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Dear ECR Group Secretary General Frank Barrett, Dear ECR Group Spokeman Holtum, Dear Italian ECR

national delegate Emanuele Sanguineti, Sorry for disturbing you I am Gio!anni Cacca!ello, an Italian ""#year#old student Despite being born in Italy in $%%$, I mo!ed to t&e 'nited (ingdom t&ree years ago in order to begin my undergraduate studies in Economics and International Business at 'ni!ersity of Strat&clyde, in Glasgo) *long )it& my summer interns&ips, my acti!ism as a +ournalist and my future goals, I am currently spending my t&ird year of academic studies in Germany ,t&anks to t&e Erasmus fund- and t&is summer I )ill able to follo) a prestigous summer course on monetary policies at .ondon Sc&ool of Economics *t t&e same time, I am a political acti!ist and I lo!e trying to do my best to e/plain people my political ideas, my political !ision and my political !alues *t bot& a European and national le!el, my ideals relate to yours I strongly belie!e Europe &as lost t&e pat& to long term prosperity and gro)t& as )ell as its global race against ot&er ma+or economies suc& as t&e 'nited States, C&ina, India and 0apan I t&ink Europe &as become too muc& centrali1ed and too distant to European citi1ens 2&e )ay to restore a trustful and deep relations&ip bet)een European Institutions and European citi1ens is not to be found looking at t&e so#called 3'nited States of Europe3 2o me t&is concept sounds as fu11y as dismal 2&e 'nited States of Europe seems like a 4I4 century 3Romantic3 idea If Europe )ants to t&ri!e once again it cannot make t&e same old mistakes 2&is means Europe cannot neit&er turning around, looking at a past )&ere 5ations )ere di!ided, nor t&inking madly to follo) t&e idea of a big federal Superstate Europe can only succeed if it decides to follo) a ne) direction )&ere our differences are not only recogni1ed but are t&e starting point to de!elop our collecti!e strengt&ens I belie!e, in fact, t&at only after understanding our di!ersities ,languages, &abits and costumes, &istories, cultures- as )ell as our &istorical european traditions ,)&ic& are stronger t&an )e t&inkEurope as a )&ole )ill be able to impro!e its institutions and its relations&ip )it& all t&e member states Cutting t&e European red tape6 &elping small and medium enterprises finding t&eir )ay6 de!eloping, strengt&ening and opening all t&e markets in order to create a true single big European market6 impro!ing e!en furt&er our relations to e/ternal economies ,suc& us t&e nort&ern *rabic countries, t&e

'S, 0apan and ot&er de!eloping economies-6 c&allenge t&e problem of ageing population, unemployment and producti!ity and reforming deeply t&e arc&itecture of Europe, are among t&e most important reforms and battles to fig&t for I am )riting to you not only to t&ank you for all t&e effort you are putting to pursue a better Europe, but also to ask you a &elp I &a!e a big dream7 my main goal is to create a big and strong political group in Italy )&ic& could represent and support in t&e future t&e ECR Group during t&e European elections and not only I )ould lo!e to e/pand my political net)ork in order to reac& t&is 3cra1y but )onderful3 idea *t t&e national le!el, my main ob+ecti!e is founding a ne) center#rig&t party t&at could become t&e leading political mo!ement in Italy in t&e ne/t years 2&e Italian#center rig&t is losing )eig&t and, in t&ese last "8 years, it &as ne!er been able to represent a clear !ision of itself and of t&e Country7 economic liberalism, meritocracy, laicism of t&e state, reformism, a dose of responsible nationalism and a good degree of conscientious europeism I strongly belie!e in t&e ideals I am trying to pursue and I really &ope you could gi!e me a &elp E!en if small, it )ould be muc& appreciated I )ill look for)ard to an ans)er *gain, I &ope not to &a!e disturbed you 9ours Fait&fully, Gio!anni Cacca!ello