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ASUN stresses over cash

Assistant News Editor
Student services like publications, programming and clubs might be slighted next year because the Associated Students of the University of Nevada faces an almost $80,000 budget decit. The decit stems from last years student government ofcials giving money to programs and new positions because they anticipated a budget increase for next year. Although ASUN will receive an increase next year, it is $200,000 less than expected, ofcials said. ASUN expected to get an increase in student fee revenue from $3.34 to $5 per undergraduate credit, but student fees only increased to $4.34 per credit. The senate recommended the Board of Regents allow the $5 increase. The regents opted not to implement it until the 2009-2010 school year, causing problems with the projected budget to pay for the coming years activities. ASUN works on two budgets: the capital account and the operational account. The capital account is made up of ASUN Bookstore prots and is supposed to pay for emergencies and big projects. The operational budget is made up of student fees and pays for services including Campus Escort, clubs, homecoming and publications. Salaries for ASUN employees including senators, programmers, the president and ASUN administrators must be taken out of the operational account for the first time, according to a new law passed by the 2007-2008 senate. The salaries cause the operational accounts deficit in the projected budget. If the senate changes the law and allows the salaries to be paid out of the capital account, there will be no cuts from student programs and services, President Eli Reilly said. He said if the salaries can be paid out of the capital account and there are no cuts, he wants to double or triple the homecoming budget. Reilly submitted next years projected budget the one former Sen. Sean McDonald wrote last senate session to the senate last week. If it was a class, it would be plagiarism, Speaker of the Senate Priscilla Acosta said. Although Reilly presented the budget on time, he did not submit a summary or a plan for how to deal with the money shortage. Acosta said she understood Reillys time constraints but felt like he was making excuses. Its absolutely unrealistic, said Reilly, who was mandated by a new law to propose a budget one week after being sworn into ofce. Even if my whole job was ASUN - its still unrealistic. For an accurate budget plan, Reilly has to talk to all departments and services like programming, clubs, legal services, Campus Escort and the four publications. ASUN Vice President Michael Cabrera agreed it was not enough time to plan the budget. Reilly said he will give the budget and nance committee a better estimate of the budget at its meeting Friday. I believe if as long as we get a budget presented by Friday then we will be able to sufciently conduct business, said Gracie Geremia, chair of the budget and nance committee. Its not enough time. I understand where hes coming from.

Jessica Fryman


Quakes shake UNR campus

Staff Report
Gov. Jim Gibbons will visit the University of Nevada, Reno Tuesday to address the recent spat of earthquakes in the Reno area, according to the Nevada Bureau of Mines. Gibbons will be in the Scrugham Engineering/Mines building at 2 p.m. UNR Police Chief Adam Garcia also said he is working with university ofcials to develop a detailed response plan in case the university sustains damage in the event of a major tremor. Im doing what I can to protect this campus, Garcia said Monday. The most recent earthquake, a 4.2, happened around 4 a.m. Monday. The epicenter was near Mogul, Nev., west of Reno. A 4.7 tremblor hit Friday, at 11:38 p.m. Friday near Mogul. Three other earthquakes from 3.0 to 4.2 magnitudes struck the Somersett and Mogul area Thursday afternoon, shaking the university and Reno area. There have been dozens of smaller earthquakes recorded since Thursday, and hundreds recorded since the shaking started in February. The university sustained no damage in light of the earthquakes, university police said. The 4.7 earthquake Friday was the strongest felt in Reno since a string of earthquakes began in February, said Diane Depolo, a network seismologist from the UNR Seismology Laboratory. We do live in earthquake country, she said. People in (the Sommersett and Mogul areas) are feeling them on a daily basis and theyre getting nervous. The recent earthquakes have been centralized in the Mogul area, worrying locals who are wondering if Reno is in for a more devastating earthquake. Regardless of the activity, no one can predict if there will be more activity and at what magnitude, Depolo said. According to the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, We are due for a 6.0 or greater earthquake.

Despite decline in spirit, student leaders want to bring back campus customs

niversity of Nevada, Reno students broke a world record on Feb. 7, 1996. More than 1,000 students gathered on the quad just after midnight. Despite protests from the administration, students dropped their pants and mooned. Brita Muller hopes to recreate that scene Tuesday night at this years Moon Off to kick off Flipsides Mackay Week, a university tradition that has faded over the last two decades. But while Muller, the student governments director of homecoming and former university weeks chair, wants to beat the current world record of about 2,000 Swedish people mooning back in 2001, she said its more about bringing back spirit to campus. Theres something missing on this campus, she said. I want that to change. (UNR) could be so much more than what it is now. Gone are the days where dozens of groups would participate in the homecoming parade or play tug-of-war next to Manzanita Lake. Students no longer dress up in cowboy gear for Mackay Week, and a Winter Carnival week for students, which

Moon Off Location: The Quad 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The mooning begins at midnight as the student government tries to break the world record. They need more than 2,000 people to come to the event. Tug-of-War Competition Location: John Sala Intramural Field 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tug-of-war competition. Teams of 10 can compete for the grand prize of $200 in iTunes gift cards. Sign up at Lombardi by 5 p.m. Tuesday. Wolf It Down Pancake Breakfast Location: The Quad 11:30 p.m. to midnight Flipside will be serving pancakes on the quad. Graduation Celebration Location: The Joe Plaza 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All-school barbecue with inatables, pie-eating contest and a DJ hosted by Flipside and the Alumni Association. The Great Mackay Sleep Out Location: the Quad 10 p.m. to 11 a.m. Come out for a sleepover on The Quad. Flipside will show the movie Wedding Crashers. Bring sleeping bags and pillows, but no tents.


John Mackay statue rich in university, state symbolism

Assistant News Editor


Wh What: t A town t h hall ll meett ing Why: To discuss recent seismic activity When: 5 p.m. Tuesday Where: Jot Travis Manzanita Lake Room below the Overlook Cafe

Jessica Fryman



A stack of almost 20 articles about John Mackay is led in a cabinet in Noah Millets room. The mining engineering major has a couple Mackay is my homeboy shirts hanging in his closet and he received Mackay coins Saturday to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the mining school. I like the history of John Mackay, said Millett, former president of the John Mackay Club said. I personally think the campus formed around the Mackay School of Mines. Other University of Nevada, Reno students only know Mackay by the bronze statue that heads The Quad in south campus. The 100-year-old statue symbolizes both the foundation of UNR and Nevada as a successful mining state. In the late 1800s, John Mackay became one of the richest men in the world after he struck silver in Virginia City. Mackay died on a business trip in London in 1902. His family later donated money to UNR,

D Drop, cover and d hold h ld on. Take cover under a piece


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Coach Chris Ault was questioned last week for the investigation into Nevada athletics. Page B1

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of furniture or against an inside wall. Stay indoors until the shaking stops and youre sure its safe to exit. Stay away from windows. In a high-rise building, expect the re alarms and sprinklers to go off during a quake. If you are in bed, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillo. Move any heavy objects above your bed now in case something happens. If you are outdoors, nd a clear spot away from buildings, trees and power lines. Drop to the ground. If you are in a car, slow down and drive to a clear place (as described above). Stay in the car until the shaking stops. Secure loose objects like dishes and valuables, ling cabinets or shelves. Use strong baby-proof cabinet locks or switch your breakable dishes in high cabinets with items in drawers or low cabinets.

A2 APRIL 29, 2008



Student voice of the University of Nevada, Reno since 1893.


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New provost starts in June

Econ professor to help Glick in decision making
Assistant News Editor
Marc Johnson, the newly appointed provost for the University of Nevada, Reno started his career in education because he wanted to make a little extra cash in college. One of my professors needed an assistant, Johnson said. I took the job to get some extra money. Ive been teaching ever since. Johnsons life now revolves around education. The current dean of agriculture sciences at Colorado State University met his wife, Karen, while they both were teachers at Kansas University. His three children all have college degrees and his son followed in his fathers footsteps and became a professor. Between the two of us, we have a lot of education and a lot to offer people, Karen Johnson said. Johnsons life did not always revolve around blue books and classrooms, though. When he was growing up, it revolved around growing peaches and apples on the family farm about 10 miles south of Wichita, Kan. I ran the farm, Johnson said I was an outdoor type of guy. Johnson spent his youthful days outside on the farm and dreamt about one day becoming a dentist, just like one of his heroes, his family dentist Dr. Herbert Schumann. His plans changed when he went back to the farm after two years of college and saw the farm in a new light. He looked at the all the peaches, apples the food in the family store, and thought of the displacement of food in the world and the world hunger crisis. To learn more about the topic, he enrolled in a human biology class, where he learned about the disparities and economic hardships of other countries. He become so enthralled with the subject, he gave up his longtime dream and changed his major to economics. His first teaching job was as a teachers assistant in an economics class when he was in college. He now teaches economics at CSU and said his current class is the most interesting class he has taught. With 60 students in my class, I have 37 different majors, Johnson said. We get to have unified discussions from different perspectives across the room.


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Newly appointed provost Marc Johnson meets faculty Thursday. Johnson will start his new job June 1.


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Along with teaching, he has experience in the administrative aspects of a university, which is part of the reason he was chosen out of about 200 applicants, Marsha Read, the chair of the provost search committee, said. Read said Johnson has worked at universities similar in structure to UNR. She said she and the rest of the committee felt that he would adapt easily to UNR. President Milton Glick said Johnson was the best candidate because he showed a large desire to help and connect with students. Our biggest priorities are making sure students have a good experience and education, Johnson said. The provost position opened last June when former provost John Frederick accepted a job as a senior fellow for the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges. Johnson said he was attracted to the position because President Milton Glick has such a strong vision for the university. Johnson has a masters degree in international development from the University of North Carolina and a masters degree in economics and a ph.D in agricultural economics from the University of Michigan. Even with all of his education, Johnson said he still has a lot to learn Karen Johnson said she and her husband still want to read more, study music, art and one day join the Peace Corps. We have a busy life, but we like it that way, Karen said. When we do retire, we wont be sitting in rocking chairs.

Robert Bloxham, a member of Pi Kappa Phi, bikes in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union Monday afternoon to raise money for Push America, a chairity founded by PiKapp. PiKapp started biking 6 p.m. Sunday and will stop 6 p.m. Wednesday., DJ Miller, PiKapps president said.



The photo of Dellena Criner in the April 22 issue was taken by John Byrne. If you nd a factual error in The Nevada Sagebrush, please notify the editor at editor@nevadasagebrush. com

A cofn with the aliases of the newest members of Cofn and Keys, one of the campus secret societies, hangs on the sculpture in front of Getchell Library on Thursday morning.


Weekly Update
APRIL 29, 2008



A Truckee Meadows Community College student was arrested for driving under the inuence after driving onto the grassy area outside Canada Hall. A trafc stop at Sierra and 10th streets resulted in the arrest of the driver for DUI, failure to maintain a lane and failure to stop at a stop sign.



Learning your LEGACY

A trafc accident happened on Evans Avenue and one driver was cited for failure to decrease speed. An intoxicated male was taken into civil protective custody at Getchell Library.

To promote Nevadas seat belt policy, the Reno Police Department will reward those wearing their seat belt May 1-15 by pulling over drivers who are wearing their seat belts. RPD will give them either itunes gift cards, bracelets and other company gift cards, Melanie Shafer, a spokeswoman from the Rose-Glenn Group said. Shafer said Nevada policy states seat belts are a secondary offense, meaning if a driver is pulled over for a rst offense such as speeding, not wearing a seat belt is the second.

Reno police to crack down on seat belt laws and give rewards

A trafc stop at Evans Avenue resulted in the arrest of the driver for a DUI and failure to maintain a lane. A university student reported the theft of a watch from his room in Nye Hall. A trafc accident happened at North Virginia and 16th streets. No injuries were reported. A university employee reported receiving suspicious communication by mail at the Scrugham Engineering building.

The University of Nevada, Reno Center of Cultural Diversity will hold the fourth annual powwow Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. The event will emphasize the importance of American Indian culture on campus, Kari Emm, the outreach and retention coordinator for the Center, said. Its an important culture thats slowly dying because the traditions are not being passed down, Emm said. American Indians will teach people customs and traditional American Indian music and dance. The powwow will be held at Manzanita Bowl on Ninth Street. The event is open to everybody and is free.

American Indian Powwow to teach culture and customs

A university employee reported property missing from the Scrugham Engineering building. A university student reported nding her vehicle damaged after parking outside Manzanita Hall. A trafc accident happened in Brian J. Whalen Parking Complex when a driver struck a parked car. No injuries were reported.


Since the University of Nevada, Reno was founded in 1874, the students started rituals to give it an identity. Heres a few traditions that dene various campuses rich with history that help students have a memorable experience.
The N on Peavine Hill was a tradition begun in the early 1920s. Though university ofcials used to require students to do it (freshman males who didnt participate could risk being swatted by upperclassmen in front of the rest of the school), students have only painted the N sporadically over the last few years.


Two university students were cited for minor in possession/consumption in the Canada Hall Parking Lot. A university student and two students from other colleges were cited for MIPC at College Drive and North Virginia Street. An intoxicated student was arrested for MIPC and obstructing/ resisting a police ofcer at College Drive and North Virginia Street. A university student was cited for MIPC at Sierra Street and College Drive. Two university students were cited for MIPC at North Virginia Street and College Drive. An intoxicated student was cited for MIPC at Nye Hall.


University of Southern California/University of CaliforniaLos Angeles Similar to the Nevada-UNLV Fremont Cannon, the Victory Bell is the trophy for the crosstown rivals. The tradition began in 1942. The winners of the annual football contest often the last of the regular season keeps the bell for the next year. The winner then paints it the schools color: cardinal red for USC and baby blue for UCLA.

The Ohio State University Marching Band is a longstanding tradition at Ohio State. The marching band is the largest all-brass and percussion band in the world. The traditional school songs from Carmen Ohio to Hang on Sloopy to Fight the Team Across the Field are arranged to t the instrumentation. The band is famous for Script Ohio, during which the band marches single-le through the curves of the word Ohio while playing the French march Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse. At the end of the performance, the i in Ohio is dotted by a high-stepping senior sousaphone player.


Florida students put a boat in the middle of the Lake Osceola. The students blow up the boat. Tradition says that if the mast hits the water, they will win the game. This tradition came about when the Canes played Navy in their Homecoming game, and to signify Navys looming defeat, UM placed a boat in the Lake and blew it up.

Judy Strauss, a marketing and communication professor, will speak as part of the Nevada Speaker Series 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Joe Crowley Student Union Graduate Lounge. She will speak about maintaining a professional online presence. There are some online things that students dont think are problematic but are, Strauss said. Strauss said she will focus on teaching students to look professional on the Internet by getting rid of unwanted pictures and creating your own domain name. Strauss was chosen to speak because the need to have an online presence is growing as potential employers increase their searching for applicants online. The line between the public and private space is being blurred, said Tim Taycher, coordinator of the Nevada Speaker Series.

