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MBA's Class of 2014


Hi Impact Consultants P Ltd : One of the main challenges faced by almost every organization, is to fit the right person at the right post. We are a prominent executive search & selection company, providing a wide range of recruitment solutions for various requirements. We are a team of dedicated professionals offering services across ndia. ! solutions provider firm engaged in the business of wor"ing with organizations, to understand and meet their requirements of quality manpower in the ever changing and growing ndustry. We offer services in #ermanent $ecruitment, %xecutive &earch, 'emporary $ecruitment, nternational $ecruitment, $ecruitment #rocess Outsourcing, $ecruiter on (emand, )ampus $ecruitment and *ul" +anpower $ecruitment across ndia. #utting together the perfect team is an investment that goes a long way in ensuring the success of an organizations. 'o handpic" every employee and ensure that the equilibrium at the wor"place is maintained at all times requires s"ills and dedication. 'he most prominent features of our services include flexibility, speed and dedication that ensure complete satisfaction for both clients and candidates. The company will be visiting the Campus shortly and has invited CVs from the interested students for HR Profile. #rofile of the company #osition Who can apply &alary tudents who have applied earlier need not apply again. : : : ! www.hiimpact.in ,$ $ecruiter +*!-./ ,$ specialization, +*!-,$/ $s. 0 1acs2a )') which would include 3ixed +onthly &alary, ncentives and !nnual #erformance 1in"ed *onus. 1ocation : 4oida

5ob #rofile for $ecruiter !

)ompany $esearch to understand )ompany #rofile, 5ob (escription etc. extremely well +anaging %nd to %nd $ecruitment of 'alented )andidates as per )lient $equirement 'a"ing $equirements from the client and downloading the same to the other team members. )lient $elationship +anagement to ensure $elationship %nhancement and )ustomer (elight 'imely $esponse to clients for their )urrent $equirement +ar"et +apping and .athering )ompetitive ntelligence *uilding a strong 4etwor" of quality )andidates2)lients through $eferencing &trong !ptitude and 6eenness to learn %xcellent )ommunication &"ill -Written and &po"en both/. .enerating 4ew )lient $eferences for *usiness (evelopment

'a"ing care of nternal $ecruitment as well as )lient requirements at the same time for faster growth of the organization. +onthly 'arget7 $evenue of 8 'imes their .ross &alary on a monthly basis -#ost completion of 9st :uarter/ !ppraisal ystem7 :uarterly appraisal, where depending upon the target achievement the salary can increase anywhere between ;<7 9=< of the .ross &alary for ,igh #erformers who achieve targets. 4o. of Openings" > &tudent )oordinator : Kavya Khandelwal 84471443 ! "avya ."handelwal#$%a&l.'(%

tudents while applying # mar$ in the sub%ect line & CV for Hi Impact Consultants P Ltd' (pply only in the following )*cel +ormat.
/+ad*a)&( n S)+ea% and 2

S)*den) Na%e

AUUP En+(l N(.


,-A S.l


10)h Cla11 2

12)h 'la11 2

,(3&le N(

E%a&l 4D

5(+" E C( 9 . P

nterested students may submit above mentioned details in excel sheet format and soft copy of their )? in !mity format to the student coordinator by @pm, Wednesday, @;.0.98 and she will submit the same to +r $aAeev +ittal. 'eam )$) $aAeev +ittal