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15 Jazz Guitar Techniques Every Player Should Know

Do You Know How to Play nd Solo !ith These Essential Jazz Guitar Scales" #lic$ to learn today% &earnin' to (lay )azz *eans 'ettin' *any )azz 'uitar techniques into our heads+ sounds into our ears and sha(es under our ,in'ers!hile we can never say that .i, you learn these e/act )azz 'uitar techniques you will 0e a 'reat )azz *usician+1 there are s(eci,ic ,unda*ental chords+ scales and ar(e''ios that every )azz 'uitarist should 'et under their ,in'ers and in their ears2elow is a list o, 15 Jazz Guitar Technique+ #hords+ Scales and r(e''ios+ that 34ve culled to'ether ,ro* *y two decades o, studyin' with 'reat teachers+ learnin' ,ro* 'reat (layers and watchin' *y students stru''le and 'row as )azz 'uitaristsThis list o, )azz 'uitar techniques alone won4t *a$e you a 'reat (layer overni'ht+ 0ut it will 'ive you a le' u( on those (layers who don4t want to (ut the ti*e in to learn this i*(ortant ,unda*entals o, our instru*entHave a question or co**ent a0out the )azz 'uitar techniques in this lesson" 5isit the 15 Jazz Guitar Techniques thread in the 6!G 7oru*&earn Jazz Guitar Scales and Scale Patterns with the 6att !arnoc$ Guitar Jazz Scales ((-

Jazz Guitar Techniques Practice Ti(s

Practice #hord Scales 3*(rovise with a sin'le har*onic color+ such as 5th *ode har*onic *inor Practice #hords in #ycles and not )ust inversions Practice at every te*(o you can thin$ o, 8un intervals throu'h any scale 3*(rovise usin' only one scale and one interval+ such as 3onian and only usin' 5ths Try soloin' with one scale or *ode 0ut stay within one octave on the ,in'er0oard

Practice rhyth*ic accents+ 0oth har*onic and *elodic+ while runnin' these ideas or i*(rovisin' with the* ((ly any9all o, these ideas to the tunes that you $now and that you are wor$in' on- Technique without e*otion or conte/t is )ust that+ technique+ 0ut cou(led with tunes+ dyna*ics and creativity and these 15 ite*s can 'o a lon' way-

The 15 Jazz Guitar Techniques To Know

1- 6a)or+ 6inor+ Di*inished and u'*ented Triads in all 1: $eys startin' on the ;th+ 5th+ <th and =rd strin' 'rou(s:- >ne and Two >ctave r(e''ios startin' on the ;th and 5th strin's ,or 6a)?+ ?+ *?+ *?05+ *6a)? and Di*? chords=- = to @ r(e''ios ,or 6a)?+ ?+ *?+ *?05 and *6a)? on 0oth the ;th and 5th strin's+ one and two octave<- Dro( : #hord 5oicin's ,or 6a)?+ *?+ ?+ *?05+ *6a? and Di*?+ all inversions and strin' sets5- Dro( = #hord 5oicin's ,or 6a)?+ *?+ ?+ *?05+ *6a? and Di*?+ all inversions and strin' sets;- Dro( : and < #hord 5oicin's ,or 6a)?+ *?+ ?+ *?05+ *6a? and Di*?+ all inversions and strin' sets?- 6a)or Scales and 6odes in all 1: $eys A- 6elodic 6inor Scales and 6odes in all 1: $eys @- Har*onic 6inor Scales and 6odes in all 1: $eys1B- Sy**etrical Scales in all 1: $eys11- ltered Do*inant 2e0o( Scale in all 1: $eys1:- 6a)or and 6inor Pentatonic Scales in all 1: $eys1=- 6a)or and 6inor 2lues Scales in all 1: $eys1<- Do*inant+ 6inor and 6a)or 2e0o( Scales in all 1: $eys15- Har*onic 6a)or Scales and 6odes in all 1: $eys-

2ein' a0le to (lay all o, these 15 )azz 'uitar techniques won4t *a$e you a 'reat )azz *usician+ 0ut it will 'ive you a stron' co**and o, your instru*ent and e/(ose your ,in'ers and ears to the *ain 0uildin' 0loc$s o, )azz+ and any *odern *usicThe $ey is not to only (ractice these ideas and then *ove on to i*(rovisin' when you have the* down+ you should 0e (racticin' i*(rovisation as you learn these ideas as well-

Do you have a ,unda*ental )azz 'uitar technique that you thin$ every (layer should $now" 3, so+ share it in the co**ents section 0elow-