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Carolyn Beaty

Student Teaching Weekly Log February 17-21

1. How did you spend your time this week? What responsibilities did you have? This week I continued my responsibilities from the previous week including creating and facilitating daily math review every morning, and continuing to facilitate and enforce classroom rules, routines and procedures. I have also continued to grade and sort through paperwork that I have also done in previous weeks including spelling homework and tests, exit slips, math facts test, and in class worksheets. This week I took on the red and yellow reading groups. I planned lessons for these groups for each day of the week and helped to teach them about their target skill of cause and effect. I will continue to work with these groups next week. This week I also helped to plan several days of math. I talked with my mentor teacher, and together we decided on the order we should teach math concepts including area and perimeter, and I helped to create lessons and worksheets for students to compete on these concepts. I taught a solo math lesson as well on finding the areas of rectilinear shapes. This lesson took a lot of preparation, because there were a lot of materials that needed to be handed out to students during the lesson. I continued to do the read aloud each day this week, and we ended up finishing our book. I was thrilled with how the students got invested into the book and the characters, and it showed me how important read aloud time is. I was able to work with a small group of students this week in helping them learn the suffixes pre- bi- and re-. I worked with some ELL students in the class to help them better understand this concept, and I think that this was very beneficial for the students. Working in a small group setting seemed to really help these students because they were able to get more individualized attention. This week I also was given the opportunity to help facilitate the action portion of a lesson on charities. It was not planned for me to help do this lesson, but other circumstances came up so I was able to step up into the role. It was a great experience to jump into a lesson and teach without a strict lesson plan. It allowed me to be flexible and I learned a lot. I also facilitated our CFA test for the students at the end of the week to see if they understood the target skill. I had a few groups come to the back table with me so I could explain the CFA to the students and answer their questions as they completed it. I continued to collaborate with the rest of the 3rd grade team this week and I am amazed at the great ideas that come out of our collaborative time. This week also included an early out due to weather, and conferences on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun to be a part of conferences and begin to build more of a relationship with parents. I am looking forward to more conferences next week. 2. What were the most satisfying experiences? Greatest challenges? My most satisfying experience this week was getting to tell the students positive aspects about themselves at conferences. There are always aspects to work on, but telling students things that they do well is also important. I loved being able to express how much I enjoy teaching them, and seeing the joy on their faces. The most challenging of this week was the weather. Having an unplanned early out affects lesson planning. We had to rework a lot of our plans for the week. With an early out you lose class time, which causes difficulty. Another challenge was conferences. Even thought I truly enjoyed them, they took up a lot of time. It took a lot of planning ahead of time, and definitely caused me to be tired the next day. I learned that teachers really need to have a lot of stamina to get through those weeks where your responsibilities extent past the normal school day.

3. What are the plans for the upcoming week? I am really looking forward to next week. I am excited to continue to take on more responsibilities in the classroom and do more teaching on my own. I am going to take over the last two reading groups, so I will be teaching all four reading groups. This means that I will be doing three or four small groups lesson (20 mins) each day with these groups. I look forward to this challenge, and I am excited to differentiate with different reading levels. I will also continue to facilitate the DMR each day as well as the read aloud. I will be leading the students in spelling this week, which focuses on compound words. I will lead the class in a discussion and facilitate their spelling sort for the week. I will also be writing a differentiated lesson that I will implement in these reading groups next week. On Tuesday I am doing a lesson on charities and volunteering where students will create a plan on how they can make a difference as a third grader and I will make sure to help students make local and global connections. We are taking a field trip on Tuesday to the Iowa food bank, which will tie in nicely with my lesson. I will also be participating in conferences next week and I hope to continue to help students and parents realize aspects they need to work on as well as positive attributes that they bring into the classroom.