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My name is Tonquita Davis. I am majoring in health service administration.

In my proposal, I work for Grace Ministries ospital and I am the product champion, reporting to the e!ecutive champion . Today I will talk a"out #ar coding replacement$ %adio frequency identification &%'ID( #efore I "egin with why we need %'ID in the surgical department of our hospital, I would like to give you a "rief "ackground on )hat is %'ID )hat is %'ID$ %'ID is an automatic identification and data capturing techn used to track and identify people or o"jets. It has three main components %'ID tags which can "e em"edded, or attach to things to "e identified and track using serial num"ers or product codes %'ID readers decodes the data inside of %'ID tags %'ID middle takes data from readers, filter it and pass the data to computer data"ase.
The main concern for our &my( hospital are reducing &rising health care( cost and increasing patient safety to enhance the quality of care in our surgical department. *nd two potential "enefits of %'ID are cost reduction and patient safety. &*nd that what we want to do(. ow can %'ID achieve these two out come "y preventing three types of pro"lem &%'ID can help prevent( that contri"ute to rising healthcare cost and safety gaps that can occur in our surgical unit. %etain +"jects left inside of patients after surgery. Misidentification$ )rong person, wrong produce wrong site. *ccording to ,- * reports five to eight wrong procedure occur per month Misplace or lost critical *ssets &inventory( .eeded for surgical procedures that could save lives.

*lthough "ar code reduces some risk for medical error, %'ID is a more effective process "ecause of its/ advantages. %'ID advantages over "ar code Doesn/t require a line of sight$ ave unique identification at the product level. -an read at longer distance ranges -an read multiple tags at once. ave larger memory capa"ilities and 0ield faster processing. I propose that to enhance the quality of patient care we implement %'ID to "e used for application of identifying patients, Tracking surgical equipment and inventory in our surgical units. Tracking surgical equipment$ especially, sponges will help eliminate retain foreign. The idea here is to em"ed %'ID tags in our surgical equipment, and use %'ID readers to scan over surgical patients to make sure our doctors didn1t accidentally leave o"jects inside of patients.
It can also eliminate the manual counting process, which is time consuming, and su"ject to human error.

2atient identification$ will help prevent the likelihood of wrong3person, procedure and cite. 4sing %'ID to identify patient will help ensure information is correct and increase patient safety. %'ID tags will "e em"edded into patients/ wrist"and &The tags can store lots of critical and needed information( and staff will read the information with %'ID readers to confirm the right patient, procedures and operative site. Tracking critical inventory$ will ensure that need assets are ready for surgical procedures Managing inventories with %'ID 5ystem will lead to improved asset use and lower rental costs "ecause of the a"ility to pinpoint the misplaced items, which can saves lots of money spent for replacing the items. It will also reduce the time employees spend looking for needed inventory and allow them to provide "etter care to patients.

)hen %'ID systems are adopted for these applications, we can receive these potential "enefits/ #enefits of using %'ID -ost reduction Increased patient safety 5horten patients wait times Improved inventory efficiency 'ewer medical errors %educed "urdens on caregivers
-oncern with %'ID 2rivacy$

2atients fear that %'ID tags would allow others, especially third parties to get access to their health information.
5o our hospital need to make sure that we comply with the uman 5ervices ealth Insurance 2orta"ility and *ccounta"ility *ct & I2**(, which requires an organi6ation to take measures to safeguard health data.

-ost of an %'ID system requires cost depends on the types of application, systems and si6e of installation so it hard to give an e!act figure, "ut each main component will have up front cost. Tags price can "e anywhere from 78 cent to 988 dollar a piece, depending on types of tags used. %eader are price from :88 to ;,888 dollars depending on their functionality Middle ware can "e purchase for :,888 up to 78,888 depending on num"ers of locations and applications

*ccording to 2age, quotes from various vendors indicate that it costs <788,888 to <=88,888 or more to install a facility wide %'ID tracking system in a medium3si6ed hospital, "ut vendors are quick to say that the new efficiencies %'ID systems produce can pay for the investment in one to two years
4pon my research, I found many applications %'ID could "e adopted for,

"ut my recommendation for this hospital is that we adopt %'ID technology for application of patient identification, tracking surgical tools and inventory in the surgical department of our hospital. This will allow us to enhance the quality of care and keep our competitive advantage.
This concludes my presentation. Do you have any question at this time>