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Chapter 1 Introduction The field consumer behaviour holds great interest for us as consumers, as marketers and as scholar of human

n behaviour. The need for the study is as follows. First the overall need for the study is to suggest a new marketing strategy by analyzing opportunity of Hyundai products. The field of consumer behaviour studies how individual groups and organization select, by use and dispose of goods, service to satisfy their needs and desire. Also to analyze the customer behaviour towards Hyundai products. A part from that to understand a new opportunity the market for the improvement of sales and customer satisfaction towards the products. Moreover the need for the study will helps to discover and point out the problem which faced by the consumer and Hyundai motors. n addition to that is to recommend appropriate ma!ors to attract consumers. The marketing concept is built on the premise that marketers first identify consumer needs and then develop products and services to satisfy those needs. "onsumer#s research offers a set of diverse methods to identify such needs. t is also used to better understand consumption behavior and to identify and locate appropriate target markets and to learn the target media habits. t is used to learn how consumer#s peruse products and brands what their attitudes are before and after promotion campaigns, and why they make their consumption decisions. Many of their application of consumer#s research are designed to help a marketer make specific marketing decision concerning a products, price promotion and distribution. "onsumer research provides the basis for the development of new product and service concept to make targeted consumers needs. The particular topic has been chosen because in today#s market we have been flooded with many types of cars$ customers play a important role in the final 1

acceptance of the title of the product. The customer attitude towards different types and new types are highly varied. t mainly depends upon their relation with the companies brand more often. Hence this study mainly focuses on the customer#s attitude towards different car compared with Hyundai %rand i&' car. Hence the presence study has been taken up with the primary ob!ective of understanding consumer perception towards four wheelers. Introduction to the Study A well developed transportation system plays a key role in the development of an economy, and ndia is no e(ception to it. )ith the growth of transportation system the Automotive ndustry of ndia is also growing at rapid speed, occupying an important place on the #canvas# of ndian economy. Today ndian automotive industry is fully capable of producing various kinds of vehicles and can be divided into '* broad categories+ "ars, two,wheelers and heavy vehicles. The automobile industry in ndia is on an investment overdrive. -e it passenger car or two,wheeler manufacturers, commercial vehicle makers or three, wheeler companies , everyone appears to be in a scramble to hike production capacities. The country is e(pected to witness over .s *',''' crore of investment by /'&'. ndia, in auto sector, is turning to be a sourcing base for the global auto ma!ors. The passenger car and the motorcycle segment is set to grow by 0,1 per cent in coming couple of years, says the ".A report. The industry is likely to maintain the growth momentum picked up in /''/,'*. The onset of automobile industry in ndia saw companies like Hindustan Motors, 2remier Automobiles and 3tandard Motors catering to the manufacture of automobiles for ndian customers. The era, &14's , early &11's was known as #license ra!,# when ndia was closed to the world and imports. Hindustan Motors 5HM6 was the 2

leader in car manufacturing and sales until the &10's, when the industry was opened up from protection. HM, !oint venture with Mitsubishi produced 7ancer and 2a!ero, but is best known for its own model, Ambassador. Objectives of the study &. To know the aspects of e8uity for four wheelers in "hikmagalur market. /. To evaluate the awareness level of respondent towards H9:;<A &'. *. To evaluate the consumers preference and perception of various attributes of car. =. To evaluate the factors affecting the consumers buying decision. 4. To trace the potential customer base for H9:;<A %.A;< &' . >. To ascertain the media and the type of marketing layout that can be sketched optionally reach out for customers. ?. To suggest on the improvement of marketing strategy. Scope of the study :sers of Hyundai Motor Company are spread through ndia, "hikmagalur city was selected for the purpose of study since it is economically and educationally developed. t is popularly known as @"offee "ity@ which has si( degree colleges, many schools, and 2.: colleges. The standard of living of "hikmagalur city is high, when compared to some other district cities. The study covers research on Hyundai %rand i&' users in the different areas of "hikmagalur city such as colleges and offices and other important business places.

Research Methodology To reach the foresight ob!ective through the best means possible samples survey was conducted which was categorized into two distinct stages. &. A survey of the general car buying public. /. A survey of the owners of H9:;<A %rand %rand i&' . 3

.elevant data was got from their target samples through the use of 8uestionnaires, which were detailed and e(amined various aspects of car purchase decision, making perception and satisfaction levels. .esearch into data available in news papers and magazines, general and trade was of great help in getting an insight into the automobile field, as well as, in formal discussions with professionals in car marketing, car finance and service network and going through company records and promotional material of H9:;<A %rand i&' was of great help to the study. ools used for collecting data Analysis and interpretation of data is based on both the primary data and secondary data which are e(plain below. !rimary data 2rimary data was collected by means of structured 8uestions along with personal interviews. 3ince a few open ended 8uestions. Secondary data" 3econdary data was collected from book, magazines, news papers and internet. ools of analysis The survey conducted of the H#$%&'I (rand i1) owners and general car buying public was through the use of 8uestionnaires, and the responses got was compelled and added using tally basis and then were transferred into tables and the percentages were calculated against relevant bars certain 8uestions had multiple answers so each answer had to be analyzed independently for its relative percentage the base and certain 8uestions had answers which has to be analyzed further so the

bases used to calculate the percentages had to be response specific, which reverted back to the original base for the ne(t 8uestion. Sampling !lan" Sampling $nit Sampling Si*e Sampling !rocedure (eographic +ocation Contact Method + + + + + "onsumer 5H9:;<A Motors6 /4 ;on A 2robability sampling, in , specific "hikmagalur method

convenience sampling The respondents were interviewed 2ersonally by personal interviewing which is more versatile Research !lan" Research !roject Research 'pproach &ata Sources Research Instrument Sampling !lan + + + + <escriptive 3urvey Method 2rimary <ata, 3econdary <ata + Buestionnaire 3ample :nit A "onsumers 3ample 3ize A /4 3ample Contact Method +imitations of the study &. 3ome of the respondents were unable to respond 8uestionnaire due to their busy schedule. /. This study is restricted to selected areas of "hikmagalur. *. .esearch was unable to collect complete secondary data from the department. =. -ecause of time constraint the study was limited to only /4 respondents. 4. n spite of above mentioned limitations every efforts has been made to counter them effectively and present in the at most accurate from so as to make the study look complete and useful. " 2rocedure A ;on A 2robability "onvenience 2ersonal nterviewing