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I SEMESTER A ER-I! LAW OF CONTRACT"I U#$%-I ! Definition and essentials of a valid Contract - Definition and essentials of a valid Offer - Definition and essentials of valid Acceptance - Communication of Offer and Acceptance - Revocation of Offer and Acceptance through various modes including electronic medium - Consideration - salient features - Exception to consideration - Doctrine of Privity of Contract - Exceptions to the privity of contract - Standard form of Contract.

U#$%-II ! Capacity of the parties - Effect of inor!s Agreement - Contracts "ith insane persons and persons dis#ualified $y la" - Concepts of %ree Consent - Coercion &ndue influence - isrepresentation - %raud - ista'e - (a"ful O$)ect - *mmoral agreements and various heads of pu$lic policy - illegal agreements - &ncertain agreements - +agering agreements - Contingent contracts - ,oid and ,oida$le contracts. U#$%-III! Discharge of Contracts - -y performance - Appropriation of payments Performance $y )oint promisors - Discharge $y .ovation - Remission - Accord and Satisfaction - Discharge $y impossi$ility of performance /Doctrine of %rustration0 - Discharge $y -reach - Anticipatory -reach - Actual $reach. U#$%-IV ! 1uasi Contract - .ecessaries supplied to a person "ho is incapa$le of entering into a contract - Payment $y an interested person - (ia$ility to pay for non-gratuitous acts - Rights of finder of lost goods - 2hings delivered $y mista'e or coercion - 1uantum meruit - Remedies for $reach of contract - 3inds of damages - li#uidated and unli#uidated damages and penalty - Duty to mitigate. U#$%-V ! Specific Relief - Recovering possession of property - Specific performance of the contract - Rectification of instruments - Rescission of contracts - Cancellation of instruments - Declaratory Decrees - Preventive Relief - *n)unctions - 4enerally 2emporary and Perpetual in)unctions andatory 5 Prohi$itory in)unctions *n)unctions to perform negative agreement. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 1. Anson6 Law of Contract 7 Clarendon Press7 Oxford7 899:. ;. 3rishnan .air6 Law of Contract 7 S.4ogia 5 Co.7 <ydera$ad 899=. >. 4.C.,. Su$$a Rao6 Law of Contract 7 S.4ogia 5 Co.7 <ydera$ad 899=. ?. 2.S.,en'atesa *yer6 Law of Contract 7 revised $y Dr. 3rishnama Chary7 =. S. 4ogia 5 Co. Avtar Singh6 Law of Contract 7 Eastern -oo' Company7 (uc'no"7 899:.

A ER-II! FAMILY LAW"I (H$#*& L+,) U#$%-I ! Sources of <indu (a" @ Scope and application of <indu (a" @ Schools of <indu (a" ita'shara and Daya$haga Schools @ Concept of Aoint %amily7 Coparcenary7 Aoint %amily Property and Coparcenary Property @ *nstitution of 3arta- Po"ers and %unctions of 3arta - Pious O$ligation - Partition @ De$ts and alienation of property. U#$%-II ! arriage - Definition - *mportance of institution of marriage under <indu (a" @ Conditions of <indu arriage @ Ceremonies and Registration @ onogamy @ Polygamy.

U#$%-III! M+%-$./#$+0 Remedies under the <indu arriage Act7 89== - Restitution of Con)ugal Rights @ .ullity of marriage @ Audicial separation @ Divorce @ aintenance pendente lite @ importance of conciliation. U#$%-IV! Concept of Adoption - (a" of aintenance - (a" of 4uardianship - <indu Adoption and aintenance Act7 89=B @ <indu inority and 4uardianship Act 89=B. U#$%-V ! Succession @ *ntestate succession @ Succession to the property of <indu ale and %emaleC D"elling <ouse @ <indu Succession Act7 89=B as amended $y the <indu Succession /Andhra Pradesh Amendment0 Act7 89:B 5 the <indu Succession /Amendment0 Act7 ;DD= @ .otional Partition @ Classes of heirs @ Enlargement of limited estate of "omen into their a$solute estate. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. Paras Di"an 6 Modern Hindu Law 7 8>th Edition ;DDD7 Allaha$ad Agency7 Delhi. Paras Di"an : Family Law 7 899? Edition7 Allaha$ad Agency7 Delhi. ayne6 Hindu Law - Customs and Usages 7 -harat (a" <ouse7 .e" Delhi. ?. Sharaf6 Law of Marriage and Divorce 7 8999. A ER-III 6 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW-I U#$%-I Constitution- eaning and Significance - Evolution of odern Constitutions -Classification of Constitutions-*ndian Constitution - <istorical Perspectives - 4overnment of *ndia Act7 8989 4overnment of *ndia Act7 89>= - Drafting of *ndian Constitution - Role of Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assem$ly U#$%-II .ature and Salient %eatures of *ndian Constitution - Pream$le to *ndian Constitution - &nion and its 2erritories-CitiEenship - 4eneral Principles relating to %undamental Rights/Art.8>0 - Definition of State

U#$%-III Right to E#uality/Art.8?-8:0 @ %reedoms and Restrictions under Art.89 - Protection against Ex-post facto la" - 4uarantee against Dou$le Aeopardy - Privilege against Self-incrimination - Right to (ife and Personal (i$erty - Right to Education @ Protection against Arrest and Preventive Detention U#$%-IV Rights against Exploitation - Right to %reedom of Religion - Cultural and Educational Rights - Right to Constitutional Remedies - (imitations on %undamental Rights/Art.>8-A7- and C0 U#$%-V Directive Principles of State Policy @ Significance @ .ature @ Classification - Application and Audicial *nterpretation - Relationship $et"een %undamental Rights and Directive Principles - %undamental Duties @ Significance - Audicial *nterpretation S&''()%(* R(+*$#')6 8. .P.Aain7 Indian Constitutional Law7 +adh"a 5 Co7 .agpur ;. ,...Shu'la7 Constitution of India7 Eastern -oo' Compamy7 (uc'no" >. 4ranville Austin, Indian Constitution-Cornerstone of a ation7 O&P7 .e" Delhi ?. <. .Seervai7 Constitutional Law of India /in > ,olumes07 .. .2ripathi7 -om$ay =. 4.C.,.Su$$a Rao, Indian Constitutional Law7 S.4ogia 5 Co.7 <ydera$ad B. -.Shiva Rao6 Framing of India!s Constitution /in = ,olumes07 *ndian *nstitute of Pu$lic Administration7 .e" Delhi F. A...Pandey7 Constitutional Law of India7 Central (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad

A ER-IV! LAW OF TORTS INCLUDING MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS AND CONSUMER ROTECTION LAWS U#$%-I ! .ature of (a" of 2orts - Definition of 2ort - Elements of 2ort - Development of (a" of 2orts in England and *ndia - +rongful Act and (egal Damage - Damnum "ine In#uria and In#uria "ine Damnum - 2ort distinguished from Crime and -reach of Contract - 4eneral Principles of (ia$ility in 2orts - %ault - +rongful intent - alice - .egligence - (ia$ility "ithout fault Statutory lia$ility - Parties to proceedings. U#$%-II 4eneral Defences to an action in 2orts @ ,icarious (ia$ility - (ia$ility of the State for 2orts @ Defence of Sovereign *mmunity @ Aoint (ia$ility @ (ia$ility of Aoint 2orfeasors @ Rule of Strict (ia$ility / $ylands % Fletc&er 0 @ Rule of A$solute (ia$ility / MC Me&ta vs' Union of India 0 @ Occupiers lia$ility @ Extinction of lia$ility @ +aiver and Ac#uiescence @ Release @ Accord and Satisfaction - Death. U#$%-III Specific 2orts - 2orts affecting the person - Assault - -attery - %alse *mprisonment alicious Prosecution - .ervous Shoc' - 2orts affecting *mmova$le Property - 2respass to land - .uisance - Pu$lic .uisance and Private

.uisance - 2orts relating to mova$le property @ (ia$ility arising out of accidents /Relevant provisions of the otor ,ehicles Act0. U#$%-IV Defamation - .egligence - 2orts against -usiness Relations - *n)urious falsehood - .egligent isstatement - Passing off - Conspiracy - 2orts affecting family relations - Remedies - Audicial and Extra-)udicial Remedies @ Damags @ 3inds of Damages @ Assessment of Damages @ Remoteness of damage - *n)unctions Death in relation to tort - (ctio personalis moritur cum persona' U#$%-V Consumer (a"s6 Common (a" and the Consumer - Duty to ta'e care and lia$ility for negligence - Product (ia$ility - Consumerism - Consumer Protection Act7 89:B - Salient features of the Act - Definition of Consumer - Rights of Consumers - Defects in goods and deficiency in services @ &nfair trade practices - Redressal achinery under the Consumer Protection Act - (ia$ility of the Service Providers7 anufacturers and 2raders under the Act @ Remedies. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. +infield 5 Aolo"icE 6 Law of )ort 7 G** edition7 S"eet and ax"ell7 (ondon 7 89:?. ;. Salmond and <euston 6 Law of )orts 7 GG edition7 ;nd *ndian reprint7 &niversal -oo' traders7 .e" Delhi7899?. >. Ramas"amy *yer6 )&e Law of )orts 7 ,** edition /-om$ay7 899=0. ?. Achutan Pillai6 Law of )ort 7 ,*** edition 7 Eastern -oo' Company7 (unc'no"7 89:F. =. Durga Das -asu6 )&e Law of )orts 7G edition7 Prentice <all of *ndia7 .e" Delhi7 899:. B. Ratan (al 5 Dhira)lal6 )&e Law of )orts7 ;;nd edition7 +adh"a 5 Company .agpur7 899;. F. R.3.-angia6 Law of )orts 7 G*, edition7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad7 8999. :. A...Pandey6 Law of )orts 7 8st edition Central (a" Pu$lications7 Allaha$ad7 8999. 9. ,ivienne <arp"ood6 Law of )orts7 8st edition7 Cavandish Pu$lishing (td. (ondon7 899>. 8D. <epple 5 athe"s6 )ort - Cases and Materials 7 ;nd edition -utter"orth7 (ondon7 89:D. 88. D...Saraf6 (a" of Consumer Protection in *ndia7 2ripathi7 -om$ay 8;. 2he otor ,ehicles Act7 89:: A ER"V! ENVIRONMENTAL LAW U#$%-I 2he meaning and definition of environment @ Ecology - Ecosystems--iosphere -iomes - OEone depletion - 4lo$al +arning - Climatic changes - .eed for the preservation7 conservation and protection of environment - Ancient *ndian approach to environment- Environmental degradation and pollution - 3inds7 causes and effects of pollution.

