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Marking criteria Research and planning

Shahrukh Farrakh 24th March 2014

Planning and research evidence Research into similar products and a potential target audience

Level Comment
2 Good evidence of research into three films. Some close analysis evident. Some detailed research of similar products is evident but needs to be organised more consistently. Clear and detailed research into audience. Detailed evidence of storyboards and planning of shots. Still missing evidence of ideas and scripts. Still missing some work research of horror posters. Range of ICT beginning to be used. Uploads of videos, written format and graphs and charts. Some errors in written accuracy. Well structured and organised.

Work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, storyboarding and scripting. Time management

3 Use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation. Communication Skills Care in presentation of research and planning.

3 2 3

Targets Shahrukh, I can see you have added detailed storyboards. Make sure you use the storyboards as a plan for your film, not the other way around. I know you did the storyboards after you filmed but you need to present it the other way around. Your storyboards should have been done before the filming; this needs to be evident on your blog. You will also need to research film horror posters in the same way you researched short films. You need to look at one or two examples closely and then consider which aspects you will use in your own production. Overall mark: 12/20

Marking criteria Production - Film

Skills Level Shooting material appropriate to the task: 1 controlled use of camera, attention to framing, variety of shot sizes and close attention to mise en scene Editing so that meaning is apparent to viewer and 1 makes effective use of shot transition. Recording and editing sound 1 with images appropriately. Time Management 1 Comment No evidence of your film.

No evidence.

No evidence. Behind with the editing process.

Targets No evidence of your film, and I am really concerned that the filming is not complete yet. Lots to do here Shahrukh.

Overall mark: 0/40

Marking criteria Production - Print

Skills Level Awareness of conventions of 2 layout and page design. Awareness of need for variety in fonts and text size. Accurate use of ICT for task set. 2 Appropriate integration of illustration and text. Framing a shot, using a variety of shot distances as appropriate. Shooting material appropriate to task: use of colour, figure, lighting, objects and setting. Manipulating photographs as appropriate, including cropping and resizing. Comment Some consideration of layout and page design for your poster. No evidence Clear evidence of software being used confidently. No evidence.

Some framing of an image. 1 Some consideration of colour and lighting.

Some consideration of manipulating images.

Targets Good start Shahrukh. Try and get this completed this week.

Overall Mark: 4/10

Marking criteria Evaluation

Use of digital technology or ICT in evaluation Understanding of the forms and conventions used in the productions Understanding of the role and use of new media in various stages of the production. Understanding of the combination of the main product and ancillary texts. Understanding of the significance of audience feedback. Skill in choice of form in which to present evaluation. Ability to communicate.

Level Comment
1 2 Only written form used at the moment. Some evidence of evaluation of the conventions but little comment on how you will use them in your own work. Some evidence of evaluating the media products used within your work. Not appropriate yet.

1 2

Some evidence of the audience research carried out but not much detail in terms of how this will be used. Only using one form of presentation at the moment. Errors in accuracy. Needs proofreading.

Targets Shahrukh, you need to make sure you are continuing with the evaluation process each week. You will need to evaluate the filming process and evaluate the research that needs to be carried out on horror film posters. Remember, you need to try and use a range of media to evaluate and try not to use one format each time. You also need to make sure you are evaluating how you have used findings from your research in your production. Overall Mark: 9/20