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PERSONS The Indian contestant who was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 at a beauty pageant held in Seoul South !orea " Shristi Rana The #ussian President who was ran$ed as the World%s &ost powerful person for the year 2013 by the 'orbes &aga(ine " Vla i!ir P"tin The )hancellor of *er&any who was ran$ed as the World%s &ost powerful wo&an for 2013 by the 'orbes &aga(ine " An#$la M$r%$l The Indian industrialist who was inducted into the prestigious +ational Acade&y of ,ngineering -+A,. in the /S for his contributions to industrial de0elop&ent in India and across the world " Ratan Tata The Managing 1irector and )hief 'inance 2fficer of S3I who was appointed as the first wo&an chairperson of State 3an$ of India -also beca&e the first wo&an to head a 'ortune 400 co&pany in India. " Ar"n hati Bhatta&har'a The new )hair&an of 20th 5aw )o&&ission who too$ o0er following the resignation of 6ustice 17!7 6ain " ("sti&$ A)it Pra%ash Shah The Indian ,8ternal Affairs Minister who represented India at the )o&&onwealth 9eads of *o0ern&ent Meet 2013 in Sri 5an$a " Sal!an *h"rshi The )hairperson of India%s first all:wo&en ban$ 3haratiya Mahila 3an$ inaugurated by the Pri&e Minister 1r7 Man&ohan Singh at Air India building in +ari&an Point -Mu&bai. is " Usha Ananthas"+ra!anian -+ote; The ban$ has started its operations with < branches at !ol$ata Mu&bai 5uc$now *uwahati )hennai 3engaluru and Ah&edabad7 9ead=uarters; +ew 1elhi. The winning candidate in the presidential election of the Maldi0es who has been sworn in as the new President " A+ "lla ,a!$$n A+ "l Ga''--! The >ene(uelan contestant who was crowned Miss /ni0erse 2013 at a beauty pageant held in Moscow " Mar.a Ga+ri$la Isl$r 1elhi Metro%s Principal Ad0isor and for&er Managing 1irector who was conferred with the prestigious %2rder of the #ising Sun *old and Sil0er Star% award by the go0ern&ent of 6apan " Mr/ E/ Sr$$ haran The noted Indian food writer and host of coo$ing shows -awarded Pad&a Shri in 200<. who passed away on 0? +o0 " Ms Tarla Dalal

The /nion Minister of State for 9#1 who was chosen as P,TA India%s Person of the @ear 2013 " Shashi Thar--r The >ice )hief of Air Staff who too$ o0er as the new )hief of Air Staff on 31 1ec 2013 " Air Chi$0 Marshall Ar"1 Raha The new )hair&an )hief of Staffs )o&&ittee " G$n$ral Bi%ra! Sin#h The in0entor of A!:A< Assault #ifle who died on 23 1ec 2013 " Mi%hail *alashni%-2 The new )hief Infor&ation )o&&issioner of India who too$ o0er fro& outgoing )I) Ms 1eepa$ Sandhu on 20 1ec 2013 " S"sh!a Sin#h The Pope of the )atholic church who was chosen as the Person of the @ear 2013 by TIM, &aga(ine " P-1$ Fran&is The contestant fro& >ene(uela who was crowned as Miss ,arth 2013 at a beauty pageant held at >ersailles Palace in >ersailles Palace Muntinlupa )ity Philippines " Al'3 4$nri&h The Indian contestant at the Miss ,arth 2013 who was awarded the Miss Photogenic and Miss ,co 3eauty titles " S-+hita Dh"li1ala P5ACES The two cities in which airports were granted international status by the /nion )abinet " Bh"+an$sh6ar an I!1hal The waterway -strait. connecting 3lac$ Sea and Sea of Mar&ara in Istanbul -Tur$ey. under which a tunnel was opened connecting Asia and ,urope " B-s1h-r"s Strait The country in which 'esti0al of India and Indian )ha&ber of )o&&erce -I+)9AM. were inaugurated by the 0isiting >ice:President of India Mr7 9a&id Ansari " P$r" The place in M7P7 where a sta&pede on a bridge o0er Sindh ri0er -tributary of @a&una. $illed o0er B0 people and inCured se0eral others " Ratan#arh The country to which India resu&ed supply of ar&s ending an eight:year old ban i&posed in 2004 " N$1al The country which reCected a seat in the /nited +ations Security )ouncil to protest against a lac$ of international efforts to end world conflicts " Sa" i Ara+ia The state in which setting up of 5egislati0e )ouncil with a strength of A2 &e&bers was appro0ed by the /nion )abinet " Assa! The country which was chosen unani&ously at the end of )92*M 2013 in Sri 5an$a to host the 2014 )o&&onwealth Su&&it " Malta

