phenomenon
circulation throughout their respective Third National UFO Information
states.) Week, with a few. modifications in order (continued on page 18)
In Others' Words
By Lucius Parish

Actor Dennis Weaver's interest in Elders has performed a valuable service Veteran UFO researcher George
the UFO subject was the focus of an by editing 16 hours worth of "raw" Fawcett has an interesting article on
article in the July 8 issue of NATIONAL footage into these three tapes. Be sure South Carolina's UFO history in the
'ENQUIRER. Weaver, his son Rusty, to specify Beta or VHS format when Spring 1986 issue of SEARCH, This
and UFO investigator Paul Shepherd ordering. magazine is primarily available by
have recently set up a UFO Hotline Kenneth Behrendt's periodical, subscription, but may be found on
(213-976-UFOS) which provides daily , ,AURA, is definitely not for. the some .larger .newsstands.
news reports on UFO sightings. researcher (such as myself) who has no Two UFO documentaries', THE
Weaver and his wife recently observed background in physics. In the six issues OUTER SPACE CONNECTION and
a cigar-shaped .UFO from their of AURA which have been published MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND,
California home. ' . :
thus far, : Behrendt has discussed such EARTH, are now available from United
The July issue of FATE featured an . topics as UFOs and power failures, Entertainment, Inc. (4111 S.
article by Michael A. Persinger, solid beams' of light from UFOs, Darlington, Suite 400 - Tulsa, OK
attempting to explain', UFOs and . introduction to anti-mass field physics, 74135) for $19.95 each, plus $2.25
peripheral phenomena as being due to metal-ejecting UFOs, UFO sound shipping & handling per tape. Both
the same forces which cause spectrum, UFO' invisibility and tapes contain, interesting information
earthquakes. . . i n t e r p e n e t r a b i l i t y , etc. If you on UFOs, "ancient astronauts" and the
• The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" understand this stuff (or would like to usual range of subject matter covered
segment in the July issue of OMNI try to!), the six issues of AURA are in the films of this type which were
consisted of a tribute to the late J. Allen available at $5.00 each (plus 85<F for the produced in the 1970's.
Hynek,- summarizing his long-term first item; 35<f each for each additional . Videotapes on a wide variety of
involvement with the UFO subject. item) from Arcturus Book Service - "occult" .matters are available from
The third videotape dealing with P.O. Box 2213 - Scotia, NY 12302. Fry's Videos (22511 Markham - Perris,
the Eduard Meier contact case in The July 15 issue of NATIONAL CA 92370). The ones which might be of
Switzerland is now available from ENQUIRER reports on the Brazilian interest to JOURNAL readers are the
Genesis HI Publishing, Inc. (Drawer JJ - Air Force's encounter with UFOs on UFO .REPORT series (#1, #2, #3).
Munds Park, AZ 86017). BEAMSHIP: the night of May 19, 1986. As many as Unfortunately, while the video and
THE MEIER CHRONICLES is 100 three dozen objects were seen visually audio quality of these tapes is among
minutes in length and is largely devoted and tracked on radar during the the best I've seen, the subject matter is,'
to Meier himself, his family and friends. incident. A huge UFO which hovered well, another matter! Except for brief
The.testimony of other witnesses to the . over Barcelona, Spain, for nearly nine excerpts from films, all visuals consist
UFO events is presented, along with a hours is the subject of an article in the of drawings, reproductons of clippings,
review of the photos, films and metal ENQUIRER'S July 29 issue. The object, etc., with an "anything goes" attitude all
samples which have been discussed in at an estimated 3,000-foot altitude, was too obvious. Some of the material is
depth in the two previous videotapes. video-taped and shown on Barcelona questionable, at best, while other
Perhaps the most interesting portion of TV. It was also tracked by radar, before information presented in the tapes is
this presentation is an informal splitting up into five smaller objects quite incorrect. Still, if you want to take
interview with Meier in which he quietly which sped off. Ancient Roman a look at these, you may rent them for
discusses the information allegedly sightings of UFOs are reviewed in the two weeks for $9.95 each or buy them
obtained from extraterrestrial beings. If August 19 issue of the ENQUIRER. at the rate of $29.95 each or $20.00 each
you are one of those "scientific A study by Dr. Lorraine Davis of if two or more tapes are purchased. All
Ufologists" who think, that a John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, tapes are 2 hours in length.
contactee's only problem is counting California, compares UFO sightings UFO Photo Archives has released
his money, this presentation might give with NDEs (Near Death Experiences). five books recently, with several others
you something else to consider. I highly Dr. Davis feels that both experiences in preparation. Those now available
recommend all three tapes in the series: occur during altered states of include: UFO ABDUCTION AT
BEAMSHIP: THE MOVIE FOOTAGE consciousness. The summary of her MIRASSOL by Walter K. Buhler,
(59 minutes; $59.00), BEAMSHIP: THE conclusions appears in the' "Anti- Guilherrrie Pereira and Ney Matiel Pires
METAL (45 minutes; $59.95), Matter/UFO Update" section of (416-page account of abductions
BEAMSHIP: THE MEIER CHRON- September OMNI and is written by
ICLES (100 minutes; $69.95). Lee JOURNAL editor Dennis Stacy. (continued on page 17)

