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Objective To define the Standard Procedure and arrangements for Lean Concrete (1200 psi) Scope This work procedure covers the Lean Concrete activity to be placed on a flat excavated surface (76.2mm to 152.4 mm thick) under floor slabs and foundations of structures. Procedure Prior to the start of activity, design mix, material samples will be submitted to Engineer for approval. Ground surface is trimmed to level Surface is compacted to required level using roller/plate compactors & compaction requirements as specified in specs will be ensured prior to Lean concreting PCC will be laid on compacted surface, special care will be given to maintain thickness, and surface of concrete will be leveled using floats. Blinding concrete will be allowed to set for 24 hours prior to placement of fresh concrete. Lean surface will be kept clean & free of loose material before laying Reinforcing steel.