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The New Hospitality Industry




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In the process of writing the content and getting this issue together, the family of our patient feature was evicted from their home for growing medicinal cannabis even though they were completely in compliance with their state laws in Hawaii. This coincidentally happened the day after we interviewed them. It is exactly these kinds of scenarios that we are trying to prevent by spreading awareness about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the laws. We have since begun a fundraiser for Julie and her family to help them relocate and continue to maintain safe access to her medicine. Please read her feature Lili in the Garden on Page 10. For ways to donate or help contribute please visit these links: edibleslist.com/fundraisers fnd.us/c/ein83

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RUnners High: THC & Exercise........................................................................

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BY KATHATRINE LOTZE SENIOR EDITOR We all need a little extra motivation to get to the gym sometimes, but if youre a regular cannabis user, there may actually be a little extra incentive to pump some iron or clock a few miles. There might be some performance-enhancing -- though perhaps of a different sort -- for some athletes. David S. of Eugene, Ore., is a recreational cyclist who likes to take a toke before a ride It calms me down, makes me a better biker... more considerate, he said. While marijuana is not typically known as a performance-enhancing drug -- though it is included on the World Anti-Doping Agencys (WADA) banned substances list and one American athlete at the London Olympics was expelled for testing positive for marijuana in 2012 -- it may have an effect similar to a runners high following a sweat session. A runners high is caused by a flood of endorphins to the brain and will make the runner feel euphoric after a run, according to a German study reported by the New York Times in 2008. For the casual user, cannabis may also provide an extra high when hitting the gym. The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short, is stored in fat cells, and burning that fat during a workout session will re-release the THC into your system, creating a small high while youre sweating it out. But the jury is out on whether or not cannabis can really be considered performance enhancing. Not a lot of research has been done in this area, said Christian Roberts, the director of the Exercise and Metabolic Disease Research Lab at the University of California, Los Angeles.

between exercise and marijuana, which concluded that marijuana does not have an ergogenic effect on athletic performance. Roberts said that very few studies have been done and nearly all have used smoked forms, and other routes of administration have not been tested. One study, The effects of smoking marihuana on physical performance, performed in 1975 by Steadward and Singh, had subjects complete a control treadmill test before and after smoking a joint. If they smoke marijuana and then they go try to exercise, performance will decrease, Roberts said. He indicated that the decrease in performance may or may not be due to the THC, and could be related to the inhalation of smoke prior to exercise. His research stated that some athletes may use cannabis as a sleep or relaxation aid, which could indirectly enhance athletic performance. This would be done so far in advance that it probably wouldnt have a negative effect, Roberts said. If that helps them relax, it could conceivably lead to a better performance. Marvin C., a former college football player, said the relaxation effects did improve his performance on the field. It was difficult to do so at first, with learning the systems and plays, but once those things became more second nature, Id smoke before and after games, he told Edibles List via Reddit. Id have to make sure not to overdo it, or Id be completely lost, but just the right amount helped me clear my head of any anxiety [and/or] nervousness, provide a calming effect, and also really just helped me absorb the pain of each play a lot better. But warming up with a hit of your favorite strain does make working out a little more difficult in some ways. I end up becoming forgetful about how many sets Ive done, or how long Ive done a portion of my [high intensity interval training], Marvin said.

Roberts recently co-authored a brief article that summarized existing research on the relationship 7

Canna Coconut Oil

You can buy canna oil or butter at your friendly neighborhood medical marijuana dispensary or try your hand at making your own. Here are some recipes to get you started. Ingredients: 2.5 ounces of chopped, dried buds, shake or trim. One 48 fluid ounce bottle of coconut oil. Crockpot with a warm or low setting Cheesecloth or other finely woven cloth Put marijuana in crockpot. Pour oil over marijuana. Turn crockpot to warm and cook for 6-12 hours, stirring frequently. Turn off crockpot and let cool for 30 minutes. Place cheesecloth over mouth of glass jar. Pour oil/ marijuana mixture over cloth, straining out plant matter, so only oil enters jar. Squeeze as much oil out of the cheesecloth as you can, then discard plant matter. You should now have at least 5 cups of amber-tinted cannabis-infused oil, as much as 6 cups if youre diligent about squeezing out the oil.


Medicated Healthy

Ingredients: 1 1/2 Cups of frozen tropical fruit chunks (strawberry, mango, pineapple blend) 1 lunchbox size green apple cored and chopped 1/2 Cup of plain nonfat greek yogurt 1-2 Tbsp. 100% raw honey 3-4 kale leaves rinsed and ripped off the stalks 1 handful baby spinach 1/2 Cup of pineapple juice 1/2 Cup of water 2 Tbsp. canna coconut oil 2-3 Cups of ice

Medicated CheeseCake

Ingredients: 1-1/2 Cups graham cracker crumbs 3 Tbsp. sugar 1/3 Cup Canna-butter melted (or use with Canna Coconut oil) 4 Pkg. (8 oz. each) Cream Cheese, softened 1 Cup sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 4 Eggs Pre-Heat your oven at 325 degrees. There is a trick to making your graham cracker crumbs You have to smash the graham crackers in the package they come in. Just break down the graham

Combine in a blender the fruit chunks, apple pieces, yogurt, honey, kale, pineapple juice, and canna coconut oil. Add a cup of ice then cover and blend for about 15 seconds. Open the lid and throw in the spinach. You can add more ice as needed about a half cup at a time. If the consistency is too thick, pour in some cold water in small amounts until desired consistency is reached. Blend for 1-2 minutes until smooth. Pour into two 20 oz glasses or 3 12 oz glasses. If you have any leftover you can pour the remander into an ice cube tray and freeze to use in your next smoothie. This recipe can be altered to the readers taste or allergy restrictions. Stick to lighter colored fruits and juices to maintain the attractive bright green color. If you want to reduce the amount of sugar, add less or omit the honey, and use less juice, substituting with coconut water or filtered water.