(Last issue we published a letter by declassified records of a giant, early contactee George Adamski who
Philip Klass in which he asserted that stratospheric spy balloon launched has been dead now for twenty-one
the UFO chased by Thomas Mantell upwind of the sighting area a few hours years and is still being bitterly attacked
was indeed a Skyhook balloon earlier." In 1982,1 challenged Oberg to by people who have never met him, nor
launched from Wilmington AFB, Ohio, produce the records and name the in most cases have never even read the
under CIA auspices. The letter was in investigators. books which,he wrote.
response to an article by staff writer T. Oberg replied, "My only Most of w h a t has been
Scott Grain, whose rejoinder should documentation is an anonymous note disseminated about Adamski is second-
have been published at that time. My on the Mantell case file, saying it was a hand information which has been
apologies to Mr. Grain.-Ed.) Skyhook, plus circumstantial evidence passed on over the years from one
Dear Editor, that during that period Skyhooks debunker to another and much of it has
I have no argument with • Philip apparently were being flown from the never been verified or confirmed. It's
Klass that Wilmington Air Force Base site that was upwind of Mantell on thw simply, "old wives" tales with a few
was a launching site for the Navy's day of the crash." embellishments thrown in to try to lend
skyhook balloon program in the 'late An "anonymous note" and some credibility to the them that
1940s. The question to be answered is "circumstantial evidence" does not Adamski was an uneducated hoaxer
whether or not a skyhook balloon was decide the fate of a military pilot. Oberg (he didn't have a college degree) but
launched from the Base on January 5, continued, "My statement that records then who really cares?
1948, the day Mantell died. ' . , had been found specifying that date was I only wish that such so-called
Edwart J. Ruppelt, former head of wrong." "knowledgeable" people as author
the Air Force Project investigating I believe Philip Klass's assertions Eckhardt would take the time and make
UFOs, writes in his book, The Report are wrong, too. He even admits in his the effort to investigate before making
on UFOs (p.56) that he could never find own book "UFOs Explained" (p. 39), false accusations and inventing theories
the records showing "whether or not a "...that the precise date of launch of one which are only speculative in nature.
balloon was launched from Clinton of the Skyhook balloons from the Wouldn't it be worth Mr. Eckhardt's
County AFB, Ohio, on January 7, southern Ohio site is not known..." time to at least read "George Adamski:
1948." "People who were working with If anything, the most definitive The Untold Story" written by Lou
the early skyhook projects "remember" statement .made about the Skyhook . Zinsstag and Timothy'Good, published
operating out of Clinton County AFB in balloon flight of 1948 comes from David by Ceti Publications of England in 1983?
1947 but refuse'to be pinned down to a R. Saunders, former investigator for the Maybe then the critics of the late
January 7 flight." Colorado UFO Project. In his book, Adamski would have some stumbling
Yet Philip Klass states that Ruppelt UFOs? YES! (p. 65) which he co- blocks to counter in their unfounded
and others in the USAF UFO program authored with R. Roger Harkins, a diatribes which continue unabated
"could only be told the meagerest of reporter for the Boulder Daily Camera, thirty-four years after his famous
information about the Skyhook balloon it says "...contrary to the Air Force encounter with an alien who landed his
secretly launched from Wilmington Air report, .there were no sky hooks spacecraft in the California desert on
Force Base,; some 30 miles southeast of released from Clinton County Airport that momentous day in 1952. .
Dayton." Klass seems to infer; that a on January 7, 1948, nor for two days I think perhaps Mr. Eckhardt
skyhook balloon was secretly'launched afterward." should find it worthwhile to know that
on January 7, and that's what Mantell T. Scott Grain, Jr. Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of
chased. •/ , , ; •"•' . \ ./.'.• Port Matilda, PA the Netherlands permitted Adamski a
I've said it before and I'll say it long audience with them in 1959 and
again. Produce the records and name Dear Editor, were very much interested in
the people involved. The article entitled "Is This Adamski's contact with an alien eight
Several years back, space scientist Adamski's Saucer?" written by Charles years before.
James Ober'g wrote confidently in his F. Eckhardt which appeared in the July Likewise, how does Eckhardt
December 1978 article "Venus: Queen issue of the MUFON Journal was interpret the audience that Adamski
