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Allah Valley Drive, Surallah South Cotabato College of Computer Studies Bachelor of Science in Information Technology nd 2 Semester, School Year 2013-2014 I. II. III. IV. V. Course Code Course Title Course Credit Teacher Course Description : : : : : IT213 TECHNOPRENEURSHIP 3 UNITS Lornilo S. Alimpuangon This course is designed to develop knowledge, creative and innovative skills of the students in accordance with industry standards. This course covers the principles and theories of technopreneurship. Students are expected to develop and implement a feasible IT business plan. Understand the difference between entrepreneurship and technopreneurship. Apply the principles and theories of entrepreneurship and management in IT business. Understand the interplay between various factors affecting the IT business. The subject aims to equipped students to become future Technopreneur with adequate knowledge and understanding on the process of new venture creation through actually working through the process themselves which currently are in the core of operations of most establishments and enterprises.


Course Rationale


Course Objectives A. General Objectives

At the end of the course, the students are expected to develop a feasible IT business plan and gained the knowledge of an entrepreneurial manager required to directly contribute to the growth of technology-based businesses. Specifically, the students must be able to:


Specific Objectives 1. Cognitive

: :

Learn to improve their chances of successfully starting their own IT related business. Learn to analyze market opportunities. Develop creative problem-solving skills required in technopreneurial type of businesses. Develop an idea for a new IT business.



: Help students understand the process, challenges, risks and rewards of starting up a new business. Describes how self-fulfilling when you impress a panel of investors/judges using an investor presentation.



: Equip them with the tools required to start their own business. Ability to create and assess business ideas. Form and work successfully in a team. Make a professional presentation or marketing tools on product and services using Information Technology.

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Course Outline

Topic Objectives Learn the principles and theories of Technopreneurship

Subject Matter Introduction to Technopreneurship About Technology Role of Technology Technopreneurship the IT Viewpoint

Values Integrated Awareness Values of service

Teaching Method Lecture-Presentation and illustration

Instructional Materials Hand-outs Computer(s) Internet

Evaluation Recitation Written quiz Seat work

Time Frame 1st Week 3 hrs

Expected Output Understand the principles and theories of Technopreneurship

Technopreneur Successful Traits of Technopreneur Elements of Intellectual Capital Importance of Technopreneur How to be Technopreneur? Basic Facts about Technopreneur and

Awareness Values of service

Teachers elicitation on importance about facts introduced.

Hand-outs Computer(s) Internet

Recitation Written quiz

2nd-3rd Week 6 hrs.

Overview on Principles and Theories about Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Four Types of Entrepreneurship Characteristics of Entrepreneurship Difference between Entrepreneurship and Small Business Being a Technopreneur Success Tips Overview of Industry Technopreneur and the economy Technopreneurship Ecosystem and its components Nature of Entrepreneurship Differences between Entrepreneur and Technopreneur Entrepreneurial Process vs Technopreneurial Process PRELIM EXAM Understand the interplay between various factors affecting the IT businesses.

Efficiency, Literacy, Knowledge

Small group discussion or assembly

Hand-outs Computer(s) Internet

Recitation Scored activity Seat work

4th-5th Week 6 hrs.

Knowledge, Effectiveness, Innovative, creative


Whiteboard, Wyteboard marker, Hand-outs

Scored activity and presentation Assignment

6th Week 3 hrs.

Internet Statistics, Social Media and Internet Marketing Internet population Asias Top Internet Countries

Realization, Accuracy, Knowledge

Internet Research

Printed research work

Check research work, recitation

7th-8th Week 6 hrs.

Acquired understanding about the interplay between various factors SirNil_Page 2

Internet Search (e.q. Google) Internet Marketing Advantage of Internet Marketing Consumers and users ecosystems Awareness, Idealistic, Innovative Lecture-Discussion Whiteboard, Wyteboard marker, Hand-outs Seatwork Written quiz Assignment 9th Week 3 hrs.

affecting the IT businesses.

Bloggers and Advertisers What is Blog? 4 Cs of Blogging Bloggers and Advertisers

E-Commerce E-Commerce Platforms E-mail Marketing

Strategic, Innovative

Simple Website making Using Publishing software

Computer units, Internet, Website samples, MsPublisher

Scored Activity/Project

10th Week 3 hrs.

Make a Marketing Survey questionnaires

Checked survey questionnaires

Government regulations What is high-tech industry? Idea generation and evaluation IPR, patents and legal issues Financing sources MIDTERM EXAM To develop and implement a feasible IT business plan. Developing the Business plan Developing a business plan Starting a business Planning as a process Elements of successful business plan Dos and Donts of Business Plan Importance of Graphics(for illustration and presentation) Business Model Representation Creativity and business innovation Management of the business Global opportunities for entrepreneurs

Awareness, Values, Analytic

Students-presentation on policies and government regulation followed by teachers elicitation and feedback

PowerPoint, Whiteboard, Wyteboard marker,

Recitation, Scored presentation, Written quiz

11th Week 3 hrs.

Risk-taker, Credible, Persistence, Appropriateness

Lecture-Discussion, Guide students in making a draft of a business plan. Assignments on Business Opportunities

Whiteboard marker, Whiteboard, PowerPoint

Checked and scored a Draft of business plan/model

12th-13th Week 6 hrs.


Acquired knowledge and understanding in Developing and implementing a feasible IT business plan.

Task management skills, Awareness

Lecture-Discussion followed by teachers elicitation on topics presented

Whiteboard marker, Whiteboard, PowerPoint

Written quiz, Seatwork

14th-15th Week 6 hrs.

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Technology Solutions for Small Business Twelve (12) areas of Technology Mobile Technology, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Social Businesses Gartners 2013 Technology Trends Technical Knowledge and Skills Industry Experts

Awareness, Knowledge, Appreciative, Innovative

Students research and presentation

Whiteboard marker, Whiteboard, PowerPoint Manila paper

Written quiz, Seatwork

16th-17th Week 6 hrs.

Packaging revolution/development and Innovative product bazaar or service centers

Innovation, Creativity

Students impress a panel of investors/ judges in an investor presentation

Whiteboard marker, Whiteboard, PowerPoint Manila paper

Recording of Investors/Judges evaluation results.

18th Week 3 hrs.



Grading System

: SEMESTRAL GRADE = (PRELIM + MIDTERM + FINAL) GRADE 3 Wherein: Periodical Exam - 40% Quizzes - 30% Assignment/Project/Exercises - 20% Attendance/Recitation -10% TOTAL 100%


References: Main References

DANIEL MANKANI. 2003. Technopreneurship: The Successful Entrepreneur in the New Economy. Prentice Hall

Other Reference

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