The 0enue of 1Bth International )hildren%s 'il& 'esti0al of India held fro& 1A +o0e&ber 2013 " 4' $ra+a The 0enue of World Agriculture 'oru& 2013 )ongress and Agri:Tech 'air held fro& 0A to 0< +o0 2013 " 4' $ra+a The country which sentenced 142 soldiers to death o0er a bloody border guard &utiny in 200D " Ban#la $sh The district in !erala which has been declared India%s first landless:free district in India -It has beco&e the first district in the country where e0ery fa&ily owns a piece of land7. " *ann"r The country which declared the transnational Isla&ic political organisation the Musli& 3rotherhood as a terrorist group " E#'1t 5ittle India the ethnic neighbourhood where riots bro$e out in 1ece&ber 2013 following the death of an Indian in an accident is located in " Sin#a1-r$ The State which was adCudged the best State in pro&oting e&power&ent of persons with disabilities for the year 2013 " Ta!il Na " A7ARDS The Indian fil& star who was honoured with the 3rd 9ridyanath Mangesh$ar Award for his contribution to the fil& industry " A!ita+h Ba&h&han The Indian 9u&an #ights and Ani&al #ights acti0ist founder and e8ecuti0e director of The +a( 'oundation Trust who was awarded 'rance%s highest ci0ilian award 8Ch$2ali$r $ la 5$#i-n 84-nn$"r8 for her wor$ on transgenders and 9I> positi0e patients " An)ali G-1alan The e&inent gastroenterologist and director of Institute of 5i0er and 3iliary Sciences +ew 1elhi who was chosen for the A2nd 1han0antri award " S/*/ Sarin The +ew Eealand author who was awarded the Man 3oo$er Pri(e 2013 for her second no0el The 5u&inaries " El$an-r Catt-n The agricultural scientist and 'ather of *reen #e0olution in India who was chosen for the Indira *andhi Award for +ational Integration 2012 " MS S6a!inathan The 'irst +ational Awards 'or Senior )iti(ens instituted by the Ministry of Social 6ustice and ,&power&ent and presented by the President of India Shri Pranab Mu$herCee on the occasion of International 1ay of 2lder Persons are na&ed " Va'-shr$shtha Sa!!an9 2013 The editor critic and author who won the 2013 Sha$ti 3hatt 'irst 3oo$ Pri(e for her debut no0el The Wildings " Nilan)an R-' The renowned fil& actress who was awarded the )entenary Award for Indian 'il& Personality of the @ear at the International 'il& 'esti0al of India 2013 in PanCi& *oa " 7ah$$ a R$h!an

The )arnatic 0ocalist who was honoured with the first 3harat Se0a Puras$ar instituted by Sri Parthasarathy Swa&i Sabha and )arnatica " Ms S" ha Ra#"nathan The *o0ern&ent of India underta$ing which bagged the highest nu&ber of +ational ,nergy )onser0ation Awards"2013 gi0en by the Ministry of Power on +ational ,nergy )onser0ation 1ay on 1Ath 1ece&ber -22 out of 112 awards. " In ian Rail6a's The 1irector *eneral of International )rops #esearch Institute for Se&i:Arid Tropics -I)#ISAT. who was conferred with the ,8cellence in Agricultural 5eadership Award by Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia -AATS,A. " 7illia! D Dar SPORTS The *er&an '1 #acing dri0er -racing for #ed 3ull #enault. who won his fourth straight world title at the 'or&ula 1 Indian *rand Pri8 at the 3uddh International )ircuit " S$+astian V$tt$l The )hinese Snoo$er professional who won the Indian 2pen World Snoo$er Tourna&ent held in +ew 1elhi in 2ct 2013 defeating Aditya Mehta of India in the finals " Din# ("nh"i The Indian cric$eter who beca&e the fastest Indian to score a century off 42 balls -surpassing >irender Sehwag%s record of century in ?0 balls. in an 21I against Australia in 6aipur " Virat *-hli The Indian wo&en%s pair of snoo$er players who won the tea& title in the 2013 I3S' World ? " red Snoo$er )ha&pionship after defeating 9ong !ong in the final at )arlow Ireland " Vi 'a Pillai an Arant:a San&his The Indian bad&inton star who was chosen as the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the @ear 2013 " Saina N$h6al The Indian cric$eter who has been appointed /+I),'%s first brand a&bassador for South Asia " Sa&hin T$n "l%ar The +orwegian chess player who beca&e the new World )hess )ha&pion by defeating 4 ti&es cha&pion >iswanathan Anand in 3 out of 10 ga&es -< being drawn ga&es. in cha&pionship contest held at 9otel 9yatt #egency in )hennai " Ma#n"s Carls$n The Indian cric$eter who beca&e the fastest to score 4000 runs in 2ne 1ay Internationals by achie0ing it in 11A innings off 120 &atches " Virat *-hli The 3arcelona footballer who was awarded the ,uropean *olden Shoe for a record third ti&e for ha0ing scored the &ost league goals in ,urope last season " 5i-n$l M$ssi #i(0i:Springfield s$ipper who scored 4A? runs against St7 'rancis 1%Assisi in the 9arris Shield tourna&ent &atch beco&ing the highest scoring Indian in any for& of registered co&petiti0e cric$et " Prith2i Shah