of the UFOs" for OMM that "although probably the worst form of journalism had with Pope John XXIII on May 30,
"Venus was off the hook," the solution that I've seen in a Jong time. It was 1963 when the little understood
to Mantell's death became obvious obviously a childish and mindless
when "...investigators came . across attempt to continue to discredit the (continued next page)
LETTERS, continued Waveney .Girvan, former editor of space booster, which through the 1970s
"Flying Saucer Review," and Carol was being developed in competition to
Adamski was admitted to St. Peter's Honey, a West. Coast aerospace the "Long March 3" booster; there
through a private entrace and ushered engineer who for many years was a . were several flight'tests, including one
in by an aide to see the ailing Pope at his staunch supporter of George'Adamski. unsuccessful 1 satellite launching,
bedside? Before taking the encounters that although precise dates were not
.. How was it that the so-called Adamski claims to have had light|y, I provided. Further disclosures may
"hamburger peddler" received from the would strongly suggest further allow a precise connection between
Pope a special 22 carat gold Ecumenical research before heaping ridicule upon a "Windstorm" space shots and the
Medallion .two weeks before this man who has been dead now for over "spiral UFOs" over China.
commemorative collector's item went twenty years. Must M.UFON hierachy Another interesting phenomenon
on sale in European banks, if he hadn't continue to take cheap shots at a man was the way in which UFO groups
had the private audience with the Pope who is no longer around to defend his seemed . to get a different type of
just two days'before the Prince of the,. credibility against u n f o u n d e d descriptions, than did the national news
Church died? , •' r ' •; '. ' , ' . accusations? . media. Robert Gribble of the National
In fact, the entrance of Adamski to Let's not continue to resurrect a UFO Reporting Center in Seattle got
the Vatican was witnessed by the late "dead horse" in order to fill up the pages more than a hundred telephone calls,
. ,Lou Zinsstag, a relative of the late Carl of the Journal when more important consistently describing an object
Gustav Jung, famed Swiss psychologist news of a current nature can 'be shooting straight up into the sky until it
and May Morlet, a'.Belgian co-worker of covered. When we do this we look like " mushroomed at a certain altitude ("It
Ms. Zinsstag's. our antagonist; Phil Klass. seemed to hold in a certain airspace",
It is also worthy of mention that Frederick R. Chaffce . he recalled, adding "I got NO reports of
persons of impeccable credentials such ' ' • • ' . , Belmont, M A it moving across the sky").
as William T. .Sherwood, an optical Sherman Larson, with the Center
physicist and a senior . project for UFO Studies in Illinois, said his.
development, engineer for Eastman group received numerous calls: "In
Kodak Company of Rochester, New UFO, Continued each case, witnesses said an object
York had analyzed the 8mm movie film appeared to have exploded in the sky
taken by Adamski ..and Madeleine could have been fuel .spilling from a .and then moved into a cloud." In these
Rodeffer in Silver Springs, Maryland on damaged satellite, and said it must have accounts, sub-conscious interpreta-,
February 26, 1965 of a UFO and found been extremely high in the sky). tions by .the collectors had evidently
the frames to be authentic and not Chuck Barnes, head naturalist at colored the straightforward pure per-
faked in any manner whatsoever. the Troy Farm and Nature Center near ceptions, and without other accounts
Leonard Cramp an aeronautical Detroit, had been giving an outdoor the stories collected by the UFO
designer and engineer wrote in his first lecture on meteors when the UFO groups could well have coagulated into
book, "Space, Gravity and The Flying appeared: "It was glowing like a spiral a "true UFO" if the solution had not
Saucer" that Adamski's controversial pinwheel standing on end and moving been published so quickly. This is a
photographs were authentic and on a line from southeast to northwest", long-recognized (but evidently still
obviously not fraudulent. he told newsmen (the motion was, . serious) problem with anecdotal data
If author Eckhardt will take the actually from SE to northeast); "It collection. .
time to read Zinsstag's book and refer appeared to be five or six times larger , All in all, the great cloud UFO of
to pages 175 through 178 which discuss than a full moon." In Massachusetts, an August 12, 1986 was an exciting,
Adamski's famous and yet amateur astronomer watched the illuminating experience, in more ways
controversial 1952 photos .; of the plume from the rocket perform two full than one! . .
"scoutcraft," which according to turns in four minutes, painting the Lawrence Fa wee It anil Bariy J.Greenwood

