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v0.81 (2013-05-31) Eighty First Release . Update Java version & download link .

Update eac3to version number . Suggest correct playlist on Sony ScreenPass (AnyDVD's disc.inf needs to exist) . Windows 8 compatability v0.80 (2010-12-01) Eightieth Public Release . Corrected console hooking based on actual console dimensions rather than scree n width. Thanks to entrecour http://forum.slysoft.com/showpost.php?p=289544&postcount=2 660 . Corrected NMT mode DTS showing as LPCM in 1 rare case Thanke to robertwallace http://forum.slysoft.com/showpost.php?p=287986&postcou nt=2633 v0.79 (2010-11-20) Seventy Nineth Public Release . Introduced solution for DVD forced subtitles. . Allow more AC3 bitrates in DVD mode. Anything <= 192kbs will be stereo. . Corrected field sizes made too small to cater for DVD Type Field (Thanks to Ly nx & Fast Eddie) . Reinstated /RES:1080p as this broke forced subtitles. Thanks to Viper69 . Added tool tips for new fields. No translations so far . Greyed out fields on step1 that are not relevant to DVD conversion . Added full ISO639-1 & ISO639-2 rather than hardcoding only a few popular ones. see http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php for full list v0.78 (2010-11-18) Seventy Eighth Public Release . Repacked due to wrong version of eac3to delivered . Correct ISO9660 + UDF 1.02 for DVDs in ImgBurn Mode . Fix Bug introduced in previous version meant that subtitles didn't get named p roperly in .META file . Fix Bug introduced in previous version allowing no selection of audio codec v0.77 (2010-11-17) Seventy Seventh Public Release . Support BD to DVD Conversion. Batch Mode Only. You need to download Mencoder & MuxMan Mencoder -------Download From http://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer-win32.php Add to the Clown_BD\Mencoder\ folder and manually change your .INI MuxMan -----Download From http://www.mpucoder.com/Muxman/ Add to the Clown_BD\MuxMan\ folder and manually change your .INI

v0.76 (2010-03-05) Seventy Sixth Public Release . Updated BDSup2Sub to version 4.0.0 . Corrected HD-DVD TrueHD With Delayed Audio. Thanks to phantom_zone for spottin g & testing this . Possible fix for users getting stuck on OPTIONS panel . Updated eac3to 3.18 . Remove this change : Automatically add -keepdialnorm to TrueHD track v0.75 (2009-10-18) Seventy Fifth Public Release

. eac3to v3.17 released. . Show eac3to progress numbers now instead of bar . Automatically add -keepdialnorm to TrueHD track v0.74 (2009-10-11) Seventy Fourth Public Release . Updated BDSup2Sub to version 3.9.8 . Changed method of parsing logs & additional clearing of memory before parsing. This hopefully fixes the strange error that sometimes lead to incorrect displa y of pass2 tree view showing strange results. additionally default audio and subtitle str eams being selected when they were not favourites. very hard to test, abit like trying to proove you're not a witch . Changed use of AFTEN . Fixed BATCH mode shutdown . Changed Franch VIDEO_CONST . fixed eac3toaextras and speedup/slowdown in NMT mode . fixed LPCM problem in NMT mode I really shouldn't have agreed to do NMT mode, it's such a hack v0.73 (2009-10-01) Seveny Third Public Release . Fixed PLAYWAV command in BATCH mode . Fixed .m2ts etc BATCH mode. Thanks to MikeMcr for noticing this . Chop off last 1 second with tsMuxeR as recommended by Adbear here http://forum .slysoft.com/showpost.php?p=217686&postcount=1630 v0.72 (2009-09-26) Seveny Second Public Release . Fixed NMT mode AFTEN error. Thanks to lcaufrie for pointing this out. . Added a Post Process at request of MikeMcr. Edit the INI and add a .BAT or .CM D or whatever in the place of XXX: [PostProcess] PostProcess=XXX v0.71 (2009-09-25) Seventy First Public Release . Fixed GUI force subtitles. Thanks to GODU for posting logs. I didn't notice this myself, as generally I use BATCH mode. v0.70 (2009-09-23) Seventieth Public Release . Put back SET statement at start of BATCH mode for ImgBurn & Java. v0.69 (2009-09-22) Sixty Nineth Public Release . Small bug in WAV to W64 conversion in BATCH mode . Remove SET statements at start of BATCH mode as no longer needed v0.68 (2009-09-20) Sixty Eigth Public Release . Fix HD-DVD sub conversion. Thanks to Shad_ for pointing this out. . Deleted *_FORCED.SUP before calling eac3to (not after, as broke HD-DVD convers ion). Thanks to Shad_ for pointing this out. v0.67 (2009-09-12) Sixty Seventh Public Release . Logfiles now get stored in a subdirectory in the Demux Location . Fixed small display bug in step 3 when swapping from AVCHD mode and back . Removed BDSup2Sub from main exe . Updated BDSup2Sub to V3.97 in zip file . Fixed small bug in NMT mode that mean the the WAV to W64 conversion got skippe d for DTS sources . Enhanced batch mode, so that all functions are now handled by Clown_BD. . Added AFTEN mode for NMT mode . Enhanced AFTEN mode for non 5.1 DTS tracks for AC3 conversion (Leaving Las Veg

as) . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555 . Added support for custom chapters. Just drop in a file called CHAPTERS.TXT int o the Demux Location & don't check the Chapters. Standard eac3to format: CHAPTER01=00:00:00.000 CHAPTER01NAME= CHAPTER02=00:02:21.391 CHAPTER02NAME= CHAPTER03=00:03:57.779 CHAPTER03NAME= v0.66 (2009-08-31) Sixty Sixth Public Release . Changed chapter filenames to be 4 digits with leading 0 at request of Julien32 1. See post #1525 . Fixed NMT mode E-AC3 as is. Thanks to steelgtr for nagging on this one. Posting a log file from the start would have helped though. . Changed the way tsMuxeR and BDSup2Sub are handled in BATCH mode. They are now handled by Clown_BD, so you can see the progress in the splash ba r. Also this means that logging is improved. It might not be everyone's cup of te a (blocked instance handling - but you can't have it all eh ?) . Control http download locations over http://clownbd.com/Clown_BD_Version_Check .txt after the hoo-ha over Java release 16 when nobody could find the download, although ente ring 'yes' in the msgbox would have taken you straight there. v0.65b (2009-08-14) Sixty Fifth Public Release . Update BDSup2Sub to V3.96 . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead. . Update Java version to 1.6r15 . Fixed 'Close GUI At End' thanks to Dann in post #1350 for spotting this . Added -CORE to THD+AC3 tracks when extracting only AC3. Should prevent recodin g. Thanks JJ666 for suggesting this in post #1343. . Catered for RAW in NMT Unconverted mode. thanks to JJ666 in post #1342 for spotting this & testing v0.64 (2009-06-29) Sixty Fouth Public Release . Update BDSup2Sub to V3.95 . Fixed stream language renaming that got broken who knows when . Batch mode - always parsed chapter from 1st title, not the one selected. . Added Chapter M2TS splitting . Added NMT mode to options . Pressing exit in BATCH mode didn't ask it you want to execute the .BAT file in 1 case . Disallow '"|<>* in directory paths & filenames. Get's converted to _ if you us e it. Caused problems with command line. . Drag'n'Drop of multiple folders, now only take 1st . Small bug parsing in Undetermined audio track (Wchter Der Wsste) . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555. . Updated Italian language file. Thanks Dr4ko. . Updated Dutch language file. Thanks Pl4yIT . Delete foced subtitles in directory before calling BDSup2Sub v0.63 (2009-06-14) Sixty Third Public Release

