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Steve Jobs and James Dyson

Steve Jobs:

"the master evangelist of the digital age"

Born on the 24 of February 1955, Steve Paul Jobs was given up for adoption by his birth parents and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Steve grew up in a neighborhood of technicians and electricians so therefore he was influenced by his surroundings to choose his career path. At the age of 13 Steve Jobs met the 18 year old wiz kid Stephen Wozniak. He completed high school and one semester of college. Steve gets his first job at video game maker Atari, and later makes a trip to India to 'seek enlightenment' with his college friend Dan Kottke. Two years later Jobs and Wozniak show the early Apple I board at the Homebrew Computer Club. That same year Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. After many successful 9 years Steve Jobs resigns from Apple. Steve Jobs begins a new career with NeXT and Pixar only to return to Apple 11 years later after NeXT is bought by Apple for $4oo million Steve Jobs is named "informal adviser" to Apple CEO Gil Amelio. 14 years working at Apple, Steve Jobs resigns due to medical reasons and later that year on the 5th of October 2011 he passes away at his home in Palo Alto. Steve was successful in nearly all of his projects with the exception of the Apple lll which was a disaster. Some of Jobs best inventions were the iPods and the iPads which changed the electronic industry massively.

James Dyson

James Dyson: Sir James Dyson,

CBE was born on the 2nd of May 1947 in Norfolk, England. As a child Dyson did long distance running which is where he learnt the quality of determination. He went to the Byam Shaw School of Art for a year before completing courses in interior design and furniture design whilst attending the Royal College of Art from 1966 to 1970. While he was still a student at London's Royal College of Art, James Dyson co-invented the Sea Truck, with sales amounting to 500 million. The Sea Truck was a flat-hulled, high-speed watercraft that could land without a harbor or jetty. In this four year period Dyson developed the idea of using cyclonic separation in a vacuum cleaner so that it would not lose its suction quality as it picked up dirt. He finally launched the GForce cleaner in 1983 after five years of creating several prototypes. When no interest was shown by any manufacturer or distributor, Dyson went to Japan to launch his product there in the hope of a more positive reaction. Dyson's most recent invention is a fan without external blades, the Air Multiplier. "A lot of people give up
when the world seems to be against them, but that's the point when you should push a little harder. I use the analogy of running a race. It seems as though you cant carry on, but if you just get through the pain barrier, you'll see the end and be okay. Often, just around the corner is where the solution will happen."