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The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


Overall Market Scenar ! "!r Wa#$ n% Mac$ ne# n In& a
Ten years ago, a washing machine was considered an essential item only on the conspicuous consumers shopping list for status symbols, even if this object of desire resided in the bathroom . Today, they have become so much part of the urbanites list of necessary household appliances that she couldnt wash her dirty linen in public even if she had a mind to. The range of brands and types of washing machines have proliferated, rendering a careful survey of the market necessary. The salesman is likely to bombard you with the jargon that has proliferated in direct proportion to the kinds of machines on display; he will declaim on the respective merits of fuzzy logic air powder washing. agitators and pulsators and eco valves. The Washing achine market in !ndia is divided into three segments " achines %$W &, 'emi"$utomatic Washing echanical !mpeller washing machine. The anual

#ully $utomatic Washing achines %'W & and

organized sector is made up of #ully $utomatic washing machines and 'emi $utomatic washing machines. Washing achine is a new entrant in the consumer industry. The

penetration level of all types of washing machine in the !ndian (ousehold level is very low " only ).*+. ,ver the past few years washing machine sale have e-perienced high growth rates. #rancis .anoi studies estimate that washing machine sector from /001 to )222 will e-perience growth rate of )3+ p.a. 4arge middle class and increasing disposable incomes in the hands of consumers, offer big opportunities. 5ven at conservative growth rate of )2+ p.a. it is forcasted that the total washing machine industry will touch the figure of $ppro-. ) the year6 )222. With the $utomatic Washing %'ource " #rancis .anoi&. illion units by illion achine at 63

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

$t 7resent 'W

constitute roughly *2+ of the total market with rest with

$W . (owever, according to the industry estimates the fully automatic will register higher growth rates of nearly 63+ and 82+ for semi automatic as there e-ists a huge replacement market. !n the $W market there is a further segmentation " Top 4oading and

#rom 4oading. !n #ront 4oading !#9 is a leader with market share of appro-. 82+ by the virtue of monopolistic position in the front loading segmentation. ,ther major players in $W 'iemens %<ew 5ntrant&. category are Whirlpool, :ideocon, 974, odi (oover, $llwyn, and

;odrej " ;5, :oltas, ,nida, 'amsung, 4;,

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

WASHING MACHINE INDUSTRY APRIL '() * MARCH '(+ TECHNOLOGY SEGMENTATION #ront 4oad #ully $uto.. Top 4oad #ully $uto Twin Tub 'emi $uto Total UNITS (MILLIONS) 2.23 2./8 2.* 2.11 CONTRI,UTION 3.*+ /6.1+ *0.3+ /22+

FULLY AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE INDUSTRY APRIL '() * MARCH '(+ ,RANDWISE SEGMENTATION ,RAND !#9 974 W(!=47,,4 :!>5,?,< :,4T$' ;,>=5A T,T$4 UNITS (MILLIONS) 32,222 63,222 81,322 8/,222 /),222 8322 /,12,222 CONTRI,UTION )*.*1+ )3.22+ )/.80+ /*.))+ @.@*+ /.06+ /22.22+

TWIN SEMI * AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINE INDUSTRY APRIL '() * MARCH '(+ ,RANDWISE SEGMENTATION ,RAND :!>5,?,< 974 W(!=47,,4 ,<!>$ ;,>=5A ,T(5=' T,T$4 UNITS (MILLIONS) ),0*,222 /,3),222 /,)1,222 63322 8/,322 6@,222 *2,2222 CONTRI,UTION 6).68+ )/.*/+ /1.)0+ @.32+ 6.32+ @.3*+ /22.22+

