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Before Class starts, talk to teacher, write the following on the board Peer Health Exchange Decision Making

and Communication 1 www.peerhealthexchange.org/teen Parth Patel Class starts at 3PM/Class Ends at 4PM Sexual Decision Making STIs and HIV Pregnancy Prevention Alcohol Tobacco Drugs Healthy Relationships Abusive Relationships Rape and Sexual Assault Mental Health Nutrition and Physical Activity I. Introduction a. Do-Now b. Introduce yourself and partner c. Introduce PHE i. What is PHE? ii. PHEs Mission Statement 1. Write out all 11 possible workshops II. Classroom Rules a. What are possible rules we can use in this class? III. High School Goals a. What are goals you all have in high school? b. Positive Response- Affirm it c. Negative Response- Show alternatives but do not say it is not allowed IV. How do we Make Decisions? a. What is a decision? b. What is a consequence? c. Do the two go hand in hand? d. Let us take a look at Robs situation and see how he makes a decision e. 5 Cs i. Choice ii. Consequence iii. Care iv. Carry v. Communicate

V. How do we Figure out what we Care About? a. Lets take out the Do-Now and talk about the health messages we see in the songs b. Open up to your books to Figure E and lets try to fill out the messages we get about messages we get about specific topics VI. How Do we Communicate effectively a. What is communication? b. Now that Rob has made his decision, the last step as we noted was Communicate? i. Why is it important for Rob to communicate how he feels? ii. How can he effectively communicate his feelings? 1.Speak Effectively a. Speak clearly without words such as thing or uhm b. Use examples c. Repeat yourself in a different way to make sure they understand what you mean 2.Listen Effectively a. Make eye contact b. Wait to speak until the person is done c. Ask questions VII. How to use the Teen Health Resource Card a. Jan has a problem. She thinks she is pregnant and does not know what to do for help or information b. She feels uncomfortable going to her parents or even the school. c. The teen health resource card has all the information one would need to help with these kinds of issues. Most health questions can be answered by looking at which hotline to call on the card. The card has important information as well VIII. Conclusion a. Go over 5Cs again b. Go over communication skills again c. Ask if there are any other questions d. Thank class for a great learning session