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Environment and green issues 1. cskkenti a szennyezst /szennyezettsget - reduce pollution 2.

bio zldsgek, gymlcsk - organic vegetables or fruit . takarkoskodik a v!zzel - conserve "ater #. m$sokat meggy%z valaminek a fontoss$g$r&l - influence ot'ers about t'e importance of somet'ing (. rendszeresen szelekt$l)a ott'on a szemetet - separate 'ouse'old "astes *. szennyezi a krnyezetet + pollute/'arm t'e environment ,. -)rafel'aszn$l'at& vegek - reusable bottles .. nem $llatokon kik!srletezett kozmetikumok - cosmetics not tested on animals /. minimumra cskkenti a '$ztart$sban a szemetet - keep 'ouse'old "aste to a minimum 10.-)ra fel'aszn$l)a a rekl$mszatyrokat - re-use plastic carrier bags 11.-)ratlt'et% elemek - rec'argeable batteries 12.&lommentes benzin - unleaded petrol 1 .vegvisszav$lt& - 1bottle bank2 1#.energiatakarkos izz& - compact fluorescent lig't bulbs 3456s7 Are you green? Answer the questions of the quiz. Write Y (for yes) and N (for no), then compare and discuss your answers with another student. (Dont just say yes or no, ut !o into detai"s.) 1 8o you keep household waste to a minimum at 'ome9 2 8o you regularly separate household wastes for recycling 9 8o you keep paper, glass or aluminium cans for recycling9 # :re you "illing to pay more for products t'at seem to be better for t'e environment9 8o you try to buy local food9 ( 8o you buy organic vegetables or fruit9 * 8o you re-use plastic carrier bags9 , 8o you buy reusable bottles9 . 8o you take empty bottles to a 1bottle bank2 or t'e supermarket9 / 8o you buy rechargeable batteries9 10 8o you buy soap and cosmetics "'ic' are not tested on animals9 11 8o you turn off t'e lig't "'en you leave a room9 8o you make a point of buying compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs 9 12 8o you try to conserve water "'ile you2re "as'ing up or brus'ing your teet'9 1 ;f your family 'as a car, do you use unleaded petrol9 1# 8o you use public transport instead of cars in order to reduce pollution9 1( 8o you try to influence others about the importance of t'e environment9 1* <ould it bot'er you to "ork for a company t'at is harming the environment9 1, 8o you buy used and/or vintage clothes9 1. 8o you drink tap water9

!he "tory of "tuff 'ttp=//""".storyofstuff.org/international/ Watch the #ideo and find what the fo""owin! stand for$ #$%% %& '( Lebow rituals planned obsolescence %#'(s %oca u"ary e&ercise$ match the words with their meanin!. 1. t'e engine of t'e system t'at a) to try to persuade people t'at st' is "ort' more t'an t'ey really are
b) to get rid of somet'ing c) to t'ro" somet'ing in a careless or

' years shoe heels )((( national happiness watch !* and shop ) to + times more

drives it 2. it 'as become top priority for sb . resourcefulness #. t'rift (. ramp up t'e economy *. seek spiritual satisfaction

rela>ed "ay d7 "'at makes st' "ork e7 support st'


a situation or event t'at makes it difficult or impossible for sb or st' to succeed or make progress

,. discard .. at an ever-accelerating rate /. )ump/get on board st' 10. obsolescence 11. c'uck st'

g) a ve'icle or ot'er ob)ect t'at is

sleek 'as a smoot' attractive s'ape

h) "ise and careful use of money i) j)

a very typical e>ample of somet'ing being good at finding "ays of dealing "it' practical problems

k) "ork or a "ay of life t'at seems

very boring because you al"ays 'ave to do t'e same t'ings 12. an impediment to st' 1 . sleek 3monitor7 1#. a prime e>ample of 1(. coincidence 1*. treadmill l7 faster and faster m7 t'ings 'appening at t'e same time n7 it2s no" very important
o) "'en

