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The Broncos are coming off a dominant-everywhere-but-

the-scoreboard win over Tulsa, and Hawaii is licking its
wounds after a demoralizing loss to Idaho. Both teams
need a win, but only one will get it (hint: it won’t be
Hawaii). Will Saturday’s game keep our attention past
midnight or will McMackin’s Warriors get lei’d out early?
We’ll know the answers to these pressing questions at 9
PM on Saturday, but in the meantime, there’s a lot to be
learned about this week’s foe (don’t worry, Kellen Moore
already knows their defense intimately)...so let’s all give
the Rainbow Warriors a closer look through the magic of
factoids and childish jokes. It’s time to get to know your
enemy, Bronco Nation...so take notes

Ten things Bronco fans probably didn’t know about Hawaii or their litter-strewn lair
10) In 1926, Hawaii coach Otto Klum’s squad scored 101 points twice against opponents “Field Artillery” and “Heilani AC”. Interestingly,
101 points is what June Jones’ 2007 squad would’ve scored on San Jose State, had field conditions not been so poor.

9) The University of Hawaii’s motto is Ma luna a`e o nà làhui a pau ke ola ke kanaka, which means “Above all nations is humanity” in the
Hawaiian language. It also means “Your mother has a smooth forehead” in Klingon.

8) In 1923, after defeating Oregon State on Moiliili Field, a rainbow appeared, causing local reporters to start calling the UH football
team the “Rainbows”. Hawaii fans are eternally grateful that reporters didn’t see a dog peeing right after that game as they were an awfully
impressionable lot. Hawaii teams were known as the “Rainbow Warriors” until they dropped the “Rainbow” from their name and logos in
2001 (only 23 years after it became a symbol of the gay pride movement...way to get right on that)

7) The official University of Hawaii magazine is called Malamalama. If you feel like browsing their archives, you might want to check out
the December 2002 issue of Malamalama that featured an interview with the Dalai Lama and Lorenzo Lamas, and a fascinating look at
indigenous Llamas in the Bahamas.

6) The University of Hawaii won the 2004 Intercollegiate Sailing Association National Championship. The championship trophy resides in
the “Championship trophies that no one knew existed” case.

5) The Medical School of the University of Hawaii, the John A. Burns School of Medicine, is ranked 12th in the nation for geriatrics. Now
you know why Dick Tomey and Chris Ault visited the campus in the offseason.

4) Departed star wideout Davone Bess (now with the Miami Dolphins) was
recruited by June Jones’ henchmen while serving a 15-month sentence at a
juvenile facility. Why June Jones had recruiters lurking at prison-sponsored
flag football games is obvious to anyone who’s ever watched The Longest

3) Hawaii running back Thomas Kaulukukui’s number (32) is the only

number to date that has been retired by the UH football program.
Kaulukukui, whom legendary sports writer Grantland Rice dubbed “Grass
Shack”, was only 5’4” and weighed a whopping 145 lbs. In a 1935
game against UCLA, Kaulukukui returned a kickoff 103 yards for a
touchdown...probably by running through defenders’ legs and set to the
music of Yakety Sax.

2) UH Head Coach Greg McMackin authored a book, titled Coaching

the Defensive Backfield, that is currently in its 7th printing. The book
apparently depreciates in value rapidly as a new copy will run you
upwards of $120 dollars and a used copy will set you back about a
buck and a half. McMackin’s newest tome, Big Mack’s Guide to Public
Speaking, was scheduled for a summer 2009 release but was put on hold
for some reason.

1) Singer/Actress Bette Midler attended the University of Hawaii. Did you

ever know that Timmy Chang was her hero, as well as everything she
would like to be? A Chang we can believe in.

Opponent preview: What is the best case scenario for UC Davis
against Boise State?
by Kevan Lee

Boise State has been winning handily in the boxscore, but not so much on Not much has changed in Hawaii over the years, other than a
the scoreboard as of late. Red zone offense, I’m looking at you. Will all that sharp decrease in the newborn boys being named Colt and June.
change when the Broncos visit Hawaii on Saturday (9:00pm MT, KTVB)? They’ll still pass until it is no longer feasible to do so. And then
they’ll pass some more. As they say in Hawaii, “Mele kalikimaka,”
Bone up on the Warriors and see why this week might be Boise State’s best
which I believe means “He’s open, throw him the ball. Oh, not you,
chance to punch it in with fair regularity inside the 20. Feel free to leave
Inoke Funaki.”
your own keys to the game in the comments.