U#$%-II Common (a" remedies against pollution - trespass7 negligence7 and theories of Strict (ia$ility 5 A$solute (ia$ility - Relevant provisions of *.P.C. and Cr.P.C. and C.P.C.7 for the a$atement of pu$lic nuisance in pollution cases - Remedies under Specific Relief Act - Reliefs against smo'e and noise - .oise Pollution. U#$%-III 2he la" relating to the preservation7 conservation and protection of forests7 "ild life and endangered species7 marine life7 coastal ecosystems and la'es etc. Prevention of cruelty to"ards animals - 2he la" relating to prevention and control of "ater pollution - Air Pollution - Environment pollution control

mechanism - (a" relating to environment protection @ .ational Environmental 2ri$unal and .ational Environmental Appellate Authority. U#$%-IV! Art. ?:A and Art. =8A/g0 of the Constitution of *ndia - Right to "holesome environment - Right to development Restriction on freedom of trade7 profession7 occupation for the protection of environment - *mmunity of Environment legislation from )udicial scrutiny/Art.>8C0 - (egislative po"ers of the Centre and State 4overnment - +rit )urisdiction - Role of *ndian Audiciary in the evolution of environmental )urisprudence. U#$%-V *nternational Environmental Regime - 2ransactional Pollution - State (ia$ility Customary *nternational (a" (ia$ility of ultinational CorporationsHCompanies - Stoc'holm Declaration on <uman Environment7 89F; 2he role of &.EP for the protection of environment - Ramsar Convention 89F8 @ -onn Convention / igratory -irds0 899; - .airo$i Convention7 89:; /C%CC0 -iodiversity Convention /Earth Summit07 899; 3yoto Protocol 899F7 Aohannes$urg Convention ;DD;. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. Paras Di"an6 "tudies on *nvironmental Cases. ;. S... Aain /ed.06 +ollution Control and t&e Law. >. Armin RosencranEand Shyam Divan6 *nvironmental Law and +olicy in India. ?. A.Agar"al /ed.06 Legal Control of *nvironmental +ollution =. Chetan Singh ehta6 *nvironmental +rotection and Law B. ,.3. 3rishna *yer6 *nvironment +ollution and Law F. Shah 6 *nvironmental Law :. Paras Di"an 6 *nvironmental Law and +olicy in India78998 9. Dr. .. ahesh"ara S"amy7 *nvironmental Law7 Asia (a" <ouse7 <ydera$ad. LL.B. II SEMESTER A ER " I! LAW OF CONTRACT"II U#$%-I ! *ndemnity and 4uarantee - Contract of *ndemnity7 definition - Rights of *ndemnity holder (ia$ility of the indemnified - Contract of 4uarantee - Definition of 4uarantee - Essential characteristics of Contract of 4uarantee - Distinction $et"een *ndemnity and 4uarantee 3inds of 4uarantee - Rights and lia$ilities of Surety - Discharge of surety. Contract of -ailment - Definition of $ailment - Essential re#uisites of $ailment - 3inds of $ailment Rights and duties of $ailor and $ailee - 2ermination of $ailment - Pledge - Definition of pledge - Rights and duties of Pa"nor and Pa"nee - Pledge $y non-o"ner.

U#$%-II! Contract of Agency - Definition of Agent - Creation of Agency - Rights and duties of Agent Delegation of authority - Personal lia$ility of agent - Relations of principal and agent "ith third parties - 2ermination of Agency. U#$%-III! Contract of Sale of 4oods - %ormation of contract - Su$)ect matter of sale - Conditions and +arranties - Express and implied conditions and "arranties - Pricing - Caveat *mptor.

U#$%-IV ! Property - Possession and Rules relating to passing of property - Sale $y non-o"ner - emo dat ,uad non &a-et - Delivery of goods - Rights and duties of seller and $uyer $efore and after sale - Rights of unpaid seller - Remedies for $reach. U#$%-V ! Contract of Partnership - Definition and nature of partnership - %ormation of partnership- 2est of partnership - Partnership and other associations - Registration of firm - Effect of nonregistration - Relations of partners - Rights and duties of partners - Property of firm - Relation of partners to third parties - *mplied authority of partners - 3inds of partners - inor as partner - Reconstitution of firm - Dissolution of firm. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. =. B. F. :. 9. Anson!s Law of Contract7 ;=th Ed. 899:7 Oxford &niversity Press7 (ondon. ,en'atesh *yyer6 )&e Law of Contracts and )enders7 4ogia 5 Company <ydera$ad. Cheshire 5 %ifoot6 Law of Contract7 -utter"orth7 (ondon7 89FB. ulla6 )&e Indian Contract (ct7 .. .2ripathi /P0 (td. -om$ay7 89:?. 4.C.,. Su$$a Rao6 Law of Contracts7 S. 4ogia 5 Co.7 <ydera$ad7 899=. 3rishnan .air6 Law of Contracts7 S. 4ogia 5 Co. <ydera$ad7 899=. Avtar Singh6 Law of Contracts7 Eastern -oo' Company7 (uc'no"7 899:. A Ramaiah!s "ale of .oods (ct7 ?th Ed. 899:7 2he (a" -oo' Co.7 Allaha$ad. -en)amin!s "ale of .oods7 8st Ed. 89F:7 S"eet 5 ax"ell7 (ondon.

8D. P.S.Atiyah6 "ale of .oods (ct7 9th Ed. 899F7 &niversal -oo' 2raders7 Delhi. 88. Chales D.Drale6 Law of +artners&ip >rd Ed. 89:>7 S"eet 5 ax"ell7 (ondon. 8;. -o"stead /n (gency7 8=th Ed. 89:=7 S"eet and A ER " II! FAMILY LAW-II U#$%-I ! ax"ell7 (ondon.

(M&)0$. L+, +#* O%1(- (-)/#+0 L+,))

Origin and development of uslim (a" - Sources of uslim (a" - Schools of uslim (a" Difference $et"een the Sunni and Shia Schools @ Su$-schools of Sunni (a" - Operation and application of uslim (a" - Conversion to *slam - Effects of conversion - (a" of arriage7 nature of uslim arriage - Essential re#uirements of valid arriage - 3inds of arriages distinction $et"een void7 irregular and valid marriage - Do"er / ahr0 - Origin7 nature and importance of do"er7 o$)ect of do"er and classification of do"er.

U#$%-II! Divorce - Classification of divorce - different modes of 2ala# - (egal conse#uences of divorce - Dissolution of uslim arriage Act7 89>9 aintenance7 Principles of maintenance7 Persons entitled to maintenance - 2he uslim +omen /Protection of Rights on Divorce0 Act7 89:B - Effect of conversion on maintenance and difference $et"een Shia and Sunni (a". U#$%-III! Parentage - aternity and Paternity - (egitimacy and ac'no"ledgment - 4uardianship eaning - 3inds of guardianship - Removal of guardian - Difference $et"een Shia and Sunni (a". 4ift - Definition of 4ift - Re#uisites of valid gift - 4ift formalities - Revocation of gift - 3inds of gift. +ills - eaning of +ill - Re#uisites of valid +ill - Revocation of +ill - Distinction $et"een +ill and 4ift - Difference $et"een Shia and Sunni (a".

U#$%-IV ! +a#f I Definition - Essentials of +a#f - 3inds of +a#f @ Creation of +a#f - - Revocation of +a#f - Salient features of the +a#f Act7 899= @ uta"alli - +ho can $e uta"alli Po"ers and duties of uta"alli - Removal of uta"alli and anagement of +a#f property. Succession - Application of the property of a deceased uslim - (egal position of heirs as representatives - Administration - +a#f 2ri$unals and Aurisdiction. U#$%-V ! Special arriage Act7 89=? - Salient features of *ndian Divorce Act7 8:B9 - Domicile aintenance to dependentsH Spouses - *ntestate succession of Christians under the *ndian Succession Act7 89;=. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. =. B. F. :. 9. 2ahir ahmood6 )&e Muslim Law of India 7 89:D7 (a" -oo' Company7 Allaha$ad. A#uil Ahmed6 )e0t 1oo2 of Mo&ammadan Law, = th Edition 899;7 Central (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad. Prof. 4.C.,. Su$$a Rao6 Family Law in India 7 B th Edition7 899>7 S.4ogia 5 Company7 <ydera$ad. Asaf A.A.%yEee6 /utlines of Mo&ammadan Law 7 ? th Edition7 89997 Oxford &niversity Press7 Delhi. ulla6 +rinciples of Mo&ammedan Law . Paras Divan6 Family Law 3Hindu, Muslim, C&ristian, +arsi and /t&ers4 7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad. .A. 1ureshi6 )e0t 1oo2 on Muslim Law 7 8 st Edition7 899F7 Central (a" Pu$lications7 Allaha$ad. <idyatullah 6 Mulla +rinciples of Mo&ammadan Law 7 89 th Edition7 899>7 reprint .. . 2ripati Pvt. (td.7 -om$ay ? th

2andon .P.6 Muslim Law in India 7 8D th Edition7 899B7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad.