somet'ing to find

becomes calmness


fas'ioned and no longer useful p7 trying 'appiness of t'e mind

"ustainable Agriculture "ustainable agriculture takes many forms, but at its core is a re,ection of t'e industrial approac' to food production developed during t'e 20t' century. ?'is system, "it' its reliance on monoculturemechani.ationchemical pesticides and fertili.ers and government subsidies 'as made food abundant and affordable. @o"ever, the ecological and social price has been steep= erosion/ depleted and contaminated soil and water resources/ loss of biodiversity/ deforestation/ labor abuses/ and the decline of the family farm. !he concept of sustainable agriculture embraces a "ide range of tec'niAues, including organic- free-range- low-input- holistic- and biodynamic . ?'e common t'read among t'ese met'ods is an embrace of farming practices t'at mimic natural ecological processes. 5armers minimi.e tilling and water use B encourage 'ealt'y soil by planting fields "it' different crops year after year and integrating croplands with livestock gra.ingB and avoid pesticide use by nurturing the presence of organisms that control crop-destroying pests. Ceyond gro"ing food, t'e p'ilosop'y of sustainability also espouses broader principles t'at support the ,ust treatment of farm workers and food pricing t'at provides t'e farmer "it' a livable income. 4ritics of sustainable agriculture claim, among ot'er t'ings, t'at its met'ods result in lower crop yields and higher land use . ?'ey add t'at a wholesale commitment to its practices "ill mean inevitable food shortages for a "orld population e>pected to e>ceed . billion by t'e year 20 0. ?'ereDs recent evidence, t'oug', suggesting t'at over time, sustainably farmed lands can be as productive as conventional industrial farms.

0andprints- 1ot Footprints 2hile our footprints are a significant measure we3ve all been getting used tothey do not tell the whole story4 2e don3t ,ust trample the planet/ we also sometimes leave a positive impression4 @andprints are t'e brainc'ild of Eregory Forris, a lecturer at t'e @arvard Gc'ool of Hublic @ealt'. Forris "as dismayed to find t'at 'is @arvard students, after learning 'o" to calculate LCAs (Life Cycle Assessment , "ould say t'e planet "ould be better off if t'ey 'ad not been born. I64: "as bringing not'ing but bad ne"s,I says

Forris, Itelling us every person 'urts t'e planet every day. Gomet'ing "as missing + t'at "e can also benefit t'e planet. ; needed to name t'ese benefits to make t'em as tangible as footprints. @andprints "as a natural c'oice.I Forris 'as set up a "ebsite, 'andprinter.org t'at lets us calculate our 'andprint and pledge or confirm "ays "e intend to enlarge it, "it' a 5acebook status update about t'e actions. Conus= if your friends make t'e same move 3like boosting fuel efficiency by inflating tires to t'e correct pressure or saving paper by printing t"osided documents7 because t'ey learned it from you, your 'andprint increases too. ?'e more people you recruit, t'e bigger your 'andprint. @andprints can also be grouped, and Forris envisions a day "'en families, sc'ools and clubs, companies and cities + maybe even nations + could compete on t'e size of t'eir 'andprints. Jlke <eber, a cognitive scientist at 4olumbia KniversityDs Cusiness Gc'ool and Jart' ;nstitute, says t'e 'andprint mig't remedy a ma)or reason so fe" people move from a"areness of global "arming to ongoing action. <'en folks 'arp on t'e 'arm "e do to t'e planet, "e feel bad and "ant to do somet'ing to feel better--and t'en "e tune out. Cut if "e 'ave a positive goal in mind t'at "e can take small, manageable steps to"ard, "e feel good + and are more likely to keep going. Gtep by step by 'and. 'ttp=//""".time.com/time/magazine/article/0,/1,1,210.01(,00.'tml

' (ead the te&t and summarize in a sentence what the eco"o!ica" handprint is. ) *i"" in the !aps with the suita "e form of the word in rac+ets. , What parts of a newspaper artic"e can you reco!nize0A156781!" 19! F99!6781!" :our carbon footprint is your effect on our planet4 :our handprint is what you do about it4 5ootprint mat' uses life-cycle LLLLLLLLLLLL 3:GGJGG7, or 64:, "'ic' calculates t'e amount of carbon released over t'e entire life of a LLLLLLLLLLL 3HMN8K4J7. <'ile our foorprints a significant measure "e2ve all been getting used to, t'ey do not tell t'e "'ole story. <e don2t )ust trample t'e planet, "e also sometimes )ust leave a positive LLLLLLLLLLLL 3;OHMJGG7. : more encouraging "ay to LLLLLLLLLLL 34NF4JH?7 our impact is by our 'andprints= t'e sum total of all t'e LLLLLLLLLLLL 3MJ8K4J7 "e make in our footprints. @andprints are a LLLLLLLLLLL 3CM:;F7 of Eregory Forris, a lecturer at t'e @arvard Gc'ool of Hublic @ealt'. Forris "as LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 38;GO:P7 to find t'at 'is @arvard students, after learning to calculate 64:s, "ould say t'e planet 'ad been