Lecture about professional online presence Tuesday


Testudo the Turtle is the main statue on the University of Maryland, akin to the John Mackay statue at UNR. The statue was built in 1933, and since the early 1990s, students have left Testudo offerings from food and soda to cigarettes and coins so Testudo will bring them luck during nal exams.


Every Halloween is marked by celebration in Chapel Hill. In recent years, an estimated 80,000 costumed students and onlookers have packed into a mile-long section of Franklin Street abutting campus. Students come from Appalachian State University, North Carolina State University, Duke University, Elon University and other schools in North Carolina.


Beer-Bike has been a Rice University tradition since 1957. Combining an intramural bicycle race with a drinking competition, teams from the different colleges within the university each bike a relay race while other members of the team chug beer (or water if they are underage). Prior to the race, theres a water balloon ght.



Two university students were cited for MIPC at University Terrace. Two university students and a student from an out-of-state college were cited for MIPC at College Drive and Buena Vista. A juvenile male was transported to the McGee Center for Child in Need of Supervision at Faland Way and College Drive. A university student was cited for MIPC at Sierra Street and University Terrace. A Sierra Nevada College student was cited for MIPC at Ninth and North Virginia streets.

Texas A&M Aggies receive their Aggie Rings, which rst originated with the class of 1889. The current design was created by E.C. Jonas. The ring worn by all Aggie graduates is the same except for the class year. The design of the ring represents the Aggie traditions.

The Lantern Walk began in 1917 as a symbolic passing of the torch from the senior class to the junior class. Each senior was provided a paper lantern, and the class climbed to the top of the butte while the juniors followed in darkness. Each class president spoke and class songs were sung. Then the seniors passed their lanterns to the juniors and walked down the butte in darkness. Since 1990, the Lantern Walk has become a tradition on the Friday night of Homecoming weekend. Arizona State University students, alumni, faculty and staff carry lanterns to the summit of Tempe butte. In this way, they honor their alma mater, as did the class of 1917
Jessica Estepa, News Editor

Several University of Nevada, Reno students won awards Friday for the Governors Cup, which encourages students to develop business models that are commercially viable and use university-developed technology. Undergraduate winners: Second place - $10,000, Wolfpack Works team: Nhan Diep, Del Jackson, Scotty Jones and Tyler Kayser Graduate winners: Second place - $10,000, Go Green Outdoors team: Allan Warren, Kamila Pawlik, Ann Marie Vollstedt and Colby Scott; Third place - $5,000, More Water Co. team: Bernie Leas, Kelsey Azcarate, Gina Distaso and Ben Larson Lt. Governors Award, Graduate winners: $5,000, Bio-Grounds LLC team: Jason Strull, Case Egan, Gabriel George Rojas

UNR students win Governors Cup awards for business

Rally for red and banned professor to be next month




Workers will continue to plant grass in the front entrance.


A rally for red professor Hussein S. Hussein will be held May 10 on the corner of Ninth and Virginia streets. Hussein was red and banned from campus earlier this month for plagiarizing students theses when sending excerpts to companies sponsoring the research. He was also charged with mishandling money by funneling donations to his gift account instead of his grant account. The university can skim money from grant accounts to pay indirect costs, like building maintenance. But the rally iers say that Hussein was red for revealing animal neglect in 2004, leading to 56 animal care violations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The rally is also to show (the University of Nevada, Reno) and local government that whistle-blowers should be honored, not punished! the ier reads.

A4 APRIL 29, 2008



Speaker to teach new senators

Acosta balances professionalism and friendliness to lead the 76th session senate toward gaining a respected voice in the University of Nevada, Reno community
Assistant News Editor
Last year, Priscilla Acosta felt intimidated as she sat in the senates audience. She said she wished she could speak as eloquently as the senators around the table. A few weeks later she was appointed as College of Health and Human Sciences senator. Two weeks ago, the 21-yearold heath ecology major was named speaker of the senate. Acosta, the only incumbent senator for this session, was elected by a 10-7 vote to lead the legislative branch of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada.

Jessica Fryman

R Revise i election l ti statutes t t t by considering what worked or didnt work during the elections this year, making the language clearer and encouraging the president to appoint the election commission earlier in the year. Consider the ASUN constitution and senate rules to make sure they t the goals and needs for this senate session. Establish better communication between the branches of government by going to executive meetings and asking for an executive presence at senate meetings. Make sure students know about the College of Health and Human Sciences transition into a division. Be accessible for students to ask questions and get answers about their colleges and ASUN. Students can email her at speaker@asun. unr.edu. Properly represent students and get their voices heard.
so she can help the other senators, who are new to the ASUN senate. Although she needs to continue learning about policies and procedures, Acostas leadership and senate experience will help her do her job, she said. She was appointed to the 74th senate in February 2007 when a health and human sciences seat became vacant and was elected to her seat for the 75th and 76th sessions. Acosta said she will use her experience to help her as speaker, but she doesnt want the 76th session to do everything the same as the 75th. She said she hopes the senators will use the past as a reference to build new ideas and solutions. I think she is doing pretty well, Sen. Charlie Jose said. I

I just want to see the senators really passionate and bringing up issues that matter to students, she said. We need to make sure the students voices are heard and that the senates voice is heard and respected.
Acosta said she knows she can ensure that the senates opinions are considered, but she needs to work on her speaking voice volume. At the rst senate meeting, several senators could not hear her and kept asking Acosta to repeat what she was saying. Acosta tried a new seating arrangement at the second meeting and said it seemed to help. Others may think shell be walked over because shes small, said former Sen. Carmen Gilbert, who has known Acosta for five years. But when she feels strongly, shes never afraid to put her voice out there. Aside from her volume, Acosta said she needs to become more familiar with the senate rules and other governing documents

Speaker Priscilla Acsota poses for a photo in the senate chambers after the senate meeting on Wednesday evening. Acosta is the only incumbent senator in the 76th session. She beat out former Sens. Taylor Anderson and Justin Shane and newly-elected Sen. Brandyn Herman for speaker of the senate.
think she will help us out with the learning process. Sen. Whitney Lee said she knows Acosta will do a good job, but is a little concerned that Acosta has not yet given her the template for writing legislation that she asked for last week. Acostas leadership experience stems from her work with the residence halls. She is a former secretary of the Resident Hall Association and is a Resident


Assistant for Argenta Hall, where she has learned how to work with people and resolve conicts, she said. She is also involved in Student Ambassadors and Student Orientation Staff. She has a good balance of working with people and keeping people in line, former Speaker of the Senate Greg Green said. Shes strict, but friendly and professional.



APRIL 29, 2008 A5


Sean Eller, a biochemistry major graduating in May, walks in the survivor lap around the track at Mackay Stadium during the Relay For Life event on Friday. The event lasted from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 a.m. Saturday to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The event raised almost $30,000.




brought people up to the mountains for discounted ski passes and different races, faded away after the 1980s. Compared to other universities around the country, which have traditions ranging from rivalries to bike races and drinking games, UNRs lack of tradition is a sign of the times, history professor Richard Davies said. Old yearbooks and newspapers show how traditions have changed. A large photo near the front of the 1987 yearbook shows men drinking beer directly out of a large container. Now alcohol is banned from campus and rush events. A 1929 photo of the University of Nevada homecoming parade shows crowded streets as the oats went by, and a 1985 yearbook says more than 70 groups built homecoming oats. But university students werent aware of that commitment in 2005, when the programming board opted out of having a homecoming parade. Mackay Week photos in yearbooks from the 1980s show series of students mixing drinks, tugs-of-war and picnics. But last year, Mackay Week events had low numbers in attendance. The lack of interest from students is what has turned Mackay Week, which used to be a huge university-wide party in the spring, into Mackay luncheon, Davies said. Joe Crowley, UNR president from 1978 to 2000, said it should be expected that university traditions change and disappear. Crowley, who started working at UNR in 1966, described a tradition he learned about from the 1930s and 1940s, when freshman males were required to wear beanies or dinks as part of

campus tradition. Forgetting to wear a beanie could mean being tossed into Manzanita Lake by the upperclassmen, Crowley said. But after World War II veterans enrolled at the university, the beanies disappeared because the veterans refused to wear them. From a campus-wide alcohol ban to students moving off campus, several factors caused UNR to change from what it was in the past. With Greek life numbers down from more than half the campus in the 1950s to about seven per-

to cigars and coins at Testudos steps for good luck during exams. Reilly started a similar event where people could make offerings to the John Mackay statue out by the quad during nals. Its about getting these kinds of things started and then keeping them going, Reilly said. Muller said the traditions exist theyre just buried in yearbooks and archives. In order to prepare for Mackay Week, Muller said she checked out the yearbooks to learn about the traditions. This stuff isnt written down

The lack of interest from students is what has turned Mackay Week, which used to be a huge university-wide party in the spring, into Mackay luncheon, Richard Davies said.
cent today as well as the student population growing from about 5,000 in the 1980s to nearly 17,000 in 2008, the culture was bound to change, Crowley said. Students are more interested in getting that piece of paper their diploma than they are in participating in some university week, Davies said. But for things to change, student attitudes need to change, said Eli Reilly, Associated Students of the University of Nevada president. Reilly said he wanted to create an atmosphere similar to other campuses around the country, where tradition is prevalent. Reilly compared UNR to the University of Maryland, which has its own Web site for traditions that include words to the ght song and key landmarks around the university. We could be that, Reilly said as he scrolled through the Web site. He pointed out Testudo, Marylands mascot and statue. Since the 1990s, students have left items from food and drinks, anywhere, she said. We need to nd it, then promote it. The plan to turn the lack of participation around has slowly improved over recent years, going from no homecoming parade in 2005 to having about 25 groups sign up for last years parade. Reilly said providing programs for students, which include Welcome Week and homecoming, and teaching about traditions like the ght for the Fremont Cannon with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will help rebuild the history thats been lost. You start with the freshmen who dont know what to expect, and you give them this amazing year, he said. Then they come back their sophomore year and expect the same thing, and they want to participate. You continue that with the freshmen, and eventually, you have an entire campus of people who look forward to Mackay Week and homecoming and painting the N each year.



helping pay for the construction of the Mackay School of Mines. Mackays son, Clarence, hired Gutzon Borglum who later carved Mount Rushmore to carve the statue of John Mackay that UNR President Joseph Stub requested in 1906. The statue and the Mackay School of Mines were dedicated in a special ceremony to him June 10, 1908.

The statue, which faces Virginia City, is about 1.5 times Mackays actual size because he was only about 5 feet 2 inches tall, Rachel Dolbier, an administrator for the W. M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum, said. When the statue was built, Mackay was already dead so the artist used pictures for the sculpture. Dolbier said the body of the statue is probably not Mackays, but most likely resembles any t young man.

Throughout the years, university students have vandalized the statue with things like paint and yogurt, and continue to dress it up for various occasions. Dolbier said maintenance workers have been able to power wash everything off and the statue remains in good condition. Its unfortunate (that people vandalize it) because the statue is 100 years old its a symbol of John Mackay and the university, Dolbier said.

A6 APRIL 29, 2008

ROOMMATE WANTED Female Student Wanted
Female Student to share 3BR 2BA house with two other female students. 1/2 mile from UNR. $375.00 plus 1/3 util. Call Ted 287-7970.


Roommate wanted, Male or Female. I have a 1700 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, centrally located in Reno. The garage has been converted into a physical therapy and exercise room. The house has been remodeled and new carpets throughout. There are hardwood oors in the kitchen, dining room, hallways and bathrooms. $500 per month plus 1/2 utilties. Grad student or professional preferred. Call Parley Anderson at 775-544-2591 leave message or email carboholic@aol.com


Salary $43,000 - $48,000. Locally based company looking for UNR graduate to be responsible for the general business administration, proposals, and contract negotiations. The incumbent serves as a point of contact for all assigned business. Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from UNR required. Fax resume to (775) 786-2326. English Bulldog Puppies. Puppies come with a 1 year Healthcare Guarantee & Health checked up to date with shots. Home raised with kids? Other pets? j_breeder@yahoo.com

Studio apt in non-smoking 4Plex. Cozy, partially furnished, private: Entrance, kitchen, bathroom. Walk to UNR. Located @ 7th & Evans. Laundry room, fenced yard and patio. All utilities included. Discounted to $495.00 plus deposits. 323-1862.

5-min walk to UNR. 5 bed, 2 bath, W/D. Clean, well maintained. Close to student union, library, Lombardi. Call 324-4646. See http://1625Jackson.googlepages.com


Why go back home when you can live at Club Ambassador Apartment Homes and party the night away in Reno! If you continue to live at Club Amabassador Apartment Homes during the summer, well offer you our SUMMER SPECIAL DISCOUNT! 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment homes, Large walk-in closets, sparkling pools, indoor spa, tennis court, putting green, tness center, and much, much more! Call (775) 746-1511 for more details! Or call Toll Free (866) 808-3130. Club Ambassador Apartment Homes 6402 Mae Anne Avenue Reno, NV 89523. www.ForRent.com/clubambassador.

Live, Work, Play Outdoors This Summer Seeking camp-minded students to work this summer at Girl Scouts Camp Wasiu II in the Sierras. Come make a difference in a girls life, and have fun while doing it! Several positions available. We pay room, board, and additional wage. Log on to gssn.org/camp and call Paula for more details 322-0642 x272.

HELP WANTED Marketing Coordinator

Looking for a graduating senior with a Marketing or Business major. Part-time (if needed) until you graduate. Will work with you on schedule. Permanent, full time position after graduation. The Marketing Coordinator plans, coordinates and executes all casino events and promotions, assists the Marketing Director with all Direct Mail promotions, writes all press relases and is responsible for the content and composition of the monthly players club newsletter. You must be able to work a exible schedule including nights and weekends. Knowledge of MS Ofce, Photoshop, Illustrator required. More information at www.bonanzacasino.com. Send resume & cover letter to ryan@bonanzacasino.com.

Ofce Assistant: 1-person ofce needs help with any number of ofce activities. Close to campus. 5-10 hours/week (more initially). $20/hr. Flexible hours. Long term availability important. 324-5300.

The TMCC Tutoring and Learning Center needs tutors for fall 2008. Subjects needed include accounting, chemistry, economics, math, physics, and more. For details about pay, scheduling and qualications please call Anne or Eliot at 674-7517. You can visit our Web site for more information at tutoring.tmcc.edu.

The Nevada Sagebrush is looking for two individuals to help us deliver the paper on Tuesday mornings. Call 784-4033 for details.