The 6a&aican sprinter who was na&ed the 'e&ale Athlete of the @ear 2013 by the International Association of Athletics 'ederation " Sh$ll';Ann Fras$r;Pr'&$ The 6a&aican sprinter who was na&ed the Male Athlete of the @ear 2013 by International Association of Athletics 'ederation for the fifth ti&e " Usain B-lt The wo&an shooter fro& India who created history by beco&ing the first pistol e8ponent fro& India to win a gold &edal at the ISS' World )up finals in Munich *er&any " 4$$na Si h" The Indian golfer who won the 1ubai )ity )hallenge golf tourna&ent in 1ubai " Shi2 *a1"r The Indian cric$eter who beca&e the third bats&an in the world to score a double century in 2ne:day Internationals by scoring 20D runs in 14B balls against Australia at 3angalore7 -Preceded by Sachin Tendul$ar " 2010 and >irender Sehwag " 2011. " R-hit Shar!a The country which launched the 2ly&pic torch of Winter 2ly&pics 201A into space where it was handed o0er between two spacewal$ers of the International Space Station to record the first e0ery torch relay in space " R"ssia The year in which India is to host the ne8t hoc$ey world cup as announced by the International 9oc$ey 'ederation -'I9. " 201< The bad&inton player who won the &en%s singles title defeating M7 >7 *uru Sai 1utt at <Bth Senior +ational 3ad&inton )ha&pionships held at the Siri 'ort Sports )o&ple8 in +ew 1elhi in 1ec 2013 " *i a!+i Shri%anth The bad&inton player who won the wo&en%s singles title defeating #ituparna 1as at <Bth Senior +ational 3ad&inton )ha&pionships held at the Siri 'ort Sports )o&ple8 in +ew 1elhi in 1ec 2013 " P/V/ Sin h" The footballer who was chosen as 2013 AI'' Player of the @ear for the third ti&e after being awarded with the sa&e in 200< and 2011 " S"nil Chh$tri The for&er Indian cric$et captain who was chosen for 3))I%s )ol )! +ayudu 5ifeti&e Achie0e&ent Award 2013 " *a1il D$2 The Indian cric$et player who beca&e the first person to captain India in 40 test &atches surpassing Saura0 *anguly%s record of AD tests " MS Dh-ni The tea& which India defeated to win the fourth !abaddi World )up at *uru +ana$ Stadiu& in 5udhiana " Pa%istan The State in which Ath World )up !abaddi 2013 tourna&ent is was held fro& 01 1ec 2013 " P"n)a+ The Indian golf player who won the Indonesia 2pen *olf Tourna&ent 2013 in 1ece&ber 2013 " Ga#an)$$t Bh"llar

The Indian bad&inton star who has won the Macau 2pen 2013 Wo&en%s Single title defeating 5i Michelle of )anada " P/V/ Sin h" The year in which India has been chosen by the International 'ootball 'ederation to host the /nder:1< 'I'A World )up " 201= DEFENCE The airfield in 3angladesh where an Indian Air 'orce aircraft -helicopter Mi " 1<>4. &ade a historic landing after a gap of A2 years -last landing by an IA' aircraft was &ade in 1D<1. " ($ss-r$ The Indo:#ussian Coint &ilitary e8ercise to i&pro0e capabilities for carrying out anti:terrorist operations which was conducted at MahaCan field firing range near India " Pa$istan border in Thar desert of #aCasthan is na&ed " In ra 2013 Indian +a0y%s largest offshore patrol 0essel which was co&&issioned into the Indian +a0y by >ice:Ad&iral Satish Soni 'lag 2fficer )o&&anding:in:)hief Southern +a0al )o&&and at !ochi is na&ed " INS S"nan'a The nuclear:capable +a0al 0ariant of surface:to:surface &issile Prith0i which was test:fired on +o0 23 fro& a warship is na&ed " Dhan"sh The first stealth co&bat drone tested by )hina in +o0e&ber 2013 is na&ed " Shar1 S6-r The place at which aircraft carrier I+S >i$ra&aditya -for&erly Ad&iral *orsh$o0. was inducted into the Indian +a0y on 1? +o0e&ber at a cere&ony attended by #ussian 1eputy Pri&e Minister 1&itry #ogo(in and Indian 1efence Minister A7!7 Antony " S$2!ash Shi1'ar in S$2$r- 2ins% The ad0anced Cet trainer built by the 9industan Aeronautics 5i&ited -9A5. with Transfer of Technology fro& MFs 3ritish Aerospace /! which has been inducted into the Indian +a0y at a cere&ony held at the +a0al Air Station I+S 1ega in >isa$hapatna& " 4a6% 132 The 10:day India:)hina Coint &ilitary drill on counterterroris& conducted in Miaoergang town in )hina is code na&ed " 4an ;in;han India%s first supersonic Cet which was flown for the last ti&e in 1ece&ber 2013 fro& IA'%s base at !alai$unda after about 40 years of ser0ice in the IA' " MiG;21F5 7OR5D INDICES AND INDIA>S RAN* The ran$ of India in the *lobal *ender *ap Inde8 2013 released by the World ,cono&ic 'oru& " 101 The ran$ of India in the 9u&an )apital Inde8 as released by World ,cono&ic 'oru& " =<

