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Vitamin D Played an Indispensable Role in the Treatment of My Asthma and an Underactive Thyroid

Convinced by the research and through my own experience, I now know that the missing ingredient in the treatment of my asthma and underactive thyroid was vitamin D. Here in the Northeast, most people enjoy the season of snow angels, snowmen, throwing snowballs, skiing, and snowmobiling. They look forward to the holidays. They look forward to the competitions for the Stanley Cup, the basketball championships, March Madness, and Super owl. ! wish that ! could enjoy the wintertime too, but with the season brings cold, dry weather that has increasingly become hell on earth. Why? High heating costs makes it a struggle to heat my home and keep warm. ! use a space heater in one room for warmth, but during the winter months, the rest of my home is pretty much without heat. "intertime always triggers my asthma, and at some point, ! will become afflicted with se#ere bronchial asthma that lasts off and on until spring. $n underacti#e thyroid, hypothyroidism, produces many symptoms. %ne of those symptoms is an increased sensiti#ity to cold. My underacti#e thyroid causes and e&treme sensiti#ity to cold weather. "ithout precautions and treatment, my fingers and toes become numb, cracked, and #ery painful. My symptoms and diagnosis !n hindsight, ! now recogni'e earlier symptoms. My symptoms didn(t come into perspecti#e until after retirement si& years ago. %#er time, though, they all came together to make life perilous and #ery difficult. $ couple of years prior to retirement, it became increasingly difficult to breathe. "hen ! retired, my doctor(s diagnosis was persistent asthma. He prescribed an inhaler for maintenance, and an inhaler in case of an emergency that ! often use to pre)medicate.

$bout a year later, ! recei#ed my first complete physical e&am. $ blood test re#ealed that ! was hypothyroid. My doctor prescribed a daily intake of a synthetic thyroid hormone. $lthough my symptoms did impro#e, to one degree or another they persisted. *rimarily, ! continued to be afflicted with depression, memory and concentration problems, fatigue, weakness, aches and pains in my neck and shoulders, tingling, hoarseness, leg cramps, and difficulty sleeping. My asthma re+uired more medication from my emergency inhaler than should ha#e been necessary. $bout se#en weeks ago, ! discussed these lingering symptoms with my doctor. He ordered another blood test. The result was low le#els of #itamin ,. He prescribed a daily intake of -... !/s of #itamin ,. o!" si# !ee$s later" I feel li$e a ne! man There has been a reduction in the se#erity of my asthma, and other symptoms ha#e not returned. !t takes a while before #itamin ,, not ac+uired from sunlight, to become optimal, so things should only impro#e. Subse+uent to this diagnosis, ! did some research and found that #itamin , deficiency plays a role in many medical conditions. Specifically, the research shows that a #itamin , supplement can reduce the se#erity of asthma and #itamin , plays an indispensable role in thyroid hormone function )) an underacti#e thyroid may actually play a direct role in asthma. $rticles by Horatio 0reen on 1ahoo2http233contributor.yahoo.com3user345-6.73horatio8green.html