APRIL 29, 2008




Dear editor, As much as Ive enjoyed a few of Julian Rhodes columns, his coverage of Hip-Hop Palooza suckedalmost as bad as the event did. The night started OK. One artist, Tony Walker, who did a slam poetry piece and some freestyling, killed it on the mic. He was been a respected emcee in Reno for years. After that, the whole thing fell apart. The event was hosted poorly. The sound was horrible. The time-slots for bands were completely screwed up. I know because I waited until 12:15 a.m. to see a band called Elementthe longest-standing rap group in Renoperform. By the time Element started their set, most people had left. Then an RHA member jumped on stage, mid-song, and stopped the show. No apparent reason; I guess she was tired. Ive known the guys from Element for years. Theyre professional rappers who make a living through music. When the RHA asks local bands for a favor, like having Element do a free show, they should show a bit of decency. I lose condence in UNR when student organizations put on events that turn to crap. And I lose more condence when the Sagebrush paints that crap gold. -Daniel Riggs, writer for the Reno News & Review


For Hussein, the truth remains muddied

ome puddles, when stomped in, never clear up. The silt mingles with the water and nothing is clear until the water disappears. This newspaper has been following the Hussein S. Hussein case since 2005. For newcomers, this is the rough breakdown: Hussein, who was red this month, unveiled animal neglect on the universitys research farms. Fifty-six U.S. Department of Agriculture violations came from Husseins whistle-blowing. He has also sued the

university at least a dozen times: administrators, graduate students, postdoctoral workers and other faculty members. A 124-page complaint, the longest of his suits, lists 46 defendants. Hussein is also the most vocal about these scatter-shot lawsuits and their corresponding complaints. He says administrators have made racist comments, outright threatened him and intimidated other potential dissenters. The administrators would naturally deny these damning claims we cant

prove them, either. But other claims rightfully raise eyebrows: that hes been subjected to a long war of retaliation for revealing animal abuse, unfair yearly evaluations and administrators attempting to intimidate him by using his name to pique the FBIs curiosity. Again, the administrators would naturally deny these damning claims. And all we can do is let the facts speak for themselves. Were not interested in taking sides, just the truth. Maybe the administration is,

or at least was under President John Lilley, a bullying mafia family, as Hussein has said. Or maybe Hussein is the quintessential disgruntled employee, as universityhired law firm McDonald, Carano, Wilson and the Nevada System of Higher Education lawyers claim. Either way, the puddle has been stomped. Neither side is clean and neither side wants to lose. Any lawsuit is war and the Geneva Conventions dont apply to this one. The two sides trade blows and have

been accused of fighting dirty. The public, journalists and the truth get the crossfire. We exist to bring truth to the public but thats impossible when one side bombards reporters with information and the other more or less refuses to talk, citing personnel issues. As a result, we dont even know the whole truth just bits and pieces of one of the strangest stories to ever strike this university. In time and in trial, we only hope the whole truth comes out. Were just curious to know who did the stomping.



The madman cries for pride and tradition

STORY: NEVADAS DOMINANT PITCHER SHOULD EMBRACE PUBLICITY On April 22, 2:09 p.m., David wrote: In a world full of self promoting players I nd that Miss Holversons Team Attitude Refreshing!!! On April 23, 9:12 p.m., Kates fan wrote: Sorry, but I dont think that Katies comments about herself or how she feels about her stats/performance/etc. have anything to do with how the Wolfpack is perceived. As she obviously knows, the team is the story. Collectively the team is more important than any one individual. The reporter believes that Katie should take advantage of the media attention and assume her role as a dominant athlete. Id like to point out that the Nevada Sagebrush reporter could possibly nd a better mechanism for promoting (?) the Wolfpack without publicly calling out a talented bright young woman who has contributed much to Pack athletics and serves as a ne example of the ultimate team player through her contributions. STORY: AN EARTH DAY EDUCATION On April 25, 6:38 p.m., timothy whitney wrote: most of the ideas cost more money in an economicly unstable times. some of the things including the new light bulbs can actually cause more harm to the environment than good. Nalgene bottles take an expodentially larger amount of energy to be produced than new eco-friendly nestle water bottles. (even cases of them) next time you look for environmental friendly things look at environmental engineers and electrical engineers than liberal journalists or poly sci majors. COLUMN: BEWARE: DRINKING TOO MUCH TOO FAST CONTRIBUTES TO MALE PREGNANCY On April 24, 2:42 p.m., Kirby Myers wrote: As an engineer, let me spread my legs so you can just give me a swift kick in the balls. Good article, but what a cheap shot.

walk around the Quad with a lantern and cry incessantly: University of Nevada tradition is dead. UN tradition remains dead. And we have killed it. Tradition never used to be this unimportant. The consequences were harsh for UN freshmen in 1949 who didnt abide by university tradition. The penalty for not participating in the painting of the N will be 25 swats or a half a day of work, The U of N Sagebrush reported. A first offense on any of the other traditions will be 3 swats; a secondoffense, 5 swats; a third, 10 swats; a fourth, 15 swats; and on the fifth violation, the offending freshman will have his head shaved! These penalties were given for using the steps of Morrill Hall, refusing to wear university-sanctioned hats and sitting on the senior bench (which I believe is the bench near Manzanita Lake and Clark Administration Building). But when World War II veterans started enrolling at UN, the swatting and shaving stopped. The hell if people who risked their lives for your country were going to be punished for sitting on a bench! The university today has a different culture. Along with unavoidably being Jordan C. students of our time, we shrug at Butler university tradition. Painting the N, growing mustaches for Mackay Week and Wolves Frolic are hardly followed anymore. Some students last semester tried resurrecting the Sundowners, a ragtag student drinking group, to no avail. This weeks Mackay Week is a desperate attempt to bring back the traditions that once populated UN students lives. The dying traditions come from lackluster pride for the university. Recent UN graduates answer the question, So what school did you go to? as casually as if they were asked, So whered you go for dinner last night? When you dont have pride for your school, youd rather get obliterated at home with Popov instead of doing Moon-Offs or Tug-of-Wars at school. We spend most of our time at UN taking classes and hanging with friends, so why not appreciate it? If we had pride for our school, tradition would follow. We would demand traditions to memorialize our years here. If you look through old issues of the Sagebrush and Artemisia, youll quickly realize how historically rich our university is. Their pages drip with zeitgeist. In 1963, for instance, controversy arose when female students deed their housing contracts and began wearing pants to the dining commons. Photographs show Lincoln Hall residents in the 1970s with gnarly sideburns and peace signs on their walls, and gossip columnists told of who pinned who and which couples were going steady in the 1950s. I get pride for UN knowing that were the latest generation of students in UNs history. We walk the campus today where epic snowball ghts, pranks, dances and fashion of yesteryear occurred. Todays Hilliard Plazaonce the site of our universitys football eldsmacks of the ghosts of cheerleaders, enthusiastic spectators and game-winning touchdowns. Itd be a shame to kill past students enthusiasm for the university with our apathy. So I continue lurching around the Quad. I consider throwing my lantern to the ground and calling out, Have I come too late? Can we salvage the tremendous events of UN tradition? The light of the stars requires time; this years Mackay Week, soon to be done, will require time to be seen and heard.

Jesus didnt know how to party, anyway.


Prepare for the Big One with shoes and a signicant other

estern Nevada is a seismic zone similar to Los Angeles and were due for a 6.0 or greater earthquake. Yeah, you read me. Is anyone else a little worried here? I can take small, little rumblings from time to time, but if I have to watch the new student union crumble, especially after I paid my $90-per-semester fee, Ill be an unhappy girl. In light of the recent stint of baby earthquakes that have been hitting northwestern Nevada, I Krystal think there Bick has been a major misconception as to what a 6.0 mama earthquake would feel like. On the Richter scale, a 6.0 earthquake is considered destructive in areas up to 100 kilometers across. So if Reno goes down, I guess thats just how the cookie crumbles, Sparks, Fallon, Fernley, oh and you too, Carson City.

Lucky for you, however, Ive prepared a list of necessary precautions for when the Big One hits. While some may be a bit over the top, its better to be safe than swallowed whole into the gaping depths of the earth. First of all, being around tall buildings is a big a no-no. The last place you want to be is walking around downtown Saturday night slightly intoxicated when the Silver Legacy starts to sway. It might scare away the creep that thinks youre tired because youve been running through his mind all day, but it wont let you live to see graduation. Next, wear comfortable shoes. In any end-of-the-world movie Ive ever seen, people run. I recommend some good cross-training shoes (maybe New Balance or some Asics), preferably with adequate sole support. The last thing you want is to cramp up because your feet are not properly balanced. Do not, I repeat, do not wear heels, ladies. You will only regret it later when youve twisted an ankle and debris is rampantly falling faster than the guy who preaches in front of the library can tell you that

youre going to hell. After youve run away and found a safe area to rest with a strong interior frame, youre going to need supplies. Start carrying a backpack, keeping with you non-perishable foods, a Swiss army knife for hunting and a radio transmitter to contact others when the destruction has subsided. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, pair up with your significant other. If you dont have a significant other, find a person you think you could tolerate for a little while until you can start repopulating the earth. Use your good judgment the fate of the human population may be depending on you. Those tips aside though, I want to take this chance to let all of you know that youve been great. Its not often that you get a chance to let people know how you really feel about them and, well, this columnist couldnt ask for more. Youve tolerated me thus far so I want to say thanks and God willing, if we make it through the Big One, I would be honored to share the destructed Earth with you guys. May peace be with you and be safe out there.

Can you name a University of Nevada, Reno tradition?
No, I cant. We have Mackay Week, and something Flipside is trying to do is leave offerings at the Mackay Statue during Finals Week. We have traditions? We have movie nights. Weve had that for seven goddamn years. Thats the best I can get. No, not a clue.

Maggie Davidson 19, social work

Katy Irwin 23, theatre

Sean Donnelly 25, accounting

Ashley York 18, geography

A8 APRIL 29, 2008




Reno and UNR surpassed initial expectations for this gay columnist
wo semesters came and went faster than I had anticipated. In this short time, I saw people leave Reno and go home because they couldnt handle being away. Some left because they missed their family. Or boyfriend. Or girlfriend. But whatever their reason, I feel none of them gave Reno a chance. When I wrote my rst column, I remember the apprehension I felt coming to school here because Im gay. Since then, the apprehension has melted into optimism and relief. My time here has shown me peoples attitudes and times are changing. People are more accepting and tolerant, and for that, I dont regret going to school at the University of Nevada, Reno. To sum up what Ive learned in two semesters, I made a list: 1. Downtown Reno is a mix of very diverse and tolerant people. One night, as I walked back to my dorm after watching a movie at Riverside, I chuckled at how freely and openly the drunken transvestites stumbled from bar to bar, not caring that their makeup was running. No one around minded that a 6-foot-tall trannie was close to ghting another trannie over something that occurred in the barthe people in line at the club 210 North didnt inch. The


STORY: CABINET NOMINEES DRAW FIRE On April 23, 2:28 p.m., Paul wrote: Note the spelling of Mackay, not Mackey, anon. I understand what youre trying to say, but perhaps you should make your points more coherent before going after the spelling errors of others. Fryman is just trying to get some ash to a mostly boring subject. Eli is going to be responsible if the shit hits the fan, and anyone who has ever talked to him knows that he would be the last person to let Programming go under, it was his baby this year. From what I hear, the other applicants were sub-par. Casey has shown that he would be a major asset; he has both the motivation and the ability. These ARE NOT elected positions; Eli is nominating Directors to run his Departments efciently. He takes responsibility for Casey. Give the young guy a chance, especially those of you who complained about the ASUN insiders. On April 23, 5:27 p.m., Insider wrote: Elis nomination of Casey definitely is an example of him nominating his cronies. Not only is he a cronie, but he is an extremely underqualied cronie. I want him to succeed as much as the next guy, but come on, dont do something as blatant as nominating a buddy of yours to a position when he has NO collegiate experience. On April 25, 10:03 p.m., Corinna wrote: i dont even know what eli is capable of I suspect I have some ideas of what he is capable. Im hoping that the other student government leaders are courageous enough to enforce the laws so that whatever Eli does, it falls within the boundaries of what is legal according to our incipient constitution.

COLUMN: GUNS, NOT BLUELIGHTS, A MORE VIABLE CAMPUS SAFETY SOLUTION On April 22, 9:03 p.m., DontHate wrote: I love you right-wing morons who tend to hide behind the second amendment as if its the only difference between being civilized and being an animal. Regardless of how trained or responsible a person is with a CCW there are countless examples of unnecessary deaths by people who were allowed to and were trained to use a gun. Take for example the recent police shooting of an ice cream truck attendant. Reports have been pouring in that a shooting death at the hands of a police ofcer was wrong and did not need to happen. But you seem to think that a citizen who had a federal background check and a weekend class has more training then a police ofcer. Whether or not the statistics change if a weapon is legal or not I dont know but I do know that with the liberal gun laws the united states has there is a direct relationship between the amount of guns in a community and the amount of gun related deaths. Washington D.C. is a prime example. Yet, when you look at other countries whose gun policies are not mirrored with the US you also dont see the gun death totals the US has. You might say Im not talking about Washington D.C. Im talking about UNR. Thats true, but you presented evidence that increasing the amount of guns on campus would lead to a safer campus, the evidence from the other side of that argument is stronger. I think you also need to understand that guns are not allowed on campus, not because were a University but because were a state institution. Guns are not permitted on government property whether its a school, the white house, or a post ofce. If you truly want to allow guns on campus then lets tell the State we dont need their money or support, theyll appreciate it because of the budget crunch, and increase tuition by 10x what were paying now. If your willing to pay 50,000.00 on tuition then you can carry a gun, or you can move to Utah or Colorado and leave the rest of us alone.

incident speaks for Renos tolerance level. Or maybe people were just too drunk to care. 2. The only way to change peoples attitudes is to change your own rst. For me, that meant I had to stop caring that people saw me and a guy show affection in public. Ricardo I felt gay public displays Lopez of affection made people feel uncomfortable, but I think I was probably the most uncomfortable. I had an irrational fear that everyones eyes were on me when I was with another guy. Needless to say, I got over it and other people around me will, too. 3. UNR has supportive groups for LGBT students. The Queer Student Union is a student club on campus that puts on several events throughout the year and offers support and social activities for everyone. The club will throw a gay prom in the Joe Crowley Student Union Ballroom this Saturday. The event is a dance for high school and college students alike. For high school students, the event is a chance

to enjoy a dance with their boyfriend or girlfriend without the awkward stares from classmates who dictate their position in the high school social hierarchy. I wish there would have been an event like this in Las Vegas where Im from. 4. Our generation will make the difference. Eventually people get tired of hearing the same conservative crap over and over again. The homosexual agenda does not exist. The gays are actually real people who are making a difference in our communities. I have faith that our generation consists of open-minded individuals who can sift through the ignorant hate speech and draw their own conclusions. After two semesters, I can say I gave Reno a chance. Although Ill be gone for the next six months for an internship and study abroad, I look forward to returning next spring. Reno has become my home away from home. Theres something quite charming about the campus, the people and the crazy downtown. Some people would argue charming and Reno dont belong in the same sentence, but those are probably the same people who are now back in Las Vegas and going to UNLV.