. Various fixed to IfUseNMT=1 mode Added IfUseNMT_PCM=1 IfUseNMT_AC3=1 IfUseNMT_DTS=-1 in INI Will create PCM/AC3/DTS code for every high-def audio track ***IMPORTANT*** only TICK DTS if you have SURCODE INSTALLED . Added fix to generate movie name when user enters drive root as DEMUX location . . Don't show splash screen in BATCH mode when building .BAT file (looks crap as it flickers as it's updated so quickly) . Suppress BDSup2Sup & Change MovieObject.BDMV when no subtitles selected. . Dragging & Dropping into BDMV also select the correct radio button for you dep ending on file type. . Update BDSup2Sub to V3.91 v0.62 (2009-06-06) Sixty Second Public Release . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555. . Removed PCM2TSMU as now eac3to can support .W64 output. . Skip "Step 2" if there is only 1 playlist. . Call BDSup2Sub to SPEEDUP or SLOWDOWN subtitles. . Added IfUseNMT in INI. Slightly different dialogue in step 3 v0.61 (2009-05-27) Sixty First Public Release . Suppress Java warning if user presses 'NO' when asked to download . Update BDSup2Sub to V3.82 . Added /WAITFORMEDIA & /LOG to CLI for ImgBurn v0.60 (2009-05-21) Sixtieth Public Release . Handle 64 bit version of JAVA for damnskippy. . Small bug meant ImgBurn was not called in 1 rare case. . Update BDSup2Sub to V3.81 . Add RMDIR to files in batch mode. Just remove the REM to activate. . Localised Tray Items. v0.59 (2009-05-20) Fifty Nineth Public Release . New homepage. Thanks to damnskippy for saving the day . New feature, toggle shutdown at end over the tool bar. Particularly usefull if you change your mind part way through processing . Fixed logfile display autoclose. Now buttons are greyed out if AutoCloseLog_Ti mer=0 v0.58 (2009-05-19) Fifty Eigth Public Release . Decided to implement Vicky Christina Barcelona fix. Basically, if the input so urce is 3.0 channels DTS you can't use eac3to to convert to AC3. the workaround is - download AFTEN http://win32builds.sourceforge.net/ unpack the exe that matches your processor x32 or x64 normal SSE2 or SSE2 into the .\AFTEN\ directory that Clown_BD makes for you. that's it. . Changed BDSup2Sup to v3.71 . Changed About link back to Slysoft forum whilst home page is out of action. v0.57 (2009-05-18) Fifty Seventh Public Release . Bug in generating .meta file when audio is TrueHD & user selects CORE as outpu t. Thanks to gigah72 for spotting this v0.56 (2009-05-18) Fifty Sixth Public Release . Cater for a 404 error on Clown_BD server . Fixed spash screen not disappearing when 404 occurs . Default Allow_Internet=0 v0.55 (2009-05-17) Fifty Fifth Public Release . Change E-AC3 audio to LPCM when using "Unchanged" Audio (formerly As-Is)

. Catered for more than 1 PCM track (usefull when converting E-AC3 to LPCM) . Override bits per second to 24 when converting E-AC3 to LPCM v0.54 (2009-05-15) Fifty Fourth Public Release . Added new verion checking feature, that downloads http://clownbd.techxt.com/Cl own_BD_Version_Check.txt on startup . Added checkbox to revoke above ability if you don't wish to allow internet acc ess . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead. . Updated Italian language file. Thanks Dr4ko. . Updated Dutch language file. Thanks Pl4yIT . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555. v0.53 (2009-05-11) Fifty Third Public Release . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead. . Updated Italian language file. Thanks Dr4ko. . Updated Dutch language file. Thanks Pl4yIT . Don't try to connect to console for BDSup2Sub, Blu-Ray fixes or IMGBurn calls . Don't throw an error message when get console text fails, disconnect and try t o connect again . StatusBar text no longer showing. Thanks for FastEddie for pointing this out . Introduced strict Java version testing. Thanks to 0xdeadbeef for the info . Added link to Java versioning. Thanks to Bluer . Made tsMuxeR 1.10.3 / eac3to 3.16 minumum version . Fixed small parsing error on eac3to warnings. Thanks jj666 v0.52 (2009-05-08) Fifty Second Public Release . Rewrote the entire GUI dialogue. Should be smoother now . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555. . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead. v0.51 (2009-05-08) Fifty First Public Release . Call to PCM2TSMU got broke in version v0.49. Thanks to jbrisbin for noticing t his v0.50 (2009-05-07) Fiftieth Public Release . Blu-Ray forced subs didn't correctly work if no forced subs were cound in prev ious file. thanks to 0xdeadbeef for fixing so quickly. . Added drag'n'drop for file/folders in options & step 1 . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead. v0.49 (2009-05-05) Fourty Nineth Public Release . Fix small bug in parsing HD-DVD subtitles that had no language or type . Updated Dutch language. Thanks Pl4yit. . Removed "Sniff for text 'Aborted at file position'..." changed added in v0.48 as madshi changed eac3to to cater for this. Thanks madshi. . Removed THD radio button, as this was no longer needed since 'As-Is' was more likely to be used. . Repositioned As-Is checkbox & parameterised the text (needs to be translated i nto local language) . Removed PathToBDSup2Sub from INI as this is now embedded in Clown_BD anyway. . Updated eac3to version to 3.16 & BDSup2Sub to 3.51 . Now forced subtitles works in batch mode too . Included -speedup/-slowdown options for subtitles v0.48 (2009-05-01) Fourty Eigth Public Release . Dropped BETA, as the program has been stable for a long time now. . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead. . Updated Italian language file. Thanks Dr4ko. . Updated French language file. Thanks pseudo555.

