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Lesson Plan

School: Scoala Nr. 22 Mircea Eliade, Craiova Teacher: Amza Ana-Maria a!e: "rd Ma# 2$%2 Class: &!h 'rade Time: &$( Te)!*oo+: Sna,sho! Lesson: -ha! is aniel doin'? Presen! Con!in.o.s vs Presen! Sim,le T#,e o/ lesson: S+ills !rainin' lesson Skills: reading, speaking, listening, and writing Teaching aims: - to raise students attention upon the both tenses - to practice Present Tense Continuous - to practice vocabulary related to the topic - to practice Present Tense Simple & Continuous - to practice their speaking writing listening & writing skills - to practice vocabulary related to parts o! the house Teaching aids: worksheets, te"tbooks, blackboard #idactic Strategies: Techni$ues: dialogue, e"planation, individual work, pair work, team work, e"ercise% &rgani'ation: !rontal activities, group-work (ssumptions: )ost pupils are receptive and con!ident in using the Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Tense% (nticipated problems: They may have problems in using these tenses corectly% *orking in groups will make them a bit noisy%

Stages ,% *arm-up -

Teachers activity The teacher greets the students % The teacher checks the students homework orally, encouraging them when it is re$uired and allowing them to sel!correct i! necessary%

Skills Speaking

Students activity They answer to teachers greeting and read their homework%

+nteraction +ndividual work

.% Checking previous knowledge /

Then the teacher Speaking, en$uires about the verbal listening !orm and the uses o! Present Simple and Present Continuous% 0ive them the worksheets and they have to read it and !ill in the verbs, in the Present Simple or Present Continuous% *riting

They answer to teachers $uestions

+ndividual work

+ndividual They complete the work te"t

The teacher asks the pupils to read the te"t and write the verbs on the blackboard%

1eading, writing

Some o! them read the te"t and write the verbs on the blackboard, the others listen and check% They read the te"t and translate it%

+ndividual work

-% +ntroducing new materials ,2

The teacher asks the students to read the te"t%

3istening, reading

+ndividual work

The teacher corrects 3istening, possible mistakes in their writing pronunciation and writes down on the blackboard

They write the +ndividual new words in their work notebooks%

the unknown words%

Then the teacher checks 3istening, speaking what students understood !rom the te"t by asking $uestion%

They answer the Teachers $uestions%

+ndividual work

The Teacher asks them to recognise the tenses used in the te"t%

3istening, speaking

They answer the Teachers $uestion%

+ndividual work

4% Practice .2

The teacher divides the 3istening, students into groups o! writing, !our and asks them to speaking write !ive true sentences with actions that repeat 5present simple6 and to trans!orm them using present continuous tense%

They do the task and then answer%


7% 8eedback 7 9% :nding the lesson - ;% <omework ,

The teacher asks the *riting, students to do an e"ercise reading !rom the workbook%

They solve the e"ercise%

+ndividual work

Students are invited to make observations about what they have learned% The teacher asks them to do the remaining e"ercises in the workbook at home%


They answer to the $uestions%

+ndividual work

3istening, writing

The students write +ndividual their homework in work their notebooks%

Coordinating teacher: Ca'acu 3idia