Drawn-out Democratic primary and petty news coverage inspires senioritis

enioritis: a word that is on the lips and the minds of many seniors as graduation dawns on the quickening horizon. Its a word thats never been used in the political context, as far as I know. Yet as I watched the returns streaming in last Tuesday from Pennsylvania, I couldnt help but feel exactly thatlike I have a bad case of senioritis and I want to see a good, gritty general election campaign between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. To put it in a more blunt way, I cant stand this Democratic primary season anymore. Not when large Brian portions of a debate are Ault dedicated to lapel pins and the infamous bitter comments when the economy lays in shambles and Iraq teeters on the edge of destruction by one mans whims. Not when pundits argue over the minutia of having orange juice with coffee as somehow being elitist. Not when

a pointless controversy like bitter-gate receives countless air time while news is greeted with yawns and crickets that prominent members of George W. Bushs cabinet, including Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, oversaw torture techniques in the White House. You might be asking if this is just whining from an Obama supporter who wants to end the process before everyone has voted. That is not the case, although I am a fan of Obama as much as I am of Rep. Dennis Kucinich. I would be saying the same thing if Obama was in the position that Sen. Hillary Clinton currently finds herself in. My main bone of contention here is that nothing happens. Clinton will get some more money injected into her campaign but she wont be closer in the popular vote. The Democrats will continue to receive the lions share of the news coverage as Clinton will likely get more assurance from her associates to continue bashing Obama into Indiana and North Carolinabut she wont get closer to him in the delegate count. She

can continue this same thing right through June and the main question will be: For what purpose? Every day that the media devotes to this contest is another lost opportunity to take on their challenger, McCain. Every day devoted to polls about Clinton/ Obama consisting of gun owners and bowlers is a lost moment to examine McCains laughable economic policies. Every day debating Clintons bust line or Obamas bowling game is another day lost to look at McCains temper (which was a club tragically shared by Gov. Howard Dean in 04) or his lust to attack Iran (which is shared by Clinton as well). So what do I think should be done? Honestly, I dont know the answer. All I have is hope that this will end soon. In the meantime, I am done with this primary season. Ill be watching hockey and enjoying sunshine till theres a Democratic nominee. Thank heavens summer is here!
Brian Ault is a columnist for The Nevada Sagebrush. He can be reached at editor@ nevadasagebrush.com.


Traveling promotes better understanding of other cultures

his column might be my last one for The Nevada Sagebrush. Im going to India this summer and China for the next school year to study those countries cultures. Yes, Im a Japanese foreign exchange student leaving the lovely United States for other countries. You may think Im a guy whos a crazy big spender or a guy whos jumping from country to country without any care in the worldbut thats not true. I have several reasons for traveling, but the most important reason is that I want to expand my knowledge of the world around me. Since coming to the United States, Ive realized that Socrates old saying, I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance, applies to me. I was not a traveler in Japan. I liked to hang out downtown in

Japans biggest cities where it was convenient enough for my everyday life and meeting people. I enjoyed my routine activities like reading the newspaper, exercising or getting drinks with friends. With my routine, I had little curiosity about different people and different sights. I was reluctant to talk with foreign people in Japan because their awkward Japanese-speaking skills were intolerable for me. But now I am full of curiosity about the world after coming to the U.S. To satisfy my curiosity, I traveled to Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. And while I visited these cities, I enjoyed talking with Americans. I nd that Americans generally have better communication skills than the

Japanese. Americans are friendly, straightforward and easy to approach in conversation. The Japanese, on the other hand, arent very straightforward and dont make good conversation. But new sights and Gaku good conversation Ishimaru were not the only attractive aspects about my experience in the United States. Another great thing was that I had the opportunity to meet Chinese and Korean students. This might seem strange since China, Korea and Japan are very close in distance, but we have actually been very far apart psychologically. There has been a lot of hatred toward

Japan from China and North and South Korea stemming from different wars and invasions. Some Japanese people return the hatred with nationalism. Thousands of nationalistic bookswith many of them becoming bestsellershave been published in Japan. I grew up reading those books, even though China and Korea heavily dispute their historic views. These books only add fuel to the hateful re among these countries. My meetings with Chinese and Korean students have made me realize how similar our cultures are. Even though our nationalisms prevent us from understanding one another without prejudice, we are closer in our cultures than we believe. I nd these similarities among East Asian countries fascinating. I want to remove my mental barrier

in my travels. I may see some Hindus eating beef in India or some Chinese sympathizing with Tibet in China. I think nationalistic misunderstandings can be solved by direct dialogue without third parties like the media, books and nationalist friends. Although I will likely meet nationalism in my travels (especially in China), Ill try my hardest to squash Chinas traditional view of the Japanese. Albert Einstein said, Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fullls the duty to express the results of his thought in clear form. My hope is to have a great spirit of my own.




APRIL 29, 2008 A9

A10 APRIL 29, 2008


Aug. 1-10 Celebrating muscle cars and classics alike, Hot August Nights brings the spirit of 50s hot rods to Reno. Even though the Batmobile has endured multiple revamps, Adam West would be able to appreciate this blast from the past. and get some sun before spending the best two hours of your life seeing The Dark Knight.


TV Shows




Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC, Premieres July 1 Often referred to as the German equivalent of Bruce Wayne, David Hasselhoff returns this summer with Piers Morgan, Hasselhoffs version of Alfred. With wise words and a thick accent, Morgan is the weathered veteran of the bunch, much like Michael Cain. With an array of dancers, singers and tricksters, the team of judges must nd the most talented American. Hasselhoff has his work cut out for him as NBCs Dark Knight. The Bachelorette Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC, Premieres May 19 If there is one thing to learn from Batman, it is not to trust women. Poison Ivy, Catwoman and various other love interests have destroyed Bruce Wayne time and time again. So why is it that men are willing to go at each others throats for the affection of a network hussy?

Thursdays at 8 p.m. on FOX, Premieres May 22 With a changing lineup of judges and consistently new talent, So You Think You Can Dance? brings to the table a solo version of Americas Best Dance Crew. But dancing can only entertain for so long before the crimes of Gotham City catch ones interest. Dancing is cute, but crime ghting is cooler.




Local Events
Reno Livestock Events Center, June 19-28 One of the oldest traditions in Reno, the Reno Rodeo is on its 89th year as a non-prot event. Much like the circus in Batman Forever, the Reno Rodeo draws attention from fans across the state and is the fourth largest sporting event sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Raising $40 million per year for the Reno/Sparks economy, the Reno Rodeo is sort of the Bruce Wayne of Reno events.

The Reno Urban Market brings urban consumers together with rural producers right in the heart of the Biggest Little City. Fresh fruits and vegetables are fun a few times a year; however, like Poison Ivy, they could turn on you at any moment. Before you get bored, just go see Batman.

July 10- Aug. 17 This event is an outdoor depiction of William Shakespeares greatest works. Featuring A Midsummer Nights Dream, Cambio and Richard III, this years festival is one you will not want to miss. However, the dramatic doings of the ever-daring Joker may still be more entertaining. Indulge in the arts, for both Shakespeare and Ledger are legends of the theater.


Tahoe Beaches Beaches are fun, especially the ones at Lake Tahoe. Next to Kings Beach are many boulders to leap from, not to mention cliffs to climb. Chimney Beach, down the road from Kings Beach, is free and denitely worth visiting. To top it off, or rather take the top off, are the nude beaches around Tahoe. While not as adrenaline-pumping as swinging from a grappling hook, Tahoe beaches are worth the trip.

Black Rock Desert, Aug. 25Sept. 1 The craziest event of the summer takes place at the Burning Man Project, a temporary community that gathers for a short time in a no-rules setting. The attendees will be tripping out for a week straight on drugs that would make Scarecrow go insane. Burning Man is the sole rival to Batman this summer.



Friday at 8 p.m. on USA, Premiers July 18 Going onto the seventh season since 2002, Monk comes back this summer. Known for having an obsessive-compulsive disorder, the single-named detective is a lot like the caped crusader himself. While both are a bit batty, which detective is more worth watching? The Dark Knight, of course.

July 1-31 A city-wide promotion of local art appreciation, Reno shows it has culture, unlike its southern counterpart. Over 300 events take place throughout the month of July, attracting more than 285,000 people to the event. Not even Bruce Waynes birthday bash would raise such a fuss.

respecting women, George Bush and the awesomeness of Reggae; things that no one really cared about at the time. There was even one point in which he asked if we were excited for Del and no one cheered, clearly signifying that no one was listening. Finally he nished his set. At about 10:30 p.m., Del walked on stage and the crowd erupted. Singing every word from start to nish of At The Helm, the audience loved every bit of Del. There was one kid who was about four feet tall and nine years old, dancing like Macaulay Culkin on shrooms. As the show continued, the haze grew larger. It was obvious by his coughing, goofy laughter and lack of balance that Del was completely stoned. As cool as that sounds, it resulted in a 45-minute set, leaving everyone happy, but unsatised. The rule of this story is this: if you love a rapper, see them in concert. However, if youre not a fan of his opening acts, only see that rapper. Do not arrive three hours early to suffer through lame acts. Youll regret it.


Too lazy to go to the movie theater? Or possibly looking to kill time before seeing Batman? Either way, the Truckee River is a perfect way to sit back, relax


Sundays at 9 p.m. on USA Law & Order provides multiple cases all summer long to catch your attention. However, the somewhat unstable Detective Robert Goren, played by Vincent DOnofrio, is still a little too fundamental when pitted against Batman. DOnofrio is more of a match for Commissioner Gordon, who would still kill him in a deathmatch.

APRIL 29, 2008




High crimes: pot, racism and unicorns

Chelsea Otakan
Web Editor
This time around, as the dynamic duo deals with much larger troubles than the munchies, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay keeps the stoner-comedy genre alive with dirty humor, over-the-top characters and the return of everyones favorite child-star turned-unicorn-jockey. Bellies full of burgers and their fated journey to White Castle complete, Harold Lee (John Cho, West 32nd) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn, House) are headed to Amsterdam to chase after Harolds dream girl-next-door, Maria (Paula Garcs, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), but before they can even make it out of the country, Kumar stirs up yet another round of mayhem, landing the duo in Guantanamo Bay as suspected terrorists. Chaos ensues as Harold and Kumar narrowly escape a lifetime of serving Guantanamo prison guards cockmeat sandwiches. The weed-whacked pair escape the prison only to nd themselves on the run from the racist Homeland Security, Agent Ron Fox (Robert Corddry, Semi-Pro), who will stop at nothing to make a play on every obvious racial stereotype imaginable. Whether it be interrogating Jews with handfuls of pennies or threatening Harlem neighborhoods by pouring out and wasting an entire can of grape soda, Fox provides slightly controversial racial humor that is only made safe by his role as the ridiculously ignorant antagonist. Despite its funny nature, there is a bit of heart buried underneath all that vulgarity and hashinduced humor. The heart of Escape from Guantanamo bay lies unexpectedly in the typically nonchalant Kumar, who bumps

Description: For Niko Belic, the new star of the Rockstar Grand Theft Auto franchise, the American dream means escaping his past in Europe. However, for his cousin Roman, it means nding fortune with Niko in Liberty City. Through twists and turns, the two face reality by dangerously digging themselves deep into the heart of the city. Genre: Action, Adventure Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


John Cho and Kal Penn return as their beloved characters, Harold and Kumar. After a failed attempt to board an airplane to chase Harolds love interest, the two are mistaken for terrorists and sent to Guantanamo Bay. The two escape and hilarity ensues.
into his one that got away, Vanessa (Daneel Harris, Extreme Movie), only to nd her engaged to a well-to-do Abercrombiesporting pretty boy. And despite being on the run from Homeland Security, Kumar cant help but reminisce about her in a romantic ashback, revealing the pre-stoner version of himself, a math and science geek who smokes his rst joint in the library stacks, as well as quick glance at a younger, emo-haired Harold. In staying true to its stonercomedic roots, Harold and Kumar suffers the same shortcomings as countless other movies of its genre. With a plot that is both predictable and over-the-top, it attempts to keep audiences interest with intermittent shock humor that often falls short of its goal. This formula, which has been played out in dozens of movies before it, often makes for an overly funny, but imbalanced lm. Its a mold that newcomers like Judd Apatow are successfully breaking by balancing a good plot with funny jokes. Make no mistakeHarold and Kumar still relies on vulgar comedy that plays on sexual innuendo, drugs and racial stereotypes. If you werent a fan of the rst installment, the sequel has taken no different approach. While not the highest form of comedy, the lm makes the best of a genre thats been beaten into ineptitude by abysmal movies featuring Dane Cook or directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer of Date Movie. The plot is weak and the acting is mediocre, but the jokes can be hilarious if you only take the time to unsaddle your high horse (or unicorn).


Description: The 14th studio album by Great Britains premiere arena rock band features 11 new songs. The rst single off the album features country legend Tim McGraw. Along with the new album release, Def Leppard is also going to be on tour this spring. Genre: Hair Metal, Rock


Release Date: April 25 Director: Kevin Lima Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn and Rob Corddry Genre: Comedy Rating: R Grade: C+


Description: Madonnas nal album for Warner Bros. is packed with hip-hop inuences and up-tempo beats. Collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Kanye West make Madonnas 11th album one of a kind. Genre: Pop




Deception cant fake SNL vets deliver a funny but forgettable Baby Mama good casting, writing
Fey and Poehler have chemistry but cant carry movie
Jay Brissenden
Staff Writer
With two Saturday Night Live alumni taking center stage and a few others dropping in for cameos, Baby Mama never disappoints, but rarely surprises. Tina Fey (30 Rock) stars as Kate Holbrook, a single, upper-class businesswoman at the peak of her career. When she decides it is nally time to bring a child of her own into this world, her dreams are crushed by her fertility specialist who tells her she only has a million-to-one shot of getting pregnant. When she learns that adoption takes up to ve years for a single woman, she turns to another option: nding a surrogate mother. Through a surrogate agency, Kate is set up with Angie (Amy Poehler, Horton Hears a Who!), a white-trash blond in the middle of a bad relationship. Soon after the eggs are implanted, Kate realizes that over the next nine months, she will have to help raise two babies. Cute and harmless are the words usually used to describe babies, but in this case, they are also the best two words to describe Baby Mama. With witty dialogue and strong chemistry between Fey and Poehler, the film flies by and quickly becomes just another spring movie that will soon be forgotten. Ever since Fey made her comedic presence known on Saturday Night Live, she has quickly become one of comedys leading ladies.

