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Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope

In the midst of the toxic atmosphere of Watts, seeds are sprouting, organic gardens are thriving, young people are discovering a vocation, and healthy, whole foods are becoming part of everyday life. Anna Marie Carter, " he !eed "ady" of Watts, brings organic food and gardens to the people of !outh Central "os Angeles

If you could imagine a place that has the highest crime rates, the largest drug saturation, the greatest welfare recipient population, and the fastest #I$%positive infection rates in one of the richest cities, in the richest state, in the richest country in the entire world, then you could begin to imagine Watts, California&a district in !outh Central "os Angeles. My name is Anna Marie Carter, but I am also 'nown as ( he !eed "ady) of Watts. I am a certified Master *ardener through the +niversity of California. I practice direct action by building free, organic gardens for people who suffer from #I$,AI-!, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other illnesses. My advocacy ta'es me to drug,alcohol,mental health facilities, community centers, schools, inside of housing pro.ects, and to shelters that house women who are returning to our community from prison. I teach people how to grow their own food, organically. /ut that is not all I teach them. he environment in Watts is toxic. We are told not to drin' the water. he air is polluted, and there is not much rain. Multi%generational gangs, multiple drug usage, carnal value systems resulting from being institutionali0ed by the welfare system for generations, and low morality all add up to no self%esteem, depression, overcrowding, crime, and escapism through unprotected sex and drugs. Where there seems li'e there is no hope, there is no reason to be happy or to act decently or to dream. 1xternal forces dictate here. I have yet to meet a drug addict who harvests his own drugs. here are no coca plants or poppies growing here. All this madness is imported by the tons to this community&daily2 he health of the community is further .eopardi0ed by the lac' of real food. he food available in !outh Central "os Angeles is genetically engineered, pesticide%laden, hybridi0ed, and irradiated. he ma.ority of people here eat food that is bagged, bottled, canned, boxed, or fro0en. A ma.ority of this food comes from !outh America and Mexico through free trade agreements. We do not even get food grown in California. -- is still widely used in "atin America. here is no access to whole foods here. he highly processed food and low%3uality meats affect the health, both physical and mental, of everyone here. I had an organic vegetables, seeds, and plants store many years ago on Crenshaw /oulevard. he first day I went to open the front door and I loo'ed behind me and there stood three little boys, lined up in a row, li'e they were in the army. I opened the door and they came in, after saying (*ood morning,) and proceeded to ta'e all my plants outside and set up the organic vegetable and flowers stands for the day. hey were sent to me by a higher source. I taught them many things. We planted tomatoes out bac' that grew over seven feet tall. he boys sold the tomatoes and used the money for school clothes and supplies. 4ne even paid his mother5s utility bills. hey are grown now, but when I see them they 'iss and hug and than' me. After I graduated as a Master *ardener, I began my internship at the former Watts 6amily *arden. We lost the battle to save the garden from sale, so I too' my newly formed garden club into the city of "os Angeles5 recreation center