. Please make sure that you have Java Runtime Environment 6 correctly installed see http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=145277 for details . Remove trailing spaces from paths, this actually causes eac3to to hang . Sniff for text 'Aborted at file position' in the eac3to console, as this is ca uses eac3to to never write a log file (and Clown_BD hangs) . Add splash screen on startup. More important on lower end or older PCs to expl ain the short pause. . BDSup2Sub now embedded in EXE, hence larger size . Changed Language 'GERMAN' to BD-Lang 'deu' v0.47b (2009-04-28) Fourty Seventh Public Beta . Updated Dutch language file. Thanks Pl4yit. . Small bug in dealing with HD-DVD subtitles and JAVA/BDSup2Sup not installed . Update the BDSup2Sub current status in the splash bar . Now parse subtitles with JAVA/BDSup2Sup & separated FORCED ones out. This is the forced subtitled solution: Assumptions JAVA & BDSup2Sub installed, working and the INI entries are correct. =========== BD subtitles -----------. can only be identified as forced after eac3to has run, BDSup2Sub is called to parse out the forced subtitles into a separated *_FORCED.SUP file. . based on the 'subtitle preference' the forced subtitles will appear as the 1st (2nd, 3rd etc) subtitles. Other languages are excluded. . if the 1st language (based on the 'subtitle preference') is FORCED, then the s et stream 1 to show is performed HD-DVD subtitles ---------------. are identified by text containing "forced". to convert to BD, BDSup2Sub is cal led anyway. . based on the 'subtitle preference' the forced subtitles will appear as the 1st (2nd, 3rd etc) subtitles. Other languages are ordered as selected. . if the 1st language (based on the 'subtitle preference') is FORCED, then the s et stream 1 to show is performed

v0.46b (2009-04-21) Fourty Sixth Public Beta . Fix parsing bug in audio channel when no language exists . Cater for extra information in HD-DVD subtitles (eg forces, Pip, Commentary et c) . Split Audio (language, type & channels) & Subtitles (language & type -HD-DVD o nly) tree views . Fix small issue with subtitle ordering after pressing 'View Log' button . Fix auto parsing chapters in batch mode (displayed the log file, not the BAT) . Update DE, IT & FR Language files. NL still open. . Updated BDSup2Sub v3.4.1 in ZIP download (don't forget you need JAVA installed ) Note . This version will delete your old .LANG_XX files to cater for the updates . HD-DVD forced subtitles are not automatically activated (yet) . BD forced subtitles are automatically activated, but only subtitle 1 automatic ally activated

I am still looking into this (actually hoping that Roman76R adds a feature in ts MuxeR so I don't have to bother)