The ran$ of India in the )orruption Perception Inde8 2013 released by Transparency International " ?@ The ran$ of India in the recently released 'orbes list of world%s best countries for doing business " ?< SPACE The +ASA space probe designed to study the Martian at&osphere launched aboard Atlas > launch 0ehicle fro& )ape )ana0eral launching station is na&ed " MAVEN AMars At!-s1h$r$ an V-latil$ E2-l"ti-nB The satellite launched by ,uropean Space Agency in 200D which re:entered the ,arth%s at&osphere and crashed into the Atlantic 2cean was na&ed " Gra2it' 0i$l an O&$an Cir&"lati-n E:1l-r$r The )hinese &oon ro0er which dro0e onto the &oon%s surface on 14 1ec &a$ing )hina the third country to co&plete a lunar ro0er &ission after the /nited States and /SS# is na&ed " ,"t" -r (a $ Ra++it C,C5ONES The cyclone which hit the eastern coast of India at *opalpur in 2disha on 13 2ct 13 causing e8tensi0e da&age to property was na&ed " Phailin The typhoon which hit the eastern coast of )hina forcing e0acuation of la$hs of people and causing e8tensi0e da&age to property " Fit-6 The cyclone which hit Andhra Pradesh crossing the coast at Machilipatna& on 22 +o0 13 forcing e0acuation of thousands of people was na&ed " 4$l$n The typhoon which lashed Philippines on 0< +o0e&ber 2013 $illing thousands of people and causing large scale de0astation was na&ed " 4ai'an RAI57A,S The 0intage stea& loco&oti0e -&anufactured by )hittranCan 5oco&oti0e Wor$s. which was been restored and o0erhauled to run a tourist train fro& 1elhi to Alwar is na&ed " A%+ar The first e0er 1ual )ab A400 9P 'reight 1iesel loco&oti0e na&ed >iCay flagged by the Minister of #ailways Shri Malli$arCun !harge has been &anufactured by " Di$s$l 5-&-!-ti2$ 7-r%s AD57B9 Varanasi MISCE55ANEOUS The ship belonging to a /S:based fir& -and registered in Sierra 5eone. which was detained by the Indian )oast *uard for carrying weapons in Indian waters is na&ed " MV S$a!an G"ar

India%s first indigenous 0accine against 6apanese ,ncephalitis launched by the health &inister *hula& +abi A(ad and Cointly de0eloped by +ational Institute of >irology Pune Indian )ouncil of Medical #esearch -I)M#. and 3harat 3iotech 5i&ited is na&ed " (ENVAC The *o0t of India has constituted a )ouncil of +ational Institute of Technical Teachers Training and #esearch -+ITTT#. to facilitate better coordination and synergy between the four +ITTT#s located at )handigarh 3hopal )alcutta and )hennai7 The e8:officio )hair&an of the )ouncil will be " Minist$r -0 4"!an R$s-"r&$ D$2$l-1!$nt The the&e of International 1ay of 2lder Persons 2013 chosen by the /nited +ations 2rganisation " Th$ 0"t"r$ 6$ 6antC 6hat -l $r 1$rs-ns ar$ sa'in# India%s first and only business house to cross the turno0er of G100 billion which fell out of G 100 billion club in +o0 2013 because of a fall in the 0alue of rupee " Tata #r-"1 The 0olcano located in the island Su&atra of Indonesia which erupted 0iolently in +o0e&ber 2013 forcing about 1B 000 people to flee fro& their ho&es is na&ed " M-"nt Sina+"n# The country which has decided to recall its a&bassador fro& Australia following reports that an Australian security agency atte&pted to listen to his telephonic con0ersations of its President " In -n$sia The word &eaning a photograph that one has ta$en of oneself typically one ta$en with a s&artphone or webca& and uploaded to a social &edia website which was chosen as the word of the year 2013 by 28ford 1ictionary " s$l0i$ The Indian dog which has beco&e the first canine to reach the ,0erest base ca&p -alongwith its owner 6oanne 5efson of South Africa. is na&ed " R"1$$ Independent India%s first ,ducation Minister and freedo& fighter to co&&e&orate whose 124th birth anni0ersary a national portal has been launched by the *o0ern&ent of India " Ma"lana A+"l *ala! A3a The auction house which auctioned Mahat&a *andhi%s will and the fa&ous char$ha used by hi& in @erawada 6ail and later gifted to A&erican &issionary #e07 'loyd A Puffer " M"ll-&%8s A"&ti-n h-"s$ The ban$ which launched the )enturion )ard -popularly $nown as the 3lac$ )ard. in India issued only by in0itation and with a spending li&it of #s7 10 crore " A!$ri&an E:1r$ss Ban% The application launched by Microsoft for the safety of wo&en users of Windows phones is na&ed " G"ar ian The te&perature of the coldest point on ,arth located on the Antarctica as &easured by a satellite has been found to be " !in"s ?3/2- C$lsi"s A 13D/<-FB7