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


This is among the fastest growing segments in the white goods business, translating into big opportunities for manufacturers. !ncreasing disposable incomes and the associated convenience have knocked washing machines off the lu-ury list and helped the segment register faster growth. ,ver the past decade, washing machine sales have increased ninety "nine fold. #rom /2,222 units in /01@, the current market size is /2 lakh machines valued at =s. *32 crore. $nd the market is growing at 82 per cent annually. :idecon was the first to launch its washing machine in the late eighties. 9ut it is only in the past four years that the market has grown fast enough to generate volumes. The two prominent divisions are the fully automatic and the twin"tub semi" automatic segments. The latter constitutes a major chunk of the market, accounting for 1, per cent of total sales. 9ut while the mass"marketed twin"tub is growing at 82 per cent, the fully"automatic machine is ahead at 63 per cent. 9anglore"based 974 has added two more automatic models in the 6.3kg size %they had one in this size earlier& to its stable of five machines. it plans to introduce two more semi"automatic washing machines. ,nida is augmenting its four"model range. !t test marketed its @kg #uzzy 4ogic %with automatic control mechanisms& last year and will make a formal launch this month. it also plans to upgrade its e-isting 6.3kg semi"automatic and the 3 kg fully"automatic washing machines. #uzzy 4ogic, a feature studded model, is patronized by all the companies. With its automatic settings for water levels, it is said to offer the latest technology. 9ut the largest washing machine of them all is the /2kg, fully automatic machine from odi (oover, priced at =s. *2,222. $9 5lectroluaharaja !nternational, is also e-tending of 'weden, which has taken over

its e-isting range of washing machines. $s multinationals gear up to occupy the premium segment, washing machine, which currently have a

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

penetration level of a paltry 8 per cent, should see some turbulent competition could understand a difference such as between denim and silk. 9ut they would not have been able to make the finer distinction between silk and satin, which the new machines are eBuipped to do. Washing machines with fuzzy logic also automatically adjust the water level and decide the wash programmes, with a Cone touch slart. These machines are priced in the range of =s. 82,222 and more. 'lightly less e-pensive machines offer the option of deciding the wash programmes. 'ome machines like 974s $9' 32 # offer 3/ wash programes. ?hick that the machine of your choice has the hot wash option because this is most effective in washing very stubborn dirt. The other important component the drier. 'ome machines give a choice of deciding on @ drying times, ranging from 82 minutes to 8 hours. The less endowed machines spin"dry for about half an hour and dry the clothes. <o machine dries the clothes /22 per cent"the ma-imum drying level is about @3"*2 per cent. 'ome machines have the added facility of automatically adjusting the load, so even if you are not aware of the capacity. Dour machine will refuse to function if you have overburdened it. The high"end machines also offer features like noise reducing base cover shock absorbing rubber legs and eco valve to ensure that detergent is not wasted. Take care that the machine is eBuipped with thermal protection this will prevent the machine from over heating.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

Market n% Strate% e# "!r .W$ r/!!l0 n In& a $merican white goods measured, Whirlpool is performing strongly ) years after it entered the !ndian arket for refrigerators and washing machines. Whirlpool of !ndia, 3@ + owned by Whirlpool corporation, 9enton (arbour, michigan %E'&, has seldom stayed out of the news ever since it first entered !ndia in /006 by acBuiring a majority stake in .elvinator of !ndia by outbidding 5lectrolu-, the 'wedish white goods major. The comapnys washing machines business has also shown strong volume growth with sales of /.@* lakh in /00@ as against /.// lakh in /003. The impact on the bottom line has been less marked so far. ! recorded a net loss of =s. 32 crore on sales of =s 321.*/ crore for the nine"month period ended 8/ >ecember, /00@. !t lost =s 86 crore on sales of =s. 683 crore for the /3 month period ended 'eptember /003, though the two sets of data cannot be compared because Whirlpool Washing %WW & and 5-po the parent company in $pril /00@. The washing machine business has undergone a two"step restructuring. !t started life as a joint venture with the T:' group and was known as T:'" Whirlpool. Whirlpool subseBuently bought out T:'s stake before finally merging it with the parent company. !n /00@,which was its last year as an independent company, WW of =s 0@ crore. The company also spent =' @.* core on introducing the whirlpool brand name into the !ndian market. 9y Aune /00@, the integration of the sales and distribution teams was complete. Whirlpool had also managed to increase the number of outlets for its products. $t the end of /003, there were 8,822 dealers selling .elvinator refrigerators and /,222 selling Whirlpool Washing achines. 9y end /00@, this had increased to 6,322 registered a net profit of =s 3) lakh on sales achines achinery 4imited, two subsidiaries, were merged with

