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H.M. Juan Carlos I, King of Spain May all men know by these presents: That arliament has ena!te" an" I ratify the following #eneral $!t: Article 1 %. The State guarantees the fun"amental right to free"om of worship an" religion re!ogni&e" by the Constitution, in a!!or"an!e with the pro'isions of the present $!t. (. )eligious beliefs shall not o!!asion une*ual or "is!riminatory treatment un"er the +aw. ,o one may be "epri'e" of any o!!upation or a!ti'ity or publi! positions or employment for reasons of religion. -. ,o faith shall be the offi!ial State religion. Article 2 %. The free"om of worship an" religion guarantee" by the Constitution se!ures the right, whi!h may therefore be e.er!ise" by all without "uress, to: a/ rofess whate'er religious beliefs they freely !hoose or profess none at all0 !hange or relin*uish their faith0 freely e.press their own religious beliefs or la!k thereof or refrain from making any statement in su!h regar". b/ Take part in the liturgy an" re!ei'e spiritual support in their own faith0 !elebrate their festi'ities0 hol" their marriage !eremonies0 re!ei'e "e!ent burial, with no "is!rimination for reasons of religion0 be free from any obligation to re!ei'e spiritual support or parti!ipate in religious ser'i!es that are !ontrary to their personal !on'i!tions. !/ )e!ei'e an" "eli'er religious tea!hing an" information of any kin", orally, in writing or any other means0 !hoose religious an" moral e"u!ation in keeping with their own !on'i!tions for themsel'es an" any non1eman!ipate" minors or legally in!ompetent persons, in an" outsi"e the a!a"emi! "omain. "/ Meet or assemble publi!ly for religious purposes an" form asso!iations to un"ertake their religious a!ti'ities in !ommunity in a!!or"an!e with or"inary legislation an" the pro'isions of this #eneral $!t. (. It also !omprises the right of Chur!hes, 2aiths an" )eligious Communities to establish pla!es of worship or assembly for religious purposes, appoint an" train their ministers, promulgate an" propagate their own beliefs an" maintain relations with their own organisations or other religious faiths, within the national boun"aries or abroa". -. To ensure true an" effe!ti'e appli!ation of these rights, publi! authorities shall a"opt the ne!essary measures to fa!ilitate assistan!e at religious ser'i!es in publi!, military, hospital, !ommunity an" penitentiary establishments an" any other un"er its aegis, as well as religious training in publi! s!hools. Article 3 %. The rights "eri'ing from the free"om of worship an" religion may not be e.er!ise" to the "etriment of the rights of others to pra!tise their publi! free"oms an" fun"amental rights or of publi! safety, health an" morality, elements whi!h !onstitute the or"er ensure" un"er the rule of +aw in "emo!rati! so!ieties. (. $!ti'ities, purposes an" 3ntities relating to or engaging in the stu"y of an" e.perimentation with psy!hi! or parapsy!hologi!al phenomena or the "issemination of humanisti! or spiritualisti! 'alues or other similar non1religious aims "o not *ualify for the prote!tion pro'i"e" in this $!t. Article 4 The rights re!ognise" in this $!t, pra!tise" within the limits in"i!ate" herein, shall guarantee effe!ti'e