8D. Prasad ,.6 )&e Indian "uccession (ct7 89:;7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad

A ER-III6 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW-II U#$%-I (egislature under *ndian Constitution - &nion and State (egislatures - Composition7 Po"ers7 %unctions and Privileges - Anti-Defection (a" - Executive under *ndian Constitution - President and &nion

Council of 4overnor

inisters - 4overnor and State Council of

inisters - Po"ers and position of President and

U#$%-II Audiciary under Constitution - Supreme Court - Appointment of Audges7 Po"ers and Aurisdiction - <igh Courts - Appointment and 2ransfer of Audges - Po"ers and Aurisdiction - Su$ordinate Audiciary *ndependence of )udiciary - Audicial Accounta$ility U#$%-III Centre State Relations - (egislative7 Administrative and %inancial Relations - Cooperation and Coordination $et"een the Centre and States - Audicial *nterpretation of Centre-State Relations Doctrines evolved $y Audiciary U#$%-IV (ia$ility of State in 2orts and Contracts - %reedom of *nterstate 2rade7 Commerce and *nter course Services under the State - All *ndia Services - Pu$lic Service Commissions U#$%-V Emergency @ .eed of Emergency Po"ers - Different 'inds of Emergency - .ational7 State and %inancial emergency - *mpact of Emergency on %ederalism and %undamental Rights - Amendment of *ndian Constitution and -asic Structure 2heory S&''()%(* R(+*$#')6 8. .P.Aain7 Indian Constitutional Law7 +adh"a 5 Co7 .agpur ;. ,...Shu'la7 Constitution of India7 Eastern -oo' Company7 (uc'no" >. 4ranville Austin7 Indian Constitution-Cornerstone of a ation7 O&P7 .e" Delhi ?. <. .Seervai7 Constitutional Law of India /in > ,olumes07 .. .2ripathi7 -om$ay =. 4.C.,.Su$$a Rao7 Indian Constitutional Law7 S.4ogia 5 Co.7 <ydera$ad B. -.Shiva Rao7 Framing of India!s Constitution /in = ,olumes07 *ndian *nstitute of Pu$lic Administration7 .e" Delhi F. A...Pandey7 Constitutional Law of India7 Central (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad A ER " IV! LAW OF CRIMES U#$%-I! Concept of crime - Definition and meaning of crime - Distinction $et"een crime and tort - Stages of crime - *ntention7 Preparation7 Attempt and Commission of Crime - Elements of Crime - (ctus $eus and Mensrea - Codification of (a" of Crimes in *ndia - Application of the *ndian Penal Code - 2erritorial and Extra 2erritorial application - 4eneral Explanations Punishments. U#$%-II! 4eneral exceptions - A$etment - Criminal Conspiracy - Offences against the Offences against pu$lic peace and 2ran#uility. State -

U#$%-III! Offences affecting human $ody /offences affecting human life0 Culpa$le <omicide and urder @ <urt and 4rievous <urt - +rongful restraint and +rongful confinement - Criminal force and Assault - 3idnapping and a$duction - Sexual offences - &nnatural offences.

U#$%-IV! Offences affecting the pu$lic health7 safety7 convenience7 decency and morals - Offences against Property - 2heft - Extortion - Ro$$ery 5 Dacoity - Cheating - ischief - Criminal 2respass @ Criminal misappropriation and Criminal $reach of trust. U#$%-V ! Offences $y or relating to pu$lic servants - %alse Evidence and Offences against Pu$lic Austice - Offences relating to documents - Offences relating to arriage - Cruelty $y hus$and and relatives of hus$and - Defamation. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. Ratan (al and Dhira) (al6 Indian +enal Code7 +adh"a 5 Co.7 ;DDD. Achutan Pillai6 Criminal Law7 -utter"orth Co.7 ;DDD. 4our 3.D.6 Criminal Law - Cases and Materials7 -utter"orth Co.7 8999. 3enny!s6 /utlines of Criminal Law7 /899: Edition0 LAW OF EVIDENCE

A ER-V! U#$%-I!

2he *ndian Evidence Act7 8:F; J Salient features of the Act @ eaning and 'inds of Evidence J*nterpretation clause J ay Presume7 Shall presume and Conclusive proof %act7 %act in issue and Relevant facts JDistinction $et"een Relevancy and Admissi$ility Doctrine of $es .estae J otive7 preparation and conduct J Conspiracy J+hen %acts not other"ise relevant $ecome relevant J Right and custom J %acts sho"ing the state of mind etc.

U#$%-II ! Admissions 5 Confessions6 4eneral Principles concerning Admissions J Differences $et"een KAdmissionK and KConfessionK J Confessions o$tained $y inducement 7 threat or promise @ Confessions made to police officer - Statement made in the custody of a police officer leading to the discovery of incriminating material J Admissi$ility of Confessions made $y one accused person against co-accused. Dying Declarations and their evidentiary value J Other Statements $y persons "ho cannot $e called as +itnesses J Admissi$ility of evidence of "itnesses in previous )udicial proceedings in su$se#uent )udicial proceedings. U#$%-III ! Relevancy of Audgments J Opinion of "itnesses J Expert!s opinion J Opinion on Relationship especially proof of marriage J %acts "hich need not $e proved J Oral and Documentary Evidence - 4eneral Principles concerning oral evidence and documentary evidence J Primary and Secondary evidence J odes of proof of execution of documents J Presumptions as to documents J 4eneral Principles regarding Exclusion of Oral $y Documentary Evidence. U#$%-IV! Rules relating to -urden of Proof - Presumption as to Do"ry Death J Estoppel J 3inds of estoppel J Res Audicata7 +aiver and Presumption. U#$%-V ! Competency to testify J Privileged communications - 2estimony of Accomplice J Examination in Chief7 Cross examination and Re-examination J (eading #uestions J (a"ful #uestions in cross examination J Compulsion to ans"er #uestions put to "itness J <ostile "itness J *mpeaching the credit of "itness J Refreshing memory J 1uestions of corro$oration J *mproper admission and re)ection of evidence. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. -atu' (al6 )&e Law of *vidence7 8>th Edition7 Central (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad7

899:. ;. >. ?. =. . unir6 +rinciples and Digest of t&e Law of *vidence7 8Dth Edition /in ; vols07 &niversal -oo' Agency7 Allaha$ad7 899?.

,epa P. Saradhi6 Law of *vidence ?th Edn. Eastern -oo' Co.7 (uc'no"7 89:9. Avtar Singh6 +rinciples of t&e Law of *vidence7 88th Edn. Central (a" Pu$lications. ,. 3rishnama Chary6 )&e Law of *vidence7 ?th Edn. S.4ogia 5 Company7 <ydera$ad.

LLB III SEMESTER A ER-I! 2URIS RUDENCE U#$%-I! eaning and Definition of Aurisprudence J 4eneral and Particular Aurisprudence - Elements of Ancient *ndian Aurisprudence J Schools of Aurisprudence J Analytical7 <istorical7 Philosophical and Sociological Schools of Aurisprudence. 2heories of (a" J eaning and Definition of (a" J 2he .ature and %unction of (a" J 2he Purpose of (a" J 2he Classification of (a" J E#uity7 (a" and Austice J 2heory of Sovereignty.

U#$%-II ! Sources of (a" J (egal and <istorical Sources J (egislation - Definition of legislation Classification of legislation- Supreme and Su$ordinate (egislation - Direct and *ndirect (egislation - Principles of Statutory *nterpretation. Precedent J Definition of Precedent J 3inds of Precedent J "tare Decisis J Original and Declaratory Precedents J Authoritative and Persuasive Precedents. Custom @ Definition of Custom @ 3inds of Custom @ 4eneral and (ocal Custom @ Custom and Prescription - Re#uisites of a valid custom - Relative merits and demerits of (egislation 7 Precedent and Custom as a source of (a" . Codification J Advantages and disadvantages of codification. U#$%-III! Persons J .ature of personality J (egal Status of (o"er Animals7 Dead Persons and &n$orn persons J (egal Persons J Corporations J Purpose of *ncorporation J .ature of Corporate Personality Rights and Duties J Definition of Right J Classification of Rights and Duties J A$solute and Relative Rights and Duties J Rights and Cognate concepts li'e (i$erty7 Po"er7 *mmunity7 Privilege etc. U#$%-IV ! O$ligation J .ature of O$ligation J O$ligation arising out of Contract7 1uasi Contract7 trust and $reach of o$ligation etc. J (ia$ility J .ature and 'inds of lia$ility J Acts J Mens $ea J *ntention and otive J Relevance of otive J .egligence J Strict (ia$ility J Accident J ,icarious (ia$ility J easure of Civil and Criminal (ia$ility. U#$%-V! O"nership J Definition and 'inds of O"nership - Possession J Elements of Possession - Relation $et"een O"nership and Possession J Possessory Remedies J Property J eaning J 3inds of Property J odes of Ac#uisition of Property J (egal Sanctions eaning of Sanction J Classification of Sanctions J Civil and Criminal Austice J Concept of Austice J 2heories regarding purpose of Criminal Austice J Deterrent7 Preventive7 Reformative and Retri$utive theories. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')!

8. ;. >. ?. =. B.

Salmond6 5urisprudence7 &niversal Pu$lishers 8;th Edn. 89BB. Paton 6 5urisprudence Allen 6 Law in t&e Ma2ing7 &niversal Pu$lishers Fth Edn. ;DD8. aha)an ,.D.6 Legal )&eory and 5urisprudence, Eastern -oo' Company7 (uc'no"7 = th Edn. 89FF. Dias 6 5urisprudence7 Aditya -oo's7 =th Edn. 89:=. Rama Aois7 Legal and Constitutional History of India7 &niversal (a" Pu$lications7 Delhi.

A ER-II! LAW OF RO ERTY U#$%-I! M(+#$#' and concept of property J 3inds of property J 2ransfer of property J 2ransfera$le and non-transfera$le property J +ho can transfer J Operation of transfer J ode of transfer J Conditional transfer J ,oid and unla"ful conditions J Condition precedent and condition su$se#uent J ,ested and contingent interest J 2ransfer to un$orn person U#$%-II! Doctrine of Election J Covenants J 2ransfer $y ostensi$le o"ner J Doctrine of %eeding the 4rant $y Estoppel J Doctrine of (is Pendens J %raudulent 2ransfer J Doctrine of Part-performance. U#$%-III! Sale - Essential features J ode of Sale J Rights and lia$ilities of parties. ortgage 3inds of ortgages - Rights and lia$ilities of mortgagor and mortgagee J arshalling and Contri$ution J Charges. U#$%-IV! (ease J Essential features J 3inds of leases J Rights and lia$ilities of lessor and lessee J 2ermination of lease J forfeiture J Exchange J 4ifts J Different types of gifts J Registration of 4ifts J 2ransfer of Actiona$le Claims. U#$%-V! Easements J Definition of easement J Distinction $et"een (ease and (icense J Dominant and Servient 2enements. Ac#uisition of property through testamentary succession J +ill J Codicil J Capacity to execute +ill J .ature of $e#uests J Executors of +ill J Rights and O$ligations of (egatees. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ulla 6 )ransfer of +roperty7 -utter"orths Pu$lications. ;. Su$$a Rao 4C,6 Commentaries on t&e )ransfer of +roperty (ct. >. 3rishna enon6 Law of +roperty' ?. &padhya!s Common Matri0 of )ransfer of +roperty' A ER-III! ADMINISTRATIVE LAW U#$%-I! .ature and scope of Administrative (a" J eaning7 Definition and Evolution of Administrative (a"JReasons for the gro"th of Administrative (a" J Relationship $et"een Administrative (a" and Constitutional (a".