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

and 8,222 respectively, a crucial achievement in a country where the Whirlpool brand"name was practically unknown. There is considerable disagreement about the market share figures, especially the ones relating to washing machines. Whirlpool claims a market share in e-cess of )2 percent of a total market of over * lakh units costing less than =s. 3,222. $ccording to company sources, it is engaged in a close tussle for the number one position with :ideocon. Which has market share of 82 percent, and 974. which has )3 percent. These numbers differ from those provided by :ideocon. FWith a market share of 3) percent, :ideocon out"sells all its competitors put together. ,=; data for Aanuary /00* give Whirlpool %including machines sold under the T:' brand name% /3 percent and 974 )2 percent of the market. These data, however, relate to market share figures for all washing machines not just those priced above =s. 3,222.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

Market n% Strate%2 "!r Electr!l34 n In& a $9 5lectrolu- is a 'wedish multinational and $ #ortune 322 company with a turnover of nearly /* billions E'>. World"Wide it owns brands like #rigidaire., Ganussi, Westinghouse, 5lectrolu-, $5; etc. and in !ndia it owns .elvinator brand. 5lectrolu- in 5urope is the market leaders in washing machine and is ranked as the <o. / brand in 5urope with )6+ market share. With the launch of the 5lectrolu- branded Washing achines in !ndia, and achines, The

the anticipated market growth in the $utomatic Washing segment.

company is confident of making C5lectrolu- the <o. / brand in this

?urrently we are operating though /* branches spread across the length and breadth of !ndia. We are now operational all over !ndia through strong network of 832 >irect >ealer. The branches are also well eBuipped with manpower and infrastructure to handle the after sales service functions. We are going to further strengthen our dealer network from the base of 832 e-isting dealers to nearly @22 dealers by the year end. 'ome figures on the Washing machine !ndustry are enclosed herewith.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

Sa5#3n% In& a Electr!n c# Lt& (SIEL)6 a subsidiary of the 'outh .orean multinational giant 'amsung 5lectronics 4td. plans to invest around =s )@2 crore in !ndia by the year )222. The investment would be made for setting up four separate units for manufacturing a wide range of electronics and home appliances products at ;reater <oida, where the companys e-isting plant is located on a 82 acre plot. !n /001 alone, an investment of about =s.02 crore would be made mainly to install facilities for manufacturing lower"priced home appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators and semi"automatic washing machines%the demands for which has been surging fast in !ndia&. ,f the total investments earmarked till the year )222, around )2 to )3 per cent would be in the form of eBuity contributions including in foreign currency. The remaining funds would be mobilized through term"loans from !ndian financial institutions. '!54 was planning a very aggressive sales promotion drive around the time of the forthcoming World cup 'occer. 7lans had been drawn up to set up as many as 8@ sales "cum "service centres in and around ?alcutta in /001. #or a company which claims Cits what the world is switching to, C'amsungs corporate slogan is no idle boast. 5ver since >ecember /003, when the 'outh .orean multinational, the H)/ billion 'amsung 5lectronics ?ompany 4td first launched its products in !ndia through its joint venture company 'amsung !ndia 5lectronics 4td %'amsung& !t certainly has a small but significant band of consumers switching loyalties. Within a year of launching its colour televisions, 'amsung closed /00@ with a market share of 8.0 per cent and a number three position in the north second only to heavyweights, 974 and :ideocon. #or 'amsung its particularly sweet success for unlike a well known brand like 'ony or even 7anasonic, 'amsung was a relatively unknown entity for