legal prote!tion before or"inary Courts an" !onstitutional prote!tion before the Constitutional Court un"er the terms stipulate" in the #eneral $!t relate" thereto. Article 5 %. Chur!hes, 2aiths an" )eligious Communities an" their 2e"erations shall a!*uire legal personality on!e registere" in the !orrespon"ing publi! )egistry !reate" for this purpose an" kept in the Ministry of Justi!e. (. )egistration shall be grante" by 'irtue of an appli!ation together with an authenti! "o!ument !ontaining noti!e of the foun"ation or establishment of the organisation in Spain, "e!laration of religious purpose, "enomination an" other parti!ulars of i"entity, rules of pro!e"ure an" representati'e bo"ies, in!lu"ing su!h bo"y4s powers an" re*uisites for 'ali" "esignation thereof. -. 3ntities relating to a gi'en religious 3ntity may only be !an!elle" at the re*uest of its representati'e bo"ies or in !omplian!e with a final !ourt senten!e. Article 6 %. )egistere" Chur!hes, 2aiths, an" )eligious Communities shall be fully in"epen"ent an" may lay "own their own organisational rules, internal an" staff by1laws. Su!h rules, as well as those go'erning the institutions they !reate to a!!omplish their purposes, may in!lu"e !lauses on the safeguar" of their religious i"entity an" own personality, as well as the "ue respe!t for their beliefs, without pre5u"i!e to the rights an" free"oms re!ognise" by the Constitution an" in parti!ular those of free"om, e*uality an" non1"is!rimination. (. Chur!hes, 2aiths an" )eligious Communities may !reate an" promote, for the a!!omplishment of their purposes, $sso!iations, 2oun"ations an" Institutions pursuant to the pro'ision of or"inary legislation. Article 7 %. The State, taking a!!ount of the religious beliefs e.isting in Spanish so!iety, shall establish, as appropriate, Co1operation $greements or Con'entions with the Chur!hes, 2aiths or )eligious Communities enrolle" in the )egistry where warrante" by their notorious influen!e in Spanish so!iety, "ue to their "omain or number of followers. Su!h $greements shall, in any !ase, be sub5e!t to appro'al by an $!t of arliament. (. Sub5e!t to the prin!iple of e*uality, su!h $greements or Con'entions may !onfer upon Chur!hes, 2aiths or )eligious Communities the ta. benefits applie" by or"inary legislation to non1profit 3ntities an" other !haritable organisations. Article 8 $n a"'isory Committee on 2ree"om of 6orship is hereby !reate" in the Ministry of Justi!e whose membership, whi!h shall be stable, shall be "i'i"e" e*ually between the representati'es of the Central #o'ernment an" of the !orrespon"ing Chur!hes, 2aiths an" )eligious Communities or their 2e"erations in!lu"ing, in any !ase, those that ha'e a notorious influen!e in Spain, with the parti!ipation as well of persons of renowne" !ompeten!e whose !ounsel is !onsi"ere" to be of interest in matters relate" to this $!t. Su!h Committee may ha'e, in turn, a stan"ing !ommission whose membership shall be likewise e*ually apportione". The fun!tions of su!h Committee shall !onsist of re'iewing, reporting on an" setting forth proposals with respe!t to issues relating to the enfor!ement of this $!t an" su!h inter'ention shall be man"atory in the preparation an" re!ommen"ations for the Co1operation $greements or Con'entions referre" in the pre!e"ing arti!le. The State a!knowle"ges the legal personality an" full legal !apa!ity of the religious 3ntities in possession thereof on the "ate the present $!t enters into for!e. 7eginning three years thereafter, they may substantiate their legal personality only 'ia !ertifi!ate of enrollment in the )egistry referre" to herein. S3C8,9 T)$,SITI8,$+ )8:ISI8, 6hen applying for legal re!ognition, )eligious $sso!iations whi!h, pursuant to the pro'isions of $!t forty1four;nineteen hun"re" si.ty1se'en of the twenty1eight "ay of June, ha" e.pressly !laime" to own real or other kin"s of property whose full an" effe!ti'e !on'eyan!e is sub5e!t to publi! registration, where ownership thereof has been registere" in the name of thir" parties an" those whi!h, ha'ing lo"ge" this

statement of property with the #o'ernment apply for legal registration thereof pursuant to the pro'isions of the present $!t may, within one year4s time, normalise the legal status of su!h property, by "eli'ering the "o!uments attesting to their ownership of property appearing un"er the names of interme"iaries or by using any other legal pro!e"ure to substantiate their rights, until the !orrespon"ing "ee"s are registere" in the )egistry of 9ee"s, an" su!h registration shall be e.empt from all ta.es, fees an" rates that may be le'ie" on !on'eyan!e or the "o!uments or a!tion generate" on the o!!asion thereof. )3:8C$T8)< )8:ISI8, $!t forty1four;nineteen hun"re" an" si.ty1se'en of the twenty1eighth "ay of June as well as any other legal pro'isions that !ontra"i!t the terms of the present $!t are hereby repeale". 2I,$+ )8:ISI8, The #o'ernment, at the proposal of the Ministry of Justi!e, shall establish any su!h regulatory pro'isions as may be ne!essary for the organisation an" operation of the )egistry an" the $"'isory Committee on 2ree"om of 6orship.

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