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Combat Operations with Firearms.

Volume 0. Project Description. This is a research project to develop or discover effective and systematical approaches to enhance security by conductin combat operations usin firearms. The primary application of information enerated from this project would be in people of civilian capacity see!in to enhance security. The civilians would include private citi"ens and overnment personnel# such as law enforcement personnel. The scope of combat operation considered in the project is inclusive of most type of combat any person mi ht be involved in. $t considers scenarios such as a private citi"en defendin oneself from a home invasion or street crime# an armed private person or an official travelin abroad findin security in an area of civil unrest or armed conflict# and also law enforcement operations. % person en a ed in such operations will be referred to as an &operator' from this point. The research mostly involves principles and foundational information that can be applied to methods# and does not primarily concern developin a specific s!ill set in performin specific actions. (any subjects are theoretical# and can be academic. For that reason this document is not suited for a trainin material# and it is not intended as a trainin material. This research is not conducted with military application as a primary consideration. There e)ists a fundamental difference in manner of combat operations between civilians who place very hi h priority on individual operator*s security and military or ani"ations that often place hi her priority on accomplishin mission objectives than each military member*s security. %lso# the scope of combat operations of this research do not include many military specific assets available to military personnel. Therefore# the primary use of this research involves non+military applications.

,%-.$./0 This media is not created with the intent to describe the le ality of what is e)pressed in it. The content should not be considered as a le al advice. The reader is responsible for ensurin any action ta!en in relation to this document*s content is le al in the reader*s jurisdiction. The document is written for research purpose.

Terms defined +Operator0 &Operator' refers to a person who is en a ed in a combat operation. Operators* action is the subject of this te)t. The term was chosen partly because of lac! of better words to describe the subject person of this te)t. 1hooter only means a person who is en a ed in a shootin activity. %lso# the person had to be distin uished from military definition of &combatant.'