What Hawaii did last week Hawaii on defense

L at Idaho, 35-23 • DE Elliott Purcell
• DT Rocky Savaiigaea
The Warriors went to Moscow in hopes of turning around their
• DT Tuika Tufaga
season and ending the Wizard of Oz-like shroud of competency
• DE John Fonoti
around the Idaho program. But in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so
• LB R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane
fast, my friend.”
• LB Mana Lolotai
• LB Blaze Soares
Hawaii allowed Idaho RB Demaundray Woolridge to pile up four
• CB Tank Hopkins
TDs, and despite a tolerable passing performance from new starter
• CB Jeramy Bryant
Bryant Moniz, Hawaii fell to 2-4, meaning more face time for
• S Richard Torres
that Washington State win once the season review DVD hits store
• S Spencer Smith

The Hawaii defense returned exactly two players from last year’s
What Hawaii has done so far this season
unit, and then exactly one of those returning players got injured.
The WSU game in Seattle was probably the Hawaii highlight. You Attrition, thy name is Greg McMackin cosmic gayness justice.
never want to peak too early, but sometimes it is better to peak too
early than to not peak at all. At this point, that looks like the case Now the Hawaii defense is getting by on a wing and a prayer.
for the Warriors. Following injuries to top passer Greg Alexander, Prayers were answered against Wazzu when the Cougars coughed
top defender Brashton Satele, and almost-top WR Rodney Bradley, up the ball seven times; the bounce hasn’t been so fortunate for
Hawaii is looking at a lost season and the very real possibility of Hawaii since then as they have just one TO in the past three games
missing out on their bowl game birthright. Hawaii has to go 5-2 (hmmm, sound familiar?). Third downs are starting to be a problem,
over its remaining games, which would involve upsets over two of too, as the Warriors are allowing teams to convert better than half
the following: Nevada, Boise State, Navy, and Wisconsin. In the the time.
words of Greg McMackin, “Please don’t print that.”
Hawaii on special teams
Hawaii on offense • P Alex Dunnachie
• WR Greg Salas • K Scott Enos
• WR Kealoha Pilares • PR Greg Salas
• WR Jovonte Taylor • KR Kealoha Pilares
• WR Joe Avery • KR Jovonte Taylor
• OT Austin Hansen
• OG Raphael Ieru Hawaii’s KRs and PR are dangerous threats. A good Kyle Brotzman
• C John Estes rugby punt and bloop kickoff ought to fix that.
• OG Ray Hisatake
• OT Aaron Kia Hawaii’s red zone defense
• QB Bryant Moniz During Hawaii’s current four-game slide, the TDs that the Warriors
• RB Leon Wright-Jackson have given up have mostly been right near the goalline. Check it
The Hawaii offense is not without serviceable parts. Estes is one of
the best linemen in the WAC. Salas leads the league in receiving • Five of Fresno’s six TDs came inside the red zone.
yards (by a lot). Up until the Greg Alexander injury, offense was not • Three of Idaho’s five TDs came inside the Hawaii 10-yard-line.
Hawaii’s problem, and it wasn’t all that culpable last week against • All three of LaTech’s TDs came on runs inside the Hawaii 10.
Idaho either. • Four of UNLV’s five TDs came inside the red zone.

3 continued on page 4
Part of the problem is that Hawaii struggles in run defense and on
third downs. The Warriors are in the bottom half of the WAC in run
D, and their 52 percent 3rd down conversion rate on defense is just
plain not good. Allow a team to move the ball on the ground inside
your own 20, and give them as many opportunities as possible to
punch it in, and you’re bound to struggle in red zone defense.

Boise State’s red zone offense

I know I don’t have to tell you how blah the Broncos have been
inside the opponent’s 20. So I’ll let the numbers do the talking.
Boise State has made six trips inside the red zone for no points, and
13 trips for no touchdowns. But it doesn’t stop there...

Get BIFFF in here!

A fun BIFFF stat courtesy of my blogging peer at Yahoo!, Dr.
Saturday, is Wasted Yards, which is pretty much exactly what it
sounds like - yards gained that did not result in points. Put the kids
to bed if you don’t want them to see this. Boise State has wasted
710 yards this season. I cringe to think what that number looks like
including yards on short FG attempts. Other factors
Red zone offense will hardly be the only part of Saturday’s game
What has been the main cause of red zone woes? Part of it seems that makes a dent in the final outcome. Here are some other factors
to be an inability to convert third downs, especially on the ground that could come into play. Naturally, I’m leaving several out. Let me
and surprisingly through the air. know in the comments which ones you can think of.

