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County and City Government and Tax Revenue Project

Standard - SS8CG5: The student will analyze the role of local governments in the state of Georgia. Element a.: Explain the origins, functions, purposes, and differences of county and city governments in Georgia. Element b.: Compare and contrast the weak mayor-council, the strong mayor-council, and the council-manager forms of city government. Element c.: Describe the functions of special-purpose governments. Standard - SS8E4: The student will identify revenue sources and services provided by state and local governments. Element a.: Trace sources of state revenue such as sales taxes, federal grants, personal income taxes, and property taxes. Element b.: Explain the distribution of state revenue to provide services. Element c.: Evaluate how choices are made given the limited revenues of state and local governments.

E.Q. Why do local governments collect and use taxes? E.Q. Why are there different forms of local governments? For this unit you will be creating a Padlet wall on about local government and taxation. Students will be assigned to groups of 2 or 3 for this project. Each groups page should describe each of the following: Strong Mayor-Council Be sure to include powers of the Weak Mayor-Council Mayor and powers of the Council. Council-Manager County Government Explain the functions and purposes City Government of each. Special Purpose Governments Tax Revenue o What are the four main types of taxes? o What is tax money used for?

Instructions for padlet: 1. Go to class webpage (http://pittsgms.weebly.com/projects.html) 2. Click on yours and your partners name to go to your wall 3. Double click the wall to add things a. To add pictures find the picture online b. save a copy to the camera roll c. Double-tap to create a new element d. select the arrow and upload the picture from the camera roll

You will be graded on the following rubric:

Category excellent Padlet looks professional and has no mistakes or visible corrections. 10 points great Padlet looks good but has a mistake or visible correction. acceptable Padlet has few mistakes and/or visible corrections. Not acceptable Padlet has multiple mistakes and/or visible corrections.


7 points All but one are two items are included. 40 points Information provides some background and/or additional information. 15 points There are minimal mistakes. 15 points

4 points Three to five items were left out. 25 points Information provides little background or additional information. 10 points There are a few mistakes. 10 points

1 point More than five items where left off. 10 points Information is just a basic overview of the topic and provides little to no detail. 5 points There are a many mistakes. 5 point


All information is included. 50 points


Information goes beyond a basic overview of the topic and provides detail. 20 points


All information is accurate. 20 points

Comments: _____/100 points