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Staffordshire FA Girls and Womens Football Development Plan 2007 - 2009


1. To create and provide football opportunities for Girls and Women of all ages and abilities within the County and support the development of the female game at all levels for players, coaches, clubs, volunteers and officials. 2. To develop and sustain a female football workforce to help develop clubs with an emphasis on gaining FA Charter Standard, and further developing female only leagues to provide continued opportunities from youth to adult. 3. Provision of opportunities for players with disabilities and to work with BME groups to provide opportunities for players with a BME background. 4. To support and develop the County Talent ID programme for Girls through supporting the FA Girls Centre of Excellence and encouraging clubs to identify their talented players to join the Centre of Excellence This will be done through the development of the following objectives: 1. Women and Girls Football 2. Club Development 3. Leagues, Competitions and Small-sided football 4. Workforce Development (staff, coaches, tutors, referees and volunteers) 5. Football in Education 6. Football for Disabled People 7. Race Equality 8. Social Inclusion 9. Health 10. Communications and Marketing

1. Women & Girls Football

To support the development of the female game at all levels for players, coaches, volunteers and officials and develop opportunities for girls and women of all ages throughout the County

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. 4. Co-ordinate a plan for Girls and Womens Football, working with all key partners Develop schools coaching programmes and competitions Support and develop existing and new female leagues Ensure exit routes are in place from schools to charter standard clubs through the School Club Link programme 5. 6. 7. 8. Develop a workforce of coaches, officials and volunteers Provide mentoring support for coaches, officials and volunteers Support the womens and girls Talent ID programmes Provide support to Girls Centres of Excellence

Objective Secure funding to continue G&W Football Coach Post

Tactic Investigate potential funding pots and opportunities to continue G&WFC post

Achievement Target Sustainable female football programmes Continued development of female game in the County Continued provision of football to girls in schools, clubs and on coaching days Support to partners on football sessions and provision of continued opportunities Promotion of the work of SAS and supporting the work of the delivery plan

Responsibility CDM G&WFDO

Timescale Year 1 Investigation/plans and bids submitted Year 2 and Year 3 Continuous G&W programmes


In partnership with SAS (County Sports Partnership), deliver Girls Football Development Programme To organise 2 Goalkeeping courses for female goalkeepers per year

Support the work of the SAS County Sports Partnership Business Development Plan and to work with Core Team to support delivery Work with G&WFC to devise Support and coaching for female coaching programme for goalkeepers in the County goalkeepers and supply Opportunities for female goalkeeping specific coaching in the County coaches to deliver

SAS G&WFDO Key Partners



Year 1 2 courses (North and South) Year 2 2 courses (North and South) Year 3 2 courses (North and South)

To Deliver Girls only Coaching sessions during school holidays in partnership with Local Authorities

Continue to deliver and develop SFA Mentoring Programme for female coaches

To further develop links with Girlguiding Staffordshire and provide footballing opportunities for players and leaders

Exposing football to nearly 10000 females involved with Girlguiding in the County Opportunities for females t get involved and made aware of player pyramid and opportunities to get involved with teams Links with clubs New players into clubs Opportunity to gain new leaders and volunteers for football Potential to lead onto new coaches/referees for the County Organise meetings of local Invitations to all clubs with Opportunity to help bridge the gap in the girls clubs in order to set potential to have Under 18s county between Under 16s football into up league for players teams to meeting/meetings to the County Womens League open age aged 18 or under discuss relevance/potential of football league Set up administration for Gain support from local League to ensure less fall-out from league and recruit new leagues/clubs with experience Under 16s to open age football in the teams for 2007/2008 of league management. County and provide younger players Season Promote benefits of U18 with opportunity to continue playing post league and support clubs to 16 join league Ensuring all clubs and Promotion of pyramid on Raise awareness of pathways available players are aware of Websites, handouts, G&W to female players and ensure clubs, female football pyramid Booklet schools etc have awareness of the potential routes their players can go through Distribute Girls & Womens Include booklet at all Maximum exposure for G&W football in information booklet promotional events and provide the County and raising awareness for all booklet to all school, clubs, opportunities volunteers, coaches players to make aware of opportunities in the County

Contact/work with LAs to provide coaching opportunities during school holidays Support LAs football development programmes and provide local opportunities for each District in the County Continue to offer Centre of Excellence players opportunity to become coaches Coaching experience Discounted courses Coaching support (Mentoring) Support County events Development of festivals on local/County basis Develop football leadership opportunities in Units through County

