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August 16, 2012 - Hillcrest System Evaluation - moreofYOUinthemonitor llc

System Overview for Hillcrest Baptist Church

*Please note that this is not a nal quote, but a pricing list for the items. Quote will be drafted once nal equipment needs have been determined. Recommended Equipment: Product Main Speakers Choir Monitor Speakers main spkr mount choir spkr mount Spkr Amp aux spkr amp Model EV SX100 (w) EV SX80 (w) MB200W SX80MBW Crown XLS1500 Crown XLS1000 Tascam CD200IB Price $425/ea $275/ea $75/ea $55/ea $370/ea $270/ea QTY 2 2 2 2 1 1 Notes 12 white, replaces main house speakers 8 white, replaces choir monitor speakers wall/ceiling mount for SX100 speakers wall/ceiling mount for SX80 speakers amplier for main speakers & choir spkrs amplier for stage monitors and nursery feed replaces CD/Tape player, includes CD, iPhone dock, aux plug for external audio input

CD/iPod player


Equipment for current or future consideration Product Digital Mixer Model Presonus SL24.4.2 Price $3050/ea QTY 1 Notes 24 ch digital mixer, 10 aux, 2 stereo FX sends, scene recall, rewire multichannel recording

August 16, 2012 - Hillcrest System Evaluation - moreofYOUinthemonitor llc

Product Portable audio recorder

Model Tascam pocketrak C24

Price $140/ea


Notes allows digital recording in mp3 and wav formats - transferrable to computer - portable complete wireless system, includes ear worn mic and all accessories complete wireless system for instrument or wireless headphone/ earbud monitoring or other wireless audio great for musicians or small-form hearing assistance wireless handheld system to replace current older wireless systems Wi Digital wireless handheld system arriving next year Wi Digital wireless units to transmit audio to many Wi receivers great for additional monitoring for musicians or large-form hearing assitance - arriving in the fall (date to be determined)

wireless earworn mic

Wi Digital AudioStream EL2 Wi Digital AudioLink MP


wireless system


Wireless Handheld

Audio Technica ATW2120AD


Wi wireless handheld (coming next year) Wi wireless multi-unit transmitter

Wi Digital Handheld


Wi Digital multitransmitter


August 16, 2012 - Hillcrest System Evaluation - moreofYOUinthemonitor llc

Product Rack




Notes This would be a rack to hold the gear that sits on the table - this is an estimate as we would need to evaluate what rack based on what equipment is purchased

equipment rack $100 (est)

Additional Items: Product Misc Items Model Price $100 QTY 1 Notes Additional cable and connectors for installation Install fee includes delivery of equipment, connecting and conguring, mounting speakers, testing all lines, xing choir mics, cable termination, and training for sound/ worship volunteers and staff. *may request assistance from church volunteers Shipping charges will be determined by what items are decided upon. Will be quoted with quote/invoice.

Installation/ Training Fee




August 16, 2012 - Hillcrest System Evaluation - moreofYOUinthemonitor llc

Hillcrest System Evaluation

The purpose in this evaluation and these equipment recommendations is to help Hillcrest x recurring audio issues, address equipment that needs to be upgraded, and to help make things work better and more seamlessly. In addition to upgrading the equipment and abilities of the system, training will be provided to anyone who runs the system or desires to be trained on the equipment, as well as general mixing and audio techniques to help improve the capabilities of the team. Recommended Equipment Rundown (in accordance to the tables above) Just about any of the equipment recommendations can be implemented at anytime; all at once, or as you are able. The only exception may be the main speakers and amps. I see this as the greatest sound upgrade need and should be replaced at the same time. 1) The rst few items under the Recommended Equipment table are the main speakers, choir monitor speakers, wall mounts for the speakers, and amps. The XLS1500 would be the appropriate amp for the main speakers to run off of one channel and the choir speakers to run off of the other. The XLS1000 should be adequate to push the oor monitors and nursery speakers. The speakers for the house are EV SX100 12 speakers (white). This should give you great sound with decent low-end frequency response. The SX80 8 white speaker was selected for choir monitor replacements due to its small size and good sound. 2) I would recommend routing the audio feed from the mixer to the choir speakers through an auxiliary send from the mixer (it may already be like this), the oor monitors on another aux send, and the nursery on another aux send (or split the house mix to the nursery). This may max out your aux sends on the Behringer mixer. More on the mixer later in this document. 3) CD/iPod Player Tascam CD200IB would replace the CD/Cassette player you have now. This would obviously remove your ability to play cassette tapes, as you indicated youre not using currently. This item is rack mountable. It includes a CD player, and an iPhone/iPod dock. The dock allows you to play audio from your iPod. It also includes an Aux Input for playing audio from another music player or computer. Equipment for Current or Future Consideration 1) Presonus StudioLive 24 digital mixer - This is probably a future consideration as it seems your Behringer is working well and accommodates most of your needs. This particular digital mixer is a good transition point from analog to digital. it provides 24 inputs, 4 groups, offers many more aux mixes (great for adding additional monitor feeds or in-ear monitors), built-in FXs such as reverb. The unit also provides a Firewire port for full multi-track recording to a computer. It comes with all the