Description: The Grammy award-winning hip-hop group is set to release Rising Down, its 10th album, featuring an all-star lineup of rap stars including Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Saigon and many more. Rising Down is based on the treatise on violence by William T. Vollmann and the acquittal of the police ofcers accused of beating Rodney King. Genre: Hip-hop, Rap

Garrett Collins
Staff Writer


Saturday Night Live vets Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team up in a movie where an infertile, successful businesswoman, Fey, needs the help of a surrogate mother played by Poehler.
Her subtle approach to intelligent humor is what makes her interactions with Poehlers typical moronic character so humorous. A perfect example comes when the two are going to birthing classes. When learning about the great stretch during birth, Angie asks, Can I just spray a little PAM down there? Unembarrassed, Kate quickly retorts, You have to admit it is a feasible question. First time director and former SNL writer, Michael McCullers makes the film work, but overall, shows his filmmaking juvenility. While Fey and Poehler are left to do their routine, the rest of the cast never seems to find its place in the movie. Sure, Steve Martin makes a cameo as the egotistical hippie boss, but most of his lines fall flat and come off as awkward. McCullers also fails by not giving enough background information on Kate and her need for a baby. As soon as Kate starts the surrogate program, she gets a promo-



Release Date: April 25 Director: Michael McCullers Starring: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Genre: Comedy Rating: PG-13 Grade: B
tion to be the vice president of her organic food company. Throughout the rest of the movie, she seamlessly blends both her lives plus a cutesy romantic affair with Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine). Women are known masters of multitasking, but without extreme doses of amphetamines, not even Wonder Woman could pull that off. While not as ground shaking as last Fridays earthquakes, Baby Mama succeeds in being a comedy that plays well with almost any audience. Its just one that few will remember.

Though Deception tries to revive the dying genre known as the erotic thriller, it proves this genre should be left for dead. Erotic thrillers were a craze that went from the late 80s through the mid 90s. The thing that made these movies so good was the fact that the actors were very believable and convincing. From Michael Douglas in 1987s Fatal Attraction to Sharon Stone in 1992s Basic Instinct, these were personalities that were so perfectly cast that it didnt matter if Douglas cheated on his wife or if Stone was an ice-pick-wielding killer. These were characters that were so believable you felt like someone that looked like these two could actually get involved in their respective situations. The new erotic thriller Deception proves that if these characters are not cast correctly, it makes the lm neither erotic nor thrilling. Not that a better cast would have helped much anyway, as this mufed movie was a mess from start to nish. Ewan McGregor (The Island) stars as Jonathan McQuarry, a nerd who makes a decent living as a tax accountant. However, after spending hours at his desk and then going to an empty home has led him to believe two late night ofce cleaners sneaking into the restroom for a little hanky panky have a better life than he does. Enter Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman, Scoop), a suave predatory lawyer who stumbles into McQuarrys ofce late one night. After sharing a joint together, the two become friends. Wyatt ends up having to go away on business, in the process trading his cell phone with McQuarrys. Apparently, Bose was even more suave than it seemed since Jonathan is receiving one call

Release Date: April 25 Director: Marcel Langenegger Starring: Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams Genre: Thriller Rating: R Grade: D
after another from prospective ladies who belong to an exclusive club called The List. One of his encounters happens to be a girl known only as S (Michelle Williams, Brokeback Mountain), a venerable woman on the inside but a hardened shell on the outside who Jonathan happened to eye once before on a subway platform. The setup of this lm would have been so much better if they had cast someone other than McGregor in the role of Jonathan. Looking at the guy, he really does not look like he has much difculty getting women. Even his prop glasses make him look better than the average tax accountant, which in turn makes the audience not even care about his bad-with-women situation. Williams does a decent job showing the softness of her character, but the hard exterior was not her forte, and the Oscarnominated actress becomes another victim of bad miscasting. A script by Mark Bomback, who wrote last years Live Free Die Hard, does not help her. While he is great at writing a scene about a police car crashing into a helicopter, it was much more believable than when Jackmans character looked McGregors in the eyes and said, You have no idea what I am capable of! But after seeing this lm it seems he is incapable of making a good thriller.


Starring: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden and Judy Greer Description: After a woman is a bridesmaid at 27 weddings, she is faced with the task of planning her sisters wedding in which her sibling is marrying the man she loves. Genre: Comedy, Romance Rating: PG-13


Starring: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee Description: In a parallel universe, a child becomes the savior of a magical world. Following the prophecy of salvation from an overbearing religious state, the little girl befriends sky pirates, witches and polar bears to defeat the powers that be. Genre: Adventure, Family Rating: PG-13

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow Description: Weapons inventor Tony Stark is a modern-day captain of industry. When terrorists threaten his life, he builds an armored suit to combat the forces of evil. After he escapes, Stark uses his powers to protect the people who he puts in danger with his weapons. Genre: Action, Adventure Rating: PG-13

APRIL 29, 2008




slow a great show

You can eat the seven cheese

Pirates Pizza theme doesnt ruin dining experience
Clint Demeritt
A&E Editor

Stereo-graphic: A Vinyl Art Show at Holland Headquarters This exploration of vinyl art features records from DJ Andrew, Clint Neuerburg, Jim Williams, Camille Torres, Mel Berner, JT Tarkington, Ty Williams, Ryan Stark and many more. Following the art show will be a record swap in honor of this special occasion. 30 Cheney St. Reno, NV 89501 Show starts at 7 p.m. Free All ages

onsidering my horrible encounter with an immature crowd the last time I saw a show at New Oasis, I was concerned about entering the Del tha Funkee Homosapien concert this past Saturday night. My expectations were exceptionally high considering I had been waiting seven years to see Del, my favorite rapper of all time, live. However, the downfall of the night would come from my own doing. Arriving about 30 minutes Julian before the Rhodes rst opening act started was possibly the worst idea ever. Opening for Del were Counter Productive and Bukue One. Before the concert started, Bukue was challenging kids to SKATE while the members of Counter Productive were selling merchandise in the corner. While Bukue One is pretty well-known and respected in the underground scene, Counter Productive came out of nowhere. DirtBag Dan and Able Abilities, along with their DJ, Skylar G., hopped on stage sporting basketball jerseys and shirts that read Do You Know Who The Fuck I Am? to perform multiple complaint tracks. Through rushed rhymes and shouted choruses, Counter Productive complained about everything from mainstream radio to politics and back again. Normally this would not be a big problem. Fans of underground are usually liberal hipsters. However, this show is all about Del, who is known for being one of the chillest rappers around. By the time their set ended, I needed a break. But before I could sit down, another rapper was on stage, surprisingly enough. Knobody, a newly signed rapper to the Hieroglyphics Imperium record label, was given his rst chance to perform live. While the idea was cool, it was obvious he lacked experience. His delivery was immature and his lyrics were sophomoric. A-Plus of Souls of Mischief fame spun records while the kid rhymed for the crowd. That is when I noticed the repetitiveness of the crowd. Like spilled milk, the oor was completely white. The entirely Caucasian, teenage crowd was like a dj vu of the Saves The Day concert I went to a few weeks ago, except for one minor detail. Everyone was high. Floating above our heads was a thick haze generated from some very sneaky toking, despite the giant, biker-like security guards who looked like they would take down the rst pot smoker they catch. Once the crowd made Knobody feel like somebody important, he nished his set. Next up was Bukue One. While DJ Zac Hendrix mixed funky beats preceding the performance, Bukue landed a few kickips on stage before letting his dreads loose and working the microphone. Bukues rhymes were fun and carefree, much like his overall attitude, keeping the crowd going. But once he began talking to the crowd and attempting random freestyles, he overstayed his welcome. For what seemed like an hour and a half, Bukue continued to talk about

Pirate and pizza fans nally have something they both can enjoy: Pirates Gourmet Pizza by Reno Town Mall on Virginia Street. When thinking of piratethemed restaurants, one might think of pirate-dressed waiters and sea shanties being sung over the stores PA. But the pizzeria doesnt so much shout pirate as much as it suggests. A few pirate statues are scattered through the restaurant with sea-themed tablecloths, a mural painted onto the wall and a few bottles hanging from the ceiling. It denitely stays with the pirate theme without being annoying. The friendly waitress greeted my dining companion and me, and seated us at the booth where we promptly ordered a basket of wings ($8.99) and two medium pizzas: one a half Mexican and half barbecued chicken, and the other half cheese and half Japanese. Since we arrived between the rushes, the wings arrived fairly quickly. The wings had just the right balance of spice and sweet, which contrasted nicely after a ranch-dressing bath. However for the price, we didnt get a lot of wingsjust about 12 or 15. But, before we could wolf down the wings, our two pizzas arrived. Though $20 for a medium pizza doesnt seem like a good value, diners get plenty for the price. The crust is almost as thick as the Earths outer shell its perfect for absorbing lots of ranch dressing or honey. The depth of the pizza rivals most diving pools and toppings swim freely in the cheese-lled cavity. A knife and fork might be the best way to tackle these pizzas because it seems the only human capable of completely handling the pieces would be Andre the Giant. I started with the Mexican pizza, lled with beef, refried beans, black olives, red onions, green peppers, Roma tomatoes, cheddar cheese and sour cream with tortilla chips wedged between each slice. The pizza tasted like the best sevenlayer dip I had ever had. The hot cheese meshed nicely with

Rush at the Reno Events Center As part of the continuing Snakes & Arrows tour, Rush comes to Reno, bringing along an epic set list. At 113 shows, this is the second longest Rush tour, superseded only by the Hemispheres Tour, which was 136 shows. Performing a combination of new songs like The Main Monkey Business and classic favorites like Tom Sawyer, Rush will be a pleasa65nt experience for an all aged crowd. 300 N. Center St. Reno, NV 89501 Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $58.25 to $98.25 All ages Trace Adkins at the Summit Pavilion in Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Labeled as country musics Alpha male, Trace Adkins brings his larger-than-life aura to Reno this weekend. His baritone is easily recognizable across the nation since he has established himself as a major force in contemporary country. To celebrate his successful career, Adkins is now on tour promoting American Man, Greatest Hits Volume II. 2500 E. Second St. Reno, NV 89595 Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $38.50 to $82.50 All ages The Mark Sexton Band and The Stately Gentlemen at The Underground These two local bands and good friends bring a combination of melodic grooves, hard-hitting rhythms and experimental blends to The Underground. The Mark Sexton Band says their music is a unique blend of acoustic rock and reggae while The Stately Gentlemen describe their music as The Beatles doing whiskey shots with Simon and Garfunkel in a bar with a classic rock jukebox. The two powers collide this Saturday. 555 E. Fourth St. Reno, NV 89512 Doors open at 8:30 p.m. $5 21+

A half-cheese and half Japanese pizza at Pirates Gourmet Pizza. There patrons can get Greek, Mexican, Vegetarian, Seafood, Seven Cheese, Russian and German Pizza along with many others.
the rest of the ingredients and the sour cream served as a nice contrast. The barbecued chicken didnt impress me as much. The sauce wasnt as tangy and the chicken was a little bland. I have had better barbecue chicken pizzas in Reno, namely Blind Onion and Blue Moon, and would suggest them if one was in the mood. The Japanese pizza overowed with teriyaki chicken, pineapple, red onions, green peppers and Roma tomatoes. As soon as my friend picked up his slice, its contents spilled onto his plate, making a better case for knifeand-fork tactics. Though my friend closely guarded his cheese pizza, I was able to haggle for a slice of his Japanese pizza. But I wasnt able to enjoy by prize until I got home since the two pieces I had already eaten were pressing hard against the inside of my ribs. I am sure the pizza lost some of its taste after a night in the refrigerator, but I agree with an observation my friend made: a full assault on the taste buds with no dominant taste. My friend assured me the cheese pizza did a good job and could hold its own against any other gourmet cheese pizza in town. Ignoring the theme (my fa-


180 W. W Peckham P kh Lane L #1100 Reno, NV 89509 (775) 828-0900 Hours Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday: 3:30p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Grade: B
vorite part), Pirates Pizza serves whale-sized pizzas. Anyone with a monstrous appetite or any crust lover should give this place a try.

Film Festival begins movie madness

The Reno Indie Competition brings movie makers from all over the world
Clint Demeritt
A&E Editor
Movie buffs and aspiring lmmakers take center stage as the Reno Film Festival begins this Thursday. Running from May 1 to 4, the festival offers lm classes for aspiring actors and directors, screenings of new and old movies along with short lm competitions. We have lots of activities, organizer Bob Alessandrelli said. The festival kicks off with the independent lm Bella, showing at 8:30 p.m. at the Grand Sierra Cinema. Student tickets are $5. The movie is about an international soccer star on his way to sign a huge contract and the day in New York that changes his life along with the lives of two other people. The movie won the Peoples Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Alessandrelli said he was glad Reno was nally able to get a movie like Bella. I am excited we are opening with Bella, Alessandrelli said. Its a charming, interesting, well-done lm. Along with Bella, the festival will also be showing E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (Friday, 8:30 p.m., National Automobile Museum, student tickets are $5) with Dee Wallace, who played the mother, introducing the film and taking questions. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Saturday, 12:30 p.m., Grand Sierra Cinema, tickets are $3), the re-make, will be played with sound re-recording by Michael Semanick, who won Oscars for King Kong and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Also showing is The Love Bug (Sunday, 10 a.m., National Automobile Museum, adult tickets are $12), the top-grossing movie in 1969 with a similar plot to Herbie Fully Loaded; The Great Race (Sunday, noon, National Automobile Museum, adult tickets are $12) about the 1908 New York to Paris Auto Race complete with the car that won the race; and St. John in Exile (Sunday, 2 p.m., Sparks Christian Fellowship, admission is free) about the death of Jesus last living disciple. The Festival will also be showing nalists throughout the four-day event for its Reno Indie Film Competition, an independent short lm contest. With entries ranging from Britain and Cambodia, categories include Nevada-based, documentary, animation, ction, science ction, comedy, adventure, family, foreign and music. The festival will show-case

Simulacra is one of the nalists in the categories for the best sci- movie and best animated lm in the Reno Indie Competition at the Reno Film Festival May 1 to 4.
local talent, Alessandrelli said. The Project Moonshine, a local non-profit group that shows youth how to document Reno events, will be presenting their latest endeavor: Dada Motel. The festival will also give budding lmmakers a hand with its many panels and classes, Alessandrelli said. Semanick will be showing people what it is like to be a sound re-recorder with his presentation, The Art of Sound Mixing, Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Grand Sierra Resort. Student tickets are $5.