crackers as best you can before you remove them from their wrapper. When completely crumbled add the 3 Tbsp. of sugar and melted Canna-butter. Press mixture firmly onto the bottom of a 9-inch pan* and set aside.Beat the soften cream cheese, remaining sugar, vanilla, and eggs (one at a time) in that order. Pour mixture over your infused crust. Bake for 55 minutes and let cool before you cut and serve. *You can always make cupcakes with this same recipe. Just press the crust into your cupcake pan. Do not use cupcake paper. Bake at the same temperature and check after 13-15 minutes. Check center with a tooth pick.

Infused Lemon & Garlic Oven Roasted Chicken

Ingredients: 1/2 Tbsp. parsley (fresh/dried) 3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 tsp. onion salt 1/2 white onion 1 tsp. chicken grill seasoning 1 lemon, juiced 1 tsp. garlic powder 2 Tbsp. canna oil 2 pinches kosher salt 3 1/2 Tbsp. olive oil pepper to taste 1 Tbsp. minced garlic 1 Tbsp. salt free lemon & herb seasoning Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a glass mixing bowl, pour in 1 tablespoon canna oil and 3 tablespoons olive oil. Measure in the minced garlic, lemon and herb seasoning, parsley, onion salt, chicken seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add as much of the lemon juice as you see fit, I like to add all the juice of one lemon, but you can also use the juice of half the lemon and cut the other half into 1/4 inch slices to arrange around the chicken as it cooks. Give this marinade a quick whisk until combined. Take your chicken breasts and rinse them and pat dry with paper towels. If the bowl you made the marinade in is large enough, go ahead and place the chicken in the bowl and cover with the marinade. The chicken is ready to be cooked, but can also be put in ziplock bags and marinate for up to two days in the fridge. Grab a baking sheet and grease with 1/2 tablespoon olive oil. Place the chicken on the baking sheet, and pour any excess marinade right on top. Slice the onion into 1/4 or 1/2 inch slices and arrange around and on top of the chicken. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes until all juices run clear. Check on the chicken about 20 minutes in and adjust time as needed. Let the meat cool a few minutes, grab a pastry brush and dip into the remaining tablespoon of canna oil. Brush lightly over the chicken breasts before serving.

Sauteed Infused Kale & Spinach

Ingredients: 1 Tbsp. minced garlic (2-4 cloves) 1 cup diced white onion 1 large bunch of kale leaves 1 bag of baby spinach 1 cup of diced white onion 1/2 cup beef stock 2-3 Tbsp. white vinegar 1 Tbsp. canna oil 2 Tbsp. olive oil Salt and pepper to taste

Place a large saute pan over medium heat. Pour in the canna oil and olive oil, then drop in the diced onions and minced garlic. Saute until the onions start becoming transluscent and the garlic becomes puffy and tender. Be careful not to have the heat too high, as the garlic will burn easily. Once transluscent, pour in the beef stock and vinegar along with a couple pinches of salt and a few dashes of pepper... You can use the stock of your choice, chicken and vegetable work well in this recipe as well. Rinse the kale leaves thoroughly, and rip the green, leafy parts by hand from the stalk, and dispose of the stalk. Add the kale leaves to the pan and turn the heat up to a medium-high and let the kale begin to wilt down. Use tongs or a spatula to evenly saute the kale for about 2-3 minutes. At this point, add the spinach and wilt down. You can add more salt, pepper, and vinegar to your taste. Continue to simmer on a low heat for 3-5 more minutes.

patient feature

Growing up the child of an MMJ patient

understand the difference between the hospital], my daughter knows she sativa and indica varieties. Julie says has to grab a coke for her because it shed rather have her be educated. settles her stomach, he said. Its kind I want her to be involved because of sad, but its kind of a proud thing its affecting her life too, she said. too. And they may be on to something. Despite her interest in gardening A 2011 study conducted by the the plant, Lili has no interest in Motherisk Program at Torontos consuming it. Julie says that Lili is Hospital for Sick Children found that more wary of prescription medication children who grew up in homes of because of all of Julies hospital visits. marijuana growers were healthy and In fact, she hates the smell of smoke. drug-free -- and that removing them She prefers that Mom medicates with from the home can cause much more edibles, but that isnt always possible damage than letting the children stay. if Julie is feeling nauseous because of Other parents havent been so her illness. lucky. CNN recently reported that Child Shell give Mom a few coughs Protective Services handles medical every now and then, Eric said. Shes a marijuana cases the same way it busy kid; its not really an issue. handles all other drugs, according to a But not all kids have the education spokeswoman, because the substance and disinterest for the substance is still classified as a Schedule I drug by that Lili does. After Colorado legalized the Federal Government -- the same recreational marijuana in 2012, the category as heroin or ecstasy. Several number of children poisoned by eating families in California have seen their marijuana-infused cookies, brownies, children sent to foster care and have sodas or candy spiked, US News had to fight to regain custody. reported in May 2013. Its still a very real concern, Eric When Julie made infused cookies, said, and its the reason the family Lili asked if she could make some asked that their last name not be used. regular ones for her to eat too. Eric Julie and Eric dont sell marijuana and says she wasnt interested because the only grow the of the marijuana We have a responsible content. allowed number of plants. She was household about it. We have i n t e r e s t e d -- ERIC a responsible because my wife Lils father household about is a damned-good it, he said. cook! he said. Julie and Eric have been lucky in Lili even has dreams of one day that their friends and family understand opening a dispensary so that her mom her need for the medicinal plant, and never has to be sick again. Julie isnt that their daughter is educated and sure that thats the life she wants her well aware of the plants uses. daughter to pursue, but nonetheless, Theyre happy Im off the shes thrilled Lili is so involved. prescription medication, Julie said of Its kind of cool that she cares the support shes received from her enough about her mom she wants to friends and family for her marijuana help out, she said. Its given her her use. Theyre happy Im not sick. mother back. When Julie does get sick and Note: The day after we needs to go to the hospital -- which Eric Editor-in-Chief interviewed Julie she was evicted for her says is about every two months -- Lili medicinal garden. For ways to donate and help her relocate please visit: isnt traumatized by it. edibleslist.com/fundraisers When [Julie] has to go [to the fnd.us/c/ein83