The Indian uni0ersity which beca&e the highest:ran$ed educational institution of India in the first:e0er ran$ing of uni0ersities in 3#I)S and e&erging econo&ies by Ti&es 9igher ,ducation &aga(ine " Pan)a+ Uni2$rsit' Rashtri'a U&h&hatar Shi%sha A+hi'an Intr- "&ti-n The +ational 1e0elop&ent )ouncil -+1). appro0ed #ashtriya /chchatar Shi$sha Abhiyan -#/SA. a )entrally Sponsored Sche&e -)SS. for refor&ing the state higher education syste& as part of the 12th Plan7 It was subse=uently included in the list of ?? sche&es appro0ed by the )abinet on 20th 6une 2013 as part of the restructured )SSs for i&ple&entation in the 12th Plan7 In 2ct 2013 the )abinet )o&&ittee on ,cono&ic Affairs appro0ed the #/SA7 1uring the 12th Plan period B0 new uni0ersities would be created by con0erting autono&ous collegesFcolleges in a cluster to State uni0ersities7 100 new colleges including professionalFtechnical colleges would be set up and 4A e8isting colleges would be con0erted into &odel degree colleges7 Infrastructure grants would be gi0en to 140 uni0ersities and 3 400 colleges to upgrade and fill critical gaps in infrastructure especially libraries laboratories etc7 #/SA would also support 4 000 faculty positions7 I!1-rtant O+)$&ti2$s -0 th$ S&h$!$ I&pro0ing the o0erall =uality of e8isting state higher educational institutions by ensuring confor&ity to prescribed nor&s and standards and adoption of accreditation as a &andatory =uality assurance fra&ewor$7 )orrect regional i&balances in access to higher education through high =uality institutions in rural and se&i urban areas as well as creating opportunities for students fro& rural areas to get access to better =uality institutions7 Setting up of higher education institutions in unser0ed and underser0ed areas7 I&pro0e e=uity in higher education by pro0iding ade=uate opportunities to socially depri0ed co&&unitiesH pro&ote inclusion of wo&en &inorities S)FST and 23)s as well as differently abled persons7 ,nsure ade=uate a0ailability of =uality faculty in all higher educational institutions and ensure capacity building at all le0els7 )reate an enabling at&osphere in higher educational institutions to de0ote the&sel0es to research and inno0ation7 Integrate s$ill de0elop&ents efforts of the go0ern&ent with the con0entional higher education syste& through opti&u& inter0entions7 The sche&e will be spread o0er two plan periods7 )entre:State funding would be in the ratio of D0;10 for +orth " ,astern States Si$$i& 6a&&u and !ash&ir 9i&achal Pradesh and /ttara$hand and ?4;34 for other States and /nion Territories7

4"!an Ca1ital In $: The 9u&an )apital Inde8 co0ering 122 countries released by the World ,cono&ic 'oru& e8plores the contributors and inhibitors to the de0elop&ent and deploy&ent of a healthy educated and producti0e labour force7 Th$ 0-"r 1illars -0 th$ In $: The 9ealth and Wellness pillar contains indicators relating to a populationIs physical and &ental well:being fro& childhood to adulthood7 The ,ducation pillar contains indicators relating to =uantitati0e and =ualitati0e aspects of education across pri&ary secondary and tertiary le0els and contains infor&ation on both the present wor$force as well as the future wor$force7 The Wor$force and ,&ploy&ent pillar is designed to =uantify the e8perience talent $nowledge and training in a countryIs wor$ing:age population7 The ,nabling ,n0iron&ent pillar captures the legal fra&ewor$ infrastructure and other factors that enable returns on hu&an capital7 T-1 D &-"ntri$s Swit(erland " 1H 'inland " 2H Singapore " 3H +etherlands " AH Sweden " 4 Ma)-r C-"ntri$s an th$ir ran%s /7S7A7 " 1?H /7!7 " BH 'rance " 21H *er&any " ?H 6apan " 14H #ussia " 41 In ia an its N$i#h+-"rs India " <BH 3angladesh " 110H Sri 5an$a " 40H Pa$istan " 112H )hina " A3 B--%$r Pri3$ 2013 Sh-rtlist 17 A Tale for the Ti&e 3eing by #uth 2(e$i -)anada. 27 9ar0est by 6i& )race -,ngland. 37 The 5owland by 6hu&pa 5ahiri -India. A7 The 5u&inaries by ,leanor )atton -+ew Eealand. " 7inn$r 47 The Testa&ent of Mary by )ol& Toibin -Ireland. ?7 We +eed +ew +a&es by no0iolet 3ulawayo -Ei&babwe.