U#$%-II! -asic concepts of Administrative (a" J Rule of (a" J I#%(-3-(%+%$/# of Dicey!s Principle of Rule of (a" J odern trends - 2heory of Separation of Po"ers J Position in *ndia7 &3 and &SA U#$%-III! Classification of Administrative functions J (egislative7 1uasi-)udicial7 Administrative and inisterial functions J Delegated (egislation J eaning7 Reasons for the gro"th and Classification of delegated legislationJ Audicial and (egislative Control of Delegated litigation. U#$%-IV! Audicial Control of Administrative Action - 4rounds of Audicial Control J Principles of .atural Austice J Administrative discretion and its control. U#$%-V! Remedies availa$le against the State J +rits J (o'pal and (o' Ayu'ta J (ia$ility of the State in 2orts and Contracts J Rule of Promissory Estoppel JAdministrative 2ri$unals Commissions of *n#uiry J Pu$lic Corporations. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. =. 4riffith and Street6 +rinciples of (dministrative Law. <.+.R.+ade6 (dministrative Law7 Oxford Pu$lications7 :th Edn. ;DDD7 (ondon. De Smith6 5udicial $eview of (dministrative (ction7 S"eet and S.P. Sathe6 (dministrative Law7 -utter"orths7 Bth Edn. 899:. *.P. assey6 (dministrative Law7 Eastern -oo' Company7 =th Edn. ;DD8. ax"ell7 899:.

A ER-IV! COM ANY LAW U#$%-I! Definition and attri$utes of Company J Distinction $et"een Partnership %irm and Company J 3inds of Companies including ultinational Companies J Advantages and Disadvantages of *ncorporation J Conse#uences of non-compliance of the provisions of the Companies Act in matters of incorporation. emorandum of Association

U#$%-II! Promoters and Registration J Pre-incorporation contracts J J Articles of Association.

U#$%-III! Prospectus J em$ers J Shareholders J Share Capital J Shares and Dividends J De$entures J Directors J Po"ers and (ia$ilities of Directors. U#$%-IV! Director7 anager and Secretary J eetings J Prevention of Oppression and ismanagement U#$%-V! a)ority po"ers and minority rights J

odes of "inding up of companies J Conse#uences of "inding up J %unctions of Official (i#uidator.

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A ER-V! LABOUR LAW "I U#$%-I 2rade &nions! <istory of 2rade &nion ovement - 2he 2rade &nion Act 89;B @ Definitions Registration @ Rights and (ia$ilities of Registered 2rade &nions @ *mmunities @ Amalgamation and dissolution of &nions @ ReorganiEation of 2rade &nions. U#$%-II Prevention and Settlement of *ndustrial Disputes in *ndia - 2he role of State in *ndustrial Relations @ 2he *ndustrial Disputes Act 89?F - Definition of industry - *ndustrial Dispute @ *ndividual Dispute "or'man- (ay off @ Retrenchment - Closure -A"ard - Stri'e " (oc'out U#$%-III Authorities under the *DAct @ +or's committee @ Conciliation - Court of in#uiry - (a$our Courts2ri$unal @ Po"ers and functions of authorities - ,oluntary Ar$itration - Provisions under Chapter ,-A 5 ,- - of the Act- Alteration of conditions of service @ anagement rights of action during pendency of proceedings @ Recovery of money due from employer @ &nfair la$our practices - miscellaneous provisions of the Act. U#$%-IV Standing Orders - Concept and .ature of Standing Orders @ scope and coverage- Certification process @ its operation and $inding effect @ odification and 2emporary application of odel Standing Orders @ *nterpretation and enforcement of Standing Orders and provisions contained in the *ndustrial Employment / Standing Orders 0 Act 89?B. U#$%-V Disciplinary Proceedings in *ndustries - Charge sheet @ Explanation @ Domestic en#uiry - En#uiry officer @ En#uiry report @ Punishment @ Principles of .atural Austice. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. Srivastava6 Law of )rade Unions 7 Eastern -oo' Company7 (uc'no" ;. .4os"ami 6 La-our and Industrial Law7 Central (a" Agency. >. R.%. Rustom)i : Law of Industrial Disputes 6 Asia Pu$lishing <ouse7 ?. S... =. A... isra 6 La-our and Industrial Law ali' 6 )rade Union Law um$ai

B. 3han5 3han : La-our Law 7 Asia (a" <ouse7 <ydera$ad F. S.C. Srivastava 6 Industrial $elations and La-our Law7 ,i'as Pu$lishing <ouse

LL.B. IV SEMESTER A ER-I! LABOUR LAW-II U#$%-I 2he Remunerative Aspects @ +ages @ Concepts of "ages - inimum7 %air7 (iving +ages - +age and *ndustrial Policies - +hitley Commission Recommendations -Provisions of Payment of +ages Act 89>B - 2imely payment of "ages - Authorised deductions @ Claims - inimum +ages Act 89?: Definitions - 2ypes of "ages - inimum rates of "ages - Procedure for fixing and revising inimum +ages @ Claims -Remedy. U#$%-II -onus @ concept - Right to claim -onus @ %ull -ench formula - -onus Commission - Payment of -onus Act 89B= - Application @ Computation of gross profit7 availa$le7 alloca$le surplus - Eligi$ility of -onus - Dis#ualification of -onus - set on @ set off of alloca$le surplus- inimum and aximum -onus-Recovery of -onus. U#$%-III Employees Security and +elfare aspect - Social Security - Concept and meaning - Social *nsurance Social Assistance Schemes. Social Security (egislations - (a" relating to "or'menLs compensation 2he +or'menLs Compensation Act 89;> @ Definitions -EmployerLs lia$ility for compensation - .exus $et"een in)ury and employment - payment of compensation - penalty for default - Employees State *nsurance Act 89?: @ Application - -enefits under the Act - Ad)udication of disputes and claims @ ES* Corporation. U#$%-IV Employees Provident %und and iscellaneous Provisions Act 89=; @ Contri$utions -Schemes under the Act - -enefits. 2he aternity -enefit Act 89B8 - Definitions-Application - -enefits. 2he Payment of 4ratuity Act 89F; @ Definitions @ application - Payment of gratuity - eligi$ility @ forfeiture @ .omination - Controlling authorities. U#$%-V 2he %actories Act 89?: - Chapters dealing "ith <ealth7 Safety and +elfare of (a$our. Child (a$our - Rights of child and the *ndian Constitution - Salient features of the Child (a$our/Prohi$ition and Regulation0 Act 89:B. S&''()%(* R(+*$#') 8. S... isra7 La-our and Industrial Laws7 Central la" pu$lication-;;nd edition. ;DDB. ;. ..4. 4os"ami7 La-our and Industrial Laws7 Central (a" Agency. >. 3han 5 3ahan7 La-our Law-Asia (a" house7 <ydera$ad ?. 3.D. Srivastava7 +ayment of 1onus (ct, Eastern -oo' Company =. 3.D. Srivastava7 +ayment of 6ages (ct B. 3.D. Srivastava7 Industrial *mployment 3"tanding /rders4 (ct 789: F. S.C.Srivastava7 )reatise on "ocial "ecurity :. Aid"itesu'umar Singh7 La-our *conomics7 Deep5 Deep7 .e" Delhi

9. ,.A.Rao7 Factories Law

A ER-II! UBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW U#$%-I! Definition7 .ature7 Scope and *mportance of *nternational (a" J Relation of *nternational (a" to unicipal (a" J Sources of *nternational (a" J Codification.

U#$%-II! S%+%( Recognition J State Succession J Responsi$ility of States for *nternational delin#uencies J State 2erritory J odes of ac#uiring State 2erritory U#$%-III! Position of *ndividual in *nternational (a" J .ationality J Extradition J Asylum J Privileges and *mmunities of Diplomatic Envoys J 2reaties @ %ormation of 2reaties odes of Consent7 Reservation and termination. U#$%-IV6 2he (egal Regime of the Seas @ Evolution of the (a" of the Sea @ %reedoms of the <igh Seas @ Common <eritage of an'ind @ &nited .ations Convention on the (a" of the Seas @ (egal Regime of Airspace @ *mportant Conventions relating to Airspace @ Paris7 <avana7 +arsa" and Chicago Conventions @ %ive %reedoms of Air @ (egal Regime of Outer space @ *mportant Conventions such as Outer space 2reaty7 Agreement on Rescue and Return of Astronauts7 (ia$ility Convention7 Agreement on Registration of Space o$)ects7 oon 2reaty - &nispace. U#$%-V! *nternational OrganiEations J (eague of .ations and &nited .ations J *nternational Court of Austice J*nternational Criminal Court - SpecialiEed agencies of the &. J +<O7 &.ESCO7 *(O7 * % and +2O. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. =. B. A.4. Star'e6 Introduction to International Law7 Aditya -oo's7 8Dth Edition7 89:9. A.*. -rierly: )&e Law of ations7 Oxford Pu$lishers7 (ondon. *an -ro"nlie6 +rinciples of +u-lic International Law7 Oxford Pu$lishers7 (ondon. S.3. 3apoor7 +u-lic International Law7 Central (a" Agencies7 Allaha$ad. <.O. Agar"al7 International Law and Human $ig&ts7 Central (a" Pu$lications7 Allaha$ad. S.3. ,erma7 (n Introduction to +u-lic International Law7 Prentice <all of *ndia.

A ER-III! INTER RETATION OF STATUTES U#$%-I! eaning and Definition of Statutes J Classification of Statues J eaning and Definition of *nterpretation J 4eneral Principles of *nterpretation J Rules of Construction under the 4eneral Clauses Act7 8:9F.