Lili in the Garden:


Julie was diagnosed with a spinal defect nine years ago, and chronic vomiting syndrome not long after that, and was prescribed a slew of drugs to combat depression, anxiety, pain, nausea and more. I was so sick of prescription medication, she said. I couldnt live like that. Julie lives in Hawaii, where medical marijuana is legal -- but doesnt allow for dispensaries. After experimenting with marijuana and realizing it alleviated many of her symptoms, she got her medical card and set to growing at home with her husband, and their eight-year-old daughter. Her daughter, Lili, was introduced to gardening at school, and began asking questions about what she then called her moms smoking plant. At first, Julies husband, Eric, dealt with Lilis questions, but they ultimately decided to be upfront with their inquisitive daughter. Shes dealt with me being sick for so long, we figured why not? she said. Julie and Eric keep all consumption away from their daughter, and thought about how theyd explain her moms medicine to Lili before she was even old enough to ask questions. When the time came, they explained that Julies medicine is legal because she has a medical card, and that some people use it without a card to get a buzz. We took a conservative approach, Eric said. Our approach may not be right...we do the best we can. Lili has always known what the plant was used for, and even helps her parents harvest it in the summertime. She can do everything from mix nutrients and compost to prune the plants. Shes even starting to


Marijuana Tourism:

The New Hospitality Industry

Though marijuana legalization has taken away the legal burden for both aficionados and newcomers alike in Colorado, there are still many who have yet to experience this new change -- if only they knew how to approach it. Thankfully, theres a solution to this; a game-changer in the area of tourism. Enter: marijuana tourism. From daylong outings in stretch Humvees and weeklong guided excursions throughout the state, to all-inclusive ski packages, marijuana tourism combines the best destinations and attractions in Colorado, coupled with the best marijuana it has to offer. Theres even an option to be chauffeured around in a Lamborghini for the day, called the Bustin Jeeber Pop Star Pot Tour, for a paltry $1,800. [PICS?] If you want to save some of your green to buy more of the other green, Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours (CRMHT) in Denver may be just the ticket. For $350 a person, a white stretch Humvee becomes a chariot for you and your group between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. for its daily tours. You get much more bang for your buck than just the luxury ride. Owned and operated by Addison Morris since its inception on January 2, CRMHT provides an all-inclusive mini-vacation, taking customers to three different dispensaries, followed by lunch or dinner at one of Denvers finest restaurants -- though patrons are responsible for purchasing any marijuana products at the dispensaries. Each guest receives a personal stash bag, containing a lighter, pipe, and munchies. This is the best stuff my guests have ever smoked. I mean, we had really good s**t back in college, but it wasnt this good, Morris said. CRMHT also provides cannabis concierges along with their tour to help customers new to marijuana choose products at dispensaries and advise them on consumption -- theyll even make lastminute schedule changes for guests. My guests are here to get high, but they also want to experience something while theyre high. Colorado is so much more than just pot, Morris said. If my guests want to change the schedule Ill tell the concierge to take them up to Red Rocks, or to a restaurant up in the mountains, or to all the parks. My concierges also know a lot about the history of the area and whats going on in town. So they truly are a concierge.

Along with Morris staff of concierges providing a safe and informative environment for her guests, budtenders working the dispensaries along the tour afford an added peace of mind to those whove are new to other, non-smoking forms of marijuana. Thirty percent of our customers are looking for medical cannabis, and theyre asking questions. Thankfully we have some of the most experienced budtenders in the state, and theyre old school medical so they can answer very efficiently. There are also other resources we can direct people to, said Christie Lunsford, operations director at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, and one of major dispensaries on the marijuana tourism circuit. Most of Morris guests are between 40 and 75. Once marijuana was legalized, Morris found it difficult to utilize and enjoy the newfound positive turn of events due to her age. As a 63-year-old woman it was difficult for me to make use of this newly passed law. I asked myself, How do I go and buy this? And now that its legal, where do you go? So I saw a market to create a tourism business that caters to a more mature, professional adult, Morris said. I get grandma and grandpa, and their children who are in their 40s. I get Red Hat ladies, people who are in town for business, and couples celebrating their anniversary. It works just like any tourism business does, the only difference being that it involves pot smoking, gourmet munchies, and a meal. 3D Cannabis Center has also seen an array of tour enthusiasts walk through the door to purchase marijuana and view their grow operation in the back. The tourism consists of people from all over the United States and international travelers, Lunsford said. They tend to be slightly more affluent because theyre traveling, which is not available to everyone. Generally, 70 percent of them have some kind of relationship with the plant, even if its 30 years ago. Now theyre in their late-50s here skiing and are like, Oh, adult-use marijuana? Lets go check that out! The stops at the dispensaries are brief for tourism guests, and constitute a minimal amount of the tour time, leaving the duration of the tour for partaking instead of shopping. If they dont have to stand in line, its six to ten minutes in the dispensing area. Then they get to come see our amazing 80-foot long viewing corridor where we grow our own marijuana so they can see the product theyre buying is well taken care of, Lunsford said. You can come and see your plants being

