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As a part of MBA curriculum every students have to complete internship program and prepare a project paper through theoretical knowledge and practical revelation during the internship period. The perfect coordination between theory and practice are a paramount importance in the context of modern business world as regards to resolve the dichotomy between these two areas. As an obligatory requirement of MBA rogram ! had to gather practical exposure through the !nternship " ! have prepared this report on #Performance Appraisa of D!"c#$Ban% a Ban& 'imi"e($ %a Bangladeshi&'uropean joint venture banking company( with the consultation and guidelines of my supervisor " course teacher Management +tudies) ,niversity of *haka. *utch&Bangla Bank -imited %*BB-( is the first Bangladeshi&'uropean joint venture banking company incorporated in Bangladesh on .th /uly 0112. rimarily the bank is a public rofessor Ali Akkas) *epartment of

company limited by shares under 3ompany Act 011.. !t also guided by the bank company act 0110 %and its subsequent amendments( and Bangladesh bank ordinance 0145) so as to enable the company for doing business. 1 . ) O RIGIN OF THE REPORT: 6ow it is the era of Business " Technology. To keep pace with the education system it has become more and more practical and as a result practical knowledge has got priority. To provide professional knowledge and experience to the business students on actual picture of the business industry) it requires practical orientation and exposures through internship within a specific period. The program contains indispensable practical orientation in different organi7ations as a part of the course curriculum. ,nder this curriculum students are sent to gather practical knowledge about organi7ational environment and activities.


As business student it is indispensable to undergo some practical study like this for the purpose of having flavor of professional atmosphere and make rectification) as required. The specific objectives of the study are8 To learn about the practical banking scenario " environment. To analysis the different activities of *BB- as well as it$s overall performance. To observe the key functions " systems of *BB-. To describe how the bank is offering and attracting to customers. To understand different products " services of *BBTo observe and study various desk works of the Bank To get a practical experience about the environment and performance trends of the Banking +ystem. To present how the bank is operating in online " contributing to our country. To understand how the bank is contributing 3+9 activities to the nation and: To fulfill the academic requirement for the MBA rogram.

1 . , -COPE OF THE REPORT: *utch&Bangla Bank -imited is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. The report covers the organi7ational structure) background) products " services) functions and the performance trend of the bank. The scope of the study is mainly to acquaint with the products) services) operational scenario " performance of *BB-. ;or the bindings of security all the data could not be enclosed in this report.

1 . . 'I/ITATION OF THE REPORT: The major limitations encountered as8 -ack of experiences have also acted as constraints in the way of meticulous exploration on the topic. <ery limited published material is available regarding the bank. -ack of current information.

!nternet speed is very slow %outside( for collecting necessary data in time. Though ! had these limitations ! tried my level best to provide the best picture of the Banking operational as well as over all performance of *BB- regarding the subject matter. ! hope the report will satisfy its best purpose.