On third down, Doug Martin and Jeremy Avery are a combined • Kellen Moore time in the pocket. Moore has proven this season
5-for-14, averaging less than 2 yards per carry. Ironically, D.J. that when he has time to throw, all the problems of the world
Harper was 2-for-3 on third down, with both of his conversions go away. He is quarterbacking perfection when he is given
resulting in TDs. Cue a Mark Johnson malapropism! time to be so. Hawaii will rue the day it rushes four.
• No big plays on defense. The last time Boise State played a
In the midst of Kellen Moore’s Year To Remember, Moore’s WAC team, Ryan Mathews was given carte blanche on carries
kryptonite of relativism is third down passing. He is otherworldy on that began at the Fresno 40-yard-line. Hawaii is hurting on
first and second down, hitting on 77 and 74 percent of his throws offense, but it still has playmakers who can turn a missed
respectively. But on third down? A Colin Kaepernick-like 56 percent. tackle/assignment or two into a big gainer.
On 50 third down passing attempts, he has converted first downs • Turnovers. Boise State has been on the wrong side of the
only 20 times. turnover battle in each of their last two games. If they make
it three-for-three, will they be lucky enough to escape with
Can the Broncos win without being efficient in another win? I wouldn’t bet on it.
the red zone? • Playing in Hawaii. There’s just something about that place that
You bet they can. They’ve done it for six straight weeks this season, seems to bring out the most average in the Broncos.
so winning inefficiently is fast becoming an M.O. Here are just a
few ways that the Broncos can steal one from the Warriors without Your turn
short, 20-yards-or-less TDs. Red zone troubles will be on full display on Saturday night, and I
for one think that the Broncos will be able to get back on the red
• Big plays. Like the one that almost happened with Titus Young zone track against Hawaii. The Warrior defense isn’t as strong as
last week. I’m still mid-fist-pump, in case that matters to anyone. in years past, and the Broncos will be coming in with an extra half-
• Dominant defense. I don’t think that winning 3-0 is what any week of preparation, which should balance out any island woes.
Bronco fan wants, but at least it would still be a win.
• Special teams. Seems like games against the Warriors always What are you looking forward to about this game? What keys
have some sort of special teams bend. Blocked field goal for a will you be watching? Interested to see how Bryant Moniz does
TD? A Kyle Wilson punt return TD? Titus Young or Doug Martin against the Bronco defense? Think Jeremy Avery is due for another
on the kickoff return? You never know. 100-yard game?
• Coaching. Coach Pete and his staff have finagled wins out of
this group all season long despite the lack of success in the
red zone. Here’s a question for you: Just how many TDs do
the Broncos need to get in the red zone in order to win on
Saturday? One? Two? Three? More than three?
• Diet Coke shortage. Greg McMackin would be coaching with
a heavy heart.
Boise State depth chart versus Hawaii:
Will the flu claim any victims this week?
Last week’s Tulsa depth chart had few surprises, but come gametime, the Bronco starting lineup was uprooted by several compromised
immune systems. Will this week be more of the same?

Take a look at what’s new and what’s notable on this week’s version of the Boise State depth chart. Break out those Nate Potter jerseys, and
join me.

Offense Defense Special Teams

Z - 2 Austin Pettis 6-3 201 Jr. E - 98 Ryan Winterswyk 6-4 263 Jr.
20 Mitch Burroughs 5-9 188 Fr. 94 Byron Hout 6-0 241 So. PK - 35 Kyle Brotzman 5-10 201 Jr.
84 Jimmy Pavel 5-9 212 Fr.
X - 4 Titus Young 5-11 170 Jr. T - 90 Billy Winn 6-4 288 So.
3 Chris Potter 5-9 161 Fr. 95 Darren Koontz 6-3 254 Fr. KO - 35 Kyle Brotzman 5-10 201 Jr.
or 18 Aaron Burks 6-2 186 Fr. 99 Michael Atkinson 6-0 332 Fr. 84 Jimmy Pavel 5-9 212 Fr.