grown. Its also just a real friendly environment here. Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours isnt the only tour company that enjoys a visit to the 3D Cannabis Center, nor is the marijuana group tour the only form of marijuana tourism to take advantage of the legalization of marijuana. 3D Cannabis center works with three to four tour companies, and many private limo drivers. There are several private car services where theyll pick up a businessman in a limo at the airport, pull up in front of the store and a gentleman will come in and purchase what he needs, and he leaves happy, Lunsford said. The drivers know to pick him up at the exit door. Theyre brilliant! Driving around Denver in a vehicle filled with a plume of marijuana smoke can be dangerous because drivers may be subject to a contact high -- or worse, theyre already high. Morris, in her maternal approach to this business, already considered these as real possibilities and addressed them before it became an issue. All the limo drivers we use have to be absolutely drug free, and not use any drugs or any pot while on the clock. We do everything we can to protect our drivers from secondhand smoke, Morris said. The safety of the drivers is only exceeded by the attention to the safety of the guests, who begin and end their tour at the front door of their hotel. The benefit of what Im doing is allowing people to get high in a safe, comfortable, controlled environment, Morris said. The clientele Im going for are used to luxury, not getting into one of the party busses with the stripper poles. They want the comfort of a limo, they want their bottled water, they want gourmet chocolate chip cookies and snacks, and a great lunch in a private and discreet environment. Were eliminating all risks. While the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado was covered by legislation, the tourism element was not. This has allowed the marijuana tourism businesses to flourish in the absence of any legislature overseeing its perimeters of rules and regulation. Unfortunately the red tape may be on its way to ending marijuana tourism before it ever has the chance to really take off. Its coming. While everyone wants to jump on this green express, I do believe they will initiate bills and amendments that will cover tourism. This is not a long-term business, it has a two year run, Morris said. For now the marijuana tourism industry is bourgeoning and healthy, and is as much of the experience of legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado as the dispensaries and the cultural change of legalization itself.
For more information on marijuana tourism, go to: coloradorockymountainhightours.com 13



For the last two years Ive been working on a new solo album. Im grateful to be able to have our readers here to check out my new single called Regret.

MEDIBLE review
B. LE GRAND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Almost every major edible company out there makes a hard candy. Since 2009, Paradise Candy Company has been leading the way to help set a standard of professional packaging and consistent potency, in Southern California. It all started with a hard candy lollipop that was so strong, patients and collectives specially requested a lower dosage candy to be offered; that is how their ranchers were born. Before they knew it Paradise Candy Co. had over 25 different products and flavors from pops, to ranchers, and caramels. When I lived in San Diego, all the medical closed down in 2006, re-opened in 2008 and closed back down in 2011, due to the City not issuing zoning permits for collectives. At that point there were only a couple shops deciding to operate rouge and the rest turned into delivery service collectives. I moved to Los Angeles in 2011 as the shops were closing down, but I stayed on my favorite San Diego collectives email newsletter. It was summer 2012 when I got an email from that shop announcing their newest edible Paradise Candy Co. Having seen the Los Angeles and Orange County markets, I thought to myself, not another rancher hard candy company, and the irony ROBIN THICKE

vegan and healthier options, but Paradise has been offering their sugar free candy for diabetics and the health-conscious since the beginning. Their vegan candy is made with coconut oil, and while their hard candies are already fast-acting because theyre being sucked on and absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of through the digestive system, the coconut oil is even more fast-acting and a very clear high. They also have a CBD rancher and pop in the works. Being based out of San Diego, they have also developed a close relationship with HempMeds Px, and are a direct distributor and supplier for their entire line of hemp and CBD products. In addition, they have just developed a new line of vapor products, called Pur Vape. Its an auto-draw (no button) portable vaporizer pen. The disposable medicinal cartridges are lab tested CO2 concentrates, starting at 150 mg, and all natural. Lemon Haze and Berry OG are just some of the flavors being offered. Paradise has put their time and research into their product and the end user patient. This family based company truly sets a standard where none exist quite just yet. Its important to note that California does not have the same packaging and edible regulations set in place like Colorado and Washington, and Michigan has chosen just to not regulate medibles at all so they have made them illegal. Until the grey area dissipates, edible companies in medical states can still adhere to a strict standard like Paradise Candy Co. JENNIFER ANISTON

of it was that not even a week later Paradise Candy Company was dropping off samples at my friends shop while I was there. I was skeptical at first when trying their candies, because up until they came around, we had only seen inconsistent 8 mg single ranchers, and now Paradise was offering a 10 mg single rancher as well as an extra strength 25 mg rancher, (sold in four packs). Not only was their product effective and free of any kind of weird aftertaste, their caramels also blew away the competitor. If you let an infused caramel sit, the butter or oil usually separates, and on the shelf, that looks extremely unappealing, or just plain gross. Contrary to that, Paradise Candy Co.s caramels never separate and are always the right consistency. The flavors of their ranchers and pops include but are not limited to fruit, sour fruit, grape, sour apple, root beer float, tropical fruit, raspberry, watermelon, guava, kiwi, mango, strawberry, tangerine, pineapple and green apple. Everyones favorite, or at least my favorite flavor in their line is their caramel sour apple hard candy duo. They taste just like the old Halloween candy that brings back all those fun memories. What really sets them apart is that they offer their rancher and pops in sugar free and vegan options. It has only become a recent thing for edible companies to offer