U#$%-II! 4rammatical Rule of *nterpretation J 4olden Rule of *nterpretation @ Rule of *nterpretation to avoid mischief. U#$%-III! *nterpretation of Penal Statutes and Statutes of 2axation J -eneficial Construction J Construction to avoid conflict "ith other provisions J Doctrine of <armonious Construction. U#$%-IV! External Aids to *nterpretation J Statement of o$)ects of legislation7 (egislative de$ates7 identification of purpose sought to $e achieved through legislation J *nternal Aids to *nterpretation J Pream$le7 title7 interpretation clause7 marginal notes7 explanations etc. J Presumptions. U#$%-V! Effect of Repeal J Effect of amendments to statutes J Conflict $et"een parent legislation and su$ordinate legislation J ethods of interpreting su$stantive and procedural la"s. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ? =. ,epa P. Sarathi6 Interpretation of "tatutes7 Eastern -oo' Co7 ?th Edition7 89FB. ax"ell6 Interpretation of "tatutes7 -utter"orths Pu$lications7 89FB7 8;th Edition. Cra"ford6 Interpretation of "tatutes7 &niversal Pu$lishers. Chatter)ee6 Interpretation of "tatutes. 4.P. Singh6 +rinciples of "tatutory Interpretation7 +adh"a and Company7 :th Ed.7 ;DD8. B. Cross7 "tatutory Interpretation A ER-IV! LAND LAWS U#$%-I! Classification of lands J O"nership of (and J A$solute and limited o"nership /tenancy7 lease etc.0 J Doctrine of Eminent Domain J Doctrine of Escheat - Doctrine of -ona ,acantia J aintenance of land records and issue of Pattas and 2itle Deeds etc.

U#$%-II! (a" Reforms $efore and after independence J Mamindari Settlement J Ryot"ari Settlement J ahal"ari System J *ntermediaries J Constitutional Provisions J A$olition of Mamindaries7 Aagirs and *nams J 2enancy (a"s J Conferment of o"nership on tenantsHRyots. U#$%-III! (a"s relating to ac#uisition of property J (and Ac#uisition Act of 8:9? /*ssue of notifications7 A"ard en#uiry7 Payment of compensation 5 Reference to civil courts etc.0 2he (and Ac#uisition and Re#uisition Act. U#$%-IV! (a"s relating to Ceiling on (and <oldings J A.P. (and Reforms /Ceiling on Agricultural <oldings0 Act7 89F> J Effect of inclusion in the *G Schedule of the Constitution J *nterpretation of Directive Principles of State Policy J 2he &r$an (and /Ceiling on <oldings0 Act7 89FB. U#$%-V! (a"s relating to alienation J A.P. Scheduled Areas (and 2ransfer Regulation 89=9 J A.P. Assigned (ands /Prohi$ition of 2ransfers0 Act7 89FF-Resumption of (ands to the 2ransferorH4overnment - A.P. (and 4ra$$ing /Prohi$ition0 Act. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')!

8. P. Rama Reddi and P. Srinivasa Reddy 6 Land $eform Laws in ('+.7 Asia (a" <ouse. =th Ed. <ydera$ad. ;. P.S. .arayana6 Manual of $evenue Laws in ('+.7 4ogia (a" Agency7 Bth Ed. 89997 <ydera$ad. >. Land .ra--ing Laws in ('+.7 Asia (a" <ouse7 >rd Ed. ;DD87 <ydera$ad. ?. 4.-. Reddy6 Land Laws in ('+', 4ogia (a" Agency7 <ydera$ad7 8st Edition7 ;DD8. A ER-V! *NTELLECTUAL RO ERTY LAW U#$%-I! eaning7 .ature7 Classification and protection of *ntellectual Property J 2he main forms of *ntellectual Property J Copyright7 2rademar's7 Patents7 Designs /*ndustrial and (ayout0 -4eographical *ndications - Plant ,arieties Protection and -iotechnology.

U#$%-II! *ntroduction to the leading *nternational instruments concerning *ntellectual Property Rights J 2he -erne Convention J &niversal Copyright Convention J 2he Paris &nion J Patent Co-operation 2reaty -- 2he +orld *ntellectual Property OrganiEation /+*PO0 and the &.EESCO7 *nternational 2rade Agreements concerning *PR J +2O J 2R*PS. U#$%-III ! Select aspects of the (a" of Copyright in *ndia J 2he Copy Right Act7 89=F - <istorical evolution J eaning of copyright J Copyright in literary7 dramatic and musical "or's7 computer programmes and cinematograph films J .eigh$ouring rights J Rights of performers and $roadcasters7 etc. J O"nership and Assignment of copyright J Author!s special rights J .otion of infringement J Criteria of infringement J *nfringement of copyright in films7 literary and dramatic "or's J Authorities under the Act J Remedies for infringement of copyright. U#$%-IV! *ntellectual Property in 2rademar's and the rationale of their protection - 2he 2rade ar's Act7 8999 J Definition of 2rademar's J Distinction $et"een 2rademar' and Property ar' - Registration J Passing off J*nfringement of 2rademar' J Criteria of *nfringement J Remedies. 2he Designs Act7 ;DDD J Definition and characteristics of Design J (a" in *ndia J Protection and rights of design holders J Copyright in design J Registration J Remedies for infringement. U#$%-V! Patents J Concept of Patent J <istorical overvie" of the Patents (a" in *ndia J Patenta$le *nventions J 3inds of Patents J Procedure for o$taining patent J 2he Patents Act7 89FD J Rights and o$ligations of a patentee J 2erm of patent protection J &se and exercise of rights J Exclusive ar'eting Rights J Right to Secrecy J 2he notion of Na$useL of patent rights J *nfringement of patent rights and remedies availa$le. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. P. .arayanan6 +atent Law7 Eastern (a" <ouse7 899=. ;. Roy Cho"dhary7 S.3. 5 Other6 Law of )rademar2, Copyrig&ts, +atents and Designs, 3amal (a" <ouse7 8999. >. Dr. 4.-. Reddy7 Intellectual +roperty $ig&ts and t&e Law =th Ed. ;DD= 4ogia ?. =. (a" Agency. Aohn <olyoa' and Paul 2orremans6 Intellectual +roperty Law. -.(. +adhera6 Intellectual +roperty Law7 &niversal Pu$lishers7 ;nd Ed. ;DDD.


+.R. Cornish6 Intellectual +roperty Law7 &niversal Pu$lishers7 >rd Ed. ;DD8.

LLB V SEMESTER A ER-I! CIVIL ROCEDURE CODE AND LAW OF LIMITATION U#$%-I ! Codification of Civil Procedure and *ntroduction to CPC J Principal features of the Civil Procedure Code J Suits J Parties to Suit J %raming of Suit J*nstitution of Suits J -ars of Suit - Doctrines of "u- 5udice and $es 5udicata J Place of Suing J 2ransfer of suits J 2erritorial Aurisdiction J NCause of ActionL and Aurisdictional -ars J Summons J Service of %oreign summons. U#$%-II ! Pleadings J Contents of pleadings J %orms of Pleading J Stri'ing out H Amendment of Pleadings - PlaintJ Essentials of Plaint - Return of PlaintJRe)ection of PlaintJProduction and mar'ing of DocumentsJ +ritten Statement J Counter claim J Set off J %raming of issues. U#$%-III ! Appearance and Examination of parties 5 Ad)ournments J *0-parte Procedure J Summoning and Attendance of +itnesses J Examination J Admissions J Production7 *mpounding7 Return of Documents J <earing J Affidavit JAudgment and Decree J Concepts of Audgment7 Decree7 and *nterim Orders and Stay J *n)unctions J Appointment of Receivers and Commissions J Costs -- Execution J Concept of Execution J 4eneral Principles of Execution J Po"er of Execution J Po"er of Executing Courts J Procedure for Execution J odes of Execution -- Arrest and detention J Attachment and Sale. U#$%-IV! Suits in Particular Cases J Suits $y or against 4overnment J Suits relating to pu$lic mattersCJ Suits $y or against minors7 persons "ith unsound mind7 - Suits $y indigent persons -- *nterpleader suits J *ncidental and supplementary proceedings - Appeals7 Reference7 Revie" and Revision J Appeals from Original Decrees J Appeals from Appellate Decrees J Appeals from Orders J 4eneral Provisions Relating to Appeals. U#$%-V! (a" of (imitation J Concept of (imitation J O$)ect of limitation - 4eneral Principles of (imitation J Extension J Condonation of delay J Sufficient Cause J Computation of limitation -- Ac'no"ledgment and Part-payment J (egal Disa$ility J Provisions of the (imitation Act7 89B> /Excluding Schedule0 S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. =. B. :. ulla6 Code of Civil +rocedure6 2ripathi /A$ridged Edition07 88th Edn. /StudentEdition0 Edited $y P. . -a'shi7 -om$ay7 89:=. A... Saha6 Code of Civil +rocedure. C.3. 2a'"ani6 Civil +rocedure7 ?th Edn. Eastern -oo' Co.7 (uc'no"7 89F?. -.-. itra6 Limitation (ct, 8Fth Edn. Eastern (a" <ouse7 Calcutta7 89F?7 Allaha$ad. San)iva Ro"6 Limitation (ct7 Fth Edn. /in ; ,ols07 (a" -oo' Co.7 Allaha$ad7 89F>. San)iva Ro"6 Code of Civil +rocedure7 >rd Edn. /in ? ,ols07 (a" -oo' Co.7 Allaha$ad. A*R Commentaries on Limitation (ct7 +.+. Chitaley7 A*R (td.7 .agpur.

A ER-II! CRIMINAL ROCEDURE CODE, LAW OF 2UVENILE 2USTICE AND ROBATION OF OFFENDERS U#$%-I ! 2he Code of Criminal Procedure7 89F> 6 2he rationale of Criminal Procedure J 2he importance of fair trial J Constitutional Perspectives 6 Articles 8?7 ;D 5 ;8 J 2he organiEation of Police7 Prosecutor and Defence Counsel J Pre-trial Process J Arrest J Distinction $et"een OcogniEa$leP and Onon-cogniEa$leP offences J Steps to ensure presence of accused at trial -- +arrant and Summons cases J Arrest "ith and "ithout +arrant J 2he a$sconder status J Rights of arrested persons under Cr.P.C. and Article ;; /;0 of the Constitution of *ndia.