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

the !ndian consumer. $ccording to a pre"launch survey conducted by the company in mid /003, 'amsung had a low unaided awareness level of just one percent while the aided awareness level was a slightly more respectable )3 per cent. !n contrast globally 'amsung enjoyed 12 percent united awareness and *2 per cent positive opinion in the last Buarter of /00@. 5ven in the emerging markets, the company had an aided awareness level of 02 per cent and positive opinion level of 12 per cent. 'etting aside an annual budget of H).6 million, which later ballooned to H6 million, for developing a corporate image and improving corporate image and improving brand awareness. 'amsung first launched into a two month long corporate identity campaign. (igh lighting its achievements 'amsung is the worlds largest manufacturer of colour monitors has a /* per cent share of the ?T: market and spends H /.) billion on =I>"'amsung #le-ed its global muscles. Then in phase two of the campaign, 'amsung began carpet"bombing the consumer with a barrage of product specific advertising, with a special thrust on 'amsungs technological e-cellence. 5njoying pride of place in the campaign was the companys flagship product the )0"inch, Worldbest television. The idea here was that the prestige and brand value associated with the )0"inch ?T: would have a rub"off effect on their other products. The pay off was certianly Buick. While still awaiting the final results. 'amsung scored an unaided awareness level of *3 per cent and a positive opinion of @3 per cent in the survey conducted at the end of /00@. While the campaigns helped spread the 'amsung word across the country, credit for the companys smooth take off goes to its differentiation and focus strategy. >ifferentiation strategy, because each one of their proudcts is contemporary offering uniBue conveniences and foucssed, because the company decided to consolidate their presence in one region before moving on to another.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

!ts products are priced above the !ndian brands and below 'ony. 'amsung is trying to give the !ndian counsumer is Cvalue for money and providing more and superior features at given price. 'amsungs real advantage however, come without a city cult board and lies in the strength of its after" sales"service. ?ompany plans to open a number of e-clusive 'amsung show rooms at its head office and all branch offices where the products are displayed and but not retailed.'amsung is the only company in the country to have developed top"Buality 7,7 e-clusively for service in addition to marketing 7,7. The company aims to sell /32"/12 million ?T:s %against 12.22 units in /003"0@&. To toggle interest, it will introduce a range of colour televisions. With just 8/ per cent of the market buying the brand so far there is a lot of switching 'amsung can look forward to.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

$fter two aborted tries at the countrys consumer electronics market " first in /008 with the >elhi"based 9estavision and therefore with the ?... 9irla group " the re"christened H*8 billion 4; 5lectronics %formerly 4ucky ;oldstar&, is going it along this times. !n Aanuary this year, it set up its /22 per cent subsidiary, 4; electronics !ndia 7vt. 4td. with a serious view to breaking through at last. (owever, setting up a subsidiary not be the final solution to the jin-. #or, !f it was F!ncompatibility in management orientationJ with its !ndian partners that did it in on the first two occasions, this time around the altered market comple-ion could well prove to be 4;s nemesis. >uring the companys two"year status, from the time the 9estavision tie"up fell through and the ;oldstar barnd went out, the hue of the !ndian consumer electronics market has changed drastically. $ slew of other <? brands such as $kai, 'amsung, Whirlpool, $9

electrolou-, 'ony, >aewoo, and 7anasonic have between them, already carpet"bombed each product segment of the market, leaving little to be desired from a new entrant. Then the market is yet to pick up from the sluggishness of last year, where growth rate plummeted to just over five percent, compared to the )2 per cent to )3 percent for the previous two years. $ll this at a time when the .orean company is restructuring its corporateKbrand identity from 4ucky ;oldstar to simply 4;, worldwide. 9ut if the blitzkrieg at its launch on ay /) at >elhi is any indication of future action, then 4; sure means business. The company has devised a strategy. To start with, it is investing heavily in building its own manufacturing facilities in the country, viewed as a strategic strength. The investment, in two phases of H/6@ million and H/68 million, spread over a nine year period, will establish for it a huge capacity