N-+$l Pri3$s 2013 Ph'si&s 'rancois ,nglert -3elgiu&. and Peter W7 9iggs -/nited !ingdo&. 'or the theoretical disco0ery of a &echanis& that contributes to our understanding of the origin of &ass of subato&ic particles and which recently was confir&ed through the disco0ery of the predicted funda&ental particle by the AT5AS and )MS e8peri&ents at ),#+%s 5arge 9adron )ollider Ch$!istr' Martin !arplus -Austria. Michael 5e0itt -South Africa. and Arieh Warshel -Israel. 'or the de0elop&ent of &ultiscale &odels for co&ple8 che&ical syste&s M$ i&in$ 6a&es ,7 #oth&an -/7S7A7. #andy W7 Sche$&an -/7S7A7. and Tho&as )7 SJdhof -*er&any. 'or their disco0eries of &achinery regulating 0esicle traffic a &aCor transport syste& in our cells 5it$rat"r$ Alice Munro -)anada. Master of the conte&porary short story P$a&$ 2rgani(ation for the Prohibition of )he&ical Weapons -2P)W. 'or its e8tensi0e efforts to eli&inate che&ical weapons E&-n-!i& S&i$n&$s ,ugene '7 'a&a -/7S7A7. 5ars Peter 9ansen " /7S7A7 and #obert 67 Shiller " /7S7A7 'or their e&pirical analysis of asset prices

@@th Int$rnati-nal Fil! F$sti2al -0 In ia >enue " G-a 9eld fro& 20 to 30 +o0 2013 9ead of the Cury " S$r+ian 0il! ir$&t-r G-ran Pas%al)$2i& 2pening 'il& " Th$ D-n ("ans ir$&t$ +' (iri M$n3$l )losing 'il& " 6ustin )hadwic$%s fil& Man $laC 5-n# 7al% t- Fr$$ -! )ountry in 'ocus " (a1an *olden Peacoc$ Award " ,ast Ti&or%s fil& B$atri3>s 7ar 3est 1irector " *a"shi% Gan#"li for 3engali fil& Apur Panchali Special 6ury Award " Tur$ish fil& 8Th-" Gil 8st th$ E2$n8 3est Actor -Male. " Al-n M-ni A+-"t+-"l for his perfor&ance in Israeli &o0ie A Place in 9ea0en 3est Actor -'e&ale. " B-&3ars%a Ma# al$na for her perfor&ance in Polish fil& In 9iding Special )entenary Award " 3engali fil& M$#h$ Dha%a Tara directed by !a&aleshwar Mu$herCee 5ifeti&e Achie0e&ent Award " )(ech fil&&a$er (iri M$n3$l )entenary Award for Indian 'il& Personality of the @ear " 7ah$$ a Rah!an 1<th Int$rnati-nal Chil r$n8s Fil! F$sti2al -0 In ia >enue " 4' $ra+a 9eld fro& 1A to 21 +o0 2013 Inaugural 'il& " G-1i Ga6ai'a Ba#ha Ba)ai'a directed by Shilpa #anade 7inn$rs -0 A6ar s *olden ,lephant " 3est 5i0e Action 'il& " *a"6+-' -The +etherlands. *olden ,lephant " 3est 5i0e Action 1irector " Bat"l M"%htiar for !aphal -Indian. *olden ,lephant " 3est Ani&ation 'eature " Ern$st Et C$l$stin$ -'rance. *olden ,lephant " 3est 5i0e Action 1irector " Bat"l M"%htiar 0-r *a1hal -Indian. *olden ,lephant " 3est Short " Chinti -#ussia. Special 6ury Pri(e " M--n Man -'rance. 6ury Pri(e for 3est Artwor$ " G--1i Ga6ai'a Ba#ha Ba)ai'a -India.KFtrL

In ia8s Mars Or+it$r Missi-n 5aunch date; 0D N-2$!+$r 2013 5aunch 0ehicle; PS5V E5 C2D 5aunch station; Srihari%-ta Insertion into Martian orbit; 2@ S$1 201@ Infor&al na&e; Man#al'aan San#$$t Nata% A%a $!i A6ar s 2013 A%a $!i Ratna ASan#$$t Nata% A%a $!i F$ll-6sB S&t !ana$ #ele " ,8ponent of Mohiniatta& Shri #7 Satyanarayana " Musicologist Shri Mahesh ,l$unchwar " Playwright A%a $!i A6ar s in th$ Fi$l -0 M"si& an Dan&$ A6ar s in th$ Fi$l Shri #itwi$ Sanyal S&t7 >eena Sahasrabuddhe Shri 9ash&at Ali !han -0 M"si& 9industani >ocal 9industani >ocal 9industani Instru&ental Music -Tabla. 9industani Instru&ental Music -Sarangi. )arnatic >ocal )arnatic >ocal A6ar s in th$ Fi$l -0 Dan&$ S&t7 6a&una !rishnan 3haratnatya& Shri 3 9era&bhanathan 3haratnatya& S&t #aCashree Shir$e !atha$