U#$%-II! Search and SeiEure J Search "ith and "ithout "arrant J Police search during investigation J 4eneral Principles of Search J SeiEure J Constitutional aspects of validity of Search and SeiEure proceedings. U#$%-III ! 2rial Process6 Commencement of Proceedings J Dismissal of Complaint J -ail7 -aila$le and .on-$aila$le Offences J Cancellation of -ails J Anticipatory -ail J 4eneral Principles concerning -ail -ond J Preliminary pleas to $ar trial J Aurisdiction J 2ime (imitations J Pleas of (utrefois (c,uit and (utrefois Convict J %air 2rial J Concept of fair trial J Presumption of innocence J ,enue of trial JAurisdiction of Criminal Courts J Rights of accused -- Constitutional *nterpretation of Article ;8 as a right to speedy trial J Charge J %orm and content of Charge J 2rial $efore a Court of Session 6 Procedural steps and su$stantive rights. U#$%-IV! Audgment6 %orm and content -- Summary trial J Post-conviction orders in lieu of punishment J odes of providing )udgment copy J appeals7 revie" and revisions. U#$%-V! Pro$ation and Parole6 Authority granting Parole J Supervision J Conditional release -suspension of sentence J Procedure under Pro$ation of Offenders Act7 89=: -- Salient features of the Act. Auvenile Austice System -- Auvenile Austice /Care and Protection of Children0 Act of ;DDD -- Procedure under Auvenile AusticeQAct J 2reatment and Reha$ilitation of Auveniles JJ Protection of Auvenile Offenders J (egislative and Audicial Role. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. 3el'ar R.,.6 Criminal +rocedure7 >rd Edn. Eastern -oo' Co.7 (uc'no"7 899>. ;. Ratanlal and Dhira)lal6 )&e Code of Criminal +rocedure7 8=th Edn. +adh"a 5 Co.7 >. Padala Rama Reddi6 )&e Code of Criminal +rocedure7 89F>7 Asia (a" <ouse7 <ydera$ad. ?. Prof. S... isra: )&e Code of Criminal +rocedure7 Central (a" Agency. =. .P. 2andon6 Criminal +rocedure Code7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency. B. Shoorvir 2yage6 )&e Code of Criminal +rocedure7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency. A ER- III! LAW OF BAN4ING AND NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS U#$%-I! <istory of the -an'ing Regulation Act J Salient features J -an'ing -usiness and its importance in modern times.

U#$%-II! Relationship $et"een -an'er and Customer J De$tor and Creditor Relationship J %iduciary Relationship J 2rustee and -eneficiary J Principal and Agent J -ail and -ailee J 4uarantor7 etc.

U#$%-III! Che#ues J Crossed Che#ues J Account Payee J -an'er!s Drafts J Dividend +arrants J Postal order and money orders J 2ravelers che#ues and circular notes J .egotia$le instruments and deemed negotia$le instruments J Salient features of .egotia$le *nstruments Act. U#$%-IV! 2he Paying -an'er J Statutory protection to -an'ers J %orgeriesJCollecting -an'er Statutory protection. U#$%-V! -an'er!s lien and set off. -- Advances - Pledge - (and - Stoc's - Shares - (ife Policies Document of title to 4oods - -an' 4uarantees - (etters of Credit. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. ;. >. ?. =. B. F. 2annan6 1an2ing Law ; +ractice in India7 8:th Edn.7 Orient (a" <ouse7 .e" Delhi. Avtar Singh6 egotia-le Instruments7 >rd Edn.7 Eastern -oo' Company7 (uc'no"7 899F. P...,arshney6 1an2ing Law ; +ractice7 8Fth Edn. Sultan Chand 5 Sons7 .e" Delhi. 2axman6 Law of 1an2ing7 *ndia (a" <ouse -.R. Sharma and Dr.R.P. .ainta6 +rinciples of 1an2ing Law and egotia-le Instruments (ct, Allaha$ad (a" Agency. u'her)ee!s 1an2ing Law and +ractice7 Premier Pu$lications Company. -ashyam and Adiga6 egotia-le Instruments (ct7 -harat (a" <ouse.

A ER-IV! ALTERNATE DIS UTE RESOLUTION 2he "ritten examination of this paper "ill $e for =D mar's and the remaining =D mar's for record and viva voce. 2here shall $e classroom instruction on the follo"ing topics6 U#$%-I! Alternate Dispute Resolution J Characteristics J Advantages and DisadvantagesJJ &nilateral J -ilateral J 2riadic /2hird Party0 *ntervention J 2echni#ues and processes -.egotiation J Conciliation JAr$itration J Distinction $et"een Ar$itration7 Conciliation and .egotiation.

U#$%-II! 2he Ar$itration and Conciliation Act7 899B J <istorical -ac'ground and O$)ectives of the Act J Definitions of Ar$itration7 Ar$itrator7 Ar$itration Agreement -- Appointment of Ar$itrator J 2ermination of Ar$itrator -- Proceedings in Ar$itral 2ri$unal -- 2ermination of Proceedings J Ar$itral A"ard -- Setting aside of Ar$itral A"ard J %inality and Enforcement of A"ard J Appeals @ Enforcement of %oreign A"ards. Conciliation @ Appointment of Conciliators @ Po"ers and %unctions of Conciliator -- Procedure @ Settlement of disputes through conciliation. U#$%-III! Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems J2ri$unals -- (o'pal and (o'ayu'ta J (o' Adalats J %amily Courts. Section :9 and Order G7 Rules 8A7 8- and 8C of Civil Procedure Code.

-+5%$5+0 E6(-5$)() (30 .+-7)) /a0 2he students are re#uired to participate in = /five0 simulation proceedings relating to Ar$itration7 Conciliation7 ediation and .egotiation. Participation in each such simulation proceeding shall $e evaluated for a maximum of ? /four0 mar's /2otal =x?R;Dmar's0. /$0 Students are re#uired to attend and o$serve the proceedings of (o' Adalats7 %amily Courts7 2ri$unals and other ADR Systems. Each student shall record the a$ove o$servations in the diary "hich "ill $e assessed. Record su$mitted $y the student shall $e evaluated for 8D mar's $y the teacher concerned. 2he Records of the students duly certified $y the &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -OS in (a" shall $e su$mitted to the &niversity $efore the commencement of the theory examinations V$8+- 8/5( (20.+-7))! 2here shall $e viva-voce examination on the a$ove components . 2he ,iva-voce -oard consisting of /i0 Principal of the CollegeHthe teacher concerned /ii0 &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -OS in (a"7 and /iii0 an advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -ar shall evaluate the student in the ,iva. 2he proceedings of the viva-voce shall $e recorded. N/%(! A%%(#*+#5( /9 %1( )%&*(#%) $# +00 %1( 9/&- 5/.3/#(#%) /9 %1( 3+3(- (,-$%%(# (6+.$#+%$/#, 3+-%$5$3+%$/# $# )$.&0+%$/# 3-/5((*$#'), )&:.$))$/# /9 -(5/-* +#* +%%(#*+#5( $# 8$8+) )1+00 :( 5/.3&0)/-;. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. O.P. 2i"ari 6 )&e (r-itration and Conciliation (ct /;nd Edition06 Allaha$ad (a" Agency. ;. Aohar!s 6 Commentary on (r-itration and Conciliation (ct, 788<6 3amal (a" <ouse. >. Acharya ..3.6 Law relating to (r-itration and (D$7 Asia (a" <ouse7 <ydera$ad ?. 2ripathi S.C.6 (r-itration, Conciliation and (D$7 Central (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad. =. Avatar Singh6 (r-itration and Conciliation7 Eastern (a" -oo' <ouse7 (uc'no". B. 3SR urthy6 (n introduction to (D$ Mec&anism7 4ogia (a" Agency7 <ydera$ad F. P.C. Rao 6 (lternate Dispute $esolution 7 ;DD8 Edition7 &niversal -oo' 2raders7 .e" Delhi. :. S.D. Singh6 (lternate Dispute $esolution, &niversal -oo' 2raders7 .e"Delhi.

A ER-V! ROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND ROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM 2he "ritten examination of this paper "ill $e for =D mar's and the remaining =D mar's for record and viva voce. 2here shall $e classroom instruction on the follo"ing topics6


Development of (egal Profession in *ndia J 2he Advocates Act7 89B8 J Right to Practice J a right or privilegeS - Constitutional guarantee under Article 89/80 /g0 and its scope J Enrolment and Practice J Regulation governing enrolment and practice J Practice of (a" J Solicitors firm J Elements of Advocacy.

U#$%-II ! Seven lamps of advocacy J Advocates duties to"ards pu$lic7 clients7 court7 and other advocates and legal aid C -ar Council Code of Ethics. U#$%-III! Disciplinary proceedings J Professional misconduct J Dis#ualifications J %unctions of -ar Council of *ndiaHState -ar Councils in dealing "ith the disciplinary proceedings J Disciplinary Committees -- Po"ers and functions - Dis#ualification and removal from rolls. U#$%-IV! Accountancy for (a"yers J .ature and functions of accounting J *mportant $ranches of accounting J Accounting and (a" @ -ar -ench Relations. R(5/-* (30 .+-7)) 6 Each student shall "rite =D selected opinions of the Disciplinary Committees of -ar Councils and 8D ma)or )udgments of the Supreme Court of *ndia in the Record. 2he Record shall $e evaluated for >D mar's $y the teacher concerned. 2he Records of the students duly certified $y the &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -OS in (a" shall $e su$mitted to the &niversity $efore the commencement of the theory examinations. V$8+- 8/5( (20.+-7))! 2here shall $e viva-voce examination on the a$ove components . 2he ,ivavoce -oard consisting of /i0 Principal of the CollegeHthe teacher concerned /ii0 &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -OS in (a"7 and /iii0 an advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -ar shall evaluate the student in the ,iva. 2he proceedings of the viva-voce shall $e recorded. N/%(! A00 %1( %1-(( 5/.3/#(#%) /9 %1( 3+3(- (,-$%%(# (6+.$#+%$/#, )&:.$))$/# /9 -(5/-* +#* +%%(#*+#5( $# 8$8+) )1+00 :( 5/.3&0)/-;.

S&''()%(* R(+*$#') ! /80 yneni S.R.6 Professional Ethics7 Accountancy for (a"yers and -ench--ar Relation7 Asia (a" <ouse7 <ydera$ad.