H - 89 Tyler Shoemaker 6-1 207 So. N - 97 Chase Baker 6-1 296 So. HD - 2 Austin Pettis 6-3 201 Jr.
34 Kirby Moore 6-2 196 Fr. 50 J.P. Nisby 6-1 305 So. 46 Michael Choate 6-0 190 Sr.

LT - 73 Nate Potter 6-6 293 So. SE - SE - 92 Shea McClellin 6-3 262 So. P - 35 Kyle Brotzman 5-10 201 Jr.
72 Matt Slater 6-4 290 Jr. 96 Jarrell Root 6-3 259 So. 49 Brad Elkin 6-2 201 Jr.

LG - 59 Will Lawrence 6-2 293 Jr. MIKE- 45 Daron Mackey 5-11 233 Jr. SNP - 44 Chris Roberson 6-0 222 Fr.
61 Joe Kellogg 6-2 305 Fr. 52 Derrell Acrey 6-1 235 Jr. 51 James Crawford 6-1 207 Fr.
or 25 Hunter White 5-11 224 So.
C - 66 Thomas Byrd 5-11 284 So. KR - 4 Titus Young 5-11 170 Jr.
79 Bronson Durrant 6-3 266 Fr. WILL- 36 Aaron Tevis 6-3 228 So. 22 Doug Martin 5-9 201 So.
or 48 J.C. Percy 6-0 214 Fr.
RG - 62 Kevin Sapien 6-4 286 Jr. 25 Hunter White 5-11 224 So. PR - 1 Kyle Wilson 5-10 186 Sr.
64 Brenel Myers 6-2 267 Fr. 3 Chris Potter 5-9 161 Fr.
S 23 Jeron Johnson 5-11 194 Jr.
RT -57 Garrett Pendergast 6-4 271 So. 30 Travis Stanaway 5-11 188 So.
54 Michael Ames 6-4 281 Fr.
S 8 George Iloka 6-3 207 So.
TE - 85 Tommy Gallarda 6-5 249 Jr. 16 Cedric Febis 6-3 197 So.
80 Kyle Efaw 6-4 229 So.
N 17 Winston Venable 5-11 223 Jr.
QB - 11 Kellen Moore 6-0 187 So. 5 Jason Robinson 5-11 194 Jr.
7 Mike Coughlin 6-5 212 Jr.
15 Joe Southwick 6-1 182 Fr. CB 1 Kyle Wilson 5-10 186 Sr.
14 Garcia Day 6-1 204 Sr.
RB - 27 Jeremy Avery 5-9 173 Jr. or 31 Antwon Murray 5-11 177 So.
22 Doug Martin 5-9 201 So.
CB 13 Brandyn Thompson 5-10 180 Jr.
FB - 40 Richie Brockel 6-2 240 Sr. 10 Jerrell Gavins 5-9 171 So.
47 Dan Paul 6-0 241 So.

Disclaimer: Depth charts mean as much as you want them to mean. Keep in mind that things change over the course of a game week and
that game situations, injuries, and performance will render some of this depth chart moot. Still, it’s fun to speculate ... with hyperbole! Nate
Potter for All-WAC LT!

5 continued on page 6
Which Bronco players will be out with the flu? To recap: Out of the huddle, the Broncos break into the swinging
gate formation (why it’s called a swinging gate is beyond me).
Last week, the flu struck starting OG Kevin Sapien and former
Brotzman lines up behind a wall of blockers to the left, which could
starting LB Derrell Acrey. This week, it has already claimed the full
someday lead to a Brotzman screen or a Brotzman double pass.
practice participation of nine players, all of whom shall remain
Pettis stood in shotgun behind Chris Roberson with Kyle Efaw in
nameless by local media who forgot to ask for details.
the backfield to Roberson’s left. Richie Brockel was living a dream
by lining up wide as an outside receiver. The snap was good, the
Will head congestion keep any Bronco regulars from making the
routes were good (Roberson was open, too, and Pettis may have
trip to Hawaii this weekend? More specifically, what players can
even been trying to throw his way), and the result was two points.
the Broncos not do without come Saturday? All I have to say is that
More of this, please.
I hope Kellen Moore got his flu shot and that when the lady went
to put the needle in his arm, the needle bent in half because Kellen
Boise State likes to run the two-point conversion plays early on in
Moore is made of reinforced steel and Lysol disinfecting wipes. Then
games, probably for a couple of reasons:
everyone partied.
1. It helps build momentum.
Did Hunter White play himself into more playing time?
2. It gives them plenty of time to chase points if they screw it up.
With Acrey running a fever back in the friendly confines of BSU
student housing, Hunter White took over MLB No. 2 duties against Hopefully we’ll get to see the Broncos try it out again versus Hawaii.
Tulsa, making for the most non-blowout playing time White has seen Any requests?
since the end of last season. How did you all think he looked?
Brad Elkin, professional man of pooch punting
Our new friend BIFFF saw some things to like and some things
Making an appearance well before the game was decided and
not to like. White made two tackles on defense, both of which
in a surprisingly key punting role was none other than Brad Elkin.
prevented Tulsa from having a successful play (defined as 50
Boise State’s only true punter came on twice for the Broncos with
percent of needed yards on 1st down, 75 on 2nd, and all on 3rd or
the sole purpose of nailing Tulsa deep in their own territory with a
4th). However, White also missed three tackles, bringing his team-
pooch punt. Elkin’s success? One-for-two. Something tells me that
leading total to six.
the Bronco coaching staff will take that.