Regret is song that everyone can relate to. Its about a friend that said something, and once you say things out loud, you cant take them back. I felt it only fitting for my first real single dropping as a solo artist to be Regret, seeing as that I had been burned so many time in the past by producers, band members, friends, and the like. The story is that no matter what, if you keep going, you will get there, and you WILL succeed. The love of music was instilled in me from early on. Ive been singing since I was a toddler with my musician dad, I sang in the church choir and in the school chorus... alongside Bruno Mars - who was also, by the way, my first puppy love boyfriend. He was the first boy to spend hours on end on the phone with me, and he was the first boy to tell me he loved me. The funny thing is that because Bruno down the street made it, my mom now thinks that I have a real chance. Its been 12 years of running my graphic and web design business for a day job, and being a classically trained musician, my passion and true love has always been in music. It is with great pride that I am able to drop this first single from my solo EP. Check Regret out online at: NickyBLeGrand.com Facebook.com/NickyBLeGrand Youtube.com/NickyBLeGrand ReverbNation.com/NickyBLeGrand Twitter.com/NickyBLegrand

Theres a hot new company on the market making it easy for the patient or recreational cannabis user. Eat Cannibles brings you the Mota Pot. Its essentially a mini pressure cooker that allows you infuse three to five grams of cannabis to one stick of butter, which is a quarter cup. Weve heard of using crock pots or modified crock pots to get your infusion done within 2 hours or more, and other infusion methods like double boiling or sauteing still takes around 20 minutes. The Mota Pot blows away all other infusion methods in terms of time and simplicity. You just pack in your ground up cannabis, place it in the metal strainer, pack in your butter (cut into half inch squares) into the bottom compartment and fill with water. Turn on the stove heat and when it starts to steam within five to ten minutes you have your infused butter ready to pour out. You let the mixture of butter and water solidify, and then strain out the water. Then you can use the cooled activated cannabutter for any recipe of your choosing. The machine consists of three chambers. The bottom chamber is where the butter topped off with water goes. The middle chamber is a filter-basket holding the cannabis, and sits within the bottom chamber. The top chamber, with a metal filter, screws onto the bottom chamber. When the pot is heated on a stove, the pressure from the steam in the bottom chamber forces the infusion of butter and water through a tube in the filter-basket, through the cannabis, and it then funnels into the top chamber where the infusion is ready to pour out. We were skeptical at first about the Mota Pot but found that the ease of its use was extremely convenient and more importantly the infusion we used was entirely effective. In addition to its functionality, the break down and clean up required minimal effort. We give Eat Cannibles a thumbs up with the Mota Pot. They also offer ready to bake mixes where you just add eggs and your cannabutter and youve got a dozen infused cookies or brownies within 10 minutes. Eat Cannibles is a one stop shop for learning to make your own edibles. For more information check them out online at www.EatCannibles.com.

B. Le Grand

The Blurred Lines singer claims to have spent $500,000 on mary jane.

Black makes up half of the band Tenacious D, and made a stoner rock flick with Kyle Gass in 2006.


Being a stoner is no secret of Mileys -- she announced it to a room full of people at her birthday in 2011!

Phelps was caught hitting a bong in a college photo just after the 2008 Olympics.

totally toke
with you

who would


The actress once told the Rolling Stone that she enjoys cannabis once in a while,

Snoop is the quintessential celebrity stoner, and claims to smoke 80 blunts a day!


Harrelson is a marijuana activist and was arrested in Kentucky for planting four hemp seeds in 1996 .


Nelson is also an activist and once said that weed wont kill you unless you let a bale of it fall on you.


Colorado Airports Help Passengers Distinguish Between Federal & State Marijuana Regulation
BY SHANE CHANT STAFF WRITER One of the many focal points of marijuana legalization in Colorado is the element of out-of-state travel in accordance with federal regulation of the substance -- especially with the number out-of-state travelers coming to visit the state on the rise. Any person above the age of 21 may carry up to one ounce of marijuana on their person anywhere in Colorado, even on airport property, though it must remain in a car and not brought into the facility. But thats where the lines of regulation begin to blur: airports operate within the states border, though aircraft are federally regulated. Denver International Airport has adopted more of a benign approach to traveling with marijuana out-of-state than of one based in punitive action. We have a tiered fine structure here at the airport, which acts as a deterrent, said Heath Montgomery, Media Relations director at Denver International Airport. The Transportation Security Administration is federally assigned to deter terrorism and security threats to the aircraft and its passengers, leaving marijuana possession out of their area of concern, though its still prohibited on the aircraft. If the TSA were to find something, they would contact the local authorities who would decide how to deal with it, though the police really wouldnt treat it as a criminal instance, Montgomery said. Though there has been an influx of travelers to Colorado since the legalization of marijuana, the issue of transporting the substance has yet to become a weighty matter with DIA or the Denver Police Department. Weve had no noticeable uptake with the number of contacts with folks transporting marijuana since legalization, and along with the Denver Police, weve arrested nobody as of yet, Montgomery said. This doesnt mean there is an absence of repercussions for marijuana possession at Colorado airports, which is treated as a personal responsibility for each passenger to abide by federal regulations. Under our process its a possible fine, and an administration citation by the airport, she said. DIA hopes passengers will comply with federal regulations, which are displayed throughout the airport through signage informing the prohibition of on-board marijuana along with the usual prohibited items. Colorado airports and local police aim to prevent passengers from breaking any federal regulation, which has jurisdiction once the doors of the aircraft are closed. We just dont want people to travel with their marijuana, so we ask them to throw it away before they go through security, Montgomery said. Colorado Springs and Aspen airports have taken a further measure to keep passengers from becoming subject to Federal Aviation Administration laws by installing amnesty boxes to dispose of the marijuana. This allows passengers who may have forgotten to leave their marijuana in the car, or who may not realize its illegal to carry the substance on a flight to stay in the clear from any federal penalty. Local police oversee the amnesty boxes and destroy their contents upon retrieval.