G Go to t htt http://www.reno// lmfestival.com/ for more details.
Alessandrelli said most aspiring lmmakers should attend Bobby Logans 1-Day $99 Film School, which actually costs $75, Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Nevada Museum of Art. Logan is a writer, director and producer who directed cult lms like Repossessed and Meatball 4.

See DEL Page A10



APRIL 29, 2008 A13

APRIL 29, 2008


ith summer barely a month away, there is but one event that utters through the caverns of the nations mind: the July 18 release of The Dark Knight. Nationwide, this event shall be celebrated. However, for those students staying in Reno the next four months or so, there are various events that will happen this summer that deserve honorable mention. Before the silhouette of the caped crusader overshadows these activities, let us compare these alternatives to Batman on A&Es bat key (below).

Releases June 13 It comes as no surprise that the ever-angry Hulk would re-emerge after 2003s infuriating depiction of the notso-jolly green giant. With Edward Norton and Tim Roth going head to head, Hulk versus the Abomination, the chance of this Hulk being better than Ang Lees rendition are incredibly high; almost as high as the Batplanes maximum altitude of ight.



Releases June 20 Steve Carell is not exactly Christian Bale, but he does have a better sense of humor. In this revival of the 60s comedic spy show, Maxwell Smart uses various gizmos and gadgets to stop international criminals much like Batman. While Smart does not have the amazingly awesome costume or vehicles, he does have an all-star cast on his side. Bill Murray, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Terry Crews make up his team of agents, not to mention the hotter-than-Maggie-Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway.



Releases July 25 Mulder and Scully are back again10 years after their rst feature lm. This time the X-Files duo is teaming up to investigate the disappearance of young girls in rural Virginia. Fifteen years since the shows premiere is a lot for any team to endure, but if Batman and Robin can make it through 65 years of doubleteaming villains, anything is possible.

Releases July 25 This comedy brings together two heavyweight comic stars: John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell. Not quite a dynamic duo, the two grown men butt heads when their parents marry. The sibling rivalry that follows should result in utter hilarity. While neither character gets a Ferrellmobile or a Reillycopter, the comedic presence they bring to the big screen is worth seeing.


Releases Aug. 8 From the juvenile mind of Seth Rogen comes a strange blend of weed humor and crime drama. When two potheads, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco, witness a murder, the two must run for their lives. The problem with this premise is that James Franco destroys lms, making him the Chris ODonnell of our generation.



Dont bother considering See BATMAN Page A10 Do only if your air conditioning explodes Do after seeing The Dark Knight more than once Do before seeing The Dark Knight for the third time Do instead of seeing The Dark Knight actually, see The Dark Knight, too.





Excelling down the stretch


Nevada catcher Travis Simas watches one of his foul balls during his marathon 10 pitch at-bat, which resulted in a game-winning home run on Sunday. The Wolf Pack beat Fresno State 12-11 on Sunday and took three-of-four games from the Bulldogs in the weekend series.


Vanessa Briones waits for her glove after an inning with Louisiana Tech on Saturday. Briones led the Wolf Pack on offense last weekend and was named WAC Hitter of the Week.


Simas home run to left eld was the most unpredictable of the season for Nevada
olf Pack back-up catcher Travis Simas said he was pissed off when he entered the batters box in the eighth inning of Sundays series nale with Fresno State.


I was trying to use a football players mentality, Simas said.

Simas stepped to the plate with two outs and Nevada down by two runs, but with one swing of the bat he erased the decit. His three-run home run gave Nevada the 3-1 series win against Western Athletic Conference rst place Fresno State, moving the Wolf Pack within two games of the Bulldogs

in the WAC standings. Im so happy for (Simas), Nevada coach Gary Powers said. He just stayed the course and kept battling in his at-bat. His at-bat was as good as (at-bats) get. Nevada (25-18, 12-8 in WAC) had an 8-6 lead in the eighth inning of Sundays game, but the largest Wolf Pack crowd of the season (1,309 in attendance) deated as Fresno State (26-20, 14-6 in WAC) came back to take a three-run lead. The Bulldogs capitalized on Nevada third baseman Jason Rodriguezs throwing error in the eighth inning. Rodriguez threw to second after elding a ground ball, trying to turn a double play, but his throw was off

See SIMAS Page B6

efore every season, Nevada softball coach Michelle Gardner talks about each player and the quote goes in the teams media guide. Gardner spoke about seldom-used outfielder Vanessa Briones saying very solid role player and We need to find a way to get her more opportunities this year. Some players mature at After 34 games played and 16 starts in three years, the senior has found a new role. different times, Gardner Briones had seven hits, two home runs said. Everything is working and ve RBIs during a three-game sweep out for her right now. Shes against Louisiana Tech over the weekend at Hixson Park. really made a big difference. The Wolf Pack won on scores of 8-7, 12-2 and 8-0. Saturday was senior day The 5-foot-6 outelder from Ontario, Caas five seniors, including Briones, were lif., was a dugout supporter for the majority honored. of her career. Briones has patiently emerged as a power She rooted from the bench trying to mohitter and is a key reason the Wolf Pack tivate her team because she knew that her (35-14, 13-2 Western Athletic Conference) is time would come. She just hoped it wouldnt ranked No. 18, No. 20 and No. 25 in the three national polls. See BRIONES Page B6

Briones barely played last year, but has helped lead Nevadas offense this season

Athletes get new place to learn Ault questioned by NCAA,

Wolf Pack athletics nishes building new academic center for student athletes
Assistant Sports Editor
The Nevada athletic department has nished building the Marguerite Wattis Petersen Athletic Academic Foundation Center located between Mackay Stadium and the Joe Crowley Student Union. We wanted to build a facility that could serve all athletes in one location, associate athletics director Keith Hackett said. Athletes who used to study at the old academic center in the Virginia Street Gym will be able to study at the new $6 million Petersen Aca-

Emerson Marcus

demic Center next semester. The facility is 7,000 square feet and includes a computer lab, eight rooms for tutoring, a kitchen and a study lounge. The new facility is decorated Nevada blue with high rising windows, giving a perfect view of Mackay Stadium. The facility can boast a highrise ceiling in the lounge room. It will also house athletic advisors. The facility is leading the way in environmental protection because it is Leadership in Environmental and Energy design

certied, Hackett said. The facility was LEED because the buildings base was made from asphalt from the former parking lot in front of Legacy Hall and bricks from the old ticket building. Energy conservation must be thought about and built into each project we do here on campus, Hackett said. The facility is the rst building on campus to be LEED certied. Donations for the building came from the Marguerite Wattis Petersen Foundation, E.L. Cord Foundation, the Hart Foundation and the Wilber D. May foundation. Mark Fox, UNR basketball coach and his wife Cindy also donated money to the facility.

football program not involved

Scott Oxarart
Sports Editor
ordered by the NCAA. She did say that she was not given a time table for completion of the investigation. Ault joined Nevada volleyball coach Devin Scruggs and former golf coach Jody Dansie who were seen talking to NCAA investigators Wednesday. The interviews were held in the Joe Crowley Student Union third oor near the student publications area of the building. Perry and the investigators did not return to the room after their lunch at noon. The room was reserved from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It was the second visit in a month for the NCAA, which is investigating allegations against the mens and womens golf teams. The department suspended mens coach Rich Merritt three tournaments for giving a player a plane ticket to attend a tournament, daring a player to eat regurgitated food and giving improper amounts of money for food. The university dismissed allegations of sports betting. Director of Athletics Cary Groth said the NCAA would likely look into the dismissal.

After Nevada football coach Chris Ault was seen being interviewed by the NCAA on Wednesday, athletic department ofcials said the football team is not being investigated. Ault was being questioned for matters not regarding the football team, said Jean Perry, special assistant to the president for athletics academics and compliance. Perry did not give out any other investigation details as

B2 APRIL 29, 2008



Inside Scoop
APRIL 29, 2008



@ Louisiana Tech Friday 6 p.m. @ Louisiana Tech Saturday 1 p.m. @ Louisiana Tech Saturday TBA @ Louisiana Tech Sunday 1 p.m.




THE SKINNY: Nevada answered its poor performance at Hawaii by winning three of four against rst place Fresno State last weekend. The Wolf Pack will now travel to Ruston, La., where it will take on last place Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs were picked to nish second in the WAC preseason polls, but have struggled this year. Nevada cant take them lightly, though. The Wolf Pack is 3-11 on the road this season. Nevada also needs every WAC win it can get to keep pace with Fresno State, who it trails by two games with 12 remaining.


UNLV Wednesday 1 p.m. UNLV Wednesday 4 p.m. @ San Jose State Friday TBA @ San Jose State Friday TBA @ San Jose State Saturday TBA

Alex Van Dyke was named to Nevadas Hall of Fame last season and is on the Wolf Packs All Century team. Van Dyke was drafted 31st in 1996.



THE SKINNY: The Wolf Pack has won 11 of its last 12 games and seven in a row. Nevada is one of the hottest teams in the country and its top 25 showing is proof, but it still remains only one game ahead of Fresno State for rst place. Rivalry games with the Rebels should fuel some emotions for Nevada, but the real games that count are in conference. Nevadas matchup with San Jose State will conclude its WAC season. The Wolf Pack controls its own destiny heading into the last series of the season with San Jose State.

Highest picked Wolf Pack players in the NFL Draft

Alex Van Dyke was the best wide receiver in Nevada history, coach Chris Ault said at Van Dykes Nevada Hall of Fame induction last fall. Van Dyke won the Big Sky Conference offensive Player of the Year in 1995 and was a two-time All-American. He was selected by the New York Jets and played ve years in the NFL.


VANESSA BRIONES SOFTBALL Vanessa Briones only had nine at- bats last season, but she has proven to coach Michelle Gardner that she deserves to be in the lineup a lot more this season. Last weekend, Briones was six for 10 from the plate. She scored six runs, with ve RBIs and two home runs. The right elder has helped lead the Wolf Pack to its most successful season in school history as its number three hitter in Gardners lineup. Briones and Nevada will look to capture the WAC championship this weekend against San Jose State.

Nevada coach Michelle Gardner has never lost condence since joining the Wolf Pack in 2003 and now has her team playing better than it has in school history. Gardner became the winningest coach in school history last weekend.


Gardners optimism has equaled success for Nevada

TERRY WALSH BASEBALL Nevadas designated hitter isnt doing his job. Terry Walsh was two for 14 against Fresno State last weekend. He also led Nevada with ve strikeouts in the four game series with the Bulldogs. The seniors .259 batting average this season is the worst of his career since his freshman year (.224). Walsh ranked second in the WAC last season with a .368 batting average.

evada softball coach Michelle Gardner is the most condent woman Ive ever met. Shell make a young reporter believe that her team will be on a Wheaties cereal box some day. She made me believe that her team three years ago was just a glimpse of how good they would be in the future. Gardner came through on her word. The Wolf Pack is ranked 18, 21 and 25 in three polls, Scott and last weekend Oxarart she became the all-time winningest softball coach in school history. Gardner has a 178-172 record and passed Pat Hixson, who won 174 games from 1980-1989. Gardner did it in fewer seasons but Hixson didnt play as many games per year. Any rate, one of the rst events I covered for this newspaper was the softball team. It was because no one else wanted to do it. I remember being somewhat scared of her. She stands about 5-foot-10, and she speaks loud and crisp, using good volume levels when she emphasizes something.

Even when her team got railed by Washington by 19 runs three years ago, instead of talking about how bad her team got beat, she talked about how her team would be as good as the Huskies someday. Just talking to her, its easy to see how this team is winning. If I were a betting man, I would put Gardner on the same level with Mark Fox when it comes to going into a recruits house to talk to mom and dad. Fox got JaVale McGee to sign when Nevada wasnt even a choice until the end. He got along really well with McGees mom, Pamela. Gardner can be just as effective, I bet. Gardner has charisma and her condence makes it easy to believe in her vision. And now, people dont need to trust her anymore that the team is going somewhere. This team (35-14, 13-2 Western Athletic Conference) will be in the NCAA Regionals this year because they are 8-6 against ranked opponents, and if they sweep San Jose State this weekend they will secure rst place in the conference.


I sort of feel bad for Ezra Butler. The super-athletic linebacker who entered the NFL Draft didnt get picked, but some media outlets are reporting that he signed a free

agent deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The Reno Gazette-Journal ran a story tacking on all the bad stuff that has happened: he didnt play in the East-West Shrine Bowl, he pulled a hammy and couldnt work out at the combine or the Nevada pro day, and he admitted to using marijuana before the season, causing him to miss the Nebraska game. Then there were reports that some teams backed off him because he said he still smokes. Butler denied it and reportedly sent a letter to every NFL general manager saying he was sorry and he doesnt smoke anymore. No matter what happens, I still think hell be a good back-up and an eventual starter. The smoking stuff is a problem. But its not as problematic as crime and arrests. He never got into trouble and he played as hard as anyone on the eld throughout his career. He was good with the media and was always seen laughing with coaches and teammates. Hes still fast. Hes still athletic and he still should have a decent NFL career.
Scott Oxarart is the Sports Editor at the Nevada Sagebrush. He can be reached at soxarart@nevadasagebrush.com

Patrick Hunter was an AllAmerican for the Wolf Pack in 1985. He played nine seasons for the Seattle Seahawks, who drafted him, and his last season was with the Arizona Cardinals. The corner back recorded 14 interceptions in his 10-year career.

2 3


Nate Burleson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2003, but became popular as one of Matt Hasselbacks go-to receivers on the Seattle Seahawks in the past few years. Burleson tallied 3,293 receiving yards at Nevada with 22 touchdowns. He had 50 receptions for 694 yards last season for the Seahawks.


Charles Mann led the WAC with 14 sacks his senior year and was named most valuable defensive lineman in the Big Sky Conference. Mann was drafted by the Washington Redskins and was a four-time pro-bowler in the NFL. He also won two Superbowl rings with the Redskins (1987 and 1991) and one with the San Francisco 49ers (1994).

4 5


Jorge Cordova had 311 tackles and 29.5 sacks as a linebacker for Nevada. He was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars and still plays for the Tennessee Titans.