Eckhardt were merely lampshades of spinning spiral as he watched.

the 1920's period, then I think that he The r e l e v a n c e of these
may want to reevaluate his derogatory perceptions to other UFO reports is
remarks and reaccess his criticism of
the much maligned Adamski, who has
connected with a series of night-time
sky spirals seen over China in the late
been supported by such luminaries as 1970s. While UFO enthusiasts have
Brinsley LePoer Trench, Frank accepted them uncritically,
Edwards, F r a n k S c u l l y , Lady experienced analysts have voiced the
Falkender, personal and political suspicion that they actually involved
secretary to former Prime Minister space launchings (much like the H-l mwm
Harold Wilson of Great Britain, Prof. over America on August 12). These OF THE UFO EXPERIENCE
Hans Holzer of New York Institute of intuitive suspicions were encouraged What does the government know
Technology, Major Hans Petersen by a recent official Chinese disclosure about UFOs and why won't it tell us:

(Ret.) of the Danish Air Force, of the cancellation of the "Windstorm" With a foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hynek

occurring repeatedly since 1949 with By Walter N. Webb
one person being used for genetic MUFON Astronomy Consultant
experiments by the UFO occupants;
Vlierden (Contacts by radio and in
person which are alleged to have
occurred for over 24 years in South
Africa; includes 3-minute record of OCTOBER 1986
radio transmission; 305 pages; $15.95)
UMMO by Antonio Ribera (First Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
English translation of Ribera's book on
the controversial "Ummo" affair; Venus reaches greatest brilliancy (magnitude -4.6) on October 1. However, it is
includes material not published in the quite low in the SW, setting only about an hour after the sun. Our planet
Spanish edition; 354 pages; $16.95) — ' neighbor appears as a tiny crescent moon in binoculars or telescope at this
UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET time. On the 5th look for Venus to the left of the real crescent moon and to the
ITIBI-RA by Ludwig Pallmarin & right of the moon the next evening. Throughout October the planet sets earlier
Wendelle Stevens (Peruvian contacts and earlier, finally returning to the morning sky early next month.
with ETs in the 1967-69 time period,
with additional information on ancient Mars, moving from Sagittarius into Capricornus, is a bright reddish-yellow
civilizations in this same area; 286 object at magnitude -0.7 in midmonth. It can be found just east of south at dusk
pages; $14.95) - UFOS OVER and in the SW later in the evening. Look for it above the quarter moon on the
MODERN CHINA by Wendelle llth. " ': ' :'•
Stevens and Paul Dong (Represent-
ative Chinese UFO cases from the files Jupiter, still retrograding westward in Aquarius, shines at a brilliant magnitude
' of the 'Chinese UFO Studies ' of -2.8. It lies in the ESE at dusk and can then be followed as it moves toward the
Association; over 500 cases, with west. Look for it above the gibbous moon on the 14th.
drawings, photographs, etc.;416pages;
$16.95). Add$1.25 per book for postage Saturn, moving from Scorpius into Ophiuchus, is visible low in the SW at dusk,