Local opportunities to gain maximum participation Links to local clubs for participants


Year 1 8 Coaching days Year 2 8 Coaching days Year 3 8 Coaching days

Continued development of County female workforce Experiences, qualified coaches Continued coaching support


Year 1 10 New Coaches Year 2 10 New Coaches Year 3 10 New Coaches


Year 1 Support links and festivals Year 2 & 3 Continued provision of opportunities and support where required


Year 1 Consultation events

End of Year 2




Ensure G&W Football in included in all Development Plans submitted to gain CS Community Club

Ensure G&W Football in included in all Development Plans submitted to the Football Foundation Provide regular local Liaise with local providers to opportunities for girls aged discover current provision 8 - 12 Develop network of afterschool/coaching sessions in Districts around the County

Work with Clubs and FDO to ensure G&W football is part of the Community Clubs Development Plans and provide guidance on how to progress the clubs G&W sections Ensure all bids include G&W specific actions and support/develop parts of plans

Sustainable G&W sections Regular opportunities



Provision for G&W Football and facilities/projects to include this



Continued sessions for females Links to clubs Introduction to Player Pathway


Year 1 Schools sessions

2. Club Development
To ensure that all clubs have the facility to accommodate female players of all ages and ability, coaches and volunteers and are supportive of their development Support the development of all clubs and support the process of becoming a Charter Standard Club at either level (Club, Adult, Development, Community)

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. 28 New G&W teams 8 New Charter Standard Community Clubs School-Club Link projects 4. 5. 6. Promotion of Charter Standard Develop Female coaches within clubs 11 G&W Club Football Foundation applications



Achievement Target 10 Mini Soccer Teams and 4 11-a-side teams

Responsibility G&WFDO G&WFC

Timescale 3 Mini Soccer Teams Yr 1 3 Mini Soccer Teams Yr 2 2 11-a-side Teams Yr 2 4 Mini Soccer Teams Yr 3 2 11-a-side Teams Yr 3 3 Mini Soccer Teams Yr 1 3 Mini Soccer Teams Yr 2 2 11-a-side Teams Yr 2 4 Mini Soccer Teams Yr 3 2 11-a-side Teams Yr 3 2 Community Clubs Yr 1 3 Community Clubs Yr 2 3 Community Clubs Yr 3 3 teams Yr 1 5 teams Yr 2 6 Teams Yr3


Increase the number of School Club Links girls teams in the North of Schools Coaching the County

Increase the number of School Club Links girls teams in the South of Schools Coaching the County

10 Mini Soccer Teams and 4 11-a-side teams


Support the development of Community Clubs in the County Support all new clubs with the completion of Junior Kit Scheme (JKS) applications

School Club Links Schools Coaching Coach Education

To work with FDO to develop 8 Community Clubs

As new teams develop and look for new kit/equipment, encouragement will be provided to complete applications and application form provided Support all new clubs with Provide necessary support the completion of Football where required to help new Foundation Small Grants teams develop female Scheme (SGS) sections. G&WFDO to meet applications with new clubs and work through completion of application forms

Ensuring clubs have access to necessary kit and equipment to support new teams


Grant aid for new girls/womens teams G&WFDO with the provision of finance to help with CDM expenses (Kit/Coaches/Support etc) not previously available to the club

3 applications Yr 1 4 applications Yr 2 4 applications Yr 3

Hold in-service training events for prospective female Charter Standard Clubs Encourage all female clubs to have 1 female coach Maintain and develop all current clubs Develop network of SCL to ensure girls have exit routes from schools Ensure G&W football is included in all CS Club Development Plans

Liaise with FDO to hold a workshop for potential CS Clubs

1 workshop for prospective CS Clubs per season


To promote the Womens World Cup 2007

Coach Education 1 female coach actively coaching at Female Coach Mentoring each female club in the County Programme SCL Continue to support clubs Continued clubs and leagues through provision of educating all people and areas of the club SCL programmes Feeder schools for local clubs Sustainable clubs throughout the County Consultation with clubs and Charter Standard clubs providing equal FDO opportunities for females through developing coaching sessions and teams, as well as developing female volunteers, coaches and referees. Hold Festival to incorporate Increased number of opportunities World Cup required Hold World Cup themed Raising awareness of the Womens Coaching days World Cup and making females aware Support Promotion with The FA of the clubs within the County


1 Per Year 1 Year 1 (Before May 07) 1 Year 2 (Before May 08) 1 Year 3 (Before May 09) Year 1 20% Year 2 60% Year 3 100 % Ongoing





August 2007

3. Leagues, Competitions and Small-sided Football

The provision of competitive opportunities for female players and clubs through the sustaining of current leagues and competitions and development of new age groups/opportunities such as futsal and open-age football.