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Green Leaf Collective

Nestled away in the San Fernando Valleys Sherman Oaks, is Green Leaf Collective. This particular medical marijuana dispensary prides itself on their line of edibles and wide selection of medicine. Their inventory of edibles includes, but is not limited to, 420 Bars, Casa Luna Bars, Hemp Meds Px Cibdex, RSHO CBD Oil, Can Chews CBD Gum, Cheeba Chews, Venice Cookie Companys drinks and baked goods, Bhang Bars and Medizens gummy line.

Green Leaf Collective is a policy and customer service-driven collective. In addition to the many edibles, cannabis flower strains available and accessories, Green Leaf also offers a comprehensive When they first started line of topical infusions, as well as houseout, all edibles looked like they were made cannabutter and a delicious, packaged at home in someones potent line of pastries by a gourmet inpersonal kitchen; today, packaging house chef, featuring sweets including has become such a vital aspect of tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake. the edibles market that companies If you are a patient in California In addition to options, and a neglecting it risk being their products wide variety of quality medicine, the being excluded from shops. Back and ever get a chance to stop by, they thing that truly sets them apart from then, edibles were priced based on are located at 14840 Burbank Blvd. in other collectives or cannabis clubs is strength, yet now its gone beyond Sherman Oaks. We definitely recommend their patients. In putting their patients that, with vegan, gluten-free options checking them out.

first, they make consumer education their mission; youll never hear the words dank or bomb at Green Leaf. Patients know exactly what they are getting, and are recommended the proper strain for their specific needs.

and different concentrates used for each edible.



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Chery & Aimee Shuman

Revolutionizing Cannabis
72 hours of her cancer diagnosis, she went into emergency surgery to have a radical hysterectomy. They also removed of parts of her colon and bladder. I got lucky, in that, I feel cannabis saved my life. I cant prove it scientifically, but I know Im still here when the doctors said I wouldnt be, Cheryl said. Four long years of recovery, treatments, surgeries and doctors appointments, and she still wasnt done. In follow up care, they found another mass on her liver, encompassing her entire liver and growing into her gallbladder. She was in hospice care when she began learning about cannabis oil and Rick Simpson oil, hearing stories about patients being healed by cannabis. But she was living in Ohio and afraid of the legal repercussions associated with cannabis there. So, she relocated to California and planted her own medical marijuana garden. When Cheryl started using cannabis for medicine, she sat her girls down and had an open and honest talk with them. She strongly believes in being upfront with children about medical marijuana use: address the facts and know that marijuana was demonized; let them know its a medicine like any other, and for some its a responsible alternative to alcohol. The bottom line is theyre going to learn about cannabis, or drugs, or marijuana, or whatever you want to call it in school, and cannabis is much easier to get in school than anything else, Cheryl said. So I felt it was very important to have that talk with my children about cannabis being used as a medicine for responsible adult use and not for children, and to be treated like any other medication. The fact that it was prescribed by my doctor was an added bonus. I think when you take that mystery out of it; it doesnt mean so much, its like anything else. Cheryls oldest daughter, Aimee, was only recently influenced by her mothers cannabis use. She never smoked weed in high school. I grew up around cannabis, so it wasnt some novelty to me. It wasnt a milestone that I had to experience in my youth, Aimee said. I actually tried cannabis for the first time a year ago on the ABC 20/20 shoot. It was through our chef -- it was a cannabis infused meal, and I said Mom, you might really be on to something here. Its not that stupid stoner high, it was like I feel good, happy and normal. Before her cancer diagnosis, Cheryl was an optician to celebrities. She compares coming out as a cannabis user publicly to coming out in the LGBT community: youre out, youre out - and you have to take that stand. Her clients, whod dealt with her in confidence before, as well as colleagues and close friends knew they could trust her with anonymity when asking for access to her cannabis garden. Within an hour of telling her best friend she had a garden, her best friends husband called her and said, Oh my God, Cheryl, Im so sorry you have cancer, thats terrible but I hear you have a marijuana garden, and thats so awesome. He was the executive producer of a show called Wilfred, and coincidentally, he was was looking for some plants to use in the pilot of the series, and Cheryls plants were hired for the role. They traveled all the way from Northern California to Los Angeles to appear in the show. Cannabis was the last thing on earth I thought I would be doing, Cheryl said. Mother and daughter bonded through Cheryls cancer diagnosis, treatment, and remission. As grim as the diagnosis was, it was the impetus for their venture into the cannabis business. There werent a lot of serious business people in the cannabis industry at that time. It just seemed to be a natural fit, Cherl said. When you consider the fact that cannabis got a bad reputation because of lies being told about it, we said, Look, this is a simple rebranding campaign. Marijuana just has a bad reputation, its not a bad plant. So we just went into action after that. Mixing family and business seemed only natural for these two. Cheryl says that Aimee is not only her daughter, but her business partner and her best friend. They both lovingly agree they cant think of anyone else to go on this journey with. Ive known you my whole my life, Aimee said to Cheryl. Running a family business has its challenges, but Aimee says working together has helped them listen to each other and hash out their ideas. We also have a great therapist! In fact, our reality show is going to start out with a therapy session with each show, Cheryl said. Their TV show, airing in the fall on A&E, is going to be directed by Morgan Spurlock. Unlike Weed Wars, Weed Country, Marijuana Grow House, or any of the Housewives shows, Cheryl and Aimee are approaching their show on a different level.