/;0 4upta S.P.6 Professional Ethics7 Accountancy for (a"yers and -ench--ar Relation7 Asia (a" <ouse7 <ydera$ad. />0 3ailash Rai6 Professional Ethics7 Accountancy for (a"yers and -ench--ar Relation7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency. /?0 Siroh6 Professional Ethics7 Central (a" Pu$lications7 Allaha$ad. /=0 Ramachandra Aha6 Selected Audgements on Professional Ethics pu$lished $y -ar Council of *ndia 2rust7 ;DD;. /B0 Dr. 4.-. Reddy6 Practical Advocacy of (a"7 ;nd Ed. ;DD=. 4ogia (a" Agency. <ydera$ad

LL.B.VI SEMESTER A ER-I! LAW OF TA<ATION U#$%-I ! Constitutional $asis of po"er of taxation J Article ;B= of Constitution of *ndia J -asic concept of *ncome 2ax J Outlines of *ncome 2ax (a" -- Definition of *ncome and Agricultural *ncome under *ncome 2ax Act J Residential Status J Previous Tear J Assessment Tear J Computation of *ncome.

U#$%-II! <eads of *ncome and Computation J *ncome from Salary7 *ncome from <ouse Property. Profits and 4ains of -usiness or Profession7 Capital 4ains and *ncome from other sources. U#$%-III! (a" and Procedure J P.A... J %iling of Returns J Payment of Advance 2ax -- Deduction of 2ax at Source /2DS0 -- Dou$le 2ax Relief J (a" and Procedure for Assessment7 Penalties7 Prosecution7 Appeals and 4rievances -- Authorities. U#$%-IV ! +ealth 2ax J Charge of +ealth 2ax J Persons lia$le to +ealth 2ax J Persons exempted from +ealth 2ax J Assessment J Deemed Assessment J De$ts J Assessment year -Previous Tear -- ,aluation Date -- Rate of +ealth 2ax J +ealth 2ax Procedure J %iling of Returns J Statement of net "ealth7 Computation of +ealth 2ax7 ,aluation rules for immova$le property7 -usiness Assets7 Ae"elry. U#$%-V! Sales 2ax 5 ,alue Added 2ax J Relevant important provisions of A.P. 4eneral Sales 2ax and ,A2 la"s - Assessment J Procedure -Practice of Sales 2ax and ,A2 @ Authorities Po"ers and Aurisdiction.

S&''()%(* R(+*$#') ! 8. ;. >. ?. =. B. F. Dr. ,inod 3.Singhania6 "tudent .uide to Income )a07 2axman7 Allied Service Pvt. (imited. Dr. ,inod 3.Singhania6 Direct )a0es Law ; +ractice7 2axman Allied Service Pvt. (imited. yneni S.R.6 Law of )a0ation7 Allaha$ad (a" Series. 3ailash Rai6 )a0ation Laws7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency. Dr. 4urish Ahu)a6 "ystematic (pproac& to Income )a07 -harat (a" <ouse Pvt. (imited. ,.S. Datey 6 Law and +ractice Central "ales )a0 (ct, =>>?7 2axman Pu$lications. .ani Pal'ivala6 Income )a07 -utter"orths Pu$lications.


U#$%-I C/#5(3% /9 I#9/-.+%$/# T(51#/0/'; +#* C;:(- S3+5(- *nterface of 2echnology and (a" Aurisdiction in Cy$er Space and Aurisdiction in traditional sense - *nternet Aurisdiction - *ndian Context of Aurisdiction - Enforcement agencies - *nternational position of *nternet Aurisdiction - Cases in Cy$er Aurisdiction U#$%-II I#9/-.+%$/# T(51#/0/'; A5%, 2000 - Aims and O$)ects J Overvie" of the Act @ Aurisdiction Electronic 4overnance @ (egal Recognition of Electronic Records and Electronic Evidence - Digital Signature Certificates - Securing Electronic records and secure digital signatures - Duties of Su$scri$ers - Role of Certifying Authorities - Regulators under the Act - 2he Cy$er Regulations Appellate 2ri$unal - *nternet Service Providers and their (ia$ility @ Po"ers of Police under the Act @ *mpact of the Act on other (a"s . U#$%-III E-C/..(-5( - &.C*2RA( odel - (egal aspects of E-Commerce - Digital Signatures - 2echnical and (egal issues - E-Commerce7 2rends and Prospects - E-taxation7 E-$an'ing7 online pu$lishing and online credit card payment - Employment Contracts - Contractor Agreements7 Sales7 Re-Seller and Distri$utor Agreements7 .on-Disclosure Agreements- Shrin' +rap Contract 7Source Code7 Escro" Agreements etc.

U#$%-IV C;:(- L+, +#* I R)- &nderstanding Copy Right in *nformation 2echnology - Soft"are - Copyrights vs Patents de$ate - Authorship and Assignment *ssues - Copyright in *nternet - ultimedia and Copyright issues - Soft"are Piracy @ Patents - &nderstanding Patents - European Position on Computer related Patents - (egal position of &.S. on Computer related Patents - *ndian Position on Computer related Patents @ 2rademar's - 2rademar's in *nternet - Domain name registration - Domain .ame Disputes 5 +*PO -Data$ases in *nformation 2echnology - Protection of data$ases - Position in &SA7E& and *ndia U#$%-V C;:(- C-$.() - eaning of Cy$er Crimes @ Different 3inds of Cy$er crimes @ Cy$er crimes under *PC7 Cr.P.C and *ndian Evidence (a" - Cy$er crimes under the *nformation 2echnology Act7;DDD Cy$er crimes under *nternational (a" - <ac'ing Child Pornography7 Cy$er Stal'ing7 Denial of service Attac'7 ,irus Dissemination7 Soft"are Piracy7*nternet Relay Chat /*RC0 Crime7 Credit Card %raud7 .et Extortion7 Phishing etc - Cy$er 2errorism - ,iolation of Privacy on *nternet - Data Protection and Privacy S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. 3amlesh .. 5 urali D.2i"ari/Ed07 I) and Indian Legal "ystem7 (td7 .e" Delhi acmillan *ndia

;. 3.(.Aames7 )&e Internet: ( User!s .uide /;DD>07 Prentice <all of *ndia7 .e" Delhi

>. Chris Reed7 Internet Law-)e0t and Materials7 ;nd Edition7 ;DD=7 &niversal (a" Pu$lishing Co.7 .e" Delhi ?. ,a'ul Sharma, Hand -oo2 of Cy-er Laws7 acmillan *ndia (td7 .e" Delhi

=. S.,.Aoga Rao7 Computer Contract ; I) Laws /in ; ,olumes07 ;DD= Prolific (a" Pu$lications7 .e" Delhi B. 2.Ramappa, Legal Issues in *lectronic Commerce7 acmillan *ndia (td7 .e" Delhi

F. *ndian (a" *nstitute7 Legal Dimensions of Cy-er "pace7 .e" Delhi :. Pan'a) Aain 5 Sangeet Rai Pandey7 Copyrig&t and )rademar2 Laws relating to Computers7 Eastern -oo' Co7 .e" Delhi 9. %arou# Ahmed7 Cy-er Law in India 8D. S.,.Aoga Rao7 Law of Cy-er Crimes and Information )ec&nology Law7 ;DDF7 +adh"a 5 Co7 .agpur

A ER-III! O TIONAL (A#; /#( /9 %1( 9/00/,$#' )&:=(5%)) (A) LAW RELATING TO WOMEN U#$%-I ! <istorical $ac'ground and status of "omen in ancient *ndia J Constitutional Provisions and gender )ustice J Relevant provisions relating to "omen in Directive Principles of State Policy and %undamental Duties etc. under the *ndian Constitution.

U#$%-II! (a"s relating to marriage7 divorce and succession and maintenance under the relevant personal la"s "ith special emphasis on "omen J Special arriage Act J aintenance under Cr. P.C. U#$%-III ! Special provisions relating to "omen under the *ndian Evidence Act7 8:F; J Offences against "omen under *ndian Penal Code - outraging the modesty of "omen -sexual harassment @ rape @ $igamy - moc' and fraudulent marriages @ adultery - causing miscarriage - insulting "omen etc. U#$%-IV! Socio-(egal position of "omen and the la" J Do"ry Prohi$ition Act7 89B87 edical 2ermination of Pregnancy Act J (a" relating to the Pre .atal Diagnostic 2echni#ues /Regulation and Prevention of isuse0 and Sex selection J *mmoral 2raffic /Prevention0 Act -- (a" relating to domestic violence. U#$%-V ! Relevant provisions relating to "omen under aternity -enefit Act7 89B87 %actories Act and other (a$our 5 *ndustrial (a"s J Position of +omen under *nternational instruments J Salient features of Convention for Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against +omen /CEDA+0 J *nternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights J *nternational Covenant on Social7 Cultural and Economic Rights. S&''()%(* R(+*$#') !

8. ;. >. ?. =. B. F.

S.P. Sathe6 )owards .ender 5ustice. Dr. ,i)ay Sharma6 +rotection to woman in Matrimonial &ome Dr. Saro)ini Saxena6 Femi#uris /(a" relating to +omen in *ndia0 Dr. Archana Parsher6 6omen and "ocial $eform Dr. Paras Di"an6 Dowry and protection to married women ary +ollstonecraft6 ( %indication of t&e rig&ts of women. Dr. 4.-.Reddy6 6omen and Law7 ;nd Edn. 4ogia (a" Agency7 <ydera$ad7 899:.

(B) HUMAN RIGHTS LAW U#$%-I eaning and definition of <uman Rights - Evolution of <uman Rights - <uman Rights and Domestic Aurisdiction U#$%-II Adoption of <uman Rights $y the &. Charter - &...Commission on <uman Rights - &niversal Declaration of <uman Rights - *nternational Covenants on <uman Rights/ Civil and PoliticalC Economic7 Social and Cultural0. U#$%-III Regional Conventions on <uman Rights - European Convention on <uman Rights - American Convention on <uman Rights - African Charter on <uman Rights/-an)ul0. U#$%-IV *nternational Conventions on <uman Rights - 4enocide Convention7 Convention against 2orture7 CEDA+7 Child Rights Convention7 Convention on Statelessness7 Convention against Slavery7 Convention on Refugees - *nternational Conference on <uman Rights/89B:0 - +orld Conference on <uman Rights/899>0. U#$%-V <uman Rights Protection in *ndia - <uman Rights Commissions - Protection of <uman Rights Act .ational <uman Rights Commission /.<RC0 - State <uman Rights Commissions - <uman Right Courts in Districts. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. P.R. 4andhi /ed06 1lac2stone!s International Human $ig&ts Documents7 &niversal (a" Pu$lishing Co. Delhi. ;. Richard -. (illich and %ran' C. .e"man6 International Human $ig&ts - +ro-lems of Law and +olicy7 (ittle -ro"n and Company7 -oston and 2oronto.