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. Sustain and develop the South Staffordshire Young Womens League To sustain and develop the North Staffs Girls League To support and increase the number of teams in the Staffordshire County Womens League Introduce and sustain female only Futsal opportunities in the County 5. 6. 7. To provide Schools Leagues/Competitions in each District of the County Hold Annual Schools County Championships Support District Girls Football Tournaments


Objective To attend Counties Girls and Womens League Meetings

Tactic To attend regular league meetings

Achievement Target Contact with leagues and their clubs Raising awareness of opportunities

Responsibility G&WFDO

Timescale 4 County Womens League Meetings per Year (12 by end of Year 3) 4 South Staffs Girls League Meetings per Year (12 by end of Year 3) 4 North Staffs Girls League meetings Per year (12 by end of Year 3) Review Year 1 Consult/Write Development Plans Year 2 Implement Plans Year 3 Annually from Year 1


To support Girls Leagues and the progression into 11-a-side football

To hold annual Festival Annual Mini Soccer Festival for Charter Standard female clubs To develop Female Futsal Develop Futsal coaches and Introduction of Futsal for females and competitions and leagues Referees development of skill/ability within the Hold open training sessions for female game for the County teams Taster sessions Festivals Futsal League

To review/develop Development plans for all leagues and identify ways to increase opportunities and progress onto 11-a-side Invite all Female Charter Standard Clubs to participate

Provide all leagues with a plan to support development, promotion and increase their numbers of teams, clubs, players, volunteers and referees.


Year 1 - Tasters/Coaching and festivals Year 2 - League start Year 3 Consolidation of League and development

To investigate and consult Girls and Womens Leagues regarding U18 League Development of County Under 18s Female League Provide support and Guidance to Girls Centre of Excellence League

Consultation with all Girls and Countywide decision on the impact of an G&WFDO Womens Leagues and arrange Under 18 female league County Sec meeting to discuss potential Develop league structure Develop league rules and committee Invitation to teams Attend relevant regional meetings Attend relevant County meetings Start of County Under 18s Female League G&WFDO County Sec

August Year 1

June Year 2

Sustainability of West Midlands Girls Centre of Excellence Leagues


Continuous from Year 1

To put into place League Development Plans for all Girls and Womens Leagues

A structured plan of how the Continued development of leagues and league can support its raise awareness of how to develop the development and set leagues and how to keep them benchmarks and timescales for sustainable and attractive for new teams new initiatives e.g. U14 11-aside League in North Staffs Girls League


Year 1 Develop plan with Girls Leagues Year 2 Develop plan with County Womens League, Input plan for Girls Leagues Year 3 Work with all leagues to put plan into action

4. Workforce Development (Staff, Coaches, Tutors, Referees, Volunteers)

To develop a well qualified, sustainable female football workforce for the County to support Girls and Womens programmes and initiatives, as well as club and volunteer development

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. 4. 120 Female Qualified FA Level 1 Coaches 25 Female Qualified FA Level 2 Coaches 5 Female Qualified FA Level 3 Coaches 5 Female Qualified FA Level 2 Goalkeeping Coaches 5. 6. 7. 30 Female Qualified Referees 1 Female FA Level 1 Tutor 30 Coaches on Staffordshire FA Female Coach Mentoring Programme

Objective Organise 2 Female only FA Level 1 courses per year Organise 2 Female only FA Level 2 Course s


Achievement Target


Timescale 40 Level 1 Coaches July 2007 40 Level 1 Coaches July 2008 40 Level 1 Coaches July 2009 5 Level 2 Coaches Dec 2007 10 Level 2 Coaches Dec 2008 10 Level 2 Coaches Dec 2009 10 Female Referees July 2007 10 Female Referees July 2008 10 Female Referees July 2009 Identify 6 new female coaches Year 1 Identify 7 new female coaches Year 2 Identify 7 new female coaches Year 3