& handling. These books have setting about 2 hours after the sun in midmonth.
typographical errors, as well as some
other defects in production, but all Bright Planets (Morning Sky): .
contain a great deal of. fascinating
information and are well worth reading. Mars sets just after midnight in the WSW in mid-October.
All are in hardcover editions with full-
color dust jackets. Orders may be sent Jupiter sets in the west about 3:45 AM Daylight Time in midmonth.
to: UFO Photo Archives - P.O. Box
17206 - Tucson, AZ 85710.' Partial Solar Eclipse:

The new moon hides part of the sun on October 3 across all of the U.S. except
most of California and the extreme SW. The eclipse will vary from about 74%
CASH-LANDRUM, Continued obscuration and 2l/2 hours duration in the NE part of the country to about 6%
and one hour long in the NW. Percentages and times of maximum eclipse for
'such c r a f t described..!..as .being several'cities: Boston, 74% and 3:17 PM EDT; Miami, 42%& 3:39 PM EDT;
associated with the military service." Chicago, 54%and 1:58.PM CDT; Houston, 23%& 2:10 PM CDT; Portland, 6%
He, too, ignored the twin-rotor &. 11:04 AM PDT. Do not look directly at the sun! For safety, project the sun's
helicopter issue. image' through a telescope eyepiece (or through a pinhole in a card) onto a
Judge Ross Sterling considered white surface.
the expert testimony to be sufficient
reason to dismiss the case. That means Meteor Shower:
he will not meet Betty Cash, Vickie and.
Colby Landrum, and he will not hear Bright moonlight will make the annual Orionids a poor meteor shower this year,
the evidence they wanted their severly reducing the peak numbers usually visible on the morning of October
attorneys to present. 21. '
The case is closed! Unless
*' 1986 John Schuessler (continued on page 19)
would presumably be very useful to By Walter N. Webb
those working specifically with
abduction cases.
MUFON Astronomy Consultant
• Other such committees could be
formed to deal with such areas as
advanced propulsion systems,
photographic analysis, government NOVEMBER 1986
documents requests under the ' ' ' * • • ' '

P.O.I.A..physical trace cases, pilots' Bright Planets (Evening Sky):

s i g h t i n g s , etc.. Perhaps these
committees would serve to involve Mars, advancing from Capricornus into Aquarius;'lies east of south at dusk and
more people actively .and;to increase sets south of west about 11PM. Though still bright, its magnitude has dropped
the flow of information and ideas among to -0.1 by midmonth. Look for the red planet 3° above the first-quarter moon on
researchers, and-to provide access to a , the 8th.' •' f . ""'" '••' " . ; . " : ' , ' , ' '
greater data base.
Persons interested in forming such Jupiter resumes eastward motion in Aquarius on the 8th. Shining at magnitude -
committees, .should contact Walt -2.5 in mid-November, the largest planet stands in the SE at dusk not far from
Andrus, Mutual UFO Network, 103 Mars. Earth's rotation carries Jupiter toward the west during the evening.
Oldtowne Rd.,,Seguin, TX 78155. Once
Saturn, in Ophiuchus, is low in the WSW early in the month, setting about l}/2
hours after the sun on the 1st and 1 hour after on the 15th. It then vanishes into
(continued next page)
the sun's glare for the rest of the month.

