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SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION: A software requirements specification is a document which is used as a communication medium between the customer and

the vendor. When the software requirement specification is completed and is accepted by all parties, the end of the requirements engineering phase has been reached. This ensures that there are no other changes in the requirements in the next stages of software development, unless the customer has new requirements. The software requirement specification simple contains a list of requirements where the both parties are agreed and which gives minimal overview of the proposed system. The developer designs the system by using this document and verifies whether the system meets all the requirements. We use different types of Unified Modeling language (UML) diagrams for creating the behavioral and structural model of the system. They are Use Case Diagram Activity Diagram Sequence Diagram State chart Diagram The most common type used UML diagrams are Use Case Diagram and Entity Relation Diagram.

In this Bus Reservation System is taken as an example and the all the UML types of diagrams are shown below.

Use Case Diagram: Use Case Diagram is the most known behavioral UML diagram, which gives a graphic overview of actors involved in a system and how they interact with each other. By this we can easily identify the main actors and processes involved in system. The following diagram shows the Use Case Diagram for Bus Reservation System.


View bus detaills

Add bus details User Reserve tickets Admin

Unreserve a tickets

Update and delete bus details

View passenger details

Sequence Diagrams: It shows how object interact with each other and the order those interactions occur. Its important to that they show the interactions in particular scenario. The processes are represented vertically and interactions are shown as arrows. The following diagram shows the Sequence Diagram for Bus Reservation System.

: Passenger New User Request Registration Form



Submit Registration Form Verifying Registration Details

Succesful Update Successful Registration

Activity Diagram: Activity diagrams represent workflows in an graphical way. They can be used to describe business workflow or the operational workflow of any component in a system.

Ticket Enquiry

Registered Passenger? No Yes Login Details Book Tickets? Yes No Cancellation Reciept Generation No Fill Booking Form Tickets Available Yes Seat Selection Make Payment Get Pass_Id Register


Yes Fill Cancellation Form Valid No Yes Cancel Ticket Cannot Cancel

Update Database

Generate Reciept


State Chart Diagram: State machine diagrams are similar to activity diagrams although notations and usage changes a bit. They are sometime known as state diagrams or start chart diagrams as well.



PassReg( name,add,telno,dob )



PNRGen( passid,booking_details )


PayRecieptGen( pnr )


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