4:20 Take Over.....

No matter who you are, or where you come from, the mother-daughter dynamic is relatable, Cheryl said. We joke, Youre the wind beneath my wings. Without Aimee I wouldnt be here. Its been a mother-daughter trip the whole way literally a trip. Aimee attributes her moms survival to the plant. Without cannabis my mom wouldnt be here. When a lot of people look at her, they think, Oh you look so good, and they dont realize its because of cannabis, Aimee said. Mainstream media has been extremely accepting of Cheryl and Aimee. In the last six months, they have made more than 27 international media appearances, and reached more than 200 million people. As a result of their media appearances, theyve received over 200,000 emails from people all over the country saying things like, Thank you for representing cannabis in a mainstream positive way. Its becoming dinner table conversation, and its acceptable to talk about cannabis now, Aimee said. Cheryl thinks the cannabis industry has been searching for its spokesperson for quite a while. I cant tell you how many times, for years and years and years, Ive heard, Why doesnt mainstream media pay attention to us? Why is it that mainstream media is always painting us in this subculture, less than favorable light, Cheryl said. Enter two mainstream blonde Beverly Hills women, mother-daughter, who kind of break the mold and speak openly, honestly, and authentically about how cannabis has been such a huge influence on our lives, not only from a health standpoint but from a business standpoint. I truly believe, working in the cannabis industry, that this is the Pot-Com boom. This is the Green Rush. I think what Aimee and I have shown, and have been living proof of, is that the American Dream is still possible. In addition to their TV show, Cheryl and Aimee Shuman are working on 4:20 destinations, like cannabisfriendly hotels and restaurants, in addition to expanding their cannabis club to multiple locations around that nation that mimics a SoHo House-meets-The Grand Havana Room-type vibe and atmosphere. They recently added Chef Chanel to their crew, a classically trained chef and baker with incredible -- but top-secret -- credentials. Chef Chanel ran one of the top cooking schools in the country, and has worked as a pastry chef in many well-esteemed restaurants and schools. Chef Chanel will be cooking for Cheryls famous infused dinner parties, and working on a cannabis cooking show. Combining a social atmosphere with her love of fine dining, Its the only drug best shared with your friends, Cheryl said.

When you think of a pot-head, you might think of a young, lazy stoner, perhaps wearing baggy jeans, a backwards hat, with no real job or direction in life. But Cheryl and Aimee Shuman are blowing away that stereotype. While they may not like to be called pot-heads, they are cannabis enthusiasts, and the game-changers that the industry has been searching for. Residents of Beverly Hills, Calif., Cheryl and Aimee are the antithesis of what you would expect a pot smoker to be. Together, they own the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and have garnered quite a reputation nationally. Cheryl became revered as the Martha Stewart of Marijuana, but she has outgrown that title and is now a go-to marijuana expert. They have appeared on shows like Katie Couric, ABCs 20/20, The Doctors, The View, Dr. Phil, and CNN News, to name just a few -- a feat that, 10 years ago, would have been unheard of. Cheryl had never smoked a cigarette in her life, up until she was prescribed cannabis for a mood disorder in 1996. She found that cannabis was a superior mood stabilizer and was more effective than any side-effect ridden antianxiety or antidepressant that had previously been prescribed to her. After a severe car accident and an aggressive ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2006, cannabis proved to be more than just a treatment for pain. Within

Edibles: Then and Now

BY B. LE GRAND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF It wasnt long ago that youd go to a dispensary and every edible there looked like it was made in someones questionable kitchen. Without a consistent brand or potency, knowing what dosage to expect was a bit of a guessing game. One might even recall trying a batch of homemade brownies back in the day, feeling so much panic and anxiety that they vowed never to eat edibles ever again. Those days are fading fast, with brand names sweeping the edibles market. States like Washington and Colorado instituted regulations requiring testing on every batch of infused edibles or topicals, and proper packaging and labeling of infused products, both medicinal and recreational. In the past, you had no idea what the difference was between grams and milligrams dosing, and if the product wasnt labeled properly you had no idea what the edible was infused with. Lets not forget that one persons 2-3x dose is not the same as the next persons dosing. Each persons body will always metabolize THC differently. Now dosing is becoming a language the average connoisseur understands.

It used to be a brownie or rice crispy treat was all a cannabis club had to offer. Now the infusion process and technology has advanced so far beyond just baked goods that we have gourmet chocolates, caramels, honey, hard candies, gummie candies, lollipops, tinctures, taffy, a plethora of different beverages like sodas,coffee, teas, shots, in addition to oral solves, capsules, sprays, topicals and more. With different infusion methods becoming known and popular, like CO2 and hash oil extractions, the old days of cannabutter and canna-oil alone are over. No longer do you have to consume fat, butters, oils or lipids to medicate in a smokeless manner. The marketplace has come so far that dispensaries will not even consider carrying an edible line without proper packaging and labeling. Even though California pioneered the medical marijuana dispensary model, the State still has some catching up to do on edible handling and regulation, San Francisco excluded. The State decided to allow the local cities to determine MMJ regulation, and SF is the only city that instated edible handling and packaging laws. While there are still proven discrepancies in testing results, Colorado and Washington certainly are leading the way in the regulation department.