Liaise with FDA and FDO to organise 2 Female only FA Level 1 courses per year Liaise with FDA and FDO to organise 2 Female only FA Level 2 courses Organise 1 Female only Liaise with Referee County Referees course per year Training Officer to organise courses Progress, develop and Continue to offer FA Girls sustain Female Coach Centre of Excellence Players Mentoring Programme the opportunity to become coaches as part of the programme G&W Coach to continue to act a mentor Provide coaching opportunities/training to coaches Develop portfolio for coaches To continue to update and Provide questionnaire to all produce County female females who complete FA coaches audit Coaching course in the County

40 new FA Level 1 Female Coaches per G&W FDO year FDO FDA 15 new FA Level 2 Female Coaches in G&W FDO Year 2 and Year 3 FDO FDA 10 FA Qualified Referees Per Year G&WFDO CRDO 20 qualified female FA Level 1 coaches minimum with progression onto FA Level 2 in Year 2 G&WFDO G&WFC SC CofE

Upto date information regarding female coaches in the County and how we can work with them



To support the organisation of 1 Level 2 GK Course per year and ensure Females attend

Promotion of Level 2 GK course to all female coaches and ensure all interested coaches have access to a course Investigate available funding pots available to support a County female coach development programme, and produce required plans and work necessary to support intended bids

Qualified Female Goalkeeping coaches for the County


Investigate and apply for funding to support the development of female coaches and continue to develop the Countys female coach mentoring programme

The development of new qualified female coaches Provision of mentors and ensuing availability of mentors to help produce quality coaches Support with the costs of facility hire, equipment, tutors to provide workshops


1 Female Qualified GK Coaches Year 1 2 Female Qualified GK Coaches Year 2 2 Female Qualified GK Coaches Year 3 Year 1 (Jan April) Investigate and completion of applications/bids May 07 Dec 09, use of achieved funding to support coach development

5. Football in Education
Provide support to all PESSCL programmes with an emphasis on providing opportunities for females in schools and the provision of exit routes for all participants. Development of a female teacher workforce who are qualified and who can deliver football to females in schools

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. School-Club Link Programmes Development of Girls Only Schools Leagues Promotion of Charter Standard Schools 4. 5. 6. 9 Female only JFO Courses Development of Female teacher mentoring programme Female specific coaching in Special Schools



Achievement Target

Responsibility G&WFDO G&WFC FDA DisC Ongoing



To ensure SFA Schools Produce relevant information to Countywide promotion of G&W football packs includes be included in pack. Liaise with through schools and the opportunities information regarding G&WFC and FDA to ensure available to all. Girls football and help to information is included and distribute where distributed to schools appropriate. To support the delivery of Liaise with PDMs and SSCo 9 District tournaments to determine JFOs within schools and Deliver 1 JFO in each SSP participants at SFA County encourage students to Support organisation of District Championships deliver Girls District Girls Tournaments District JFO courses (3 per year) Football Tournaments to Link in Charter Standard Clubs New volunteers link in with Schools County New players for clubs Championships School Club Links Increase the number of Girls High School Leagues to 1 in each District of the County To support the running of the annual Staffs FA Special Schools Tournament for Girls North and South Liaise with PDM/SSPs to develop leagues where required 9 District Girls High School leagues


Year 1 April 2007 Year 2 April 2008 Year 3 April 2009


Work with SFA Disability Coaching in Special Schools Coaches and Special Schools 2 tournaments per year (One in North to provide coaching and One in South) opportunities and help put plan into place to hold annual tournaments in North and South of County

2 already running 2 new leagues in Year 1 3 new leagues in Year 2 2 new leagues in Year 3 Yearly 2 Tournaments Year 1 2 Tournaments Year 2 2 Tournaments Year 3

To deliver in schools coaching programme for girls in 1 SSP per term Provide schemes of work for female teachers & continued support (Mentoring)

Liaison with SSCos to provide Curricular and Extra Curricular coaching G&WFC coaching support to schools SSCos SCL projects G&WFC SSCos

Yearly ongoing

Will allow for teachers to Continued provision of girls coaching in continue coaching girls after schools G&WFC has finished Quality coaching in school (FA Qualified programme. Staff) G&WFC will also re-visit schools to see how teachers are doing Female only Level 1 To oversee and coSupport Local Authorities and Competitive opportunities and chance to ordinate each District Girls PDMs with organisation and represent school Football tournament for provide support where requires schools To deliver a female specific PESSCL programme in each SSP Liaison with FDO and CS Clubs to develop SCL programme specific for girls. Support from PDM/SSCo Support the work of the Competition managers and work to provide regular opportunities Additional coaching opportunities for girls and sustainable links into clubs for girls from schools