Bright Planets (Morning Sky):

Venus enters the morning sky November 5, not becoming visible, however, in
The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE the SE at dawn until after midmonth. Our nearest planet neighbor brightens to
•will keep you informed of all the latest magnitude -4.6 by month's end, rising then about 4 AM. Look for it only 2° above
United States and World-Wide UFO the lunar crescent on the 29th. .
activity, as it happens! Our service was
started in 1969, at which time -we
contracted i with a reputable Jupiter sets in the west about 12:30 AM in mid-November.
i n t e r n a t i o n a l newspaper-clipping
bureau to obtain for us, those hard to Transit of Mercury: . ' ••.,.' i '
find UFO reports (i.e., little known
photographic cases, close encounter The tiny planet Mercury will cross the sun's disc November 12, one of only 14
and landing reports, occupant cases) such transits in this century. The event is visible from SW Alaska and Hawaii,
•and all other UFO reports, many of beginning about 4:42 and 3:42 PM local time, respectively (the sun sets:before
which are carried only in small town or
foreign newspapers.
the transit ends). A small telescope is required. As with October's solar eclipse,
"Our UFO Newsclipping Service project the sun's image through the eyepiece onto a white surface! The planet
issues are 20-page monthly reports, will resemble a black sunspot only 10 seconds of arc across traveling slowly
reproduced by photo-offset, from the bottom to the top of the sun (on a projected view).
containing the latest United States and
Canadian UFO' newsclippings, with Meteor Showers:
our foreign section carrying the latest
British, Australian, New Zealand and
Unlike last year, the moon will not bother the Taurid meteors this time at their
other foreign press reports. Also
included is a 3-5 page section of peak on the mornings of the 2nd and 3rd. Radiating from a point south of the
"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and Pleiades in Taurus, these slow-moving meteors number only about 15 per hour.
other "monster" reports). Let us keep However, they are rich in bright fireballs. Full moonlight will all but blot out the
you informed of the latest happenings Leonids maximum on the 17th.
in the UFO and Fortean fields."
For subscription information and Moon Phases:
sample pages from our service, write
today to:
New moon — November 2
Route 1 — Box 220
First quarter — November 8
Full moon — November 16
€ O
Plumerville, Arkansas 72127 Last quarter — November 24

(confirmed on page 19)