v0.45b (2009-04-19) Fourty Fifth Public Beta . Accidentally removed 'force subtitles' feature in v0.44b . Accidentally removed FAT32 8.3 filenames feature in v0.44b v0.44b (2009-04-18) Fourty Fourth Public Beta . tsMuxer 1.9.9 now minimum . Remove fixes for header, FPS, aspect ratio & Blu-Ray/AVCHD folder structures . Add auto chapter parsing in batch mode . Include support for 'BDSup2Sub' see http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=14 5277 to convert HD-DVD subs to Blu-Ray you need to manually populate/update the INI with: [Application_Locations] PathToJAVA= PathToBDSup2Sub= v0.43b (2009-04-10) Fourty Third Public Beta . Fix AVCHD change for tsMuxeR versions >= 1.8.35. Thanks to bdbd0909 for testin g this . Fix Always add shutdown in BAT mode. . Increase the memory buffer for console output . Default ifExecuteOrBAT=0 in INI file v0.42b (2009-04-08) Fourty Second Public Beta . Fix initialization problem selecting .m2ts files after .mpls . Fix initialization problem in BAT mode (start with off, and you don't get a BA T file) . Only produce the BAT file when pressing NEXT (not simply when program starts) . Suppress multiplex path when no tsMuxeR selected . Check current path for tsMuxeR.exe and also eac3to.exe on 1st run . Change way to check versions of eac3to & tsMuxeR . Always add shutdown in BAT mode - but remarked out when not selected (then you can change it when running) . Ignore values in AC3Quality, DTSQuality & DTSCore when using Audio As-Is . use --avchd in .meta for AVCHD/PS3 compatability (only when tsMuxeR 1.8.35 >= installed) . Change forced subtitle to "disp on pg stream 1" ... still thinking about how t o dynamically do this . Added Channels to 'Audio Type' tree view (mono and stereo are now deselect by default) Note . header & clpi fixing - seems to work now in tsMuxeR 1.9.4 but leaving in prese ntly . PCM2TSMU still needed as at version tsMuxeR 1.9.4 v0.41b (2009-03-16) Fourty First Public Beta . Updated French Language File Thanks pseudo555 & Lynx . Fixed MKV as input source. Thanks to muad'dib . Removed fixCLPI & made miniumum version of tsMuxeR 1.8.30 . Added Dutch language. Thanks to Pl4yit for the translation . Update English Tooltips due to spelling mistakes. Thanks to Pl4yit for spottin g the errors . Correct 'Streams' language update bug. Thanks to Lynx for spotting this

. Introduce better checking on tsMuxeR - it was possible that it failed before a nd slipped through withou error message . Added AutoCloseLog_Timer into INI file. Set the time in ms to automatically cl ose log files. Requested by Pl4yit. v0.40b (2009-03-14) Fourtieth Public Beta . Managed to break batch mode in V0.38b v0.39b (2009-03-14) Thirty Nineth Public Beta . Change E-AC3 to AC3 didn't work . More performant 'check if directory empty' requested by Pl4yit . Loose version number in INI & LANG file requested by Pl4yit (now it's very sta ble, so not a problem) . Only show 1 message box requested by Pl4yit v0.38b (2009-03-13) Thirty Eighth Public Beta . Force subtitles now optional (translations by BurnerHead, pseudo555 & Dr4k0) . Added tray item 'center' to recenter the GUI (incase it got lost off screen) . Added possibility to add [CR] to make tooltips appear on new line . PCM audio request not initialized in program. Thanks to Pl4yit for spotting th is . Parsing error in HD-DVD audio (comments) . Change E-AC3 to AC3 in As-Is mode v0.37b (2009-03-09) Thirty Seventh Public Beta . Added audio & subtitle default preferences based on system language. . Disable THD, AC3 & DTS radio buttons when As-Is is checked. . Reintroduce FixFPS & Aspect Ratio as fixCLPI does not cover this. v0.36b (2009-03-08) Thirty Sixth Public Beta . Fix Autodetect system language on 1st use - Thanks to BurnerHead for testing. . Change shutdown method in batch mode. It didn't work in Vista. . Always show forced captions (requested by Pl4yit) . Added As-Is in audio. Meaning don't change audio format. This means PCM stays PCM, TrueHD, AC3, DTS etc . fixCLPI license & changelog not copied correctly - thanks BurnerHead v0.35b (2009-03-05) Thirty Fifth Public Beta . In Batch Mode Change DEL to RMDIR . Autodetect system language on 1st use . Correct bug introduced in v0.34b creating BD directory structure every time v0.34b (2009-03-04) Thirty Fourth Public Beta . Update French translation. Thanks to pseudo555 . Finally got the instance handling working properly. . Removed word wrap when displaying logs. Left/Right scrollbars are better (espe cially in BAT mode) . If last item it dropdown was selected, it was not selected on next fire up of program. . Change PSM2TSMU & fixCLPI file locations (TEMP directory didn't suit everybody ) . Remove change to buttons from v0.33b, and make whole window dynamic. . Small cosmetic problem on size of groupbox 'streams' in step-3 . Don't force 1.8.18 as minmum version in tsMuxeR . Change constant Languages to Language (thank BurnerHead) . A Fuller, richer BAT mode with playway & shutdown possibilities v0.33b (2009-03-03) Thirty Third Public Beta . Bug in call to fixCLPI, it doesn't always detect the end. Thanks to bdbd0909 f or spotting this.

