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Donna Lee Dumont

Donna Lee Dumont is a Mtis with roots at the Red River Settlement. She is a descendant of Hudsons Bay Company e plorer and mapma!er "eter #idler and his Cree wife$ Mary Mac!e%onne. &ducator$ painter and storyteller Donna Lee Dumont is a participatin% artist in Walking With Our Sisters pro'ect. Walking With Our Sisters is an installation art pro'ect of ($)** pairs of moccasin tops or +vamps, commemoratin% and representin% an estimated -./ 01ori%inal women and %irls who have 1een murdered or %one missin% in Canada since (23(.

Moccasin vamps created 1y Donna Lee Dumont for Walking With Our Sisters. Donna produced the artwor! for Don #reeds al1um The Valley Of Green And Blue 4produced 1y the 5a1riel Dumont 6nstitute7. 8his CD also featured e tensive liner notes$ includin% the lyrics$ historic photos$ and %or%eous ori%inal artwor! 1y Donna Lee Dumont. She was nominated for an 0"CM award for al1um cover desi%n. 6n her artists statement she says9 6 have had an interest in the arts since childhood. 0s a youn% person$ 6 pac!ed paint supplies to %o s!etchin% in :orthern ;ntario. 6n :orthern Sas!atchewan$ 6

had the opportunity to paint with 0. <. =ac!son. Several audited art classes at the >niversity of Sas!atchewan were pursued until 6 1ecame a full?time student and achieved a Bachelor of #ine 0rts and a Bachelor of &ducation. ;riental 1rushwor! was another interest and 6 studied with "rofessor S@eto Aei in Bancouver for a period of five wee!s of private lessons. Some art?related accomplishments include several one?person art shows in Sas!atoon$ the development and deliverin% of a :ative 0rt "ro%ram for hi%h school students$ and 1ein% the illustrator for a 1oo!$ Byron Through the Seasons$ a Dene?&n%lish story 1oo! for children. 6 have always loved colour$ shapes$ te ture and stories of the past. My new paintin%s seem to 1e a natural pro%ression of this passion. 0ll the ima%es$ cultures$ people and places 6 have e perienced seem to appear in my wor!. 6 am intri%ued 1y the spirituality of diverse cultures and e press this reali@ation throu%h paint. Because of my teachin% e perience in a :orthern Dene community and my teachin% in a Sas!atoon hi%h school of many cultures$ 6 reali@e and understand the sameness of all cultures. Cultures are li!e a con%lomerate roc! held to%ether 1y different parts and there1y creatin% a 1eautiful stone. Similarly$ my paintin%s include elements of everythin% that 6 have read a1out$ that 6 have seen$ and in which 6 1elieve.

6n .*(. the 5a1riel Dumont 6nstitute pu1lished Peter Fidler and the Mtis, a childrens 1oo! authored and illustrated 1y Donna. 8he 1oo! has an accompanyin% CD$ in &n%lish and Michif?Cree featurin% :orman #leury.

Compiled 1y Lawrence Bar!well Coordinator of Metis Herita%e and History Research Louis Riel 6nstitute