August 16, 2012 - Hillcrest System Evaluation - moreofYOUinthemonitor llc

software needed for recording. Also can provide remote mixing capabilities via computer/iPad/iPod - great for someone on-stage to adjust choir monitors or oor monitors. One great benet is being able to save scenes and recall mixer settings at any time. 2) Tascam Pocketrak c24 portable recorder - this is a great solution to record sermons or other events. Its portable, so it can be used in sunday school rooms or at other events. Can be used to record rehearsals with minimal effort. Records to mp3 or wav. Easy transfer to computer for sermon upload to website or other use. I included this product in case you want/need a better way to record. 3) Wi Digital Systems AudioStream EL2 is a new innovative wireless system that is easy to use and incredible affordable. It comes with both the transmitter and receiver and ear-worn Countryman type microphone. Its portable and can be used remotely on video cameras as well. Comes with all connectors needed to connect it to any audio system. Transmitter and receiver are small-form factor and easy to wear. Rechargeable built-in battery. I believe this system is a better replacement for the traditional wireless mic system. 4) Wi Digital Systems AudioLinkMP - this system is similar to the AudioStream above. It is very versatile in its use - can be used for wireless audio for any instrument (guitar, keyboard, iPod, any other audio source). One major use is for wireless in-ear monitoring. Its the only product of its kind in its versatility and price-point. No other traditional wireless system comes close to the features or price. I put this in here if you think this is something you could use. 5) Other Wi Digital System products - These are products not yet release, but may interest you for the future. Wi Digitals roadmap includes a system that you can transmit audio to many receivers at the same time. This is great for musicians who are sharing the same mix, or for use as a hearing-assistance system for the congregation. I believe that this system is supposed to launch this fall. They are also launching a handheld wireless system next year. i dont know when next year, but this will be a great alternative to the traditional wireless system. 6) Audio Technica ATW2120AD Handheld Wireless - You have one of these systems already. These would replace the older wireless handhelds you have. Let me know if you need this system with a body-pack transmitter (for lapel mic or instrument) instead of a handheld mic. 7) Rack - this would hold all the equipment that is on the table. Would tidy it up and keep it better protected. The cost and size of the rack needed would depend on the nal decisions on what equipment you need. 8) Additional Items: The Misc Items line would include any additional cables, connectors, adapters that may be needed to complete the installation work. In my experience, the cost for Misc items ends up being greater than what is listed here. In

August 16, 2012 - Hillcrest System Evaluation - moreofYOUinthemonitor llc

that case, unless its a substantial cost - the difference gets absorbed in the margin. The installation/cong/training fee includes all that is listed in the table. In addition, includes training time for your team, 1 onsite follow-up tweak visit, and continuing phone and email support from moreofYOUinthemonitor. An onsite consult/tweak fee may be assessed for additional work beyond that. Final shipping charges will be determined once equipment choices are decided upon.

Other Info: -Speaker mounting position will be discussed with you before installation begins. This will give you information to take to your facility committee (if applicable) and staff as to where the speakers will be on the wall or ceiling, and what kind of holes need to be drilled in the walls to mount the speaker. -This work includes xing and adjusting the choir mics (ladder or lift provided by Hillcrest) -One thing that was mentioned as a need was split track on CD and DVD players. I do not know of a CD player that has a button or knob that makes it only play one side. Generally, you need to plug in both left and right audio channels to the mixer (takes 2 mixer channels) and adjust them separately at the mixer level. Save for the DVD player. -I do not have access to reasonable DVD players What Next? -Once your team determines exactly what equipment you want to move forward with, I can work up an ofcial quote. Payment for equipment is required upfront as I am a contractor for most of this equipment, not a dealer. I am a dealer for some products. Install/Cong/Training Fee is due upon completion of the work and training. Can be paid up-front if church prefers to pay all at once. If you need help or guidance, please contact me via email or phone.

Clint Beasley moreofYOUinthemonitor llc 804-363-8537 moreofyouinthemonitor@gmail.com