Casa Luna Chocolates

DayDreamers Chocolates





TYPE OF EDIBLES: Chocolate Bars, chocolate covered raisins, espresso beans, nuts STRAIN USED: Hybrid, Sativa, Indica Available EDIBLES MADE WITH: Concentrate, Cannabutter TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 25mg, 250mg, 375mg ORGANIC: Yes KOSHER: Yes VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Yes SUGAR FREE: Yes NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California



TYPE OF EDIBLES: Gourmet Chocolates STRAIN USED: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD EDIBLES MADE WITH: Concentrates (Hash Oil) TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 180mg, 360mg, 720mg ORGANIC: Yes VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Yes NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California www.DayDreamersChocolates.com Facebook.com/ DayDreamersChocolates Twitter.com/DayDreamersChocolates

TYPE OF EDIBLES: THC Infused Gummies / Candy STRAIN USED: Hybrid, Sativa, Indica blends RAWEDIBLES MADE WITH: Concentrate (Hash Oil) TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 25mg, 100mg, 125mg, 250mg, 500mg individually infused candy ORGANIC: Yes VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Select products AVAILABLE IN: California, Colorado, Washington, & Arizona www.EdiPureCA.com www.EdiPureWA.com www.EdiPure.com



Website: ParadiseCandyCompany.org Facebook.com/candy.paradise.790

Website: CasaLunaChocolate.com Twitter.com/CasaLunaCacao


Ohana Medibles

kiva confections



TYPE OF EDIBLES: Baked Goods, Butters, & Oils STRAIN USED: Hybrid, RAWSativa, Indica Available EDIBLES MADE WITH: CannaButter, Canna Oil TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 60mg, 120mg ORGANIC: Available VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Available GLUTEN-FREE: Available SUGAR-FREE: Available PEANUT-FREE: Available NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California



TYPE OF EDIBLES: Chocolate/Shortbread Cookies STRAIN USED: Gods Gift, OG Kush, and Sour OG available EDIBLES MADE WITH: Kief TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES RAW AVAILABLE: 25mg x 7 cookie sandwiches = 175mg ORGANIC: No VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: No KOSHER: N/A NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California



www.KivaConfections.com Twitter.com/ KivaConfections

www.TheHerbSmith.com Twitter.com/theherbsmith Facebook.com/herbsmithing Instagram: @theherbsmith


Fluer De Lish


mary janes medicinals




TYPE OF EDIBLES: Gourmet Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles STRAIN USED: Hybrid EDIBLES MADE WITH: Concentrate TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 25mg or 50mg per serving, 200mg boxes (8 and 4 pc. boxes) ORGANIC: Yes GLUTEN-FREE: N/A NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California

TYPE OF EDIBLES: Gourmet Edibles, Chocolates, Pops, Ranchers, Chocolate Bars, Kush Push Pops STRAIN USED: Hybrid EDIBLES MADE WITH: Coconut Oil TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 0.8mg, 15mg ,40.5mg, 45mg ORGANIC: Yes VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Yes SUGAR-FREE: Yes PEANUT-FREE: Yes NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California


Fluer De Lish




TYPE OF PRODUCT: TOPICALS STRAIN USED: Hybrid ORGANIC: Yes VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Yes PRICE: $$ RECOMMENDED FOR: Physical Pain, Arthritis, Skin conditions like Psoriasis or Eczema, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, rashes, burns or scrapes Website: MaryJanesMedicinals.com Twitter.com/ MaryJanes.Medicinals Facebook.com/MaryJanes.Medicinals


callylollies707@gmail.com Facebook.com/CallyLolly707




dank tank


TYPE OF PRODUCT: TOPICALS/BODY PRODUCTS STRAIN USED: Hemp Seed Oil (No THC) TYPE OF VAPORIZER: Any 510-Threading Vape Pen TYPE OF EDIBLES: High Potency Edibles STRAIN USED: Hybrid EDIBLES MADE WITH: Cannabutter TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: THC 150mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, CBD 1.8mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California TYPE OF EDIBLES: Hard Candy Lozenge STRAIN USED: Hybrid RAW EDIBLES MADE WITH: Hash Glycerin TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: 25-45mg single pack & 4-pack VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Yes GLUTEN-FREE: Yes PEANUT-FREE: Yes DIATECTIC/SUGAR-FREE: Yes AVAILABLE IN: California CARTRIDGE SOLD SEPARATE: Yes PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: Hemp Body Lotion, Hemp Body Wash, Hemp Gift Sets, Hemp Glycerin Soap, Hemp Hand Soap, Hemp Lip Balm, T-Shirts & Hats ORGANIC: Yes VEGAN / VEGETARIAN: Yes PEANUT-FREE: Yes ALMOND FREE: Yes GMO-FREE: YES AVAILABLE: Nationwide www.ForbiddenLeaf.com Twitter.com/ForbiddenLeaf Facebook.com: Forbidden Leaf


DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE: Yes, Refillable 1 Time STRAIN USED: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, Strain Specific MADE WITH: Concentrate TESTS FOR POTENCY: Yes DOSAGES AVAILABLE: Varies by Product AVAILABLE IN: California info@weedsap.com www.VaporCone.com

Twitter.com/KorovaEdibles Facebook.com/KorovaEdibles