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MDE Endorsements: English, Social Studies (pending)

615 Griswold Street, 10th loor, Detroit, M! "#$$6

%1%&%0'&%000 detroit$01"(teach)oramerica&org

Hope College * +olland, M! -achelor o) .rts: /olitical Science and 0ommunication G/.: %&61"&00 Hope College Vienna Summer Sc ool ! 2ienna, .ustria German and 0ultural Studies Ma, $01" Ma, * 3une $01%

4each or .merica * Detroit, M! Summer $01" Corp& Mem'er Selected )rom appro5imatel, 50,000 applicants nationwide to 6oin national teacher corps o) recent college graduates and pro)essionals who commit to teach in ur7an schools /articipate in intensi8e summer training program to de8elop s9ills and 9nowledge needed to achie8e signi)icant gains in student achie8ement& Simultaneousl, teach in summer school program run 7, 4each )or .merica )or students in pu7lic and character schools under super8ision o) a )acult, o) e5perienced teachers Engage in pro)essional de8elopment acti8ities, including seminars, discussion groups, wor9ships, indi8idual and group re)lections, readings, and :learning teams; speci)ic to m teaching location area +ope 0ollege Model <nited =ations * +olland, M! Ma, $011 * /resent Secre(ar) *eneral /lanned con)erence )or o8er #00 high school students 0ommunicate with +igh School ad8isers Maintain we7site 0reated a new online registration s,stem -larne, 0astle >il 0ompan, * -ear ?a9e, M! Ma, $01$ * Septem7er $01$ Cre+ Mem'er,In(ern @or9ed on mar9eting products in new and interesting wa,s De8eloped relationships 7etween cooperate o))ice, store emplo,ees and customers

S(u-en( .o-) %re&i-en( * Student 0ongress Student liaison to the -oard o) 4rustees .cted on 7ehal) o) the Students o) +ope 0ollege %re&i-en( * +ope 0ollege /reA?aw Societ, Anc or A-/er(i&ing Manager * +ope 0ollege =ewspaper Ma, $01$ * /resent

Ma, $01$ * /resent Ma, $01$ * Ma, $01%

2aledictorian Scholarship /olitical Science -oo9 .ward ?am7da /i Eta

/i Sigma .lpha Dean;s ?ist "1B semesters


0on8ersational German

A& le) M. Frale) MDE Endorsements: English, Social Studies (pending) Current location: +olland, M! Prospect type: 0ollege Senior
Why do you want to teach in Detroit? ! want to teach in Detroit 7ecause it is an amaCing place& Since the )irst time ! 8isited the cit,, ! )elt so e5cited& ! 9now that the students ha8e di))erent 7ac9grounds and e5periences and ! loo9 )orward to learning more a7out them& ! )eel li9e through teaching and learning we can 7oth grow& ! 9now that each student is special and will ha8e their own stor, to share& What is your proudest professional accomplishment? M, 7iggest accomplishment thus )ar has 7eing elected Student -od, /resident at +ope 0ollege& .s someone who came )rom a 8er, small lowAincome high school, ! wasnDt sure ! was e8er going to li8e up to m, peers at +ope& +owe8er, ! was a7le to achie8e m, goals in representing 8oices that werenDt heard 7, 7eing elected to this position& !t has 7een an amaCing e5perience seeing ideas and plans 7ecome a realit, on campus& Ultimately, what do you hope to achieve professionally? M, pro)essional goals include getting m, law degree and e8entuall, going into politics& ! plan to get m, 3&D& a)ter 4each or .merica& ! would li9e to practice law )or a )ew ,ears& 4hen, ! plan on going into politics as the go8ernor o) the great state o) Michigan, a <nited States Senator and /resident o) the <nited States o) .merica& ! 7elie8e that 7, teaching in a classroomE ! will 7etter understand the need )or ad8ocates in education& How do you respond to feedback and/or constructive criticism? ! respond 7, listening care)ull, and appl,ing it to a situation& -, doing so, ! am a7le to see it in practical use gi8ing me a good e5ample )or the )uture& .s someone who is dedicated to 7eing a li)e long learner, ! see )eed7ac9 as a wa, o) continuing that process& 4his helps me to ma9e sure ! am alwa,s impro8ing& What would you tell a school leader about your strengths or unique qualities to differentiate yourself from other candidates? .s a teacher in Detroit, ! am most loo9ing )orward to wor9ing with students& Sometimes students need to 9now that the, ha8e someone who 7elie8es in them& ! 9now that ! will 7e a7le to do this& ! hope that 7, doing so the, understand that the, are capa7le o) whate8er the, tr, to achie8e& What are you passionate about, both personally and professionally? ! am passionate a7out li8ing m, li)e 7, the Fuote )rom Gandhi, G7e the change ,ou wish to see in the world&H ! li8e into that with e8er,thing ! do& -, doing this, ! ma9e m, li)e m, message and inspire change in those around me& Do you have previous teaching e perience? ! ha8e ser8ed as the Secretar, General )or +ope 0ollege Model <nited =ations, which has allowed me to wor9 with high school students and teachers& 4his has 7een an amaCing opportunit, to organiCe and implement a hands on learning en8ironment where we challenge students with the tas9 o) criticall, thin9ing a7out glo7al issues& Do you have previous e perience working with children? @hile m, e5perience wor9ing with children is limited, ! had the opportunit, to pla, a large role in m, ,ounger sister;s li)e& @e ha8e a twel8e and a hal) ,ear di))erence, so growing up, ! was a7le to help her learn to read among other earl, de8elopmental s9ills& Do you have previous e perience or knowledge in !nglish, "ocial "tudies? ! do not ha8e e5perience with English and Social Studies )or secondar, education, 7ut ! am enthusiastic and moti8ated to learn more a7out these content areas to prepare students )or their )utures&