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PMID901 BN06. Firmware Upgrade Guide 4.

PLEASE NOTE: This Firmware needs to be performed ONLY if you have locked yourself out of your tablet (forgotten password, etc). Your tablet is pre-installed with OTA Firmware capability (Over The Air). OTA Updating provides an update via our servers that streams the process of updating a Custom ROM. As long as you are connected to a WiFi network and have over 50% battery, you can receive the updates wirelessly. To check if updates are available, on your tablet go to Settings then select Software Update then select Update: check for Updates. If there is an update available, the tablet will walk you through the process. If you update your tablet using the process below, you are overwriting the ROM with the same ROM the unit came with. There is no need to do this unless you have locked yourself out of the tablet (forgotten password, etc). Before proceeding, look on the back of the tablet and make sure your Model Number and Build Number correspond with the numbers at the top of this page:

IMPORTANT! Please make sure that you backup your files to a computer before you update your tablet's firmware. All content will be deleted. You can re-download your purchased and/or free apps from the Amazon Appstore (or other appstores) once the firmware update is completed. READ ME: This step must be performed on a computer. Trying to download this file on your tablet will result in an unsuccessful firmware download as the file cannot be unzipped on our Polaroid tablets. Please read through the instructions before proceeding. We recommend printing these instructions so you can refer to them while performing the firmware upgrade. At this time please close all running programs on your computer which are not related to this upgrade. 1. On your computer, please log on to www.southerntelecom.com/polaroidsupport/firmware 2. Select PMID901_BN06. link 3. Then select Save As (we recommend saving it to your computers desktop where you can easily find it when needed). Once the file has finished downloading, you must unzip the file.

Note: you will need to have a zip program such as 7-Zip, WinZip or WinRAR to unzip the files. Download 7-zip Here

4. Go to your computers desktop (or wherever you saved the file to) and extract the file PMID901_BN06. 5. Double-click the folder PMID901_BN06. There will be three files in the folder as shown below:

6. Double-click the folder named LiveSuite V1.07 , the following screen will appear:

7. Double-click the application named LiveSuit.exe. If the following screen appears, go to step 8, if not, go to step 12.

8. Click OK

9. Double-click on the application LiveSuitPack_version1.07_2011026.exe , the following screen appears:

10. Click on Install this driver software anyway, then wait for the driver to install. 11. Double-click the application named LiveSuit.exe again , the following screen will appear:

12. Click Yes.

13. Click Format.

14. Click Next

15. Click Yes. The following screen will appear:

16. Use the drop-down window titled Look in to find the folder titled PMID901_BN06. (which you previously downloaded to your desktop). 17. Then double-click on the .img file named PMID901_BN06. and the following screen will appear:

18. Make sure the tablet is powered OFF. You can double check this by quick-pressing the power button to see if the tablet is still powered on. 19. Plug the large end of the USB cable to an available USB port on your computer. 20. With the tablet powered OFF, press and HOLD the VOL+ button (do not release VOL+ until told to do so). While holding the VOL+ button down, insert the small end of the USB cable into the tablets USB port, then quick-press the POWER button 3 times, then wait for the following screen to appear. When the following screen appears , you can release the VOL+ button. TO REPEAT: a. Press and HOLD the VOL+ button (do not release). b. Insert the USB cord into the tablet (while holding VOL+). c. Quick-press the POWER button 3 times (still holding VOL+). d. Wait for the following screen to appear.

e. When this pop-up window appears, you can release the VOL+ button, then click Yes . The following screen will appear:

21. Click Yes. The tablet will start upgrading. Be sure you DO NOT unplug the tablet from the computer during this process. You will see the yellow process bar filling. When it reaches 100%, wait for the OK message to appear.

22. When the yellow process bar reaches 100%, wait for the following screen to appear:

23. Click OK then disconnect your tablet from the computer. 24. Your PMID901 tablet has now been upgraded to PMID901_BN06.