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The Lion and the Mouse Characters: Three Storytellers, Lion, Mouse, Elephants, Giraffes, Snake/s, Owls.

ou can ha!e as "any elephants, #iraffes, snakes and owls as you want. (Stage Directions: all the animals are in a semi-circle on the stage; they are grouped according to their animal type. Storytellers can be placed on the right or the left of the stage.) Storyteller $: One hot day a lion was asleep in a cave . (Lion is sleeping in the centre of the stage.) Storyteller %: Suddenly a little mouse ran over his paw. (Mouse comes scampering out quic ly and touches the Lion!s pa".) Storyteller &: The lion woke up with a loud roar. He grabbed the mouse with his paw and said (Lion "a es up and grabs the mouse.) Lion: Im going to kill you and eat you up. (Lion roars loudly.) Mouse: S ueak! S ueak" #lease! $r. %ion! #lease dont eat me. Some day I will help you. Lion: Ha! Ha! Ha" &ou! help me" 'ont make me laugh! but Im not that hungry so I will let you go. (Lion pushes the mouse a"ay.) Storyteller $: The lion laughed and laughed and the mouse ran home. Storyteller %: ( )ew days later the lion was out in the *ungle. Lion: I think I will scare my )riends. I am very scary because Im +ing o) the ,ungle. (#e goes to each group of animals and roars at them. $ll the animals are scared and mo%e a"ay from him.) Storyteller &: Suddenly the lion got caught in a trap and said (#e is in the centre of stage "hen he falls to his nees.) Lion: Oh dear! how will I get out o) here- (Lion loo s around the stage desperately.) Storyteller $: ()ter a while he heard some elephants. (&lephants mo%e from the semi-circle and they circle the lion. 'hey must ma e sure the audience can see their faces.) Lion: .lephants! elephants! please help me. Elephants: Oh /o" 0e will not help you. (&lephants trundle off bac to the other animals.) Storyteller %: Then a )ew gira))es passed by. He cried ((iraffes lea%e the semicircle and mo%e behind the lion.) 1

Lion: 2ira))es! 2ira))es! please help me. (Lion loo s up at the giraffes.) Giraffes: Oh no! we will not help you. ((iraffes go bac to their place in the semicircle.) Storyteller &: The lion grew cold and hungry (the lion shi%ers and rubs his stomach) and began to think he would never get home to his nice! warm cave. Then he heard the hissing o) snakes. (Sna e(s) mo%es to"ards the centre of the stage near the lion.) Lion: Snakes! snakes! please help me. ('he lion loo s up at the sna es.) Snakes: Ssssssssss! oh no we will not help you! sssssssssssssssss. (Sna es go bac to the semi-circle.) Storyteller $: (s night came the lion began to cry. Lion: 3oo hoo! I am stuck in this trap and none o) my )riends will help me. Storyteller %: Then he heard some owls hooting in the trees. ()"ls mo%e centre stage* to"ards the lion.) Lion: Owls! Owls! please help me. (Lion loo s up at the o"ls.) Owls: Tu 0hit! Tu 0hoo! owls! owls! we will not help youuuuuuuuuuu . ()"ls go bac to the semi-circle.) Storyteller &: The lion was very sad. (Lion starts crying.) He didnt know what to do. Then he heard the s ueaking o) a mouse. Mouse: S ueak! s ueak" 0hy are you crying $r. %ion- (Mouse comes from behind the other animals.) Lion: Im stuck in this trap and nobody will help me. Mouse: I will help you. Storyteller $: The mouse began to bite through the rope and at last the lion was )ree. Lion: Im )ree! Im )ree" I never thought you could help me because you are too small. Storyteller %: 4rom then on the lion and the mouse were very good )riends. Storyteller &: The lesson o) the story is Storyteller $: bigger is not always better" (Mouse hugs the Lion) 5