From left to right: Jordan McPherson, Kyle Howe, Jason Rodriguez and Vanessa Briones


B4 APRIL 29, 2008




Home runs increasing

Scott Oxarart
Sports Editor
Several white DeMarini softball bats are doing some serious damage for the Nevada softball team. The Wolf Pack (35-14, 13-2) is launching home runs at a stellar pace and the season record will likely be surpassed. Freshman Britton Murdock has seven home runs this season to lead the team, which has 38 this season. The record is 41, which was set in 2005. Theyre seeing the ball very well right now, Nevada coach Michelle Gardner said. Theyre really patient and really disciplined. I think thats the major difference right now. In the three-game sweep against Louisiana Tech this weekend, the Wolf Pack hit eight bombs with Vanessa Briones, Danielle Patrick and Kelsey Starr each hitting two. Sam Bias and Brittany Puzey hit the other two. Bias home run Friday was a sharp line drive over the left eld wall while Puzeys was a towering shot over the centereld wall.

Hixson Park is in its second year of existence and the outeld grass is still not in ideal shape. Grass is a tricky surface and during the weekend series against Louisiana Tech, several balls took funny hops causing errors. Vanessa Briones hit a sharp line drive to left eld on Saturday that Louisiana Techs Lyndsey McIlwain couldnt pick up. The ball was hit hard, but it was right to McIlwain, who committed her second error of the year. Its two years old, Gardner said. I think, yeah, its going to take weird hops out here. But thats why we take y balls and grounders in practice to know how the elds going to play. It still needs to keep growing. It will be ne. Our grounds crew is doing a good job. The Wolf Pack faced similar problems when the eld opened. Holes in the outeld from the separation of grass forced the grounds crew to ll those places with sand.

Jordan McPherson and Richelle Villescas combined for a no-hitter Saturday in an 8-0 game that was called due to a run rule in the fth inning. McPherson worked a majority of the counts to 0-1 and 0-2, which allowed her to throw pitches outside of the strike zone and led to outs. You know, I really wanted to come out and set the tone today, McPherson said. I wanted to come out with a bang and Im happy I threw well today. Villescas ended the game in the fth without allowing anyone to reach base. Because of the solid pitching, the game only took 71 minutes. McPherson threw the Wolf Packs only other no-hitter on April 14 last year in a 10-0 win against San Jose State.


Fresno rivalry rejuvenated

Assistant Sports Editor
Bench-clearing brawls, intimidating inside pitches and high emotions are common when Fresno State and Nevada play. Its been a rivalry in the past, but there is no rivalry when one team is so used to winning like Fresno State is, Nevada coach Gary Powers said. The Wolf Pack went a long way in rejuvenating the rivalry by taking three of four games last weekend and moving within two games of the Bulldogs in the Western Athletic Conference standings. Before the weekend series, Fresno State was 25-15 against Nevada since the Wolf Pack joined the WAC in 2001. Fresno State entered its Nevada series with a 10-game WAC win streak, but left Reno with a three-game losing streak. Nevada is two games behind the Bulldogs with 12 games left.

Emerson Marcus

little more hop in its step. The Wolf Pack played pepper by the dugout and had fun as a team. Nevada carried the momentum into the second game by beating the Bulldogs 7-3 and then taking the series the next day with a game-winning home run by back-up catcher Travis Simas. (Fresno State) is on re, Powers said. Its huge for us to do what we did today because of how well they are playing. It also keeps us in the thick of things (in the WAC standings).

beginning of the game, he said. Scurry allowed six runs and only got two outs in his brief outing in the series opener. It was really nice to come out here and get the save today after how bad I pitched in the opener, Scurry said. Scurry said it wasnt that hard for him to come in as a reliever because he was a closer at Galena High School.

Nevada got some local and national attention in its weekend series with the Bulldogs. The Wolf Packs double-header on Saturday was televised on College Sports Television. Sundays game also had 1,390 people in attendance, which was the highest-attended game of the season for Nevada.

Nevadas middle inelders were crucial in dominating the series against the Bulldogs. Our elding up the middle is amazing, Powers said. The Wolf Pack turned 13 double plays this weekend. Second baseman David Ciarlo and shortstop Kevin Rodland led the middle of the ineld for Nevada: killing Fresno State rallies with the pitchers best friend. The Wolf Pack was tied for 36th in double plays this season prior to the Fresno State series.


Tyson Jaquezs three-run home run in the eighth inning of game one on Saturday propelled Nevada to a 4-1 victory, giving the Wolf Pack something to celebrate. It might be the number one thrill of my baseball career, Jaquez said. After the game, Nevada had a

Wolf Pack ace Rod Scurry got the save in game four for Nevada. It was Scurrys rst save opportunity with the Wolf Pack. Coach (Powers) said I might be used in that situation at the


The Marguerite Wattis Petersen Athletic Academic Foundation Center lobby is located across the street from the Joe Crowley Student Union. The 7,000 square foot center will allow student athletes access to their own technology and tutoring. The center will be open in the fall 2008 semester.

APRIL 29, 2008 B5



B6 APRIL 29, 2008




Nevada 8, Louisiana Tech 0 (Game 3) La. Tech Barnes, E cf Sheridan, D lf Offutt, S lf Waits, A ss Clark, R c Bassett, K 1b Oliver, K p/rf Kirby, J dh Young, S 3b Doiron, H 2b McIlwain, L rf TOTALS Nevada Micka, N c Puzey, B lf Briones, V rf Murdock, B dh Bias, S 3b Starr, K 1b Stith, K 2b Patrick, D ss Schafer, T cf/rf TOTALS AB 2 2 0 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 0 16 AB 3 1 3 3 3 3 1 2 2 21 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 R 2 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 8 H 8 1 H 0 0 00X 1X H 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 H 2 1 2 1 1 1 0 1 0 9 R 7 1 R 0 0 X X RBI 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 RBI 0 0 1 2 0 2 0 2 0 7 ER 6 1 ER 0 0 R 0 8 BB 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BB 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 BB 1 1 BB 0 0 H 0 9 SO 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 SO 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 SO 0 1 SO 4 0 LOB 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 LOB 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 4 BF 13 11 BF 13 3 E 2 1

Womens Tennis
Boise State 4, Nevada 2 Doubles No. 43 Caroline Bailly/Maria Mizyuk def. No. 54 Pichittra Thongdack/Polina Kokoulina (BSU) 8-3 Alice Hall/Ly-Huong Dinh def. Laura Baum/Jana Mackova (BSU) 8-4 Bianca Jochimsen/Klaudia Wlodarczyk (BSU) def. Lais Ogata/Florence De Vrye 8-3 Singles Thongdack (BSU) def. No. 72 Mizyuk 1-2, retired injury (knee). Kokoulina (BSU) def. No. 116 Bailly 6-3, 6-0 Hall def. Jochimsen (BSU) 6-7, 6-2, 6-2 Wlodarczyk (BSU) def. De Vrye 6-4, 2-6, 6-1 Housley (BSU) vs. Ogata 6-7, 6-4, 2-2, unnished Mackova (BSU) def. Dinh 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 Nevada 4, Idaho 0 Doubles No. 43 Caroline Bailly/Maria Mizyuk vs. Silvia Irimescu/Laura Leoni (UI) 6-5, unnished Alice Hall/Ly-Huong Dinh def.Alexandra Ulesanu/Yvette Ly (UI) 8-1 Lais Ogata/Florence De Vrye 8-3 def. Barbara Maciocha/Natalie Kirch (UI) 8-1 Singles No. 72 Mizyuk def. Irimescu (UI) 6-1, 6-2 No. 116 Bailly 6-3, 6-0 def. Maciocha (UI) 6-0, 6-1 Hall vs. Ly (UI) 4-6, unnished De Vrye vs. Ulesanu (UI) 6-4, unnished Ogata def. Siwa (UI) 6-1, 6-0



Both Pack tennis teams fall in WAC Championships

After beating Idaho in the rst round of the Western Athletic Conference Championship, the Wolf Pack lost to No. 40 Boise State, 4-2, ending Nevadas season. Sophomore and No. 1 singles player Maria Mizyuk retired from her match because of an apparent right knee injury and Alice Hall got the only singles win. Mizyuk and Caroline Bailly were named first team AllWAC while Florence De Vrye was named freshman of the year. Maria Mizyuk was forced to leave her WAC championships singles match Thursday after she suffered a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. She will have surgery next week. Mizyuk was Nevadas best player and competed in the No. 1 slot for an improved Wolf Pack tennis team. The mens tennis team lost to New Mexico, 4-1, in the rst round of the WAC Championships. Laurent Garcin won the only point for the team and passed Bryan McQuown for the school record in wins with 27. McQuown set the record in 1982. Garcin was named to the rst team All-WAC squad.

The 6-foot-2, 245-pound outside linebacker led the Wolf Pack in tackles (87), tackles for loss (12.5 for 31 yards), forced fumbles (3) and interceptions (3). Bishop caught 14 balls for 223 yards and seven touchdowns. He also blocked well when needed.


Wolf Pack in fth at conference championships

Nevada is ranked fth in the three-day WAC championship at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club in San Jose, Calif. The three-day tournament started yesterday and will conclude on Wednesday afternoon. Nevada shot a 20-over 308 on Monday and trails rst place New Mexico State by 22 shots (286). Wolf Pack redshirt freshman Scott Smith led Nevada with a one-over 73 for the day.

La. Tech IP Oliver, K (L, 14-13) 4 Gonzalez 2.2 Nevada IP McPhrsn (W, 16-5) 4 Villescas, R 1 Score by innings La. Tech 000 Nevada 070



Game Score New Mexico (W) vs. New Mexico State 9-1 Stanford (W) vs. San Jose State 7-3 Hawaii (W) vs. Santa Clara 2-0 Hawaii (W) vs. Santa Clara 3-0 Utah State (W) vs. Idaho State 5-3 Nevada (W) vs. Louisiana Tech 8-7 Nevada (W) vs. Louisiana Tech 7-6 Fresno State (W) vs. Hawaii 4-3 New Mexico State (W) vs. San Jose State 4-0 Utah State (W) vs. Northern Colorado 7-4 San Jose State (W) vs. New Mexico State 14-8 Northern Colorado (W) vs. Utah State 5-3 Nevada (W) vs. Louisiana Tech 8-0 Fresno State (W) vs. Hawaii 3-2 San Jose State (W) vs. NMSU 4-2 Fresno State (W) vs. Hawaii 2-1 Utah State (W) vs. Northern Colorado 11-3 Northern Colorado (W) vs. Utah State 5-3

Hits Noelle Micka Steals Kym Silagyi Home runs Murdock * minimum 45 at bats

65 12 7

Dinh vs. Kirch 6-4, 3-2, unnished

Nevada lands four on conference players of week

Team Nevada Fresno State Hawaii NMSU Louisiana Tech San Jose State Utah State Conference 13-2 12-3 7-7 7-8 7-9 5-10 2-12

Overall 35-14 46-8 33-17 25-31 29-26 25-30 14-29

Mens Tennis



Category Name ERA Richelle Villescas Strikeouts Katie Holverson Wins Holverson Walks (most) Holverson Innings Holverson

Nevada 7, UC Davis 0 Doubles Roman Stoisavljevic/Eduardo Salas (NMSU) def. Laurent Garcin/Augustin Myard 8-5 Gustave Diep/Jim Brouleau (NMSU) def. Alex Daruty/Benjamin David 8-3 Guerin Smith/Antone Bulich def. Stefan McKinney/Alejandro de Mucha (NMSU) 8-2 Singles Garcin def. Diep (NMSU) 6-2, 6-3 Stoisavljevic (NMSU) def. David 6-2, 6-4 Brouleau (NMSU) def. Daruty 6-3, 6-4 McKinney (NMSU) vs. Kuharszky 6-2, 1-6, 2-1, unnished Salas (NMSU) vs. Kanzelmeyer 6-2, 6-6, unnished de Mucha (NMSU) def. Myard 6-3, 6-1

Butler, Bishop not drafted, both sign free agent deals

Former Nevada football players Ezra Butler and Adam Bishop were not selected in the NFL Draft last week, but did sign free agent contracts. Butler, a linebacker last season, signed with the San Francisco 49ers and will be in mini camp in May for a chance to earn a roster spot.


Category Batting* RBIs Name Vanessa Briones Britton Murdock

Statistic .455 34

Statistic 1.79 167 17 68 162.1

Intramural scores
Monday Mens B GVE (2 ), Brothers of Thunder (1) (OT) The Squad (4), Stormin Mormons (2) Average Joes (4), Brothers of Thunder (3) Brothers of Thunder (4), Manbearpig (1) The Rusty Fish-Hooks (4), LLC FTW (1) Awesome (4), LLC FTW (3) Awesome (4), The Rusty FishHooks (3) Tuesday Coed US Ballstars (4), Circle K (1) Do It (4), El Equipo de Gata (2) Samobys (4), El Equipo de Gata (3) Circle K (4),Zombie Assassins (1) Do It (4), Samobys (1) US Ballstars (4), Zombie Assassins (2) Tuesday Mens Liquid Death (4),Team Stewart (3) Liquid Death (4),Blue Steel (0) We Like Turtles (4), The Last Picks (0) We Like Turtles (4), Playstation 6 (0) Team Stewart (4), Blue Steel (2) Playstation 6 (4), The Last Picks (0) Wednesday Womens Tri Delta (W), Yo Mamma Part 3! (Forfeit) Incredi-Balls (W), Yo Mamma Part 3! (Forfeit) The Incredi-Balls (4), Angels (0) Kappa Alpha Theta (4), Delta Gamma (3) Motorboatin SOBs (4), Delta Gamma (3) Angels (4), Sigma Kappa (1) Motorboatin SOBs (4), Tri Delta (0) Kappa Alpha Theta (4), Sigma Kappa (1) Thursday Mens Skidmarkz (W), The Dread hawks (Forfeit) Skidmarkz (4), I Dream of Blaine (3) Ducks (4), TKE (2) Ducks (W), Tha Digglers (Forfeit) TKE (W) , Tha Digglers (Forfeit) I Dream Of Blaine (W), The Dreadhawks (Forfeit)

The Nevada baseball and softball teams swept the WAC Hitter and Pitcher of the week this week. For the baseball team, the Wolf Packs Kyle Howe is pitcher of the week and third baseman Jason Rodriguez is hitter of the week. For the softball team right elder Vanessa Briones is the hitter of the week and Jordan McPherson is the pitcher of the week. Howe pitched a complete game, Rodriguez hit a home run, Briones hit two home runs and McPherson combined for a no-hitter. Richelle Villescas pitched the nal inning of the no-hit performance for the softball team. It was the second no hitter in school history