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

plant at ;reater <oida, Ettar 7radesh. This plant will churn out eight lakh ?T:s, four lakh refrigerators, ),)2,222 audio systems, two lakh washing machines, one lakh airconditioners and 82,222 :?=s per annum. The facility is e-pected to go on"stream only around the middle of ne-t year. FTil such time, 4; has a manufacturing tie"up with >i-on utilities and 5-ports 4td, a subsidiary of the Western group, for its /6"inch, )2"inch and )/"inch ?T:s. !ts )0"inch ?T: as well as the entire range of refrigerators and washing machines will be imported for the time being. >ifferentiation for 4; will come in through our innovative and break through product technology, which is proprietary . C;olden eye one of the there television models launched, encompasses a light sensitive natural algorithm eye and an advanced circuit which adjusts colour, sharpness, brightness, contrast, tint and white balance, according to the ambient light conditions in the room. 5ntire pricing policy will hinge on honest pricing with no hiden costs to factor for the promotional e-penses. 4; is going for is value for money pricing and not necessarily mass pricing . !t is e-pected that once 4;s pricing initiative unfurls, the consumer will see through the promotional gimmicks others are indulging in. 4; will pass on more margins to the dealers. the pricing rationale is simple not to put the brand on an artificial life support system; rather; attempt to build it upfront through with dealers and consumers. $t a time when the trade, lured in by the trade in promotion bait, is reportedly saddled with stocks of competing brands that in their misplaced enthusiasm in have virtually flooded the ?hannels 4;s strategy of spreading wide fast to minimize stock pressure on the trade may well be sensible 4; will enhance our dealers working capital through clear and honest pricing and by minimizing stock pressures on them. This alone will ensure trade push in the long. With a new identity, an all new hope in the !ndian market and a seemingly sound marketing strategy, it remains to be seen how many consumers

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

finally smile with the new 4; logo, shake hands and repeat with itL F!ts nice to meet youJ.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

!t is the gameplan to achieve success when the decision what product to make has been taken. !t comprises of target markets, positioning, price, distribution, service, promotion, research and development. The main thrust is developing marketing mi- %6 7s& W$at # a Pr!&3ct 7 We define product as follows : $ product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acBuisition, use or consumption that migth satisfy a want or need. 7roduct variety L Mulaity >esign #eatures 9rand name 7ackaging 'izes 'ervices Warranties =eturns

W$at # Pr ce 7 what the customer is willing to pay.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

PERSPECTI8E OF PRICING STRATEGIES I9 Pr c n% Strate% e# "!r Ne: Pr!&3ct# A9 Sk 55 n% Pr c n% Definition : 'etting a relatively high price during the initial stage of a products life. Objectives: %/& To serve customers who are not price conscious while the market is at the upper end of the demand curve and competition has not yet entered. %)& To recover a significant portion of promotional and =I> cost through a high margin. ,9 Penetrat !n Pr c n% Definition: 'etting products life. Objective: To discourage competition from entering the market by Buickly taking a large market share and gaining a cost advantage by realizing economies of scale. II9 Pr c n% Strate% e# "!r E#ta;l #$e& Pr!&3ct# A < Ma nta n n% t$e Pr ce Objectives : %/& To maintain the position in the market place %i.e. market share& %)& To enhance the public image. , < Re&3c n% Pr ce a relativily low price during the initial stage of a