MESSAGE, Continued South Seattle, Washington, has just UFO information, that is, Freedom
provided the following information for of Information Act Documents (FOIA),
Mainstream of Science." Copies may Journal readers who have computers UFO reports, etc. CUFON Computer
be obtained from MUFON for $10.00 and modems. CUFON now has over Settings: (a) 7 Data Bits - Even Parity -1
each in U.S. funds plus $1.50 for 700 members and users and most of Stop Bit. (b) 300 Baud b.p.s. (c)
postage and handling. Foreign orders them are MUFON members. To all the CUFON Systems Capacity - 120
must be paid in U.S. funds by MUFON users, "thank you for your Megabytes, (d) Systems number (206)
International Postal Money Order, support and input for CUFON." If you 722-5738 (e) Systems Voice Line (206)
cash, or a check made payable to a U .S. have signed-on CUFON previously, 721-5035. This voice line is also "UFO
Bank. there is a message waiting for you with Information Service."
* * * your password and information on how Another State UFO Newsletter
Dale D. Goudie, manager of the to use the system. CUFON is not a was inaugurated when Stan Gordon,
Computer UFO Network (CUFON) in bulletin board, but is a "Database" for State Director for Pennsylvania,
published Issue Number 1 of the
"PASU Data Exchange," Newsletter of
the Pennsylvania Association for the
OCTOBER, Continued
Study of the Unexplained. Stan may be
Moon Phases: contacted at 6 Oakhill Avenue,
Greensburg, PA 15601 if you are
New moon-October 3 interested in exchanging publications.
First quarter-October 10
Full moon-October 17 (Hunter's Moon)
Last quarter-October 25
co * * *
Barry J. Greenwood and
Lawrence Fawcett, Editor and
Publisher respectively of Just Cause
The Stars: and Cause Bulletin have given MUFON
written permission to regard articles in
During midevening hours the celestial meridian (imaginary line connecting their publications as article submissions
north-zenith-south points) separates the summer stars in the west from the to the MUFON UFO Journal provided
autumn stars in the east. The two sky symbols of both seasons-the Summer a month or two has elapsed since Just
Triangle and the Great Square of Pegasus-lie on either side of the meridian. Cause appeared. This would provide a
Also bisected by that great invisible boundary at 9 PM are the bright planets wider audience than they presently
Mars, in bikini-shaped Capricornus the Sea Goat, and Jupiter, in Aquarius the achieve. Since the logistics of
Water Bearer. publishing the Journal requires at least
a month, the offer by Barry and
The Milky Way is still prominent overhead, stretching across the sky from Lawrence will be an asset for everyone.
Sagittarius the Archer in the SW to Auriga the Chariot Driver in the NE. (Larry W. Bryant usually contributes
a column in these two publications
titled "D.C. Report.") The editorial staff
of the Journal appreciates this
NOVEMBER, Continued generous offer and contribution.

The Stars:

This month places the six constellations in the royal family legend into PIPELINE, Continued
prominence. (The story was highlighted in the movie Clash o} the Titans.) The
characters are Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Perseus, Andromeda, Pegasus, and a topic for a committee has been
Cetus. The lengthy adventure culminates when Andromeda is saved from the approved, Marge Christensen would be
jaws of Cetus. Her rescuer Perseus displays the cut-off Medusa's head. The glad to assist the committee organizer
creature's stare turns Cetus to stone, and Perseus and Andromeda ride off on with getting the actual committee
the back of Pegasus the Winged Horse. organized.
Perhaps in 1987 we will take a
Winter star patterns, such as Orion and Taurus, show up in the east now at 9 further step toward coming of age in
PM. The dipper-shaped star cluster known as the Pleiades is one of the feature UFOlogy, and will witness the
attractions of Taurus and in fact of the entire sky. It is a spectacular si'ght, formation of such working committees.
especially in binoculars and telescopes. As a result, we will be that much closer
to our goal of becoming "voluntary
On November evenings the Big Dipper has swung down above the northern professionals" in the field of UFO
horizon as low as it ever gets. For latitudes below 40°, the Big Dipper stars begin research and investigation.
to vanish below the horizon.
Walt Andrus