inside the 7ordan -owns #ousing 8ro.ects. #ere we taught a class called the ($alue of a !eed,) ta'ing the children to the gardens and planting the ingredients that go into pesto, salsa, coleslaw, and other products. We taught the children how to design recipes and logos for their food products. With the help of donations to the Watts *arden Club, we bought our own center in the heart of Watts in 9::9. At the Club, we have our own Community !upported Agriculture pro.ect ;C!A<, which provides fresh farm produce to the invisible populations here, and we operate our own produce stand and farmers5 mar'et. We train youth in agricultural entrepreneurship ;which include classes in manners, grooming, hospitality, and vendor education<. We teach ( he $alue of a !eed) on organic gardening and creating value%added products. 8articipants in the (Made in Watts) class ma'e their own bath products for sale to our community. he (4rganic *reenhouse) class teaches people to grow lettuce, herbs, and flowers indoors. he center will soon have a greenhouse in the courtyard. ( he =itchen) covers vegan and vegetarian coo'ing. We also hold anti%drug,gang rallies, #I$ support groups, and holistic wor'shops. We involve the community in garden construction, and we networ' with other low%income communities of color. We have over 9:: students at our center, and we go out to where people are to plant gardens and teach classes. 4ne of the students in the Watts *arden Club is a young man we will call -avid. #e has never met his father, who is serving a life sentence in prison. #is mother is on drugs and his stepfather is a drug dealer. -avid is hyperactive and cannot stop moving his hands. #e is asthmatic, uses an inhaler, and ta'es >italin. At ?? years old, he is a prime target to .oin a gang. #e is tal'ative and li'es to use his hands. I taught him how to build containers and plant herbs, flowers, and vegetables. #e learned how to as' retailers if he can beautify their landscape with his creations. #e has a picture boo' of his wor' and is always very successful. @ow the biggest hurdle to clear is his inability to save. We also offer thin' tan' sessions at the *arden Club. #ere we plant the seeds of change, 'nowledge, and remembrance by facing our history and tasting the bitterness of slavery, oppression, in.ustice, and self%hatred. We ta'e these emotions, bond with each other li'e never before, and then, fast%forwarding to the 9?st century, we ta'e a full assessment of where we stand today, here in Watts, California. In a circle, with the help of a facilitator, we have two%hour .am sessions that ma'e the sweetest music&the sound of thin'ing people who are awa'ened fully to the calling of addressing our communities5 problems and creating viable solutions. We are networ'ing and forming alliances to initiate direct action to expedite change. If you loo' at history, you can see it ta'es only one person to change an environment&one person who ta'es a stand, an advocacy, an action. It ta'es only one person to change the entire world. 4nce upon a time we were taught here in Watts (8ower to the 8eople.) I have lived through that to tell you what I 'now for sure, and that is 8eople are the 8ower. And it only ta'es one&you2 6ind your true path by preserving your health and your environment. 1at organically and do not smo'e. It does not matter how pretty you are, where you live, how many degrees you have, or what you drive, if you don5t start saving this planet, soon you won5t have anywhere to live.

Watts Garden Club

c,o Anna Marie Carter 8.4. /ox AB?B?9 "os Angeles, CA. C::AB Watts *arden Club is a @ot%for%8rofit, *rassroots, @*4. All donations ax -eductible We are a "GREEN POWER MOVEMENT" We do not discriminate against anyone, never have and never will! PEACE 4ur 6ounder is Anna Marie Carter a'a " he !eed "ady of Watts.

9:?: is Ms. Carters BDth Anniversary of serving the !tate of California teaching organic, holistic community. With many awards over the years, Ms. Carter is especially honored to have received an award from the -ali "ama at the World 6estival of !acred Music at +C"A. #er service award was a tray, reminding her to continue to serve the people. !tarting the Watts *arden Club and then advancing to the Een0ale 8ro.ects, Ms. Carter will be retiring in less than 9A months. As a retired, disabled, senior citi0en, Ms. Carter wishes to reali0e her dream of "*hetto 4rganics in the 4rganic *hetto". urning down an offer of ?: /illion dollars a year from the 8eoples >epublic of China to "sell out", give up her name, product lines, li'eness, soul and spirit, Ms. Carter is determined to create healthy, natural products "In the 5#ood, 6or the 5#ood, /y the 5#ood". "If I can give everyone on my bloc' a .ob, to create products that we use that are healthy, I will be successful in creating a better community, where I live, breathe and sleep2 hat5s what I call "/looming where you are planted2 I am loo'ing for interested green .ob trainees in -etroit, Watts, West,1ast 4a'land, and !outh "os Angeles who believe we can create holistic products, green .obs and organic community all at the same time2 his is our time @4W2" In our fundraising products section, you will find new exciting healthy products designed .ust for you2 1ach product employs someone that is considered "unemployable". D: percent of sales are donated directly to the Een0ale 8ro.ects that feed people in the 5hood, create more products and our main ob.ective % !A$I@* !11-!2 >eal food for real people % heirloom, organic seeds for our gardens, and for our future ancestors to experience >1A" 644-2 F As a response to the 8eople of the +nited !tates 4f America, who contact us daily horrified at what they are learning about our food supply being contaminated by "/io% ech" companies, we say % "!top staring into the "screens", go outside and start growing more of your own food organically2" G4+ CA@ MA=1 #1 C#A@*1 @4W2 a'e responsibility for your own organic nutrition and stop blaming "/io% ech" for your obesity, hypertension, depression, and hunger2 *et your neighbors to grow food and share it with one another2 Involve the seniors and children on your bloc'.