So what do we all make of Hunter White? Before the season, most

Nate Potter makes it official, only seven weeks after we
Bronco fans thought he would be a starting linebacker, and we
all thought it was a foregone conclusion
all loved his tenacity and Korey Hall impersonations. But then J.C.
Percy happened. And then Daron Mackey. And Aaron Tevis and Potter supplanted Matt Slater on the Broncos’ depth chart this week
Derrell Acrey, and before we knew it, White was sitting firmly at even though N-Potts has been starting regularly in Slater’s place for
No. 5 on the depth chart. the past couple games. Many Bronco fans would say they saw this
coming, since many Bronco fans fully expected Potter to start from
He’s been great on special teams and capable in spot LB duty, but I Day One. Either way, Boise State now has two very capable left
simply cannot vouch for him over Mackey at this point. Who’s with tackles on the team, which is a luxury that most schools only dream
me? about.

The dime formation that is more like a nickel and some

Long live Austin Pettis as holder: Boise State’s two-point
Here’s a question for you: Does Boise State ever go to four
Voted the greatest midseason strategy in this year’s OBies, the
defensive backs? The depth chart lists Wilson and Thompson as
two-point conversion tour de force struck again versus Tulsa for what
starters with Gavins, Antwon Murray, and Garcia Day as backups.
proved to be some very valuable points. Here’s how:
But have you ever seen Murray and Day in the game when the lead
was anything less than 40 points?

I honestly can’t think of a time. So that means the Broncos defend

against obvious passing downs a lot differently than most teams,
and that they’ll be doing so once again this week against the
Greatest Show on Littered Turf this weekend.

Some keys to the Broncos’ “dime” pass defense:

• Winston Venable. He has proven very capable of filling the

underneath zone and holding receivers to short gains on
• Jason Robinson. The former safety is more nickelback than
linebacker when he comes in to replace Venable. His cover
skills come in handy.
6 continued on page 7
• Cedric Febis. George Iloka’s backup saw some good PT when
Iloka was struggling with secret injuries. At this point, he would
probably be the first safety off the bench if the Broncos decide
to go with three.
• Travis Stanaway. Jeron Johnson’s replacement is most often a
special teams player, but he is another option for the Broncos.
• Zone. Boise State renders the need for extra DBs obsolete by
playing a confusing matchup zone that lets Thompson, Iloka,
and Wilson handle receivers down the field and Venable/
Robinson/LBs clean up on underneath routes. It’s worked for a
season-and-a-half, so no sense changing it now.

Doug Martin inches his way closer to “OR” status

Last year, Bronco fans were clamoring for Jeremy Avery to be listed
as 1A behind Ian Johnson. This year, the grassroots grumbling
seems to be in Doug Martin’s favor. Quick: Should Doug Martin get
more first quarter touches? Don’t think, just answer.

Kevin Sapien is definitely starting this week, maybe,

perhaps, we’ll see, game-time decision
Sapien has missed the past two games with a recurring neck injury
and the flu. Will he pull the trifecta this week and skip out on the
Hawaii game with a “personal matter”? I hope not. The Bronco
offense is better when he’s in the lineup.

