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Teacher: Sabina Lucia Grapini School: coala Gimnazial NR. 3 Suceava Level: 3rd grade, elementary level (beginners) Available time: 50 minutes Number of students: 16/26 Time of Lesson: from 8 to 8:50/ 9 to 9:50 Textbook: Way Ahead 1, Macmillan Unit: 1 Title of the lesson: Hello! My name is Meg Aims: At the end of the lesson the pupils will be (able to): - use greetings in English - introduce themselves in English - get familiarized with the English alphabet - get used to reading in English - acquire new vocabulary Methods: conversation, reading approach and translation, listening and repeating, writing Materials: textbook, blackboard, audio-video material Anticipated problems: Since the pupils are beginners and some of them might not understand the teachers oral commands, they will be translated into Romanian. Skills involved: listening and repeating, reading, writing

Activity 1 Warm-up Timing: 6 minutes Aims: - to set a friendly atmosphere - to encourage the children to speak in English -to help the children read in English Procedure: The teacher greets the class and after the attendance list is read she tells the children the topic of the lesson, which is greetings. Moreover, the class is told about the English alphabet as well as the huge differences between Romanian and English spelling.

Activity 2 Listening and reading the text Timing: 15 minutes Aims: - to stimulate reading in English - to stimulate self-confidence - to improve pronunciation Procedure: The teacher asks the class to pay attention as they are to hear the lesson being read. She then reads the lesson and asks the children to repeat after her. After asking every child to read out loud a specific line from the text, the teacher congratulates the class for their reading. Naturally, all unknown words are to be written on the blackboard (as well as in the chil drens notebooks) and translate them.

Activity 3 The Alphabet (Activity+Song) Timing: 10 minutes Aims: - to help the children learn the English alphabet - to help the class get accustomed with spelling Procedure: The teacher introduces the class to the English alphabet and plays The Gigglebellies- The Alphabet song. Then, the class is to open their books and read the demand for activity (Read, Point and Say). Then, in turns, the children are to read a letter from the alphabet. Then, they are to try to spell out their names.

Activity 4 Reading Timing: 14 minutes Aims: - to help the children understand the use of s - to help the class learn the verb to be Procedure: The teacher writes to be on the blackboard: I am, you are, he is, she is, it is, we are, you are, they are and explains their meaning. Of course, e children are to be given the Romanian translation as well. Then, they are to read Activity 2. The teacher then explains the use on the apostrophe in English.

Activity 5 Ask and answer (team-work) Timing: 4 minutes

Aims: - to stimulate communication - to apply the new words in conversation Procedure: The teacher reads the demand (Activity 3) and translated it to the class. The pupils are to ask each others names and answer. After they complete the task, the teacher congratulates the children for their performance

Activity 6 Saying goodbye Timing: 1 minute Aims: - to apply greetings in English Procedure: The teacher says goodbye and wishes the children a nice day.