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On Friday, 12 July of 2013, me and my entire classmate received a mini coursework of English Language Profiency subject from our lecturer, Madam Saroja. She gave us a briefing about the questions given. . First of all, I want to thank our lecturer, Madam Saroja, for giving this assignment, and for teaching us so much about English Language Profiency. Secondly, I want to thank my parent, Sundian bin Sapaun and Hamina binti John, for giving their support since I entered this Institute. They helped me so much that I can’t count the time when they helped me. I’ll give my best for them. Next, I want to thank my group members, Chok and Haliza for their teamwork in this project.

From this assignment, we were told to select a common place of interest abroad that we think may benefit the students. After that we were told to write a formal letter of approval to the director of IPG Kampus Bahasa Melayu. Then we were told to write and attach a working paper to organize the educational trip, stating all the important details that we think may convince the director of IPG Kampus Bahasa Melayu to approve the plan. We were also told to carry out a 5 to 10 minutes oral presentation to convince the director of IPG Kampus Bahasa Melayu. We were required to use Powerpoint slides for the presentation. In the process of finishing our coursework, I have learnt some important things in my life such as teamwork. A teamwork is very important in a group, because if every members in the group worked together and put all their commitment in the work, the production of the group’s task will be excellent.

Another thing that I learned was how to participate in a real-world experience using cooperative learning techniques and time management via group discussions, interpreting, analyzing and displaying information in writing form, applying knowledge of language structure and language conventions in oral and written forms, integrating all four communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to accomplish the task, and assessing my own language progress via a reflective report in our assignment. I’m more understood and I’m able to master the subject that was taught by our lecturer, Madam Saroja, after doing this coursework.

Thank you. I enjoyed so much in doing this assignment. This competition would make the entire student trying their best.I want to thank my group members for giving a very excellent commitment and cooperation in the process of completing this project. I suggest that we make a competition for the best assignment. . and the winner’s working paper will be a reality.