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Full isolation of Mono-atomic minerals form Dead Sea Salt

In this document I will try to describe a method of extracting the mono atomic minerals from Dead sea salt.. this method is far superior to the normal NaOH extraction. the usual way of dong this is taking a solution of NaOH and add it to a solution of DSS (Dead sea salt this would precipitate out all kind of minerals ! "agnesium hydroxide# calcium hydroxide ! and of coerce some of the "ono$atomics# normally you would swing the ph from %&.'( to % and back a few times this would ensure the full breakup of cluster in the "agnesium and calcium# so it can free the "ono$atomic# this method is not )ery a use full method because you will be left with a lot of other minerals and it takes allot of chemicals# and we want only the mono$atomic and not the other minerals. in the method that is described it will isolate only the mono$atomic elements# the things you need... Sodium bicarbonate Dead sea salt Hydrogen peroxide +&, ! NaH*O+ ! ! real dead sea salt ! ! H-O- !

the first thing you should do is.. make a saturated solution of NaH*O+ this water should be at room temperature or some what colder(%. c . /fter all is dissol)ed you ha)e made your first alkalist. 0 the seccond alkalist is the H-O-1
The nice ting of this alkalist is that it breaks up the clusters on its own and it will be water soluble Hydrocarbonats the Mono-atomics will react with the air and will begin to precipitate out, this is far superior to normal Sodium carbonate or hydroxide

add this alkalist to some of your dead sea salt.. this will dissol)e the salt# after all is dissol)ed filter this solution. 0 this is to get all the sand and stuff out of the solution1 if you close the container nothing will happen for a long time# but when u open the container it will slowly begin to precipitate the "ono$atomics# with this there will precipitate out some magnesium and some calcium in a carbonate form# this will take up to - weeks to let e)ery thing precipitate out. 2he precipitate will begin to form on top of the solution# it will form some transparent to white crystals. "ost of this is "ono$atomic mineral# but it will still contain some "g and *a# (now the first thing you can do is dissol)e the resulting precipitate and precipitate it again with NaH*O+# but this will take fore)er because e)ery precipitation will take longer# so to clean this up we will go for a different rout.

2he resulting precipitate can be washed and dryed# to clean it from all water soluble materials

after this is powdered in to a fine powder you can take a long neck round bottom flask and add the powder to it. Now its the time for our second alkalist# to prepare this alkalist not allot has to be done# the only thing that needs to be done is to cool the H-O- in the deep free3er this will form ice water and a more concentrated concentration of H-O-. Now add this concentrated solution of H-O- to the powder in the round bottom flask. 2his will not do allot at first but after some time and the H-O- will warm up some the reaction will begin to form. 2he solution will begin to get hot and should be cooled with some sort of water bath# after most of the of the reaction hes subsided it will cool again# let this solution sit for some days(+ # after some days allot of the powder hes dissol)ed and the stuff that is still undissol)ed can be filtered off ( do this with bleached filter paper 0the white ones1 after filtration you will be left with a clear solution of H-O- and this will contain all of the mono$ atomics# this could be precipitated with a alkali of choice# or the H-O- could be slowly distilled of and you would be left with a precipitate that is water soluble# this is pure "ono$atomic element# isolated from Dead Sea Salt# 4ith 5o)e...