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

Objectives : /. To act defensively and cut price to meet the competition ). To act offensively and attempt to beat the competition 8. To respond to as customer need created by a change in the environment C < Increa# n% t$e Pr ce Objectives : /& To maintain profitability during an inflationary period. )& To take advantage of product differences, real or percieved 8& To segment low price elasticity served market. D #tr ;3t !n 7 PERSPECTI8ES OF DISTRI,UTION STRATEGIES I9 C$annel*Str3ct3re Strate%2 Definition : Esing perspectives of intermediaries in the flow of good from manufactures to customers. >istribution may be either direct %from manufacturer to retailer, or from manufacturer to customer& or indirect %involving the use of one or middlemen, such as wholesalers andKor agents, to reach the customers&. Objectives : To reach the optimal number of customers in a timely manner, at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the desired degree of control.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

II9 D #tr ;3t !n*Sc!/e Strate%2 Definition : 5stablishing the scope of distribution " i.e. the target customers. ?hoices are e-clusive distribution %one retailer is granted sole rights is serving a given area&, intensive distribution means a product is made available at all possible retail outlets&, and selective distribution %many, but not all, retail outlets in a given area distribute a product&. Objective : To serve the chosen markets at a minimal cost while maintaining desired products image. Pr!5!t !n 7 PERSPECTI8ES OF PROMOTION STRATEGIES The marketing communications mi- %also called the promotion mi-& consists of five major toolsL Advertising : $ny paid form of personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. Direct Marketing : Ese of mail, telephone, and other nonpersonal contact tools to communicate with or solicit a response from specific customers and prospects. Sales Promotion : 'hort"term incentives to encourage trail or purchase of a product or service. Public Relations and Publicity : $ variety of programs designed to promote and or protect a companys image or its individual products. Personal Selling : #ace"to"#ace interaction with one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making sales.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

I9 Pr!5!t !n*E4/en& t3re Strate%2 Definition : >etermination of the amount that a company may spend on its total promotional effort, which includes advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion. Objective: To allocate enough finds to each promotional task, so that each is utilized to its fullest potential. II9 Pr!5!t !nal*M 4 Strate%2 Definition : >etermination of a judicious mi- of different types of promotion. Objective : To adeBuately blend the three types of promotion to complement each other for a balanced promotional perspectives.

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

ANALYSIS (Wa#$ n% Mac$ ne#)

=9 Ava la; l t2 !" ,ran&# ?ompany Whirlpool 5lectrolu>aewoo 'amsung !#9 9osch >9 7ercentage of =etailers 1)+ 16+ @2+ *1+ 0)+

Rat n% !n t$e "!ll!: n% "act!r# %/" ost important ; 3"least important&

Pr ce Percenta%e !" Reta ler# 1+ 6+ 3)+ /)+ )6+ / ) 8 6 3 Rat n%

,ran& Na5e 3)+ 8)+ @+ /2+ 2+ / ) 8 6 3

D3ra; l t2 Percenta%e !" Reta ler# Rat n%

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

@)+ 8)+ )+ 2+ 2+

/ ) 8 6 3

Feat3re# Percenta%e !" Reta ler# 31+ 82+ )+ )+ )+ Rat n% / ) 8 6 3

A//earance?L!!k# Percenta%e !" Reta ler# /2+ /6+ 62+ ))+ /6+ Rat n% / ) 8 6 3

Sc$e5e# Percenta%e !" Reta ler# @+ Rat n% /

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

1+ /6+ 6)+ 82+ @3al t2 Percenta%e !" Reta ler# 36 81+ )+ 6+ )+ A9 Rank n% !" ,ran& !n a"ter*#ale#*#erv ce %/L9est; 3"worst& C!5/an2 Whirlpool !#9"9osch 5lectrolu'amsung >aewoo Percenta%e !" Reta ler# 61+ 6)+ @)+ @2+ 62+

) ) 6 3

Rat n% / ) 8 6 3

Rat n% / ) ) ) 8

Rank n% !" ;ran&# !n /r!5!t !n #c$e5e# 7romotion 'chemes were not ranked.