better off if t'ey 'ad not been born. QGomet'ing "as missing + t'at "e can also LLLLLLLLLLL 3CJFJ5;?7 t'e planet. ; needed to name t'ese benefits to make t'em as tangible as footprints. .andprints was a natural choice4; 1orris set up a website- handprinter4org- that lets us calculate our handprint and pledge or confirm ways we intend to <<<<<<<<<<< (LA7=E itwith a Facebook status <<<<<<<<<< (5A!E about the actions4 >onus? if your friends make the same move (e4g4 saving paper by printing two-sided documents because they learned it from you- your handprint increases- too4 0andprints can also be <<<<<<<<< (=79@6 - and 1orris <<<<<<<<<< (*8"891 a day when families- schools and clubs- companies and cities A maybe even nations A could compete on the si.e of their handprints4 2hen folks harp on the harm we do to the planet- we feel bad and want to do something to feel better A and then we tune out4 >ut if we have a positive goal in mind that we can take small <<<<<<<<<<<< (BA1A=E steps toward- we feel good A and more likely to keep going4 "tep by step by hand4 (!ime maga.ine- Barch- C(%C 5iscussion Duestions 8o you care about your ecological footprint or 'andprint9 <'y 3not79 8o you believe t'at t'e positive connotation of t'e latter is Q"e are more likely to keep goingR9 Eey? 1. assessment, 2. product, manageable . impression, #. conceptualize, (. reduction, *. brainc'ild, ,. dismayed, .. benefit, /. enlarge, 10. update, 11. grouped, 12. envisions, 1 .

Eco-consulting Are you an expert on living green? Help others make their lives more eco-friendly by starting an eco-consulting service. These consultants evaluate homes and offices, and offer solutions to make them more environmentally friendly. This could mean advising a switch to energy-efficient appliances or simply implementing a recycling program. credibility with potential clients. Bicycle repair and refurbishing iking instead of driving short distances is better for both the environment and your health. !ike most modes of transportation, bicycles occasionally need a tuneup. "ou could be the person local cyclists come to when their bikes are in need of some light repair or cleaning. #f you have some extra garage or shed space, you could also purchase inexpensive older bikes, fix them up, and sell them for a profit. Air duct cleaning $ust, debris and other particulates that collect in ventilation systems can make a home much less energy efficient. Help homeowners save money, gas and electricity by cleaning out their air ducts. "ou may need to purchase somee%uipment to get started if you don&t have a portable vacuum, and a strong working knowledge of heating, ventilation and air conditioning 'H(A)* is a must. +pring is a great time for this business, +easonal allergy sufferers will be more than happy to pay you to remove allergens from their air ducts. Farmers market vendor Thanks to the ongoing organic movement, those with a green thumb have a golden opportunity to make money selling produce at their local farmers market. Having naturally grown fruits and vegetables will give you an advantage over competing growers that use conventional methods. "ou may have to go through an application process and-or get certified by your local board of health to begin selling. ecome a certified eco-consultant to boost your

Handmade all-natural/organic products +oaps, cosmetics and cleaning products are .ust a few of the household products that can be made using common organic materials. +ure, anyone can find a recipe for a sugar scrub or vinegar-based cleaning solution and do it themselves, but if you package and sell them in sets, your customers can have those all-natural products at their fingertips without having to use their own time and resources. !ocal markets and events are a good place to sell, or you could start an online store. 'Upcycled' furniture $on&t let your old, broken furniture end up in a landfill. /ith basic templates and access to power tools, you can break down and reassemble chairs, tables and dressers into new pieces that you can paint and sell. +helving and storage units are easy to make from wood scraps, but depending on what you have, you might even be able to bring a piece back to life in its original form. Alternatively, you could reupholster old chairs and couches with new fabric. reen house cleaning 0or working parents with long hours, cleaning the house can %uickly fall to the bottom of the to-do list. 1arket yourself as the green solution to their housekeeping woes, offering everything from light dusting to heavy-duty chores like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, using only approved all-natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. )harge an hourly rate, or create your own service packages for a flat fee. 2emember that your clients will be giving you access to their entire homes, so make sure you build up a trustworthy reputation with people you know before advertising to strangers.

!ecycling pickup 1ost homeowners have pick-up bins for standard recyclables like paper, glass and plastic, but they often don&t make the effort to properly recycle electronics and batteries, which can be extremely harmful to the environment when left in landfills. 3ffer to pick up all the e-waste that&s been collecting in their garages 4 old televisions, broken laptops, defunct cell phones 4 and bring them to your local electronic recycling facility. )harge per item, by weight, or a flat fee plus travel to and from the location. "omposting Home gardeners in urban areas or with smaller properties don&t often have the space to start their own compost pile. #f you can spare a corner of your own yard, you can create and sell compost to local green thumbs. #t&s a messy business 'you&re dealing with food scraps, lawn trimmings and worms, after all*, but there&s high demand for this all-natural fertili5er among organic gardeners. 0armers markets and community supported agriculture ')+A* organi5ations will often purchase compost in bulk and distribute it, or you can sell directly to consumers. reen franchises /ant to run an established business with a brand and customer base already in place? #nvesting in a franchise might be the answer. /hile 6franchising6 might call to mind fast food .oints and hotel chains, there are %uite a few eco-friendly businesses that are willing to sell you your own branch. (isit 7reen 0ranchise $irectory for a list of opportunities.