>. %rederic' 1uinn6 Human $ig&ts and @ou7 OSCEH OD*<R7 +arsa"7 Poland ?. 2.S. -atra6 Human $ig&ts A ( Criti,ue7 etropolitan -oo' Company Pvt. (td.7 .e" Delhi. =. Dr.&. Chandra6 Human $ig&ts7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency Pu$lications7 Allaha$ad.

(C) U#$%-I!

LAW OF INVESTMENTS AND SECURITIES Administration of Company (a" in relation to issue of prospectus and shares -- mem$ership and share capital -- 3inds of shares -- pu$lic issue of shares -- procedure for issue of shares -allotment of shares -- transfer and transmission of shares.

U#$%-II! De$entures - 3inds of De$entures and Charges @ Dividend -- *nter-Corporate (oans and *nvestments. U#$%-III! -asic features of the Security Contracts /Regulation0 Act7 89=B J Recognition of Stoc' Exchanges @ Regulation of Contracts and option in securities J (isting of securities -4uidelines for listing of shares H de$entures. U#$%-IV ! -asic features of the Security and Exchange -oard of *ndia Act7 899; J -asic features of the Act J Esta$lishment of SE-* -- %unctions and Po"ers of SE-* -- Po"ers of the Central 4overnment under the Act -- 4uidelines for disclosure -- *nvestors Protection - SE-* Appellate 2ri$unal -- Appeals. U#$%-V! .on--an'ing %inancial *nstitutions - Classification and (a" Relating to .%-Cs - AP Protection of Depositors Act7 8999. S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. Avatar Singh6 Company Law, 8Dth Edn. /Eastern -oo' Company7 89980. ;. ( .uide to Companies (ct $y Ramaiah - +adh"a Pu$lications. >. .avneet Ayothi and Ra)esh 4upta7 +ractical Manual to on 1a2ing Financial Companies, 2axman!s Pu$lications. ?. Ananta Raman6 Lectures on Company Law7 +adh"a and Company. =. 2andon .P.6 Company Law7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency7 Allaha$ad. B. 3ailash Rai6 Company Law7 Allaha$ad (a" Agency. F. a)umdar6 Company Law7 2axman Pu$lications. :. ('+' +rotection of Depositors (ct, 78887 Asia (a" <ouse Pu$lications. A ER-IV! DRAFTING, LEADINGS AND CONVEYANCING Class-room instruction and simulation exercises on the follo"ing items shall $e extended. U#$%-I D-+9%$#'! 4eneral Principles of Drafting and relevant Su$stantive Rules shall $e taught.

U#$%-II 0(+*$#')! ($) CivilJPlaint7 +ritten Statement7 *nterlocutory Application7 Original Petition7 Affidavit7 Execution Petition7 emorandum of Appeal and Revision. /ii0 Petition under Article ;;B and >; of the Constitution of *ndia - Drafting of +rit Petition and P*( Petition. /iii0 CriminalJ Complaint7 Criminal Appeal and Revision. U#$%-III C/#8(;+#5$#'! Sale Deed7 Attorney7 +ill7 2rust Deed -+5%$5+0 E6(-5$)() Apart from teaching the relevant la"7 the course includes not less than 8= /fifteen0 practical exercises in drafting of pleadings carrying a total of ?= mar's /> mar's for each0 and 8= /fifteen0 exercises in conveyancing carrying another ?= mar's /> mar's for each exercise0 and remaining 8D mar's for vivavoce. 2hese >D exercises shall $e recorded. Each student shall $e served "ith different pro$lems for the purpose of exercise. 2hese exercises shall $e assessed and mar's may $e allotted. 2hese exercises shall $e evaluated $y a common committee consisting of /i0 Principal of the CollegeHthe concerned teacher /ii0 &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -oard of Studies in (a"7 O.&.C and /iii0 an Advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -ar. 2he same committee "ill also conduct viva-voce on the a$ove concepts. 2he proceedings of the viva-voce shall $e recorded. N/%(! 1. A%%(#*+#5( /9 %1( )%&*(#%) 9/- 8$8+-8/5( )1+00 :( 5/.3&0)/-;. 2. T1( +:/8( -(5/-*) 5(-%$9$(* :; %1( U#$8(-)$%; R(3-()(#%+%$8( +33/$#%(* :; %1( C/#%-/00(- /9 E6+.$#+%$/#) $# 5/#)&0%+%$/# ,$%1 %1( C1+$-.+#, BOS $# L+, )1+00 :( )&:.$%%(* %/ %1( U#$8(-)$%; 9/- F&-%1(- V(-$9$5+%$/# S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. R... Chaturvedi 6 +leadings and Conveyancing7 Central (a" Pu$lications. ;. De SouEa 6 Conveyancing7 Eastern (a" <ouse. >. 2i"ari 6 Drafting, +leading and Conveyancing7 Central (a" Agency. ?. ogha6 Indian Conveyancer7 Eastern (a" <ouse. =. ogha6 Law of +leadings in India, Eastern (a" <ouse. B. Shiv 4opal6 Conveyancing, +recedents and Forms7 Eastern -oo' Company F. .arayana P.S.6 Civil +leadings and +ractice7 Asia (a" <ouse. :. .arayana P.S': Criminal +leadings and +ractice7 Asia (a" <ouse. 9. .oshirvan <.Aha$vala6 Drafting, +leadings, Conveyancing ; +rofessional *t&ics. Aamhadar 5 Companes. ortgage Deed7 (ease Deed7 4ift Deed7 Promissory .ote7 Po"er of iscellaneous Petition7 -ail Application7 emorandum of

8D. R.D.Srivastava6 2he (a" of Pleadings7 Drafting and Conveyancing7 Central (a" Agency.

A ER-V! MOOT COURTS, OBSERVATION OF TRIAL, RE-TRIAL RE ARATIONS AND INTERNSHI 2his paper has three components of >D mar's each and viva-voce for 8D mar's. (A) M//% C/&-% (30 .+-7))! Every student is re#uired to participate in at least three moot courts in the ,* Semester "ith 8D mar's for each. 2he moot court "or' "ill $e on an assigned pro$lem and it "ill $e evaluated for = mar's for "ritten su$missions and = mar's for oral advocacy. ar's "ill $e given on the $asis of "ritten su$mission and oral advocacy. +ritten su$missions shall include $rief summary of facts7 issues involved7 provisions of la"s and arguments7 citation7 prayer7 etc. ar's for oral advocacy may $e a"arded for communication s'ills7 presentations7 language7 provisions of la"C authorities #uoted7 court manners7 etc. +ritten emorials su$mitted $y the students shall $e 'ept $y the College for %urther ,erification. 2he performance of student in the moot court shall $e evaluated $y a committee consisting of /i0 Principal of the College /ii0 an Advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -arC and /iii0 the teacher concerned. (B) O:)(-8+#5( /9 T-$+0 $# %,/ 5+)(), /#( C$8$0 +#* /#( C-$.$#+0 (30 .+-7))! Students are re#uired to attend courts to o$serve at least one civil and one criminal case. 2hey shall maintain a record and enter the various steps o$served during their attendance on different days in the court assignment. 2he Court O$servation Record su$mitted $y the students should $e evaluated $y a committee consisting of /i0 Principal of the CollegeHthe concerned teacher /ii0 &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -oard of Studies in (a"7 O.&.C and /iii0 an Advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -ar and average $e ta'en. Court attendance shall $e compulsory and attendance has to $e recorded in a register 'ept therefor. 2his may $e carried under the supervision of a teacher of the college. 2his scheme "ill carry >D mar's. (C) I#%(-8$(,$#' T(51#$>&() +#* -(-T-$+0 -(3+-+%$/#) +#* I#%(-#)1$3 D$+-; (30 .+-7))! Each student should o$serve t"o !intervie" sessions! of clients either in the (a"yerLs Office or in the (egal Aid Office and record the proceedings in a diary7 "hich "ill carry 8= mar's. Each student has to further o$serve the preparation of documents and court papers $y the Advocate and the procedure for the filing of the suit H petition. 2his shall $e recorded in the diary "hich "ill carry 8= mar's. 2he diary shall clearly indicate the dates on "hich the a$ove o$servations are made and they shall $e authenticated $y the advocate concerned. Evaluation of the a$ove diary shall $e made $y the committee consisting of /i0 Principal of the CollegeHthe concerned teacher /ii0 &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -oard of Studies in (a"7 O.&.C and /iii0 an Advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -ar and average $e ta'en.

(D)V$8+-8/5( (10 .+-7))! 2here shall $e viva-voce examination on all the a$ove three components . 2he ,iva-voce -oard consisting of /i0 Principal of the CollegeHthe concerned teacher /ii0 &niversity Representative appointed $y the Controller of Examinations in consultation "ith the Chairman7 -OS in (a"C and /iii0an advocate "ith 8D years experience at the -ar shall evaluate the student in the ,iva. 2he proceedings of the viva-voce shall $e recorded. N/%(! 1. A%%(#*+#5( /9 %1( )%&*(#%) $# +00 %1( 9/&- 5/.3/#(#%) /9 %1( 3+3(- )1+00 :( 5/.3&0)/-;. 2. T1( +:/8( -(5/-*), *$+-; 5(-%$9$(* :; %1( U#$8(-)$%; R(3-()(#%+%$8( +33/$#%(* :; %1( C/#%-/00(/9 E6+.$#+%$/#) $# 5/#)&0%+%$/# ,$%1 %1( C1+$-.+#, BOS $# L+, )1+00 :( )&:.$%%(* %/ %1( U#$8(-)$%; 9/- F&-%1(- V(-$9$5+%$/#. . S&''()%(* R(+*$#')! 8. Dr. 3ailash Rai6 Moot Court +re-)rial +reparation and +articipation in )rial +roceedings 7 Central (a" Pu$lication. ;. Amita Danda6 Moot Court for Interactive Legal *ducation7 4ogia (a" Agency7 <ydera$ad. >. -lac'stone!s: 1oo2s of Moots7 Oxford &niversity Press. ?. ishra6 Moot Court +re-)rial +reparation and +articipation in )rial +roceedings 7 Central (a"7 Allaha$ad.