End the Mitch Burroughs WR screen experiment

before it ends me
No matter how hard Bryan Harsin tries, he is not going to make
Mitch Burroughs into Vinny Perretta. So can we end this charade
before someone (me) gets hurt (by me)? I have evidence that the
constant Burroughs WR screens are not working:

Burroughs: 4 catches, 13 yards, 3.3 average, 7

pass targets, 1 drop, zero successful plays
Please make it stop.

Is Michael Atkinson’s ankle the season’s worst Boise

State body part?
It is certainly giving Matt Kaiserman’s head a run for its money.

Kirby Moore’s on the depth chart

Is that new?

Joe Kellogg or Brenel Myers: Who do you got?

Two weeks ago, Myers got the start in place
of an injured Kevin Sapien. Last week,
Kellogg took over for a sick Sapien. This
week, which one would you rather see if
Sapien goes AWOL again? I’d take Joe
Kellogg, if only because he’s halfway there
on his red Amish beard.

Magically delicious

Hawaii Warriors Roster
1 Greg Salas WR 6-2 200 Jr. 34 Ho’oikaika Cavaco-Amoy DE 6-2 235 Fr.
2 Lametrius Davis CB 6-0 185 Jr. 34 Jeremiah Ostrowski WR 5-9 170 Fr.
2 Jon Medeiros WR 5-9 185 Sr. 35 George Daily-Lyles LB 5-11 230 Fr.
3 Rodney Bradley WR 6-0 190 Jr. 36 Viliami Nauahi CB 6-2 215 Sr.
3 Aulola Tonga CB 6-3 220 Fr. 37 Kenny Estes CB 6-0 200 So.
4 Tank Hopkins CB 5-9 165 Jr. 38 Cory Daniel LB 6-0 240 So.
4 Cayman Shutter QB 6-1 190 Fr. 39 Steven Christian CB 6-0 170 Fr.
5 Jake Heun LB 6-2 240 Jr. 39 Troy Lauduski WR 6-2 165 Fr.
5 Billy Ray Stutzmann WR 6-0 165 Fr. 40 Po’okela Ahmad LB 6-1 200 Jr.
6 Dustin Blount WR 5-8 160 Jr. 41 Corey Paredes LB 5-11 235 So.
7 Jovonte Taylor WR 5-9 170 Jr. 42 Paipai Falemalu DT 6-3 230 Fr.
7 Lewis Walker CB 5-11 175 Fr. 43 Mana Silva CB 6-1 220 Jr.
8 Chris Black CB 5-10 175 Sr. 44 Alema Tachibana DL 6-2 215 Fr. 70 Kainoa LaCount OL 6-6 330 Jr.
8 Corey Nielsen QB 5-11 185 Fr. 45 Luke Ingram C 6-5 210 Fr. 71 Cameron Allen-Jones DT 6-2 255 Sr.
9 David Graves QB 6-0 190 Fr. 46 Victor Clore DT 6-2 250 Sr. 72 Clayton Laurel OL 6-2 290 So.
9 Spencer Smith CB 5-11 205 Jr. 47 Joshua Rice LB 6-0 220 Sr. 73 Drew Uperesa OL 6-2 280 Fr.
10 Shane Austin QB 6-0 200 So. 48 Zach Masch DT 6-2 275 Jr. 74 Raphael Ieru OL 6-2 315 Sr.
10 Kawika Ornellas CB 5-9 170 Fr. 49 Tuika Tufaga DT 6-2 285 Sr. 75 Ikaika Mahoe DT 5-11 280 Jr.
