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Sarkis H Mesrobian Mathew Gleason Hein Htet Aung

Company Description
Founded by entrepreneurs Hein Htet Aung (Tim), Sarkis Mesrobian and Matthew Gleason and Industrial Design Students

Manufacturing/sales company
SHM INC product : Laundry Care Bag All purpose, personal, and versatile

Committed to giving back to the community

Contributes to local conservation programs Growth possibilities- Laundry detergents, softeners, laundry machines other transportation bags

Missions and Goals

First company based solely on laundry transportation Product designed to facilitate laundry transportation Eliminates the need to separate colors and whites at laundry the machine

Creates a new market inside a current market

Core Competencies
High Quality Materials Durability Heavy duty/lightweight Carbon Fiber, Reinforced Aluminum, Heavy Duty, Lightweight Cloth

Recognizable branding
Strong customer service team Reliable manufacturer

10 year warranty
Easy storage/ collapsible design

Situation Analysis
Marketing environment for SHM INC represents its opportunities SWOT analysis will present the companys position is in the marketplace Strengths- original product, strict quality controls Weakness- failure to expand product line, or failure to dismiss, recognize opportunities Opportunities- other transportation bags (beach bags) Threats- competitors

Laundry transportation market virtually untouched

Large retailers will be able to copy our product

Copy-cat companies can make changes to our original Competitors include Wal-Mart, Target, The Container Store Core competences and branding distinguish us from competitors

Target Market
Essentially anyone who does laundry

When transportation is an issue

No specific age group

Marketing Mix
Give 25 bags out on college campuses during move-in Give 25 bags out in supermarkets in the laundry isle Get involved with larger retailers (Target, Tj Maxx, etc Sell our bag on QVC 10 year warranty

Distribution Strategy
Marketed through local laundry specialty shops and larger retailers Use other companies established distribution channels maintain strong relationship with distribution channel members.

Promotional Strategy
Free bags at laundry specific locations Ads that will be heard/seen on radio and laundry supplies websites Flyers on college campuses Use larger retailers to promote our product Promotion through other companies/ word of mouth

Pricing Strategy
Price relatively high before competition comes in Based on overhead and cost of materials Not concerned to price its products at the highest level to gain prestige or to signal luxury Price will reflect quality of product Avoid Snob appeal Seek Quality at affordable price Lower price when other products emerge into the market Relatively high profit margin

January 1st 2014, Production begins for test run April 2014, all kinks rolled out May 2014, sell products locally and begin searching for contracts August 2014, achieved signed contracts with at least 3 big retailers September 2014, search for future sustainable products

Increase product line

Thank You
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Sarkis H Mesrobian Hein Htet Aung Matthew Gleason