Shri 1hruba *hosh

Shri !ala&andala& MPS +a&boodiri Shri )hinta Seetha #a&anCaneyulu S&t Sangeeta 1ash


S&t7 Aruna Saira& Shri 17 Seshachari Shri 1 #agha0achari -9yderabad 3rothers. Shri Trichy San$aran

!uchipudi 2dissi

Shri Thiru0i(ha 6ayashan$ar

)arnatic Instru&ental Music -Mridanga&. )arnatic Instru&ental Music -+adaswara&. MaCor Traditions of Music -2dissi Music.

Shri 6ogen 1utta 3ayan


Shri Srini0asa #angachariar

Shri 3an$i& Sethi

Shri 1haneshwar Swain

MaCor traditions of dance Ma&pH 1ance theatre -Arayer se0ai. Music for dance

Ra)i2 Gan hi Mana2 S$2a A6ar 2012 13 #aCi0 *andhi Mana0 Se0a Award 2012 " 13 were gi0en away by S&t7 !rishna Tirath the Minister for Wo&en and )hild 1e0elop&ent during the >atsalya Mela on 1D71172013 at 1illi 9aat in +ew 1elhi7 The Award carries a cash pri(e of #s7 1 la$h a sil0er plate and a citation7 A6ar s 0-r 2012 17 Shri 3habendra +ath 1utta " Assa& 27 Shri >ed Pra$ash Arya " 9aryana 37 1r7 Sa&ir 9asan 1alwai " Maharashtra Nati-nal A6ar s 0-r Chil 7$l0ar$9 2012 +ational Awards for )hild Welfare 2012 were also gi0en alongwith #aCi0 *andhi Mana0 Se0a Awards by the honourable &inister7 The award gi0en for outstanding perfor&ance in the field of child de0elop&ent and welfare carries cash pri(e of #s7 3 la$h and a citation for each institution and #s7 1 la$h and a citation for each indi0idual7 Instit"ti-ns a6ar $ 17 A$shay Pratishthan " +ew 1elhi 27 !asturba *andhi +ational Me&orial Trust " 1elhi 37 S7M7S7S7 9indu Mahila Mandira& " Thiru0ananthapura& !erala A7 /shas )entre for ,8ceptional )hildren " 9ubli !arnata$a 47 Thuta$ +unpuitu Tea& " Ai(wal Mi(ora& In i2i "als a6ar $ 17 Shri 3harat 5al Sahu " )hhattisgarh 27 1r7 +7 #a0eendran " !erala 37 Ms7 ShailaCa Asho$ *oundaCe " Maharashtra Sahit'a A%a $!i A6ar s 2013 5an#"a#$ 17 3engali 27 3odo 37 1ogri A7 ,nglish 47 9indi ?7 !annada Cr$ati-n 1waipayan 9rader 1hare -Poetry. 1elphini 2nthai Mwdai Arw *ubun *ubun !honthai -Poetry. 1oha Satsai -Poetry. 5aburnu& 'or My 9ead -Short Stories. MilCul Man -+o0el. A$yana >ya$yana -,ssays. A"th-r Subodh Sar$ar Anil 3oro Sitara& Sapolia Te&sula Ao Mridula *arg )7+7 #a&achandran A6ar s 0-r 2013 17 Sister 1r7 Mary 5itty " !erala 27 Shri 5ian )7 To&bing " Manipur 37 Shri Satya Pra$ash Shar&a " 9i&achal Pradesh

<7 !ash&iri B7 !on$ani D7 Maithili 107 Malayala& 117 Manipuri 127 Marathi 137 +epali 1A7 2dia 147 PunCabi 1?7 #aCasthani 1<7 Sans$rit 1B7 Santali 1D7 Sindhi 207 Ta&il 217 Telugu 227 /rdu

Aina Aatash -Short Stories. Man&otaya& -,ssays. Sangharsh Aa Sehanta -Me&oirs. !athayillatha0ante !atha -Autobiography. )hinglon A&adagi A&ada -Tra0elogue. >achanaryachi #oCanishee -,ssays. Man$a 5ahar #a #aharharu -Tra0elogue. 3anaprastha -Play. +ir0aan -+o0el. Aanthyoi +ahi 1in 9al -Poetry. )haladura0ani -Poetry. )handa 3onga -Poetry. Mansh:+agari -Poetry. !or$ai -+o0el. Sahityaa$ash&lo Saga& -,ssays. 5a0a -Poetry.

