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June 11-15, 2014 Dayton, Ohio www.solarsplash.com

Volume 22 - Number 3 - April 2014

Have You Thought of Entering a Team in Solar Splash? Interested in a Free Trip to Solar Splash 2014?
There is no better way to decide if Solar Splash is right for your academic program than to experience the competition first-hand. The event organizers are offering a limited number of travel reimbursements of up to $1000 per school for faculty and/or students that would like to travel to Dayton, Ohio, for the June 11-15 competition. This offer is available only for schools that have never competed in Solar Splash or that have not competed in the last five years. These reimbursements will be limited in number and will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you want to be our guest at the competition, contact headquarters as soon as possible. Splash Headquarters Address and Contact Point is: Dr. Jeffrey Morehouse 309 Newridge Road Lexington, SC, USA 29072 tel: 803-920-9231 email: hq@solarsplash.com

Team Deadline Dates Approaching Quickly!

Final Date to Register a Team April 28th is the last day to get the Entry Form into Splash Headquarters for the 2014 Splash. To register your team, you need to go to the website (www.solarsplash.com) to find the Entry Form for the competition. ***April 28th is also the time the Entry Fee is supposed to be paid; so if your registered team has not sent in the Entry Fee, please do so by the 28th. Technical Report due by 5pm EDT, Monday, May 5th The Technical Report is to be electronically submitted to Splash Headquarters no later than 5pm EDT, Monday, May 5th. ***A .pdf version of your Technical Report should be emailed to hq@solarsplash.com.

Reminder #1 Major Rule Change Occurring This Year Which Could Cause Team Energy Management Changes!
A major Rule change is being made for 2014. This Rule change is being called the only two sets of batteries rule (Rule 7.4.1), which means that only two sets (instead of the previous four sets) of lead-acid batteries will be allowed. The weight limit for each of the two sets will be the previous heavier (Sprint) value of 100 pounds/45.5 kilograms per set. As before, only one set of batteries will be allowed in any run during any event. This Rule change is being made to challenge teams energy managemen t planning and execution. Reducing the number of battery sets to two reduces the stored energy able to be brought to the Splash, thus requiring more management of the stored energy during the event, especially management of the recharging of the batteries. On the plus side of this Rule change, only one size of battery pack will be needed, and the Endurance configuration will now allow a greater battery weight. This Rule change can be seen in the 2014 Rules (Rule 7.4.1) as posted on the Splash website.

Reminder #2 Major Revisions Have Been Made to the Required Technical Report Format
Three major revisions are being implemented in the format for your Technical Report: These revisions include: (1) putting more grading weight on the Executive Summary; (2) the main body of the report, limited to 20 pages, will now be organized by subsystem reporting, emphasizing your new designs being implemented this current year; and (3) a fourth required Appendix D is to be added which provides your team roster and limited information on each team member. The complete details of the Technical Reports required format can be accessed via the Solar Splash website (www.solarsplash.com) menu by clicking Technical Report Information and then clicking Solar Splash Technical Report Guidelines.

Dayton Hotel Information for the 2014 Splash Teams

This year something new is being tried: a block of 20 rooms has been reserved for the teams and staff of Solar Splash at the TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Dayton North. King Suites are $79/night and Two-Bedroom Suites are $99/night if you call-in for reservations and say you are with the Solar Splash Group. Regular rates are $89 and $124, respectively. However, May 11th is the cut-off date for this offer, and of more importance, May 11 th is also the last date to cancel your reservation and not have to pay for the room(s). So you need to be sure that you will be coming to the Splash, or be sure to cancel before May 11 th. Contact Victoria Neff; tel: (937) 898-5700; email: vneff@daytontowneplace.com.

As always, alternately you can find your own lodging via the internet, checking prices and locations using Expedia, Travelocity, etc. These reservations usually allow very liberal cancellation and change policies. See the Splash website to see the location of Eastwood Park and Lake, the site of Solar Splash 2014!

Captain Solar Answers Question on Student-Built PV Array

Question: We have made our own solar panels. What type of documentation do we need to provide at inspection time? Answer: Recall that in Newsletter #1 for the 2014 competition, Captain Solar pointed out a rule change regarding solar panel testing student-built panels will be verified for compliance by using the specifications of the individual cells per Rule 4.2.4. Teams that build panels will be required to provide the individual cell specifications at inspection. The specifications will need to include the maximum power of the cells used. If multiple sizes or types of cells are used, the specifications of each type of cell must be provided. The maximum power of all the cells will be added together, and a 10% allowance will be given, i.e. the total maximum power of all of the cells may add up to 528W. Tip: if this information is already included in your Technical Report, your team can show the inspector the appropriate section of your Technical Report.