The Second National UFO criteria will be published again in the in Cambridge since 1976 and has
Information Week was held on August November 1986 issue of the Journal as attended at least two MUFON UFO
10-17,1986. It was kicked off by the very a reminder. symposia.
successful Massachusetts MUFON * * * Richard D. Seifried, State
Forum in Beverly, Massachusetts on It is with deep regret that we must Director for Ohio, has selected the >-
the weekend of August 9 and 10. The announce the passing of another following two gentlemen as State * \
featured speakers were Dr. Bruce pioneer ufologist into the realm of a Section Directors: Richard P.
Maccabee, Philip Imbrogno, Dr. close encounter with his maker. L.J. Dell'Aquila, J.D. will be responsible
Richard F. Haines, Budd Hopkins "Jim" Lorenzen, age 64, died August for Cuyahoga County, which is
and Dan Wright. The Forum attracted 28, 1986 in Tucson, Arizona. Funeral basically Cleveland, and Dale B.
an audience from 16 states and from services were held September 2 at the Wedge of Chardon, Ohio has the
Argentina. Marge Christensen 'has Unitarian Universalist Church. As responsibility for Geauga and Lake
submitted an article to the MUFON International Director of the Aerial Counties. Mr. Wedge is the Emergency
UFO Journal with photos covering the Phenomena Research Organization Management Agency Director for
highlights of National UFO Information (APRO), Jim will probably be best Geauga County with extensive training
Week and plans for 1987. Walter Webb remembered for the fine UFO books in police and fire protection as well as
will report on the UFO Forum. In order that he co-authored with his wife, being a trained radiological officer.
to concentrate maximum attendance Coral. Our sympathy is extended to * * *
and national publicity for the MUFON his widow and their two adult children. In the September 1986 MUFON
1987 UFO Symposium in Washington, Jim provided the stability to APRO as a newsletter, mailed to all State Directors
D.C., the Massachusetts MUFON Director and later International and published by Marge Christensen,
Forum will not be held in 1987. Director. she had these congratulatory remarks
The MUFON 1987 International * * * addressed to Michigan MUFON. The
UFO Symposium will be held on the Harriett Beech, a former State 1987 UFO Symposium Committee will
weekend of June 26, 27, and 28 at the Section Director in Michigan and now have an extremely difficult act to follow
American University in Washington, retired in Puerto Plata, has been after the superb job done by Michigan
D.C. Hosted by the Fund for UFO appointed the Representative for the MUFON for the MUFON 1986 UFO
Research, it will be spearheaded by Dr. Dominican Republic. She will follow Symposium. Not only was the program
Bruce S. Maccabee, Chairman and foreign reports in the Caribbean area offered this year by far the most
Fred W h i t i n g , S y m p o s i u m and Latin America. Paul E. Tyler, impressive ever offered at a UFO
Coordinator. The theme will emphasize M.D., living in Potomac, Maryland, is a Symposium, but the facilities, staffing,
the international scope of the 40 year new Consultant in Radiation. He is also special activities, publicity, etc. were
old mystery, since it will be trained in the fields of radio-biology, outstanding, with meticulous attention
commemorating the fortieth aerospace medicine, and hypnosis. given to every conceivable detail. The
anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's His prime interest in ufology concerns Newsletter wishes to congratulate
sighting near Mount Rainier in human encounters with reported Symposium Chairman, Dan Wright,
Washington State that initiated the medical effects and injuries. Michigan MUFON's new State
modern era of Ufology in the press. Clifford E. Stone (U.S. Army) Directors, George and Shirley .>.*•
In addition to inviting speakers has accepted the position of State Coyne, and all of the members of that
from all continents to relate the status Section Director for Chaves and organization who made the symposium
of Ufology in their part of the world, a Lincoln counties in New Mexico, the top caliber conference that it was.
new practice will be introduced reporting to John L. Warren, the Events such as this one go a long way to
whereby short contributed papers will State Director. Sgt. Stone's major improve the image of Ufologists in the
be solicited and presented. The "First contribution to date has been in eyes of the academic community and
Call for Papers" was published in the obtaining F.O.I.A. documents of UFO the media.
September 1986 issue of the .MUFON military cases which he has been With the above endorsement,
UFO Journal in the column titled, sharing with MUFON. Bonnie everyone will want to obtain a copy of
"News 'N' Views" along with the Wheeler, residing in Cambridge, the MUFON 1986 UFO Symposium
conditions under which they will be Ontario, has been appointed Provincial Proceedings (186 pages) with the
submitted, accepted and presented. Section Director for Southwest t h e m e "UFOS: Beyond the
This is a standard practice for scientific Ontario by Henry H. McKay. Bonnie
society symposia. The call for papers has been the President of a UFO group (continued on page 19)