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The word Christianity, was taken from the Greek word Christos which is a translation of the Hebrew word: Messiah which means The Anointed One. Christianity is a monotheistic religion and one of the four major religions in the world and currently has the most believers (estimated 200 Million Believe/Followers, currently). The religion is based on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ, who is said to be the founder of Christianity. Christianity started out as a Jewish Sect and is said to be an Abrahamic religion, which originated in the eastern Mediterranean. The religion grew rapidly and its influence as well, in just decades and in the fourth century, Christianity became the main religion in the Great Roman Empire. Christianity is now divided in three man branches: Roman Catholic, eastern Orthodox and Protestant (broken into many different groups called denominations). The teachings of Jesus Christ, are found in the four gospels located in the Bible, this is the holy book of Christianity. The bible consists of two sections: The Old Testament(Before Christ) and The New Testament(After Christ). In the Old Testament, it was predicted that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would come, which he did, when he was born from Virgin Mary his earthly mother, when the holy spirit conceived Jesus in Mary, the fiance of Joseph. The Place of Worship for Christians is called a Church. The Symbol of Christianity is the Cross. This is very widely known through out the world, because most Christian Churches say that he was crucified on a cross. However, some Christian Groups do not agree that Jesus was crucified on a cross, so they do not use it as their own symbol. Christianitys Place of Worship is Jerusalem, this city is also a Holy City for Judaism and Islam.

The Founder
Jesus Christ
Jesus was born of a young Jewish Virgin, who had the name of Mary who had a fianc named Joseph, Jesus Step Father. Because of a government census Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem, at this time Jesus was still in Marys Womb. When Joseph and Mary reached, Mary went into labour and since all of the inns were full, Mary had to give birth to Baby Jesus in a lowly stable. Angels announced Jesus birth to Shepherds as well as Wise Men in a far country. Jesus grew up as a regular Jewish boy, he went through all the ceremonies/ rites of Passage a regular Jewish Boy would got. At a very young age, Jesus and his family fled to Egypt, because an angel warned Joseph of an impending danger. The danger was that the government decided to kill all Jewish boys under the age of two (2). When the danger passed over, the family came back from Egypt to the town of Nazareth in the country of Galilee, this is where Jesus was raised. According to the Gospels, when Jesus was at the age of twelve (12), Jesus and His parents travelled to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Passover at a Feast. When His parents could not find Him when they we preparing to go on their Return Trip with their group of friends and family, Jesus was nowhere to be found. They returned to Jerusalem and after three days of searching the found Jesus in the Temple Courts, sitting among the teachers, asking questions and listening to them. The Gospels do not give any more accounts of Jesus until he was at the age of thirty(30) years old. At the age of thirty(30) Jesus began his public ministry, Jesus chose twelve apostles to be His companions in the ministry and the witnesses of His miracles. Jesus was wanted by the Jewish Leaders to be killed. They falsely accused Jesus for Blasphemy(which is punishable by death) while the Roman Authorities wanted for Treason , which meant that he was stirring up upraise against the Roman Empire (this was also punishable by death). He was tried by a Roman Governor who wanted to let him go, but was threatened so he found Jesus guilty and sent him to be crucified on a cross.

The Holy City of Christianity

Jerusalem is the holy city of the religions: Christianity(because the founder, Jesus was crucified in the city), Judaism(because it is said that King David of Israel first established it as the capital of Ancient Israel in the year 1000 BCE and his son, King Solomon commissioned the building of the First Temple in the city) and Islam (because it was the First Qibla, the focal point for Muslim prayer, Salah in 610 CE and, according to the Qur'an, Mohammed made his Night Journey there ten years later). It is said that Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities on Earth. Nearly, two thousand years ago, the Jewish Religious Leaders because, they falsely accused him for Blasphemy, as well as the Roman Authorities wanted him for Treason. When they arrested Jesus, Jesus was at the age of 33, he was tried in court by a Roman Governor Pontius Pilate, the man wanted to release Jesus, but the Jews threatened that if he was not persecuted they would riot. Pilate condemned Jesus to death on a cross, this day is called Good Friday. His body was placed in the new tomb of a wealthy man named Joseph of Arithmatea; the day that he was said to have resurrected was Easter Sunday.

Religious Leaders in Christianity

In Christianity, there are many names for the same role in a Christian Church as a leader, a Reverend serves the same purpose as an elder in a regular Church, also in some Churches the leaders are ranked such as in the Roman Catholic Church the leader of the entire the church is leaded by The Pope. The some names for Leaders of church are: Reverend, Clergy,

Minister, Elders, Priest, Bishop). Also, people commit the rest of their lives to God, so they would leave main society and live a life of Prayer and Contemplation.

Monk-is a male who devotes his life to his god(s) Nun-is a woman who devotes her live to her god(s) Reverend-is the male leader in a such(it is the same the following as a Reverend they are: an Elder, Clergyman, Minister) Bishop- is a person who is a consecrated member of the Christian clergy, who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight over a church, this position is found especially in the Roman Catholic Branch of Christianity. Saint-this is defined as a person who are of exceptional holiness in religions especially in Christianity






Christians: Place of Worship

The Church
The Church is the usual name for the Place of Worship for Christians. Since the religion is worldwide, we can find a church in any country, in most countries with ease. The churches size depends mostly the denomination and where the area which is located also how much people are estimated will going to attend its services. A regular Roman Catholic Church looks like this:

An Orthodox Church usually looks like this:

A Protestant Church usually looks like this:

Anglican Church

Methodist Church

Church of God

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