Yearly ongoing


Year 1 April Year 2 April Year 3 April Year 1 3 programmes Year 2 4 programmes Year 3 3 programmes

To liaise with SSP Competition Managers to provide regular opportunities for Girls in schools

Competitions/festivals/leagues for schools and a more regular contact point for schools and better management of competitions More schools will also receive information on what we are hosting and will attract more entries

Ongoing from point of CMs being employed

6. Football for Disabled People

To provide support to special schools through the delivery of football and to provide recreational and competitive opportunities for females with disabilities

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. 4. Opportunities for participants with all types of disability Create awareness of opportunities available to all Provide training for coaches to develop awareness of Disability pathways Provision of opportunity for Females to play at the Centre of Excellence 5. 6.

Development of female only disability coaching sessions Create provision for curriculum time coaching/competitions Sustainable female only football teams



Achievement Target




Ensure female coaches in Promotion and organisation of Qualified CDF coaches the County have access to CDF courses Increased Disability awareness for the Coaching Disabled Promote the value of CDF female coaches Footballers course courses to all C/S Community Continued development of female Clubs and clubs with female football workforce disability sections Support and develop Support Coaches at C of E Female only section at Centre of female opportunities at Ensure Female coach working Excellence Disability Centre of at C of E Appropriate qualified Female Coach(s) running female section Excellence Provision of coaching opportunities Support player development Ensure G&W Football is Consultation with CDM, Representation of the female game represented in SFA Disability Coaches and SFA within the plan and development of Disability Development Disability Focus Group inclusive opportunities for female Plan participants To deliver 1 programme in Contact special schools to offer Continued opportunities for females in 1 special school per term coaching opportunities and special schools to take part in football for girls only support the schools PE with specific sessions for females only programmes To ensure where females Qualified female coaches Female coaches have opportunity to involved a G&W coach is taking the CDF course and work with disability players and gain available ensure females have role experience of disability football model


Year 1 1 Course Year 2 1 Course Year 3 2 Courses


Year 1 Investigation/Taster/Introductions Year 2 Implement regular opportunities Year 3 - Ongoing Year 1 Consultation and plan development Year 2 and Year 3 Implementation of plan Year 1 Coaching in 4 schools Year 2 Coaching in 4 schools Year 3 Coaching in 4 schools Year 1 SFA Coach Support Year 2 & 3 Support female teachers to gain coaching badges



Support Female Disability Review Development plans Continued opportunities for players with sections at Community and work with clubs to deliver disabilities at clubs and provision for Clubs Work with new clubs to ensure female only sections development planes are inclusive for female participants with disabilities


Year 1 Review Development Plans Year 2 & 3 - Support clubs to work to their targets

7. Race Equality
To promote, encourage and Increase the opportunities for females across BME communities through playing, coaching ,officiating and administering football

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. Ensure all activities are inclusive and accessible for BME communities Support G&W Clubs to ensure of inclusive opportunities Provision of BME coaching programmes and ensure their sustainability

Objective To support SFA Race Equality meetings To ensure G&W Football is included in SFA Race Equality Development Plan To develop coaching programmes in Priority areas of Staffordshire for BME participants To be a member of SAS Equality Group and provide support and guidance To support Female clubs consisting of majority BME players

Tactic Ensure attendance at all meetings where possible Provide agenda items Consultation with key individuals/partners

Achievement Target Development of female opportunities


Timescale Ongoing To attend Quarterly meetings


Specific plan for female opportunities regarding BME participants

Consultation with BMECo and Inclusive opportunities for BME females local groups to prioritise delivery Attend relevant meetings and Support to SAS Equity Group and ensure Football has a voice networking with key partners

Year 1 May 2007 Year 2 May 2008 Year 3 May 2009 Year 1 4 Meetings Year 2 4 Meetings Year 3 4 Meetings Ongoing

Provide support through Support to clubs with BME players and Coaching opportunities, looking to develop sustainable promotion of Charter Standard, opportunities to continue their SCL, links with local participation communities


8. Social Inclusion
Gain further understanding on inclusion issues throughout the County and develop sustainable partnerships to provide footballing opportunities within different sections of the community