. . . . . . .

Updated Italian translation. Thanks Dr4k0. Change way dropdowns are presented. BurnerHead didn't like it. Change buttons to absolute positions, as dynamic looks odd now in 96dpi in XP Added tsMuxeR version check at step 1 Update to JDobbs fixCLPI V2.31 Changed Language 'DUTCH' to BD-Lang 'nld' PCM2TSMU didn't work in 'batch mode'

v0.32b (2009-03-01) Thirty Second Public Beta . Updated German Language File. Thanks BurnerHead . Updated Itialian Language File. Thanks Dr4k0 . Now only install language files when they are needed . Update to PCM2TSMU version that shows % complete rather than bytes rea d . Include JDOBBS fixclip v2.3 that should fix all known issues with .CLPI files v0.31b (2009-02-28) Thirty First Public Beta . Fix bug in calling PCM2TSMU introduced in v0.30b v0.30b (2009-02-27) Thirtieth Public Beta . Update French translation. Thanks to pseudo555 . Fixed bug on step 3 that identified all subtitles as 'undefined' . Changed fields to accomodate 120dpi better . Update MovieObject to force subtitles when forced subtitles exist . Scan for demuxed files with DELAY in them abd pass this over to tsMuxeR . Cater for and include only my version (the noisy version) of PCM2TSMU v0.29b (2009-02-23) Twenty Nineth Public Beta . Include Italian translation. Thanks to Dr4k0 v0.28b (2009-02-23) Twenty Eighth Public Beta . Allow PCM audio (tsMuxeR doesn't currently allow for this mind you) . Add call to PCM2TsMU - you need to manually add the path in the INI file. I cannot guarantee this will work as-is, but it's more for the BAT users. I guess multiple PCM tracks or PCM > 4gb won't work 'out of the box' I tested it only on 1 file, and it seemed to work. PCM2TsMU does not write any thing to the console, so you just have to be patient. . Change GUI language in options (limited to English, German and French) . Disable objects that are not needed . Dynamic changing of audio/subtitle language with double click on stream tree ( limited to English, German and French) . One or 2 minor bug fixes . Add 'Close GUI at end option' (requested by Dann) - involved shuffling the opt ions around. . Less static options are now moved forward one screen . Added 2 new items to the INI File eac3toVExtras eac3toAExtras - here you can a dd any extra eac3to command to be applied to all video or audio streams (for example onasj wanted to have -keepDialnorm added a s an option) v0.27b (2009-02-19) Twenty Seventh Public Beta . Allow BMDV, MPLS or M2TS to be the input structure v0.26b (2009-02-19) Twenty Sixth Public Beta . Change tsMuxeR version error, as it's too late anyway once it's running. Now j ust a warning. . Fix the silly parsing bug introduced in v0.23b that messes up framerate v0.25b (2009-02-18) Twenty Fifth Public Beta . Incorporate True-HD now that tsMuxeR v1.8.18b claims to have fixed it

