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Fruit Cake

Ingredients: 2c. golden raisins 1c. dark raisins 1c. currants 2c. dried apricot halves 2c. figs (dry) halved 1c. pitted prunes 1c. whole dates 4c. walnuts, large pieces 2c. pecans, large Grated est of ! oranges " ! le#ons $ c. chopped candied ginger 2tsps. cinna#on 1tsp. ground allspice 1tsp. #ace $ tsp. ground cloves 1c. #olasses 2c. %randy $ c. orange li&ueur 4c. all'purpose flour 1(%lsp. )aking powder 1tsp. %aking soda 1 $ tsp. salt 1 l%. %utter !c. dark %rown sugar * eggs 1 (%lsp. +anilla

(he day %efore #aking, co#%ine all dried fruits, the nuts, and citrus est in large %owl. ,prinkle on candied ginger and the spices and toss well to #i-. .dd #olasses, %randy and orange li&ueur. /i- well. 0et stand overnight, covered, stirring once or twice. ((he #i- can sit for several days, #i- occasionally, add a little #ore %randy if it has %een a%sor%ed). 1reheat oven to 2234. Grease four 5-3-! loaf pans. 0ine the %otto#s with wa-6parch#ent paper, grease the paper, then roll flour a%out the pans to coat the# lightly " evenly. 7nock out e-cess flour. ,prinkle one cup of the flour over the fruit #i- " stir well. 8o#%ine the re#aining ! cups flour with the %aking powder, soda and salt, and sift the# together onto a piece of wa-ed paper9 set aside. 8rea# the %utter, then add the %rown sugar and %eat well. .dd

the eggs, two at a ti#e, %eating well after each addition, then %eat in the vanilla. .dd the co#%ined dry ingredients and %eat until the %atter is thoroughly %lended and perfectly s#ooth. 1our the %atter over the fruit #i-ture (you #ight need to do this in a large tu% or a clean dishpan if you #ade the full recipe) and #i- well until all of the pieces of fruit are coated with %atter:your clean hands are the %est tools for this. ;ivide the %atter a#ong the prepared loaf pans, filling the# within $ inch of the top. )ake the cakes for a%out 2 hours: each cake will rise <ust a%ove the ri# of the pan. (he top will crack slightly in several places, and there will %e a faint line of shrinkage around the edge of the pan. .n ice pick or long wooden skewer inserted in the center of a cake should co#e out clean, or with <ust a slight reside of sticky fruit %ut no raw %atter. =e#ove the cakes fro# the oven and place the# on a rack to cool for a%out !> #inutes. (urn out of the pans, peel off the paper, and let cool topside up on a rack. If you wish, pour an additional ta%lespoon or two of %randy over the cakes as they cool. (o store: ?rap each one first in plastic wrap, then in a secure wrapping of foil " keep in a cool place. @r if you wish, wrap each cake in a %randy'soaked cloth (cheesecloth), then in foil, and store as directed a%ove. (he cakes will keep for #onths. (o serve, cut in thin slices with a long, serrated knife. 44Aote: I use ! 5-3-!B loaf pans " 4 #ini loaf pans. /ay consider a dou%le %atch for e-tra give'away.