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Addressing the needs of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) sta, students and pa<ents

To work collabora<vely with Stonewall to develop training and resources for healthcare academics to address LGB inequali<es.

To assist healthcare academics to deliver healthcare curricula that promotes an inclusive environment for LGB sta, students and pa<ents.

To enable healthcare academics to support the next genera<on of health and social care professionals to be condent to fully and eec<vely
promote good prac<ce in rela<on to LGB pa<ents.

What we know
There are signicant dierences between the
health needs of LGB people and those of
heterosexual people. LGB people report they
have experienced fear or discrimina<on
because of their sexual orienta<on. They say
this creates a barrier to receiving appropriate
care and treatment. Healthcare students need
to understand the health needs LGB pa<ents
and to be able to challenge the barriers they
face receiving appropriate care and treatment.

Making a dierence
This project will enable healthcare
academics to review the par<cular
part of the curricular that they teach
so that they can iden<fy key areas
where LGB issues can be incorporated
into their students learning. This
model moves away one specic LGB
lecture, which would tradi<onally
happen once in a course and then be
forgoIen about, to a structure where
LGB issues are embedded in the
curriculum and become everyones

The resources
Working with Stonewall, the Cardi University
School of Healthcare Sciences are developing
an electronic resource for healthcare
academics to enhance their understanding of
LGB issues and oer a framework for reviewing
teaching. This will be supported by a one day
training event for key individuals to give them
the condence and tools to make LGB issues
everyones business in healthcare curricular.
Following a pilot within the School of
Healthcare Sciences the resource and training
will be oered to all health schools in Cardi

Dave Clarke, Lecturer and

Associate Director of
Undergraduate Studies