Nevada 12, Fresno State 11 (Game 4) Fresno State Muno ss Wetzel 2b Susdorf lf Ahmady 1b Overland c Detwiler rf Mendonca 3b Hedtrom cf Soares dh Ribera dh TOTALS AB 5 3 5 5 3 4 5 4 4 1 39 R 1 3 1 3 1 0 1 1 0 0 11 R 2 3 0 0 2 2 1 1 1 0 12 H 4 5 0 4 H 6 3 6 1 0 030 210 H 2 2 2 5 2 0 2 1 0 0 16 H 4 1 2 0 1 2 1 1 0 1 3 R 5 3 0 4 R 3 3 5 0 0 050 04X RBI 0 3 1 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 11 RBI 3 0 3 0 1 0 0 3 1 0 11 ER 5 2 0 4 ER 3 3 0 0 0 RBIs Hits Steals Home runs R 11 12 BB 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 5 BB 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 1 1 7 BB 3 2 1 1 BB 1 1 2 1 0 H 16 13 SO 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 6 SO 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 SO 0 0 1 2 SO 3 1 1 0 1 LOB 0 0 3 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 7 LOB 1 1 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 1 8 BF 13 16 3 12 BF 14 10 16 3 2 E 2 1 48 63 7 8


Monday Mens A The Goodsportsmen (8), Real Reno (2) TMNT (6), At Aneld (5)(OT) Thursday Coed A Teamwork Times 7 (5), Oso Gogorak (2) Mountain Dewers (3), Spartans (2) Modern Day Outlaws (5) Team Powder (4) Thursday Coed B Brothers & Sisters of Thunder (6), Samobys (5) Friday Coed B UNSOM United (6), KillR Pandas (1) Fri Womens Kappa Alpha Theta (11), Delta Gamma (1) Lombardi Lancers (Forfeit), Tri Delta (Forfeit) Kappa Alpha Theta (W), Team Piroccello (Forfeit)

Nevada AB Sadoian, J cf 5 Bowman, M lf 3 Rodriguez, J 3b 4 Kort, S 1b 3 Hale, M rf 3 Walsh, T dh 5 Jaquez, T c 3 Simas, T c 1 Rodland, K ss 3 Ciarlo, D 2b 3 TOTALS 33 Fresno State Miller Sprague Tomlinson Breckley (L, 1-1) Nevada Achelpohl, D Bautista, S Rivera, M Kaup, J Scurry, R IP 1.2 3.1 0.2 2.1 IP 2.2 2.1 2.2 0.1 1

take too long. Last year she had nine at-bats in 13 games. She went 3 for 9 with three RBIs, which isnt bad for few attempts. Some players would have complained about inadequate playing time and rightfully so. Briones never argued with her coaches or teammates, she just stayed positive. Vanessa waited and waited and waited to have the opportunity to dominate, said pitcher Jordan McPherson, Briones roommate. She never gave up. She just kept waiting, patiently waiting for her time to show it. Shes always supported us and wanted the best for this program. Briones said she beneted, like most of the team, from the hiring of volunteer hitting coach Andy Dominique. Briones learned to be more patient and relaxed at the plate, which has helped her concentration.

Briones loads her back foot and the lefty drives toward the pitcher when she swings. Her left elbow points at the catcher and her swing plane has good balance. In the second inning of the third game, Briones got a fastball on the outside corner of the plate. She didnt try to pull it. Instead she stayed with the pitch and drove it to left eld. It was hit so hard that it bounced past Louisiana Tech left elder Lyndsey McIlwain, who was given an error. Her play now is what shes been waiting for. Im just taking advantage of my opportunities, Briones said. Im thankful Andys here to help me and Im glad Im playing. Briones parents, Frank and Phyllis, came down from Ontario for senior day to watch their daughter. Phyllis was holding a white ower given by the athletic department as she watched the nal home game of the season. We knew she would be a star, Phyllis said. From day one, weve been proud of her.


Monday Coed doba Qs (18), Softballas (8) Frenzied Yettis (W), QSU (Forfeit) Mechanical Balls (Forfeit), Transformers (Forfeit)


Score by innings Fresno State 012 Nevada 050


Game Score Texas Tech (W) vs. NMSU 16-10 San Jose State (W) vs. Hawaii-Hilo 3-2 San Jose State (W) vs. Louisiana Tech 11-1 Fresno State (W) vs. San Francisco 5-4 NMSU (W) vs. Sacramento State 7-4 Fresno State (W) vs. Nevada 9-3 Hawaii (W) vs. Louisiana Tech 13-7 Hawaii (W) vs. Louisiana Tech 8-4 Nevada (W) vs. Fresno State 4-1 NMSU (W) vs. Sacramento State 11-5 La. Tech (W) vs. Hawaii 14-4 Nevada (W) vs. Fresno State 7-3 NMSU (W) vs. Sacramento State 5-3 La. Tech (W) vs. Hawaii 10-9 Nevada (W) vs. Fresno State 12-11 NMSU (W) vs. Sacramento State 14-4 San Jose State (W) vs. Washington State 6-2

Rodriguez Rodriguez Kevin Rodland Rodriguez

Team Conference Fresno State 14-6 Nevada 12-8 Hawaii 13-11 Sacramento State 10-9 San Jose State 12-11 New Mexico State 9-11 Louisiana Tech 4-18

Tuesday Coed Flamethrowers (10), Dub-Ace (3) Id Hit That (29), Frenzied Yettis (1) Theta (12), Bow Chicka Bow Wow (6) Tuesday Fraternities Sigma Nu (22), Sig Ep (2) TKE (21), Pi Kappa Phi (14) SAE (29), Lambda Chi (24) Friday Coed Softballas (7),Flaming Pels (5) TBD (W), QSU (Forfeit) Theta (8), Id Hit That (7)

Overall 24-16 25-18 21-24 19-23 24-18 22-25 18-24


Category Name ERA* Sammy Miller Strikeouts Rod Scurry Wins Kyle Howe Walks (most) Scurry Innings Scurry * at least 20 innings pitched


Category Batting Name Jason Rodriguez

Statistic .394

Statistic 3.42 48 6 27 55.1



If you or your club would like to see your scores included in the agate, please send them to soxarart@ nevadasagebrush.com

Monday Coed Average Joes (4), Manbearpig (1)

track and carried into the outeld. Fresno State hit two home runs after the error and scored ve runs in the inning. Nevada rallied in the bottom of the inning, though. Mike Hale singled with two outs to score Matt Bowman, who doubled to leadoff the inning. Designated hitter Terry Walsh followed with a single, putting runners on rst and third base for Simas. Simas hit six pitches foul in his 10-pitch at-bat against Fresno State pitcher Jason Breckley. I think I was more nervous for him (in the dugout) than he was at the plate, Nevada center elder Jason Sadoian said. The Fresno State outelders played Simas to hit the ball to the opposite eld, but the junior pulled to ball down the left-eld line instead. I knew that with runners in scoring position, at that point in the ball game, I needed to get those guys in, Simas said. Ten pitches into it I knew I had that guy.

Simas came in as a defensive replacement in the seventh inning for Tyson Jaquez, who has played the majority of the season behind the plate for Nevada. Simas has been used as a defensive replacement in late innings for the Wolf Pack this season, but on Sunday it was his offense that shined. Offensively Ive struggled this season, said Simas, who is hitting .188 this season. I had a talk with coach Powers at the beginning of the game and he told me dont do too much because sometimes you try to do too much. Simas admitted that his poor hitting this season has driven his teammates to criticize him. (Sadoian) calls me a marshmallow, Simas said. There are marshmallows, which means youre soft, and then theres jelly beans, which is someone who acts like theyre tough but theyre really not. I call (Sadoian) a jellybean. Then there are rocks, which is what we are all trying to be. Simas may not be a rock yet, but his dramatic home run on Sunday went a long way in removing his marshmallow label.



APRIL 29, 2008 B7

On Deck
APRIL 29, 2008



1. Miami (28) 36-5 2. North Carolina (1) 38-8 3. Florida State (2) 35-7 4. Arizona State 35-7 5. Texas A&M 37-7 6. Rice 34-11 7. Nebraska 32-8-1 8. Wichita State 33-9 9. Oklahoma State 32-11 10. UC Irvine 28-10 11. San Diego 35-11 12. Stanford 25-13-2 13. Georgia 29-14-1 14. South Carolina 31-14 15. Coastal Carolina 36-9 16. Missouri 29-14 17. Vanderbilt 31-13 18. CS Fullerton 26-15 19. Kentucky 33-11 20. NC State 30-13 21. California 27-13-2 22. Michigan 30-10 23. Long Beach State 26-15 24. Arizona 28-13 25. Mississippi 28-17
Florida (27-16) 77; North Carolina-Wilmington (33-9-1) 77; Virginia (32-15) 59; Oregon State (20-14) 38; East Carolina (32-13) 29; Southern Mississippi (31-13) 29; Texas (26-18) 19; Oral Roberts (31-11) 18; Pepperdine (25-13) 18; St. Johns (31-10) 12; Georgia Tech (31-13) 10; TCU (29-15) 9; UC-Santa Barbara (29-13) 6; Dallas Baptist (29-12) 5; Missouri State (30-13) 4; Elon (33-14) 2; West Virginia (32-11) 2; Charlotte (31-12) 1; LSU (28-16) 1; Texas-San Antonio (32-12) 1; Tulane (29-13) 1.

Nevada is getting hot at right time

Wolf Pack travels to Ruston to take on other Bulldogs
Assistant Sports Editor
Nevada baseball coach Gary Powers said the Wolf Pack did what it had to do to get back into the Western Athletic Conference championship run last weekend. Nevada took three of four games against Fresno State and is only two games behind the Bulldogs for rst place. The Wolf Pack will now travel to Ruston, Louisiana to take on last place Louisiana Tech. Louisiana Tech has played horribly this season, but Nevada has also played horribly away from Peccole Park (3-11 in road games). Nevada has to move past its emotional weekend against Fresno State because WAC wins are going to be difcult, even against last place Louisiana Tech.


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Emerson Marcus

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33, RHP, Dylan Moseley Junior, 6-foot-5, 208 pounds; 1-5, 5.23 ERA, 9 APP, 9 GS, 43 INP, 21 SO, 15 BB 39, RHP, Jericho Jones RS-Freshman, 6-foot-5, 205 pounds; 5-4, 5.66 ERA, 11 APP, 10 GS, 55.2 INP, 40 SO, 21 BB 21, RHP, Alan Knotts Senior, 6-foot-4, 210 pounds; 3-2, 4.75 ERA, 12 APP, 6 GS, 41.2 INP, 42 SO, 14 BB 47, RHP, Luke Burnett Junior, 6-foot-8, 260 pounds; 0-4, 10 APP, 8 GS 40.2 INP, 30 SO, 32 BB

Louisiana Tech has been outscored 120-89 in the rst three innings of ball games this season. In comparison, Nevada has outscored its opponents 121-106. The Wolf Pack should take advantage of this and not give the Bulldogs any chance of taking early leads and staying in ball games. Louisiana Tech has underachieved this season and may not even qualify for the WAC tournament, which is actually in Ruston, La. The last place team in the WAC doesnt make the tournament. If Nevada can jump out to early leads it will go a long way in destroying the struggling Bulldogs moral, which is shaky at best.


The Wolf Packs high-powered offense must exploit Louisiana Techs underachieving starting pitching staff. Louisiana Techs Alan Knotts is the only Bulldog starting pitcher with an earned run average under ve runs (4.75). Louisiana Techs starting staff has a collective 6 ERA. Its pitching has been even worse in conference. Louisiana Techs WAC ERA is 7.90 this season. Luke Burnett is the most underachieving of the Bulldog starting pitchers. He led the WAC with 115 strikeouts last season, but only has 30 this season. Burnett is 0-4 with an 8.41 ERA this year.

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40, RHP, Rod Scurry Senior, 6-foot-7, 210 pounds; 4-6, 5.20 ERA, 11 APP, 10 GS, 55.1 INP, 48 SO, 27 BB 24, RHP, Kyle Howe Senior, 6-foot-4, 210 pounds; 6-1, 3.48 ERA, 8 APP, 8 GS, 54.1 INP, 31 SO, 20 BB 22, LHP, Brock Stassi Freshman, 6-foot-2, 185 pounds; 3-0, 4.29 ERA, 13 APP, 5 GS, 35.2 INP, 24 SO, 13 BB 21, RHP, Dan Eastham Senior, 6-foot-3, 190 pounds; 1-0, 5.57 ERA, 9 APP, 5 GS, 21 INP, 14 SO, 14 BB

The Wolf Pack has to avoid getting too condent against Louisiana Tech this weekend. Nevada swept the Bulldogs, March 20-22, but that was at home. The Wolf Pack outscored Louisiana Tech 38-19 and won two of the games with late inning heroics, just as it did last weekend against Fresno State. Nevada is also coming off its most emotional series of the season. The Wolf Pack has to keep up the pressure this weekend and not get too satised with its important series win against Fresno State. Louisiana Tech may be in last place, but the Bulldogs still have talent. Louisiana Tech was picked to nish second in the preseason WAC Coaches Poll.

WEEKLY GLANCE Nevada battles Hornets

Sacramento State has surprised the WAC this season. The Hornets were in rst place for the rst half of the season, but have fallen to fourth in the last couple weeks. Sacramento State and Nevada should play a tight series next weekend. The Hornets are only one game behind Nevada in the loss column.


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Staff Report


Nevada at Louisiana Tech Saturday double-header at 1:00 p.m. and Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

Sacramento State San Jose State New Mexico State Louisiana Tech

When: Friday at 6 p.m.,


*National rankings in parenthesis **All statistics thru games 4/29/2008

Where: Peccole Park Radio: ESPN 630

Tyson Jaquez

.311 7.1 .480

OFFENSE Batting Average Runs Scored Per Game Slugging Percentage On Base Percentage PITCHING Earned Run Average

La. Tech
.285 6.1 .429 .438 5.75 .314 10.78 .955 70




OPTIMIST SAYS: The Wolf Pack series with Fresno State was huge. It gave Nevada momentum going into the nal 12 games of the season and pulled the Wolf Pack within two games of the Bulldogs for rst place. It will continue its hot play, sweeping Louisiana Tech for the second time this season. OUTCOME: Nevada sweeps series PESSIMIST SAYS: Nevadas series with Fresno State was a ash in the pan. Nevada will travel across the country, experience a serious dose of jet lag, and fold on the road as it has over and over again this season. Nevadas 3-11 record on the road is proof of its poor play away from Peccole Park. OUTCOME: Louisiana Tech wins 3 of 4


Jericho Jones is the Babe Ruth of Louisiana Tech baseball. He leads the Bulldogs in home runs (10) as a clean-up hitter, but he also pitches. He is 5-4 with a 5.66 ERA this season. Jones will play in every game against Nevada, but will probably start on the mound in game two. His impact hitting and on the mound will determine the Bulldogs success in this weekend series. Jericho Jones

5.83 .288 10.15 .972 42

Opposing Batting Average Hits Allowed Per Game FIELDING Fielding Percentage Errors