Create small C!A5s and 6armers5 Mar'ets. Coo' together, eat together, share2 /ecome active by !A$I@* !11-! 1$1>G-AG2 he average person throws away over ?:: seeds a day2 !A$I@* !11-!, then planting seeds to ma'e more seeds is your 'ey to greatness and freedom. 8ractice self%liberation2 !4M1/4-G2 each yourself how to do what needs to be done % >1A-, *4 4@"I@1, A!=

!top crying about what "/io% ech" is doing and start doing something to save yourself @4W2 Gour lac' of involvement in the 4rganic Movement is what is creating "/io% ech". G4+ A>1 #1 8>4/"1M2 Gou 'eep eating their food2 !o, stop crying and become a "soulutionary"2 G4+ A>1 #1 !4+"+ I4@2 *et busy2 @o more tears, period2 8eople are the 8ower2 F 8>471C !H We currently have ?D pro.ects around the World. All tax%deductible donations are excepted by the $illage #ealth 6oundation c,o Watts *arden Club.

?. Grandma's Hands % ?9th year. We deliver food from local organic artisan ba'ers, farmers fruit and food from local farmers5 mar'ets to *randmothers who feed their childrenIs children in and around the City of "os Angeles #ousing pro.ects in Watts, a district in !outh "os Angeles. o the *randmothers it is a huge blessing and the children get proper nutrition. We need truc's and gas. 9. Organic Gardening Projects in the Nic erson Garden Housing Projects. 4ur students trained at the Watts *arden Club, assist their neighbors on !aturday mornings for 9 hours on how to start and maintain their tiny garden plots outside their front and bac' doors. /ring organic nutrition to their fingertips and creating oxygen in an extremely polluted area of "os Angeles2 We need stipends for !tudent Wor'ers. B. Organic Gardening Projects in the Jordan !o"n Housing Projects. A. Organic Gardening Projects in the #$alon Garden Housing Projects. D. %he Secret Healing Garden at Permaculture West.