v0.24b (2009-02-15) Twenty Fourth Public Beta . Small Bug, 1080i50 streams could not be 'slowdown'ed to 24/1001 . Small Bug, parsing video streams (only seen when HD-DVD 'with pulldown flags' text was present v0.23b (2009-02-11) Twenty Third Public Beta . Change way FPS is presented on Step 3 (it is relevant for both audio and video ) v0.22b (2009-02-05) Twenty Second Public Beta . Corrected spelling mistake in "3nd Pass" . Changed tooltips for PathToDMX so this it should be obvious the result file na me comes from the lowest directory name . Added 'secret' BAT mode. Please change the .INI file value "ifExecuteOrBAT=0" to "ifExecuteOrBAT=1" to stop eac3to-tsMuxeR-IMGBurn from being called. You'll m iss out on the other goodies like AVCHD/Blu-Ray correction, but that is your los s I guess. v0.21b (2009-02-04) Twenty First Public Beta . Remove 24 & 30000/1001 FPS as this makes no sense. . add -slowdown or -speedup for audio (based on selected stream FPS and required FPS). . Patch CLIPINFO Frame Rate (eg 576i 25) if tsMuxeR got it wrong. . Restricted Video to 1 stream, otherwise I can't reliably do the -speedup or -s lowdown, nor correct the tsMuxeR bugs. v0.20b (2009-02-03) Twentieth Public Beta . Don't parse <warning> as audio track. Thanks JJ666 . Add FPS options (requested by boesemann). Leave as blank to use stream default s. . Fix Blu-Ray file incorrect headers (currently index/movieobj=BD & clipinfo/pla ylist=AVCHD due to bug in tsMuxeR) . Set Blu-Ray aspect ratio to 4:3 when 1st video stream is neither 4:3 or 16:9 ( currently always set to 16:9) . In AVCHD mode delete directories that are not needed (based on this http://upl oad.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fb/AVCHD_actual_file_structure.jpg ) v0.19b (2009-02-02) Nineteenth Public Beta . Exclude fixCLPI.exe, as program handles correcting the CLIPINFO itself . Add a new log to show what has been done to correct the Blu-Ray structure v0.18b (2009-02-01) Eighteenth Public Beta . Have to wait for fixclpi.exe to finish before renaming files to 8.3 . update of eac3to version v0.17b (2009-02-01) Seventeenth Public Beta . Remove tooltip when advancing in the dialogue . Display eac3to pass3 & tsMuxeR log in every case . Did not rename .m2ts in AVCHD compatability mode . Now include fixclpi.exe (written by jdobbs see here http://forum.doom9.org/sho wthread.php?s=5b2c084d88be05d86981dbf1e2c5a369&p=1207492#post1207492 ) v0.16b (2009-02-01) Sixteenth Public Beta . Startup default is centered . Don't 'select' logfile text on display . Changed height of window to 585 pixels (from 550), so that spacing was consist ent . Cater for more than 1 page of console output . Added context help

. Don't scroll when moving streams in step 3 v0.15b (2009-01-29) Fifteenth Public Beta . Allow more than 2 preferred languages for audio & subtitles . Change way the stream treeview is built in step-3 (allowing ordering via up'n' down buttons) v0.14b (2009-01-28) Fourteenth Public Beta . Fixed remux location, no longer working since v0.10b - thanks to tomcam for po inting that out . Exclude 'Joined EVO Files' from Audio treeviews in Step 3 - thanks to jj666 fo r pointing that out v0.13b (2009-01-28) Thirteenth Public Beta . 3rd Pass of eac3to no longer detecting failures (introduced in V0.10b) . Check for disk in drive for BRN option (sorry, can verify it's a blank, or big enough) . Default 1st optical drive as Movie Location . Fixed umounted VCD image as source in Vista . Don't allow optical drives as demux-remux-iso output . Made more literals (subtitles, ISO & Burn) into language changable constants . Drop blank lines in tsMuxer log (from the console) v0.12b (2009-01-27) Twelvth Public Beta . Prevented very long paths from creating 2nd line on options & step-1 screens . Added ISO or BURN options for ImgBurn (no validation whether you have a BD bur ner) . Check ImgBurn completed by PID rather than presence of MDS file (due to BURN o ption) . Finally got console read working without showing & then hiding DOS box . Primary & Secondary audio & subtitle languages can now be changed in options s creen v0.11b (2009-01-27) Eleventh Public Beta . Now can Select/Deselect all Audio types (do this 1st) . Fix small bug when trailing \ in demux, remux or ISO path v0.10b (2009-01-26) Tenth Public Beta . Attach to console to get information from eac3to & tsMuxeR . Hide movie output when tsMuxeR not selected . Added Primary & Secondary languages in INIfile (used for auto select & setting order in tsMuxer .meta file) . Restricted text size on options screen to 1 line, so the buttons don't slide o ut of view . Now can Select/Deselect all Audio/Subtitle languages (do this 1st) v0.09b (2009-01-21) Ninth Public Beta . FastEddie mode - split options and 1st dialogue. Reduce window size. . Add option to show/hide DOS box for eac3to calls . Add option to shutdown PC at the end . Add option to remux to AVCHD mode (FAT32 PS3 compatability) . Give option to create new directory (demux,remux & iso) when typing in field . Added splash screens for eac3to calls 1 & 2 . Moved splash screens to top of 1st monitor so less invasive . Save last position of windows v0.08b (2009-01-19) Eigth Public Beta . Added border back to logfile, looked too ugly without it . Made view logfile bigger when other windows were bigger . Improve Step1 status bar message (flickered on XP & did not clear when no more