11 Inoke Funaki RB 5-11 205 Sr. 50 Laupepa Letuli OL 6-4 310 Sr. 75 Bronson Tiwanak OL 6-1 310 Jr.
12 Greg Alexander QB 6-4 240 Sr. 50 Mana Lolotai LB 6-0 230 Jr. 76 Brett Leonard OL 6-5 310 Jr.
13 Brashton Satele LB 6-1 240 Sr. 51 Geordon Hanohano DT 6-2 300 Fr. 77 Aaron Kia OL 6-5 290 Sr.
16 Brent Rausch QB 6-4 180 Jr. 51 Austin Hansen OL 6-4 285 So. 78 Ikaika Rodenhurst OL 6-3 310 So.
17 Bryant Moniz QB 6-0 190 So. 52 Mike Maracle DT 6-4 245 Jr. 79 Daniel Johnson OL 6-4 290 Sr.
18 Jeramy Bryant CB 5-10 180 Jr. 53 Levi Legay OL 6-3 280 Fr. 80 Antwan Mahaley DT 6-4 220 Sr.
19 Richard Torres CB 5-8 175 So. 53 Blaze Soares LB 6-1 245 Sr. 81 Royce Pollard WR 6-0 175 So.
20 Scott Enos K 5-9 180 Jr. 54 Bo Montgomery DL 6-2 250 Sr. 82 Jett Jasper WR 6-2 195 So.
21 Kealoha Pilares WR 5-11 200 Jr. 55 John Estes OL 6-3 300 Sr. 84 Joe Avery WR 6-5 180 So.
22 Jayson Rego RB 5-9 210 Sr. 56 Tim Brown LB 5-11 210 Fr. 85 Corey Paclebar WR 5-7 175 Fr.
22 Steve Stepter CB 5-9 185 Fr. 56 Matagisila Lefiti OL 6-0 280 So. 86 Justin Clapp WR 6-2 180 Fr.
23 Leon Wright-Jackson RB 6-1 215 Sr. 57 Art Laurel LB 6-1 220 Fr. 87 Michael Tinoco WR 6-2 200 Jr.
24 Craig Bell WR 6-0 185 Sr. 58 John Fonoti LB 6-2 255 Sr. 88 Ryan Henry WR 5-9 170 Jr.
24 Aaron Brown CB 6-1 205 Jr. 58 Joey Lipp OL 6-3 270 Jr. 89 Malcolm Lane WR 6-1 180 Sr.
25 Alex Green RB 6-2 220 Jr. 59 R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane LB 5-11 225 Sr. 90 Elliott Purcell DT 6-3 255 Jr.
26 Chizzy Dimude RB 5-9 190 Jr. 60 Clint Daniel OL 6-2 320 So. 91 Chris Leatigaga DT 6-4 295 Sr.
27 Kainoa Carlson RB 5-11 225 So. 61 Earvin Sione DL 6-5 220 Fr. 92 Rocky Savaiigaea DT 6-2 305 Sr.
28 Jordan Gomes CB 5-10 175 Fr. 62 Chauncy Winchester-Makainai OL 6-4 330 Fr. 93 Waylon Lolotai DL 6-3 245 Fr.
29 Alex Dunnachie P 6-3 235 Fr. 63 Brysen Ginlack OL 6-2 310 Jr. 94 Aaron Rink DT 6-3 210 Sr.
29 Hogan Rosehill RB 6-2 225 Fr. 64 Ray Hisatake OL 6-3 320 Sr. 95 Vaughn Meatoga DT 6-2 290 So.
30 Brian Blumberg K 5-6 165 So. 65 Kaha’i Choy OL 5-10 280 Fr. 97 Alasi Toilolo DT 6-3 255 So.
30 Darius Ward CB 5-8 160 Fr. 66 Adrian Thomas OL 6-6 310 Jr. 98 Liko Satele DT 6-2 260 So.
31 Kamalani Alo CB 6-2 200 Fr. 67 Tui Tuiasosopo OL 6-0 315 Fr. 99 Haku Correa DT 6-1 290 Fr.
33 Michael Wadsworth CB 6-1 190 Fr. 69 Andrew Faaumu OL 6-3 300 Jr.