We now have a propagation facility in West "os Angeles. We need funding to teach permaculture courses to teachers that will be willing to go into the inner%city to help the children and adults learn how to grow more of their own food organically2 J. &ro"ns 'agle (anch ) %e*as.. We have been blessed with a donation of an KL acre ranch in exas. We plan to build an organic ranch for children from all over the world to come experience rural life with learning about science, organic agriculture and physical fitness. We need tractors, irrigation systems. and housing to get started. L. & + & ,arm in -ississippi. 9D acres of land donated by Mr. /en /ur'ett of 8etal, Mississippi. We plan on growing organic herbs, flowers and seeds for our value%added product lines. W1 ! A> 8"A@ I@* MAG ?Dth2 All 6unds have been secured for this pro.ect. K. Science .ab at Central High School % "A+!- % We are developing a lab to investigate all .un' food sold in our community for gmo5s, toxins, contaminates, pesticides and other toxic substances so we can report our results on our website to the World. *oal is to try to create more scientists from the inner%cities, while giving people 9?st Century 'nowledge about what they are eating2 We need money for analysis and e3uipment. Also, for field trips and stipends for student that do extra wor'2 C. /illage Health ,oundation M 4ur fiscal sponsor wishes to expand the Alternative #ealth Care Clinic to include Western Medicine, and to add two mobile health units to service our community. We will be .oining the $illage #ealth 6oundation in the future by adding Ayurevedic Medicine practitioners from the Watts *arden Club. "arge cash donations are needed. ?:. Nino 0 Ninas M 4ur first year of educating other low%income communities of color, outside of Watts, with populations of Caucasian, #ispanic and Asian was at Chico G Chicas in #ighland 8ar'. hey were really shoc'ed to see African%Americans with organic classes, produce, plants and soil. hey encouraged their children to come and learn and we loved getting to 'now everyone2 We believe we left them with a good impression about "Watts". We wish to move to another primarily mixed low%income community of color in !outhern California to teach more classes % "et us 'now if your community is interested. -onations needed. ??. Ghana Project M his pro.ect is very sensitive. We have interns there teaching women how to ma'e organic products and how to ta'e them to mar'et. N+8-A 1H 4@1 46 4+> I@ 1>@! #A! >1 +>@1- #4M1 WI # *44- @1W! 6>4M 4+> #4M1"A@-2 W1 8"A@ 4 >1 +>@ 4 @1 W4>= I@ 4> A>4+@- -1C1M/1>2 6unds needed for our Interns expenses. ?9. South Central ,armers Collaboration %. While City of "os Angeles City officials tried to "divide and con3uer" us, when the farmers where being 'ic'ed of the ?A acres on Alameda, we formed an unbrea'able bond. Watts *arden Club provided community security for the farmers with safe passage to and from all of our farmers mar'ets.

In addition, 4ur founder Ms. Carter wor'ed side by side at our farmers5 mar'ets coo'ing and promoting the !outh Central 6armers produce to help them raise both organic awareness and financial income so that they could become sustainable and expand. KD acres are now donated to the !outh Central 6armers to grow even more food organically. We .oin them in fundraising, plan to sharecrop with them and raise awareness to everyone to help to clear the land and buy water pumps for their wells to irrigate the land. #1"8 +!2 hese people feed us2 6unds for tractors, water pumps, labor,clearing of the land, planting, truc's2 N+8-A 1 % #1 !4+ # C1@ >A" 6A>M1>! #A$1 #1 W1"" 6"4WI@* 22 /"1!!I@* 6>4M A/4$12 W1 "44= 64>WA>- 4 !#A>1C>488I@* $1>G !44@2 ?B. Seed &an s M We are building heirloom, organic, originator seed ban's for our future ancestors to 'now what real food from the 9?st Century is. @obody is saving seeds for the people. We have to do it for ourselves2 #1"8 +!2 -onate seeds, save seeds, share seeds2 6unds for fire%proof containers and stipends for students who archive seeds. ?A. &roo s ,amil1 ,arm %. Cuba, Alabama. rial 9 acre farm in 9:?: speciali0ing in organic beans. come from this farm. 6unds for tractors, field labor at harvest. ?D. Watts Garden2-udto"n ,arms Project M We got our garden bac'2 After ?: years of fighting, he Watts *arden is /AC=2 han's to the leadership of im and 7anine Wat'ins of W"CAC and the Community of Watts, Micheal Ableman and our !eed "ady % W1 W4@ the battle to !A$1 4+> *A>-1@2 Many California *rowers are donating beautiful flowers to celebrate the rebirth by donating to the Watts *arden Club so we can build a /1A+ I6+" children5s garden2 Any volunteers to .oin us in planting "!eeds of 7ustice, !eeds of #ope"O We pray to *od to help us, give us strength and encourage everyone to help us to help ourselves2 C"A!!1! at Watts *arden Club httpH,,www.wattsgardenclub.net,Classes.html F ogether we >I!12 he beans that we sell online next year will

P Gour "ocal 644- /A@= @eeds Gou 8lease help. han' G4+2 httpH,,foodban'LL.insane.ournal.com httpH,,niel0e'oc'.insane.ournal.com httpH,,food9ban'.insane.ournal.com

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