errors) . Improve splash screen - flickered . Implemented minimum version of eac3to, & 1 time reminder when eac3to could be updated . Allow AC3/DTS quality to be blank (This way you take bitrate as-is) . All tree views now expanded by default . Made calling tsMuxer optional (so only demuxing) . Don't destroy window just for error message . Allow user to accept a destination location, even when it's not empty . Hide dos box for calls eac3to . show splash screen on 3rd call to eac3to . Add tray tips to inform user of possible longer waits . Enable PC shutdown (set INI = 1) v0.07b (2009-01-18) Seventh Public Beta . Improve validation of Demux, Remux & ISO paths (removing duplicate messages fo r duplcate paths) . add CORE as a checkbox for DTS . add AC3 quality as a dropdown . add DTS quality as a dropdown . Corrected logging eac3to pass#2 . rearranged the INI file into groups . renamed INI and LANG file to include version. This avoids confusion when new i tems are added . reduced the size of the window,as FastEddie complained v0.06b (2009-01-18) Sixth Public Beta . Audio Output (AC3/DTS) was not correct if changed after items selected in tree view . Auto select only 1st video stream . Increase sleep times waiting for file because possible performance problems on slower machines . fixed incorrect audio type in tsmuxer meta file v0.05b (2009-01-17) Fifth Public Beta . Check version of eac3to is 'latest' . Check return message of eac3to on 1st & 2nd pass & display log instead of blan k treeview . cosmetic fix - correct gridbox on 2nd & 3rd steps v0.04b (2009-01-17) Fourth Public Beta . Allow separate locations to save tsMuxeR output & ImgBurn ISO files . Better checking for multiple instances . Save Audio & Video output formats in INI file . Remove eac3to log headers from tree view, pass1 . expand tree view pass1 . fixed chapter parsing (simply didn't work) v0.03b (2009-01-17) Third Public Beta . changed .BAT filenames to include movie name (cosmetic change) . corrected .meta file to provide language for subtitles . corrected .meta file to remove fps subtitles (should get it from video stream) . DOS box now hidden when running tsMuxer and ImgBurn . added splash screen to show status of tsMuxer . added changelog directly into exe file . remove border from logfile display (stop you from hitting the X & closing the application) . changed 'exit' button to 'back' on the logfile display windows . added splash screen at end of the application

v0.02b (2009-01-16) Second Public Beta . add version number . take ImgBurn out of BAT file for tsMuxer & add to it's own . change lang=xxx to lowercase in tsMuxer meta file . use lowest directory name as movie name (for use in file names & ISO name) . change Log3 exit button, so application is not ended. . add 'waiting for xxx' text between dialogues (added tool tip) . pipe out tsMuxer displays & show log (sorry the output is bad, not me) . check for errors in eac3to & tsMuxer and halt . fix to cater for audio with no language description . parse chapters implemented (if selected, otherwise 5min intervals) . reorder dialogue on 1st Step (movie, demux, eac3to, tsMuxer, ImgBurn and Play WAV . add about button to all windows (except logs) . check boxes to make ImgBurn & Play WAV optional . auto select Chapters, expand chapters & subtitles . gridbox incorrect on step 2 & 3 (hard to see in Vista with Aero, but obvious o n XP . cater for pathnames with spaces in them on 3rd eac3to call . static height buttons (was a problem on translated texts) . wait for sound to finnish before ending application v0.01b (2009-01-15) First Public Beta