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Jennifer Zbacnik Martin Local: 1921 East 7th Street Duluth, MN 55812 Permanent: 3310 uter Dr!"e #!$$!

!n%, MN 557&' (218) 9''*0217 +$ac0007,-.umn.e-u Education /n!"ers!t0 o1 M!nnesota Duluth Bachelor of Applied Arts Ma0 210& (Pen-!n%) Ma2or: Secondary Education: Teaching Communication Arts and iterature M!nor: English !onors and A"ards Dean3s L!st 1or 4ca-em!c E5cellence S6r!n% 2013 7!rst runner*u6 !n #!$$!n% 8!nter 7rol!c 8!nter 20089 2009*8!nter 2010 P:S 8th 4nnual #!%h School 4rt ;ontest #onora$le Ment!on 1or <ra6h!c Des!%n #onora$le Ment!on MS#SL 4=ar- o1 E5cellence 1or <ra6h!c Des!%n Teaching E#perience Adopt$A$Class #ermanto=n #!%h School, #ermanto=n, MN De"elo6e- a 6oetr0 lesson 6lan on 6ers6ect!"e an- =or>e- =!th a creat!"e =r!t!n% class 1or o"er a t=o*=ee> 6er!o-. ;on-ucte- !n-!"!-ual con1erences =!th stu-ents on the!r creat!"e =r!t!n% 6!eces. Apprentice Teacher North Shore ;harter School, Duluth, MN 7e$ruar0*Ma0 2010 4!-e- coo6erat!n% teacher =!th &th %ra-e stu-ents. Des!%ne- an- tau%ht lessons on 6oetr0, short stor!es, an- arran%e- small %rou6 =r!t!n% =or>sho6s o"er a three*month 6er!o-. ?ncor6orate- rea-!n% an- =r!t!n% =or>sho6s !nto m0 lessons us!n% a "ar!et0 o1 !nstruct!onal strate%!es. Apprentice Teacher North Star 4ca-em0, Duluth, MN 7e$ruar0*Ma0 2013 4ss!ste- coo6erat!n% teacher =!th 7 th an- 8th %ra-e Lan%ua%e 4rts stu-ents 1or o"er a three*month 6er!o-. De"elo6e- an- tau%ht lessons on Romeo and Juliet, Mult!6le Pers6ect!"es, Holes, anarran%e- small %rou6 =r!t!n% an- rea-!n% =or>sho6s o"er a three*month 6er!o-. ?m6lemente- a "ar!et0 o1 !nstruct!onal an- assessment strate%!es, $eha"!oral mana%ement techn!@ues, an- technolo%0 !n the classroom.

Apprentice Teacher Su6er!or #!%h School, Su6er!or, 8? Se6tem$er 2013*Decem$er 2013 4ss!ste- coo6erat!n% teacher =!th 10th %ra-e 4mer!can L!terature an- Northlan4ca-em0 Pro%ram Lan%ua%e 4rts stu-ents !n Lan%ua%e 4rts 1or o"er a three*month 6er!o-. De"!se- an- tau%ht man0 lessons that !m6lemente- a "ar!et0 o1 !nstruct!onal anassessment strate%!es, to a!- !n the "ar!et0 o1 the learn!n% nee-s 1or stu-ents !n the alternat!"e school 6ro%ram an- !n the 4mer!can L!terature ;ourse. Student Teacher L!ncoln Par> M!--le School, Duluth, MN Aanuar0 201&*Present 466l!e- a "ar!et0 o1 !nstruct!onal an- assessment strate%!es, $eha"!oral mana%ement techn!@ues, an- technolo%0 !n the classroom. De"elo6e- an- tau%ht lessons !n a rea-!n% an- =r!t!n% =or>sho6 centere- classroom. ;reate- an- al!%ne- lessons to ;ommon ;ore an- M!nnesota State Stan-ar-s. 7ostere- a sa1e an- car!n% classroom en"!ronment amon%st m0 stu-ents. ?m6lemente- an- tau%ht lessons to a 'th %ra-e class us!n% the Scholast!c Bea- 180 Pro%ram3s curr!culum. ?m6lemente- an- tau%ht lessons to a 7th %ra-e class us!n% Nat!onal <eo%ra6h!c3s ?ns!-e curr!culum. ;olla$orate- =!th other teachers !n a 6ro1ess!onal learn!n% commun!t0 1ocuse- on 6o"ert0 an- e-ucat!on. ;olla$orate- =!th other teachers !n a 6ro1ess!onal learn!n% commun!t0 1ocuse- on rea-!n% across -!sc!6l!nes. %elated E#perience incoln &ark Middle School Assistant Speech Coach S6r!n% 201& incoln &ark Middle School Student &aper Ad'isor S6r!n% 201& (M) iterary *uild +ice$&resident S6r!n% 2011 (M) iterary *uild &resident and Editor in Chief 7all 2012*7all 2013 E-!te- an- Pu$l!she- Che Boar!n% Muse, a l!terar0 an- art ma%a+!ne on cam6us. r%an!+e- "ar!ous l!terar0 e"ents !nclu-!n% 6oetr0 slams, mo"!e n!%hts, an=r!t!n% =or>sho6s. ;olla$orate- =!th other /MD %rou6s an- -e6artments. ;olla$orate- =!th Che L!ttle Be- :oo>shel1 $0 -onat!n% $oo>s 1rom a $oo> -r!"e hel- at /MD. Acti'ities and Memberships (ni'ersity of Minnesota )uluth,s Concert Band 7all 2009*7all 2011 (ni'ersity of Minnesota )uluth,s Ja-- Band Small *roup 7all 2013 (M) .ater &olo S6r!n% 2010 (M) iterary *uild, Mem$er, 7all 2009*S6r!n% 201& %eferences are a'ailable upon re/uest0