“ There are certain players that I always

look at and say, ‘I wish I had that guy on
our team. He would fit in well, (WR Greg
Salas) is one of those guys.
—Chris Petersen, Head Coach, Boise State

Boise State Broncos Roster
1 Wilson, Kyle CB 5-10 186 SR 39 Wright, Drew FB 5-9 188 FR
2 Pettis, Austin WR 6-3 201 JR 40 Brockel, Richie TE 6-2 240 SR
3 Potter, Chris WR 5-9 161 FR 41 Marshall, Kharyee DE 6-1 207 FR
4 Young, Titus WR 5-11 170 JR 42 Wilson, Matt LB 6-1 212 SO
5 Robinson, Jason S 5-11 194 JR 43 Tjong-A-Tjoe, Ricky DT 6-3 282 FR
6 Harper, D.J. RB 5-9 198 JR 44 Mooney, Allen LB 5-10 211 FR
7 Coughlin, Mike QB 6-5 212 JR 45 Mackey, Daron LB 5-11 233 JR
8 Iloka, George S 6-3 207 SO 46 Choate, Michael WR 6-0 190 SR
9 Tamburo, Mike QB 5-11 183 FR 47 Paul, Dan LB 6-0 241 SO
10 Gavins, Jerrell CB 5-9 171 JR 48 Percy, J.C. LB 6-0 214 FR
11 Moore, Kellen QB 6-0 187 SO 49 Elkin, Brad P 6-2 201 JR
13 Thompson, Brandyn CB 5-10 180 JR 50 Nisby, J.P. DT 6-1 305 SO
14 Day, Garcia S 6-1 204 SR 52 Acrey, Derrell LB 6-1 235 JR
15 Southwick, Joe QB 6-1 182 FR 53 Gholson, Zach DE 6-2 248 FR 83 King, Sean TE 6-3 240 JR
16 Febis, Cedric DB 6-3 197 SO 54 Ames, Michael OL 6-4 281 FR 84 Pavel, Jimmy PK 5-9 212 FR
17 Venable, Winston S 5-11 223 JR 56 Davis, John Michael LB 6-0 210 FR 85 Gallarda, Tommy TE 6-5 249 JR
18 Burks, Aaron WR 6-2 186 FR 57 Pendergast, Garrett OL 6-4 271 SO 86 Peterson, Trevor TE 6-2 245 FR
19 Borgman, Josh CB 5-7 169 FR 58 Wilson, Dave LB 6-1 222 SO 87 Linehan, Gabe TE 6-3 213 FR
20 Burroughs, Mitch WR 5-9 188 FR 59 Lawrence, Will OL 6-2 293 JR 88 Koch, Chandler TE 6-2 244 FR
21 Taylor, Jamar DB 5-11 193 SO 61 Kellogg, Joe OG 6-2 305 FR 89 Shoemaker, Tyler WR 6-1 207 SO
22 Martin, Doug S 5-9 201 SO 62 Sapien, Kevin OL 6-4 286 JR 90 Winn, Billy DT 6-4 288 SO
23 Johnson, Jeron S 5-11 194 JR 64 Myers, Brenel OG 6-2 267 FR 91 Grimes, Greg DT 6-0 271 FR
24 Johnson, Malcolm RB 5-10 181 FR 65 Paradis, Matt DT 6-1 275 FR 91 Hayes, Chuck DT 6-2 290 SO
25 White, Hunter LB 5-11 224 SO 66 Byrd, Thomas C 5-11 284 SO 92 McClellin, Shea DE 6-3 262 SO
26 Kaiserman, Matt RB 6-0 188 FR 70 Waller, Zach OL 6-5 289 SO 93 Jungblut, Justin DT 6-4 241 FR
27 Avery, Jeremy RB 5-9 173 JR 71 Yriarte, Cory OL 6-1 281 SO 94 Hout, Byron DE 6-0 241 SO
28 Hodge, Jarvis RB 5-9 203 JR 72 Slater, Matt OT 6-4 290 JR 95 Koontz, Darren DT 6-3 254 FR
29 Jackson, Tyler S 6-0 203 FR 73 Potter, Nate OL 6-6 293 SO 96 Root, Jarrell DE 6-3 259 SO
30 Stanaway, Travis DB 5-11 188 SO 74 Swanson, Tom OL 6-6 273 FR 97 Baker, Chase DT 6-1 296 SO
31 Murray, Antwon CB 5-11 177 SO 75 Wright, Faraji OT 6-3 284 FR 98 Winterswyk, Ryan DE 6-4 263 JR
32 Silsby, Andy RB 5-11 221 SR 76 Broyles, Jake OL 6-4 257 FR 99 Atkinson, Michael DT 6-0 332 FR
33 Smith, Tommy LB 6-1 218 FR 77 Gerke, Spencer OL 6-3 290 FR
34 Moore, Kirby WR 6-2 196 FR 78 Leno, Charles OT 6-3 249 FR
35 Brotzman, Kyle PK 5-10 201 JR 79 Durrant, Bronson OG 6-3 266 FR
36 Tevis, Aaron LB 6-3 228 SO 80 Efaw, Kyle TE 6-4 229 SO
37 Makinde, Ebenezer CB 5-11 164 FR 81 Alexander, Nick DE 6-4 237 FR
38 Lambert, Raphiel CB 5-7 200 FR 82 Hiwat, Geraldo WR 6-4 189 FR

“ “It’s always good to upset a team like that,

especially Boise, which I hate,”
—Blaze Soares, Linebacker, University of Hawaii