Rank n% !" ;ran&# !n 5erc$an& # n% #3//!rt %/"best ; 3"worst& C!5/an2 Percenta%e !" Reta ler# Rat n%

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

Whirlpool !#9"9osch 5lectrolu'amsung >aewoo

@2+ @1+ *2+ @2+ 62+

) 6 ) 6 8


T!tal #ale# (a//r!4 5atel2)< )DD (Ean3ar2 (F) arket 'haresL Whirlpool !#9"9osch L L 6)+ 3/+


Retal er# /erce/t !n a;!3t lea&er#$ / /. ). 8. @2+ L !#9"9osch %7roduct, Technology& 8)+ L Whirlpool % argin, 7roduct, $dvertising& 1+ L ,thers

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

The total market share of arket shares of F3ll2 A3t!5at c !#9"9osch Whirlpool L L 33+ 63+ <?s players L 6)+. <?s %!ndustry =eport&

<?s players within

T: n Se5 A3t!5at c !n Twin 'emi $utomatic washing machines, whirlpool is the only players with a share of /1.)0+ in overall market. The market share of players has increased to 3/+. /. The market share of !#9 9osch has declined from 33 + to 3/+. The reason is entry of other players i.e. 'amsung, >eawoo, 5lectrolu-. !#9 follows the strategies of premium product and premium pricing. ). The market share of Whirlpool has declined to 6)+ because of entry of other players. The company has spend =s. @.* crore on introducing the the Whirlpool brand name into the !ndian market. Whirlpool has also bought the T: brand which has a significant presence in 'outh. Whirlpool player. has e-panded the sales and distribution network tremendously. 9ecause of these approach Whirlpool will be a major <?

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


=9 Market n% Re#earc$ Pr!ce## >9 T$e!ret cal Fra5e:!rk A9 In&3#tr2 Pr!" le# an& MNC Strate% e# B9 @3e#t !nna re# C9 Anal2# # )9 C!ncl3# !n# +9 Re"erence#

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


/. 7hilip .otler;

arketing management analysis, implementation and

control, 5ight 5dition %7rentice (all&. ). 'ubhas. ?.Aain; arketing 7lanning and 'trategy. %'outh"Western

publishing company&. 8. F'amsumg 7lans 9ig !nvestments in !ndiaJ, (industan Times; #eb ), /001. 6. F!ts a 'ony $gainJ, 9rand Wagon; The #inancial 5-press, >ec )*, /00*. 3. F$kai, 9ombards the #eb /3,/001. @. F aking the =ight 'witch, 'amsungJ, 9rand Wagon, The financial e-press; Aan )6,/00*. *. FThe /001. 1. 'mall 'creen >rama,J 9rand 5Buity, 5conomic times I !ndia, $ugust /8,/00*. 0. ?onsumer >urable !ndustry report 7(> house. /2. aking an !mpact %Whirlpool&, 9usiness !ndia, ay 3, /00* arch )6, arketers ;uide to 5ntry 9arriersJ, 9usiness Today, #eb *")/, arket with !nnovative 'chemesJ, !ndian e-press;

//. F,nward (o.N %4;&J, The 'trategist, 9usiness standard; /001. /). F5ddies in the 'treamJ, $ I , Auly 8/, /00@.


The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario

Pr!Gect T tle < 'trategies and 7olicies of ultinational ?onsumer >urable ?ompanies L $ n $nalytical 'tudy O;Gect ve < To study strategies and policies of multinational companies in the consumer durable industry. This will include a detailed e-amination of the following factors L 9rand positioning !nvestments 7rice structure"?omparision 7roduct " range 7romotion >istribution Met$!&!l!%2 < =esearch >esign " >escriptive /& >ata 'ources a& 7rimary L 'ample unit L =etailers 'ample 'ize L 32 ode of 'ampling L ?onvenience 'ample e-tent L <ew >elhi !nstrument used L Muestionnaires b& 'econdary L 9usiness magazines ). $nalysis L Tabulation of data. ?hanging market share

The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario


The On Slaught of MNCs in Indian White Goods Industry Scenario