Achievement Targets
1. 2. To promote Womens and Girls football in all activities Develop action plan to support the delivery of football development outcomes Provision of female opportunities


Objective Provision of opportunities for Girls and Women from deprived areas Working in partnership with YOT


Achievement Target 6 sessions provided in areas of deprivation for females Coaching sessions/opportunities provided for females

Responsibility G&WFDO G&WFC LAs G&WFDO G&WFC

Timescale Year 1 2 sessions Year 2 2 sessions Year 3 2 sessions Ongoing once partnerships established


Review local statistics Consult Local Authorities Provide local opportunities Provide local opportunities where YOT see as suitable Develop relationships with key people Developing opportunities for Identify appropriate groups girls in Childrens Homes and research possibilities for providing football

Opportunities for participants who may not have anything else Promote exercise

G&WFDO G&WFC LAs County Council G&WFDO G&WFC LAs County Council

Developing opportunities for Identify appropriate groups Opportunities for participants who may Young Mums in the County and research possibilities for not have anything else providing football Promote exercise

Year 1 Identify possible coaching opportunities Year 2 & 3 Provision of opportunities and build sustainable links Year 1 Identify possible coaching opportunities Year 2 & 3 Provision of opportunities and build sustainable links

9. Health
To gain further understanding regarding relevant health agencies and develop partnerships to support the delivery of Football Development Programmes

Achievement Targets
1. 2. Raise awareness of positive impact football has on health Ensure healthy lifestyles is promoted in association with football

Objective To investigate relevant possibilities regarding G&W Football and links with Health agencies


Achievement Target

Responsibility G&WFDO

Timescale Year 1 Investigation Year 2/3 Implementation of health & football initiatives


Research what health Promotion of both Health and how agencies operate through football can improve this the County and what they are looking to achieve and how football can support these To develop partnerships to Develop links with providers Promotion of the values of regular raise health awareness for who can offer specialist exercise and how it can be proactive in females support to players and healthy lifestyles promote the values of exercise through appropriate opportunities To provide health Develop links with health Continued development of players away opportunities for female clubs/leisure centres to from the pitch/training ground footballers support specific sessions for additional training and conditioning for females. Engage with Staffs Uni to identify opportunities Promote the work of healthy Supporting Raised awareness of Health lifestyles and how football national/regional/local Need for opportunities (Coaching can support initiatives promotions and initiatives as sessions etc) well as introducing football at Show how football has a positive impact various events/festivals to on a persons health show how the two are linked Promote Healthy Eating Support Raised awareness of Healthy eating and through football national/regional/local how the requirements of a healthy diet promotions and initiatives as in relation to football. well as promoting football at various events

G&WFDO LAs Staffs Uni



Year 1 Development of activities/session to support he development of players health Year 2&3 Continuation of health sessions and development of health schemes Ongoing support to initiatives from the FA/other agencies



Ongoing support to initiatives from the FA/other agencies

10. Communications & Marketing

To actively promote and market all opportunities available for females in the County to get involved within football and promote the work of Staffordshire FA Football Development Team Support the work of the FA and to provide support to campaigns, promotions and good practice.

Achievement Targets
1. 2. 3. Increase awareness of G&W Football in the County To promote the work of clubs, volunteers, coaches in the County Provide the FA with Good Practice news stories

Objective Produce and update G&W Football Information booklet

Tactic Liaise with local clubs Develop booklet and update regularly Work with professional printers to produce booklet Include in Schools Packs, mail outs, coaching days

Achievement Target Continued promotion of G&W opportunities in the County Also used to promote good practice examples from the County

Responsibility G&WFDO FDOA

Timescale Review and Update every 12 months


Distribute G&W Information Booklet

Continued promotion of G&W opportunities in the County Also used to promote good practice examples from the County Promote all G&W Clubs and Request updates from SFA, Overall promotion of G&W football and information on SFA website clubs, partners creation of information source for clubs, and in Net volunteers, players, coaches, referees etc Promote all G&W Clubs and Request updates from SFA, Overall promotion of G&W football and information on SAS website clubs, partners creation of information source for clubs, volunteers, players, coaches, referees etc To ensure The FA.com Request quarterly good Overall promotion of G&W football in receive good practice news practice reports from local Staffordshire and promotion of the work regarding G&W football clubs/projects/SFA work of SFA Development Team





Year 1 2 Items Year 2 2 Items Year 3 2 items