Mohi:ud:din #eshi Tu$ara& #a&a Shet Sureshwar 6ha M7+7 Paloor Ma$hon&ani Mongsaba Satish !alase$ar Man 3ahadur Pradhan 3iCoy Misra Man&ohan A&bi$a 1utt #adha$ant Tha$ur ArCun )haran 9e&bra& +a&de0 Tarachandani #7+7 6oe 1%)ru( !atyayani >id&ahe 6a0ed A$htar

CNN IBN In ian -0 th$ ,$ar A6ar s 2013 )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear ; NGO St-1 A&i Atta&%s )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " Politics ; Ar2in *$)ri6al )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " Sports ; P/V/ Sin h" )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " 3usiness ; Ra)i2 Ba)a) )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " ,ntertain&ent ; *a1il Shar!a )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " Public Ser0ice ; Ass-&iati-n 0-r D$!-&rati& R$0-r!s AADRB an S"1r$!$ C-"rt a 2-&at$ 5il' Th-!as )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " Special Achie0e&ent C NDRF an ITBP )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " Special Achie0e&ent ; D$$1i%a Pa "%-n$ )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " 2utstanding Achie0e&ent ; 5$an $r Pa$s )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " 2utstanding Achie0e&ent ; Ra!a%ant A&hr$%ar )++ " I3+ Indian of the @ear " 5ifeti&e Achie0e&ent ; 5at$ ("sti&$ (/S/ V$r!a

N$ls-n R-lihlahla Man $la 3orn ; 1< ("l' 1?1< 1ied; 0D D$&$!+$r 2013 Prison life " 1?F@ 1??0 President of South Africa " 1??@ 1??? I!1-rtant A6ar s &-n0$rr$ -n Mr/ N$ls-n Man $la 6awaharlal +ehru Award for International /nderstanding " 1?=? 3harat #atna " 1??0 5enin Peace Pri(e " 1??0 +ishan:e:Pa$istan " 1??2 +obel Peace Pri(e " 1??3 Indira *andhi Award for International 6ustice and 9ar&ony " 1DD? F-r$i#n P-li&' Ma#a3in$ 5$a in# Gl-+al Thin%$rs -0 2013 17 E 6ar Sn-6 $n " 'or e8posing the reach of *o0ern&ent spying 27 *$ith Al$:an $r " 'or &aster&inding the sur0eillance state 37 Gl$nn Gr$$n6al " 'or gi0ing ,dward Snowden a 0oice A7 5a"ra P-itras " 'or gi0ing ,dward Snowden a 0oice 47 Dil!a R-"s$00 " 'or confronting Washington and its spies In ians in th$ list 327 Ar2in *$)ri2al " 'or leading a co&paign to clean up India%s capital <<7 Ur2ashi B"talia " 'or e8posing the roots of India%s ra&pant se8ual 0iolence <<7 *a2ita *rishnan " 'or e8posing the roots of India%s ra&pant se8ual 0iolence 5G ICC A6ar s 2013 I)) )ric$eter of the @ear -Sir *arfield Sobers Trophy. " Mi&ha$l Clar%$ AA"straliaB I)) Test )ric$eter of the @ear " Mi&ha$l Clar%$ AA"straliaB I)) Wo&en%s 21I )ric$eter of the @ear " S"3i$ Bat$s AN$6 G$alan B I)) 21I )ric$eter of the @ear " *"!ar San#a%%ara ASri 5an%aB I)) ,&erging )ric$eter of the @ear " Ch$t$sh6ar P")ara AIn iaB

I)) Associate and Affiliate )ric$eter of the @ear " *$2in O8Bri$n AIr$lan B I)) Twenty20 International Perfor&ance of the @ear " U!ar G"l APa%istanB I)) T20I Wo&en%s )ric$eter of the @ear " Sarah Ta'l-r AEn#lan B I)) Spirit of )ric$et Award " Mah$la (a'a6ar $na ASri 5an%aB I)) /&pire of the @ear -winning the 1a0id Shepherd Trophy. " Ri&har *$ttl$+-r-"#h People%s )hoice " MS Dh-ni Chi$0 Minist$rs R$&$nt Stat$ El$&ti-ns N-2$!+$r 2013 #aCasthan " Vas"n har$ Ra)$ -has beco&e the )M of #aCasthan for the second ti&e. )hhattisgarh " Dr/ Ra!an Sin#h -has beco&e the )M of )hhattisgarh for the third consecuti0e ti&e. Madhya Pradesh " Shi2ra) Sin#h Ch-"han -has beco&e the )M of Madhya Pradesh for the third consecuti0e ti&e. Mi(ora& " P" 5althanha6la -has beco&e the )M of Mi(ora& for the second consecuti0e ti&e and a record fifth ti&e in his political career7. 1elhi " Ar2in *$)ri6al

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